15 Substitutes For Because And Because Of

Substitutes For Because And Because Of

English is an objective language, giving its users word options, one among them the “substitutes for because and because of.” Explanations stress the importance of writing, understanding and relaying information. It explains why most writers often use the conjunctions “because of” and “because” to clarify their arguments. This article looks into other words that use the same word phrase and what they mean. Our literature writers can guide you in understanding Substitutes For Because And Because Of options available and any other word combination in English. 

In academic or article writing, you should always avoid unnecessary repetitions. You can put the suggested subtitles into consideration. It would help if you used them to make the language in your essay more diverse.

15 Substitutes for Because and Because of

  1. “AS” authors often use the preposition rather than “because” or “because of”. This is a direct synonym for “because” but a secondary one.

For example – as they did not have wings, the strangers couldn’t fly, and if they jumped that height, they would die.

Example: As everyone knows each other, introductions are not needed. We are going to get straight into the business of the day. 

  • As a result of – this gives adscription of the effects and the results 

Example: As a result of a good score on the test, he topped classes

  • As long as – this means that if the first action that has or is going to happen is true, then the next will eventually be also true.

Example: As long as I have my boots on, I might go out and also get firewood 

  • Considering that – this phrase is equal to its meaning to the expression as long as 

For example: considering that the mixed- these buildings were new when they were constructed, it seems that the people who built the building were from different places, industries, and backgrounds. 

  • Due to it is also the same as “as a result of”, it perfumes the actions of the preposition. It is a time used in the same place as the expression “because of”.
  • For – this preposition is usually used in poems. It has the same meaning as “because” and “because of”

Example: I have learned to look at nature.

Another example: For the snow. I will not be able to get to the airport 

  • In as much – this is also the formal equivalent to “because of” and “because.” 

For example, how you will practice is only as much as you will improve.

  • In view of the fact that – this phrase is the same as “in as much as” and can be used in the same way. This expression expresses factual information

Example: in view of the fact that all others are leaving, I think you should also follow them too. 

  • This shows an informal link between the effect and the cause.

Now that the weather has been dry for the past week, I can wash my clothes.

  1. Out of – this phrase explains emotions and feelings 

What he did, he did it out of curiosity. 

  1. Owing to – it has the same meaning as due to. Then “because” and “because of” both have the same formal meaning.
  2. Since that – the phrase “considering that” they have the same synonymic meaning.

Since these plants are quite hard to find thus, they are rather expensive.

  1. Since – it is formal and the same as the phrase “because”. It explains the elapsed execution of time. Most people confuse its meaning.
  2. Thanks to – even as it sounds, this expression can present either negative or positive information.

Thanks to my school coach, I am now healthier and stronger.

Thanks to Danny, to fix the mistake, we will have to work overtime.

  1. Through – this word functions as a preposition when followed by a clause. Thus the partially counteracting the forging action. 

Through her jealousy, sue lost her boyfriend 

Through the pitching stars, how have the rain delays affected them?

Follow these simple steps. They are going to help you to 

  • Increase the readability 
  • Optimize your content 
  • Make the text straight and on point 

You should ensure that your language is varied. Doing this will show that you are an experienced and valid writer. Our professional essay writes advise that you provide unique and well-organized content. Above it’s a list of the 15 substitutes for because and because of that you should learn and familiarize yourself with.

Substitutes For Because And Because Of: Growing the Language

If you need help in understanding other English words or phrases, including the substitutes for because and because of, contact us today, and we will help you solve them. 

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