100+ Art Essay Topics for Students

Art essay topics

Art is a growing area of specialization, thanks to its contemporary features. It makes art essay topics popular among contemporary students with several art topic ideas to choose from. There are many contemporary art essay topics online classified depending on style and art movement. Our widely traveled art essay writers have a collection of art essay styles and topics which can act as a starting point for your ideal art topic. They have gathered the most catchy essay topics on art from the various epochs and countries. If you need our end-to-end art essays writing, we are there to help.

Art Essay Topics and Ideas

Avoiding past mistakes is the one thing that we want to do. We should not turn our backs on history. The history of art is something that imposes exciting essay topics. You can approach your epoch in any art movement regarding the school peculiarities and give origins representation. Here are some of the art essay topics you can work on.

  1. The genesis of printmaking
  2. In World War II, how the African countries returned to their cultural properties.
  3. The formal elements of royalties of aristocrats in Egyptian portraits in Space (use Color blocks and color Gestures and emotions)
  4. Philosophy of art, how can it be explained?
  5. How and when was photography considered art?
  6. In ancient Egypt:
  7. In the afterlife, the role of jewelry
  8. The mostly used materials in jewelry making
  9. Protective amulets
  10. The types of jewelry in ancient Egypt
  11. Edo in Japan: the woodblock prints, the kabuki theatre
  12. Why have Egyptians never changed their art canon for 3000 years?
  13. Claude Monet and Eduard Mamet for the impressionists
  14. The musical instruments in primeval?
  15. “The Da Vinci Code” the references to Renaissance history art by Dan Brown
  16. In depicting the Apocalypse, how did the painters of the different epochs move along?
  17. In carnival masks, the history of Venetian.
  18. In Mayan art, the sacrifice of?
  19. In Medieval France, stained art glass?

Biography Artist Essay Topics and Ideas

Below is a list of major artists in the past centuries. The great artist’s writings would create winning art essay topics.

Art essay topics

18th Century

  1. Etienne Falconet
  2. Francesco Rastrelli
  3. Jacques-Louis David
  4. Hubert Robert
  5. Jean-Antoine Houdon
  6. Ludwig Van Beethoven
  7. Johann Sebastian Bach
  8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  9. Thomas Gainsborough
  10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

19th Century:

  1. Auguste Rodin
  2. Claude Monet
  3. Edgar Degas
  4. Eugene Delacroix
  5. Eduard Manet
  6. Gustav Klimt 
  7. Giuseppe Verdi
  8. Paul Gaugin
  9. Vincent Willem van Gogh
  10. Paul Cezanne
  11. Vincent Willem van Gogh

20th Century

  1. Andy Warhol
  2. Alberto Giacometti
  3. Edvard Munch
  4. Constantin Brancusi
  5. Jackson Pollock
  6. Georgia Totto O’Keeffe
  7. Judy Chicago
  8. Henry Spencer Moore
  9. Salvador Dali
  10. Pablo Picasso

Contemporary Art Essay Topics around the World, Think Global

The globe is an amazing place. We share our planet with different species. We also share it among ourselves in nations, groups, and tribes. The culture among us is fascinating and unique. You will have to look closer to come across great essay ideas. Here is a list of art essay topics from a global perspective.

20. The calligraphy of the Japanese: materials and style.

21. The music culture in K-pop music.

22. In accordance with the ancient traditions and the innovations in the Chinese art circus?

23. The Hindi-language film industry

24. African tribes in the fashion textiles

25. In the Maori culture, the war dance and its types are historical.

26. The Vietnamese tradition, unique water puppetry

27. The Papua New Guinea totem mask in New Guinea

Art Piece Analysis Topics Ideas

Below is a list of art piece analysis topics ideas you can write about in your quest of looking for the best art essay topics to write about.

28. “The last supper” written by Leonardo Da Vinci: symbol, composition, style.

29. The uniqueness of “Darkness Falls” written by Patrick Hughes

30. “Marriage Contrast,” written by Giovanni Arnolfini, analyzes the painting’s purpose.

31. Describe “Heart of Gold” by Christopher David White’s structure?

32. “The Garden of Delights” written by Hieronymus Bosch, biblically, what is the link between the two?

33. “Demon Seated” and “the demon downcast” by Mikhail Vruebel are comparisons.

34. Engineering interpretation of the engraving symbolism?

35. “The Three Graces” painted by Paul Peter Rubens, female body’s description?

36. “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt,” The decorating role elements painting perception

37. “la note blue” By Erick Roux-Fontaine, the magic realism in the painting?

Modern Essay Topics Ideas

Here are some interesting modern art essay topics ideas you can go for while looking for art topics to work on.

· In the current art, the style of art comes in 4 ways

  • Constructivism
  • Art Deco
  • British pop art
  • Conceptual art

38. The Genesis of Contemporary Art.

39. 21st-century art: the platform for activism

40. How modern art has impacted technology use

41. In the 2000s, the beginning of art shows

42. Forms of modern art diversity?

43. In modern art the modern art cartoons

44. How modern art has affected the current political systems

45. In the 21st century, how is art influence technology

46. Influence of huge-scale artwork industries on society.

Essay Topic on Art in Accordance to Type of Essay

In this section, we have encompassed the essay topics on art in the compare and contrast essay type, cause and effect, and argumentative essay art essay topics. These types of essays are commonly used in homework because they will give way to the development of critical thinking skills, the skills of arguing, and critical thinking, all simultaneously incited in students when doing these essays.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Art

Below are some of the best art argumentative essay topics one can work on, and you will find something to write about here.

47. How can we define good art?

48. In school programs, why is art important?

49. In the 20th century, is the most important?

50. Baroque sculptures were recognizable. What makes them recognizable

51. The “Birth Venus” by Botticelli, how does it best exemplify the ideas of the Renaissance?

52. In the role of social service, why does modern society put art in that way?

53. Art, in consideration of computer games?

54. Pablo Picasso “Guernica a global impact?

55. In our day-to-day life, how does modern art impact our life 

56. “Mozart effect” why is it not real?

57. In changing our culture, can theatre influence a change?

58. In contemporary art, why is the feminist movement important?

59. Is a giraffe a kind of art?

60. In terms of investment, is art an investment plan?

61. Photojournalism to be censored?

62. Can advertisement be considered modern art?

63. Why is Paris considered a modern art center in the 21st century?

64. Why is it in the whole world that art education is understood

65. Art classes in schools and how it impacts children’s thinking capacity.

66. Under the influence of the Gala, the appearance of Dali’s art

The above list has some of the best art argumentative essay topics to write about in our list of best art topics for high school and college students.

Cause and Effect Art Topics About Art

Best art topics on cause and effect in our list of great art essay topics to research and write about.

67. You can choose an American painting that strongly influenced Japanese art. Explain the exact impact it had.

68. Harlem Renaissance, how did the second migration impact it?

69. Hudson River School, how does it impact society?

70. Under Muslim art, how did iconoclasm influence it?

71. Under Chinese art, how it influences by Cultural Revolution?

72. Japanese art influenced Van Gogh’s paintings.

73. Following the Renaissance, the role and impact played by Raphael?

74. In what way did the Japanese mentality at the rock garden?

75. In Medieval Europe, what caused the art deadline?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Art

 Art essay topics on compare and contrast to write about in our list of the best art topics for students

76. Do a comparison between Middle age art and the Renaissance art

77. Compare the Egyptian and the Greek canons of proportions.

78. The comparison of the previous periods of art

79. In the Mannerism and Baroque styles, the differences and similarities?

80. Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet perform a comparison of the two novelties’ paintings.

81. Compare Picasso’s blue and that of the Rose period.

82. The Caribbean and traditional music do a comparison of the two.

83. English and French gardens compare and contrast?

84. In Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali’s paintings compare and contrast.

85. Compare and contrast rococo and baroque styles of design.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Winning Topic

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Winning Topic
  • All your ideas make a list of them, giving you a wider range of topics you can choose from. Among the list, choose a topic under your interests.
  • Think of arguable stamens: as the statement is self-explanatory, ask your teacher to assist with this if you have trouble choosing one.
  • Find information about the topic: you can use a book in the library or even surf the internet and acquire the necessary information.
  • If you pick a topic and can’t get a lot of information from various sources, choose another topic.

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