100 Best Topics for Presentation in 2023

Best Topics for Presentation

There are several best topics for presentation a progressive scholar might be interested in. They are not only contemporary, but their findings significantly influence humankind. Narrow your course specialty and choose a specific topic for your presentation. When handling a wide range of topics, the search can be challenging as it influences your research’s format, theme, research, and variables. The faster a student gets a presentation topic, the easier it is to settle down and commence the writing process. Our professional essay writers consolidated the most popular presentation topics in 2023, which aligns well with professional and social trends.

100+ Best Topics for Presentation in 2023

Health Care and Life Science Presentation Topics

  • Can you encourage organ donation after death?
  • The best way to improve healthcare in the United States of America
  • Dyslexia, what is it, and is a person suffering from it be helped?
  • Can we manage plastic surgery by law?
  • Can Euthanasia decrease suicide rates?
  • What is the best way that we can manage the rate of obesity among children (through sports, consumption of healthy food)
  • Daydreaming, the advantages and the disadvantages caused by it to human health.
  • The health assessment of a character in a movie?
  • Anemia, what is it? What are its signs and its symptoms?
  • The treatment of Ebola?
  • Autoimmune diseases, what are the dangers that they cause?
  • The sensory system, what is it? And its primary function?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of anemia?

Best Topics for Presentation on Business Management

Presentation Topics in Business Management 
  • Why should a 5-day working week be changed into a 4-day one?
  • In China and international companies, is the whereabouts of business development a specificity?
  • What is the pay gap between males and females in the work industry?
  • In a workplace, how do you manage generational conflicts?
  • In business negotiations, what role does cross-culture play in communication?
  • In a workplace, what is the importance of ethical cultures?
  • In the working process, what are the effects of diversity in terms of a positive manner?
  • What is the glass ceiling, its meaning, consequences, and reasons?
  • Strategic management, its main functions, and its nature?
  • The environmental analysis of the external and the internal environment allows you to create strategies for the business.
  • In strategic planning, what is the main principle?
  • The professional performance, how is it affected by leadership skills?
  • In integrative bargaining, what are the disadvantages and the advantages associated with it?
  • Compare the three leadership tactics: transactional, transformative, and charismatic.
  • “Most admired” by Fortune magazine, what specificity does it use?
  • Can you change the product attitude towards a customer?
  • The decision-making in the business, how is it affected by social responsibility?
  • The adverting through social media the most effective strategy?

English and Literature Best Topics for Presentation

  • Plots in literary plots, the most popular ones?
  • What are the essential figures in romanticism in English literature?
  • “Pride of Prejudice” written by Jane Austen, main characters present?
  • Concerning our mentality, how does poetry influence our mental state?
  • What are the famous novels, themes, and history of dystopia?
  • In “The Little Lady of the Big House” by Jack London, how is the love concept in the novel?
  • “Cat’s Cradle,” written by Kurt Vonnegut, representation of science and religion.
  • Ancient Greek heroes, its interpretation in modern literature?
  • In “And Then There Were None,” by Agatha Christie, justice is an issue.

Psychology and Education Best Topics for Presentation

  • Anxiety, the best way to deal with it?
  • What are the disadvantages and advantages of homeschooling?
  • Emotional intelligence creates its presentation to its components 
  • Accordance to psychology, Sigmund Freud’s contributions?
  • The learning style of auditory and visual kinesthetic.
  • Can we improve the learning process?
  • In promotion of a student’s success, the best motivational tack tics 
  • The pro and cons of attending schools for graduates
  • Online teaching and regular teaching why should be treated equally.
  • Our writing and vocabulary abilities, how are they affected by texting?
  • In accordance with the high school learning platforms, the importance of the learning curriculum.
  • What are the most important words to know when learning a foreign language quickly?
  • Why is the school year made either longer or even shorter?
  • The high school football programs should receive a lower budget.
  • How is the studying process influenced by separating students by gender?
  • What effects of teachers and students befriending each other on social media platforms like Facebook?
  • What is the primary purpose of school closing?
  • As per the different schools, school punishments how are they?
  • Why should students learn about the different regions in their school life?
  • What is the advantage of the US educational system over other countries?
  • Insomnia, its causes and treatment.
  • In the learning process, what is the importance of school uniforms?
  • Bullying and preschool life?

Best Topics for Presentation in History

  • Impacts of world war II on women’s rights
  • Contemporary work, how has Asian art influenced it 
  • Factors that initiated world war II 
  • All-time, the most effective military strategy
  • Martin Luther King’s against catholic impacts 
  • Development of humanity, the monetary difference has been affected?
  • Women suffrage movements, the consequences
  • Liberalism, is it an optimal solution?
  • Aztec empire and their architecture?
  • Roman and Greek culture, the correlation between the two?

Art Research Paper Best Topics for Presentation

  • Reasons for digital museums and their presence  
  • Art education is essential in middle school
  • Flemish art and its peculiarities 
  • Creation of sculpture In ancient roam
  • Artistic expressions and photography’s history
  • Difficulties in modern autistics in the civil-19 times 
  • Color and light perception In the middle east
  • Can artists present their work in public places?
  • Japanese anime is a different type of art form.
  • Peculiarities of the Flemish artist 

Animal Rights Persuasive Speech Topics

Animal Rights Persuasive Speech Topics 
  • Farm as a factory is too burnt 
  • Deforestation causes the loss of wildlife
  • We should ban the use of steroids in the animal food. 
  • In the zoo, the wild animals are not to spend their life in there 
  • The legalization of battery farming 
  • The teaming of wild animals should stop
  • Isolation of any dog that bites people 
  • As a sport, animal fighting is wrong.
  • Mills of puppies have a negative effect 
  • The Bill of Rights to Pets deserves one 
  • The buying of cosmetics that are animal-tested is to be burnt.
  • For dogs and cats, a vegetarian diet is wrong 
  • The pit bull is a vicious breed 
  • The benefits of adopting 
  • The stopping of animal extinction imposed by humans is to be stopped. 

Picking the Best Topics for Presentation

A good presentation has got no compromise! When a speaker presents something catchy, it implores you to continue listening. It results from hard work, excellent preparation, and searching for the best topics for presentation. How you generate your topic and work on it influences the presentation. If you reach a dead end when preparing your presentation, request our professionals to give you a helping hand. 

We have experts in any subject who can enhance your knowledge. Our writing professionals will guide you in coping with your assignments, and through their patronage, you will learn how to present your speech and academic work. Visit our blog for more insights.

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