125 Good Explanatory Essay Topics to Write About in 2023

Explanatory essay topics

Explanatory essay topics do not give answers to specific questions but offer alternative views of the subject. It presents the author’s viewpoint on a particular situation or issue. Such written work falls between a scholarly article and a personal essay. For everyone, it is crucial to understand, write well and develop ideas for good explanatory essays. Our expert writers have provided this list of topics that most students consider using in 2023.

Sports Topics

  • Manchester United, why is it the biggest club in the entire globe?
  • Bullying among sportspeople, why is it illegal?
  • E-sports, what are your options as to why they are illegal? 
  • Why is it essential to participate in sports at an early age?
  • What are the primary defects a kind participating in sports faces in the current century?
  • Take, for instance, how will you cope with injuries if you are an athlete?
  • What are the best procedures for you to have a good result in sports? 
  • In accordance with body energy maintenance, how can athletes participate?
  • How can developed countries support athletes?
  • Modern technologies, how can they help sportspeople in the 21st century?

World Problems Topics

In the modern world, people have faced, in a repeated manner, complex problems that are developing as time goes on. Each of the difficulties advances in complexity each day. Thus each day is an incubation period for a new and more complex problem. Currently, we experience new issues that need solutions. Consider the explanatory essay topics below:

  1. Why is the death penalty illegal In all countries globally?
  2. Take, for instance, murder is immoral, then the death penalty. Can we take it to be ethical?
  3. Social media society, what are the effects, positive and negative?
  4. Who is responsible for obesity epidemic, individual or the government?
  5. Should the incarceration of drug abusers be legal?
  6. The rate of homelessness in the society of the USA, how can we lower and manage the rate?
  7. In the USA, should gambling in the casino be illegal?
  8. The age limit of legal drinking in the USA should be lower?
  9. How can you lower and manage office brutality?
  10. In making people anti-social, what role are smartphones playing in this?
  11. Smoking and smoking in public places, why is it illegal?
  12. What seems to be the main issue with women driving in Saudi Arabia?
  13. What are the main reasons why China should put into consideration as the superpower of the next world?
  14. The cloning of humans, why is it bund and how can it be managed?
  15. By the USA, how is Israel given support?
  16. How can everyone in the USA and the globe be provided with water?
  17. Focusing on the EU, what are the changes that the EU will face in future 
  18. Leave in the Middle East. Why do the American soldiers partake in this?
  19. The UN is its role in the whole globe.
  20. What are the benefits incurred by organic produce?

Schooling Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. In education, how can we become the best?
  2. Should students who score good grades should be paid?
  3. The standardized testing format should it be tested?
  4. How can we lower the rate and number of school dropouts in Massachusetts?
  5. The core calcium, how is it effective in making students successful?
  6. How can make college education accessible?
  7. College education fees, how can they be made affordable to all students?
  8. Good performance in class. How can we help students to reach their peak?
  9. Technologies in the school, how can they be managed?
  10. The use of digital textbooks should be implemented in all schools?
  11. How can school shootings be managed and put to an end?
  12. How does the proper physical space inside the classrooms improve the quality of learning?
  13. The equalization of opportunities in the schools, how can this be done?
  14. How can you implement time management?
  15. Coffee, how does it affect the learning of students?
  16. Why are more women attending college than men?

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Explanatory Essay Topics to Parents and Children

  1. How does violence in children at a young age affect the children?
  2. The promotion of children raised by single parents, how does monetary child support?
  3. Attachment parenting how effective is it?
  4. Over ones, should parents have equal authority?
  5. In the region, how is parenting influenced?
  6. Same-sex parenting, how is conventional parenting effective?
  7. Adoption why is it, not an excellent way to create a family?
  8. If an individual is single, should they adopt?
  9. From divorced families, are behavior options they often met?
  10. The raising of children, how can two parents and one parent compare?
  11. Adoption, how is this encouraged in the USA?
  12. Good parents, what elements and characteristics should they have?
  13. Surrogate parenting; why should it not be allowed?
  14. Are surrogate children through mothers better than children with their biological parents?
  15. “Good families” means different countries, and it is different from most countries.
  16. After having a child, can women go ahead with their careers/
  17. Teachers to their children, should paper become one of them?
  18. Sending of older people to nursing homes or to relatives, which of the two is better for the well-being of older people?
  19. Modern technology, how does it influence the modern family setup?
  20. Parents, can they allow children to have pets?

Marriage and Divorce Explanatory Essay Topics

Marriage and Divorce Topics
  1. Persons of different religions, does faith influence the choice of a partner in a marriage?
  2. The reason why young people do not marry at an early age?
  3. After divorce, how do children not recover quickly?
  4. What are the impacts on children as a result of divorce?
  5. What are the benefits of interracial marriages?
  6. What are the advantages of marrying as a teenager?
  7. What are the advantages of marrying people from a different faith?
  8. What are the effects of experience in polygamous marriages?
  9. The reason why marriages of the same race work out?
  10. What are the disadvantages of polygamous marriage?
  11. What are the disadvantages of the marriages of marriage?
  12. The main reason why one should choose a mate?
  13. The choice of picking a best friend as a marriage partner?
  14. Is taking part in sexual activity reasonable before or after marriage?
  15. The approval of marriage by one parent is it essential?
  16. The difference in beef does it affect marriage?
  17. What are the advantages of staying single?
  18. What are the elements and the critical points of a good marriage?

Explanatory Essay Topics on Marriage and Divorce Continuation

  1. The story of opposites attracting is true?
  2. The fact that women want divorce more than men?
  3. What are the main elements that make couples divorce?
  4. Distance, does it hurt dating relationships?
  5. Children, can they impact a change in collapsing marriages?
  6. What is the main reason why some marriages last longer than others?
  7. Religion, how does it impact many marriages?
  8. Before finishing school, what are the consequences of marriage?
  9. Is it true that men and women have and want to achieve the same thing in marriage?
  10. The main reason why people get into marriages?
  11. In a relationship, is it good for the couple to live together 
  12. Is it a good thing to marry at a later age in life?
  13. Is it true that second marriages end up in divorce?
  14. We stayed as friends after the divorce. Is it better than never seeing each other again?
  15. Marriage security and financial security, how does this interrelate?
  16. Adults, how do they consider their marriages from divorced marriages 
  17. The financial state; how does divorce influence it?
  18. If couples knew how difficult living after a divorce is, they could work on new ways to correct and save their relationships.

The Body Image Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Obesity, how to decrees the number of obsessed children in the USA
  2. How can you solve the problem of poor body image?
  3. Can you maintain a healthy weight?
  4. The main point of using thin characters as models is advisements.
  5. How can well and better bodies develop using Barbie dolls,?
  6. How you developed healthy body images?
  7. Having a good body image is better, and why is it important?
  8. In accordance with marathon running, how will the body benefit?
  9. What is the best way to complete a woman’s physical appearance?

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Winning Explanatory Essay Topics

  1. Make a list of all your ideas: this will give you a broader range of topics you can choose from. Among the list, choose a topic under your interests.
  2. Think of arguable stamens: as the statement is self-explanatory, ask your teacher to assist with this if you have trouble choosing one.
  3. Find information about the topic: you can use the book in the library or even surf the internet and acquire the necessary information.
  4. If you pick a topic without information sources, choose another topic to avoid hitting a dead end.

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