186 Funny Debate Topics for College Students

Funny Debate Topics

Debates are a fantastic method to learn new information, sharpen critical thinking, and communicate more effectively, among other things. The topic you choose for a debate can often make or break it. That’s why picking funny debate topics is the trick when you’re tasked with leading a debate. Fun and intriguing debate topics are highly recommended to college students. Our essay writers have compiled this list to assist you in preparing for your debate class or any other classroom debate. They also help students compose the debate questions and arguments.

Why Choose Funny Debate Topics?

A fantastic approach to building relationships is through humor. Naturally, it’s also a ton of fun. Utilizing humorous topics assures participant and audience engagement.

However, you could be concerned that a lighthearted argument won’t advance the conversation or help you hone your argumentative abilities. A humorous inquiry doesn’t rule out the potential of a contentious debate because humor is merely an additional characteristic of controversial subjects. A stimulating subject can both uplift the mood and arouse various emotions.

Tips for Expounding Funny Debate Topics

Once you’ve selected a humorous debate topic, you should take a few crucial steps to ensure a successful discussion.

Introduce the fun debate topic

Introduce the subject to the students and ensure they are familiar with it before beginning the argument in class. This is crucial when discussing in an ESL class where English isn’t the student’s first language. Ask students about their initial thoughts after introducing the subject. Ask your students to name some important words and phrases that they might use to support their arguments.

Specify the debate’s guidelines

Students may become highly emotional when defending their case with their classmates, even though they are debating a humorous topic. To ensure that students respect one another’s viewpoints and listen to one another, be sure to outline the debate rules in advance.

6 debate rules

Here are some debate rules

  1. You should refrain from interjecting when others speak during a dispute.
  2. Answers should be brief and to the point.
  3. After your opponent has finished speaking, ask them questions.
  4. There are no foolish ideas.
  5. Keep your voice down.
  6. Always be nice and cool when talking to your opponent.

36 Universal Funny Debate Topics to Think About

We’ve compiled a selection of common debate topics from various genres to get things started. You can find queries on anything from time travel to hot dogs below. The only thing these problems have in common is that they are all equally humorous and thought-provoking.

  1. Are guys more slanderous than women?
  2. Do women have more complexities than males do?
  3. Would having more women in power make the world better?
  4. Exist any benefits to being a guy over a woman, or the opposite?
  5. Is a partner’s age a factor in romantic relationships with adults?
  6. Which would you prefer—to be wealthy and dishonest or impoverished and honest?
  7. Which superhero role would you choose: the primary or the sidekick?
  8. Would you go 100 years into the past or future instead?
  9. Which power, the ability to fly or the capacity to read minds?
  10. Which superpower, if any, would you pick if you could only have one?
  11. Which is worse, to be blind or deaf?
  12. What happened first? The egg or the chicken?
  13. Is it acceptable to grant the genie endless wishes?
  14. Which would you choose: a pirate or a ninja?
  15. Is it feasible for a supervisor and an employee to get along well?
  16. Are people intended to live to eat or to eat to live?

More Debate Questions

  1. Are we becoming more connected thanks to social media, or are we just making it more straightforward for people to stalk one another?
  2. Does Twitter foster a negative culture or just keep us connected?
  3. Is Instagram fame or TikTok fame preferable?
  4. Should a “dislike” button be added to Facebook?
  5. Does iOS outperform Android?
  6. Is DC superior to Marvel?
  7. Is Coke superior to Pepsi?
  8. Are sandwiches made with hotdogs?
  9. Are triangle pizza slices preferable to square ones?
  10. Is the law overly forgiving of famous people?
  11. Which Star Wars character is the best?
  12. Are books preferable to movies?
  13. Exists in intelligent extraterrestrial life?
  14. How I Met Your Mother vs. Friends: Which is Better?
  15. What is the greatest television program ever produced?
  16. Is intelligence more valuable than beauty?
  17. Is rock ‘n’ roll preferable to hip-hop?
  18. Extroverts may be too loud, but are introverts too quiet?
  19. Soccer or American football—which sport is true football?
  20. Is music deteriorating or improving with time?

9 Funny Debate Questions about Relationships

Look at these relationship-related funny debate topics that can create a classic conversation:

  1. Customers, are they always right?
  2. Can men and women indeed coexist peacefully?
  3. Are males just as snide as women?
  4. Should your eyes be open or closed when you kiss?
  5. Is it acceptable to hide information from your partner?
  6. Not getting married is better for women. Whether you concur or disagree
  7. Is it better or worse to date online?
  8. Passionate marriage versus an arranged union?
  9. Should employees date one another?

82 Funny Debate Topics for College Students

What will best captivate college students’ attention? Beer pong is one possibility, but it is not within our purview. Giving college students a topic relevant to their daily lives can be the greatest way to keep them interested in a debate.

  1. Would you rather excel in athletics or exams?
  2. Do students find finals week to be overly stressful?
  3. Graduation ceremonies that are too dull?
  4. Do college degrees have a high value?
  5. Which degree, engineering or medicine, is more valuable?
  6. Is STEM education more beneficial than humanities education?
  7. What benefit does having a business degree provide?
  8. Have university campuses become overly “woke”?
  9. Should there be “safe spaces” on every campus?
  10. Must there be mixed-gender housing?
  11. Is spring break a waste of time?
  12. In dorm rooms, should alcohol be permitted?
  13. Are college students abusing alcohol in excess?
  14. Which group—the “jocks” or the “nerds”—is preferable?
  15. Do some students benefit unfairly from sporting scholarships?
  16. A sport is cheerleading?
  17. The worst employment with the lowest salary should go to students.
  18. TikTok-making raises grades.
  19. Before examinations, binge-watching improves performance.
  20. Education in college is worthwhile.
  21. Drugs and smoking are both healthy habits.

Additional Topics

  1. Colleges should be able to legally use drugs that improve concentration.
  2. The preferred retailer for students is Walmart.
  3. Cell phones can be brought into the classroom by students.
  4. For students, corporal punishment is beneficial.
  5. Every morning, students are in dire need of Starbucks coffee.
  6. Pot helps increase study productivity.
  7. Every day, students adore eating at McDonald’s.
  8. Time management, stress, perfectionism, and procrastination are all overrated.
  9. Every student desires to leave college early.
  10. You should take a professor’s advice to heart.
  11. People detest viewing movies of amusing cats.
  12. Your brain doesn’t become burned out by watching violent flicks.
  13. The instructor is always correct.
  14. Every exam should be taken online from home.
  15. Except for gaming, colleges are specialists in everything.
  16. They love it when a student’s laptop crashes in the middle of a lesson.
  17. The last name is a favorite among students.
  18. Dogs rule the USA.
  19. Shark attack movies are incredibly popular.
  20. You ought to frequently use the tanning bed.
  21. Your ability to Google should land you a job.
  22. Students above TikTok and Instagram prefer Facebook.
  23. Braces are lovely to wear.
  24. My life was altered by playing Call of Duty.
  25. The majority of Americans lie about liking to watch football.
  26. The best pals are on Instagram.

More Topics

  1. The greatest way to gauge students’ achievement is through standardized tests.
  2. Colleges ought to require uniforms.
  3. All year long, colleges ought to be in session.
  4. Vacations in the summer are a waste of time.
  5. Drug tests should be periodical for all college students.
  6. It is not advisable to eliminate student loan debt.
  7. Private institutions cannot compare to public colleges for quality.
  8. Students should learn how to defraud the government in colleges.
  9. For college students, the government should provide iPhone subsidies.
  10. More rights should belong to your dog than to you.
  11. A 2-credit course on responsible sex ought to be offered.
  12. It is appropriate to terminate professors whose pupils have the most F grades.
  13. Ideally, the drinking age is 16.
  14. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin should be illegal
  15. Students who work should be paid a minimum of $50.
  16. There are no panic episodes or test anxiety among students.
  17. Student body image problems don’t exist.
  18. Every college grad ought to be given a job offer without applying.
  19. Yes, Trump is supported by college students.
  20. College females aspire to be cheerleaders.
  21. I don’t bother my housemate.
  22. Studying at home is detested by students.
  23. Many billionaires are not college graduates.
  24. College students never use software for detecting plagiarism.
  25. Students prefer to phone their buddies over text them.
  26. Every college student acts impressive in extracurricular activities.
  27. College admissions should require proficiency in martial arts.
  28. Students never use inexpensive stuff to adorn their dorms.
  29. Colleges ought to provide breakup insurance.
  30. Students who are male should don thin pants.
  31. Jokes should be told in class.
  32. Colleges should offer a “Lying well” course.
  33. If the grass is greener on the opposite side, it is phony.
  34. “I will certainly try” actually means “I won’t.”
  35. Students in college slept like babies.

15 More Funny Debate Topics for College Students

High school years are filled with uncertainties as adolescents start to question more, look at the world critically, and have experiences away from home. Many concerns that appeal to this group center on the high school experience.

  1. Should students’ use of smartphones during class be prohibited?
  2. Should tattoos be permitted on teenagers?
  3. Is it ever okay to cheat on a test?
  4. Should school uniforms be mandated for teachers?
  5. Is peer pressure more detrimental than beneficial?
  6. Should quotes in the yearbook be humorous or serious?
  7. Is having an expensive prom outfit necessary?
  8. Is having a prom date necessary?
  9. Should beauty pageants be in schools?
  10. Are Barbie dolls a good example for young girls to follow?
  11. Is there any benefit to returning to in-person education now that the pandemic has passed?
  12. Should students’ lockers at school be their personal space?
  13. Can high school pupils come to class in whatever they please?
  14. Do movies give people an inaccurate impression of high school?
  15. Are high school kids under too much pressure to choose a career path?

15 Middle School Debate Topics

The middle school years are excellent for beginning to hone debating skills. The experience will likely stick with students well into adulthood and benefit them in contexts beyond debate class, just like most skills that develop during this time. Here are some lighthearted and relevant funny debate topics for this age range that will inspire an exciting conversation.

  1. Is smartphone use affecting pupils’ intelligence?
  2. Do youngsters who play video games get smarter?
  3. What health risks do video games pose to students?
  4. Should kids keep things from their parents?
  5. Should skateboarding and roller skating be in schools?
  6. Is it permissible for parents to spy on their kids?
  7. Should pupils grade their instructors?
  8. Will the skills pupils acquire in math class ever be helpful?
  9. Can fast food be available in schools?
  10. Can computers replace instructors?
  11. Do kids need to go to the zoo if they can just watch animal videos on YouTube?
  12. Do boarding schools aid in learning for students?
  13. Has Harry Potter surpassed Lord of the Rings?
  14. Would it be moral to utilize Harry Potter-style magic if such a thing existed?
  15. Do children’s songs have hidden meanings?

12 Funny Debate Topics for Elementary School

Keeping young children’s attention for an extended period might be challenging. Letting kids participate is one of the finest ways to keep them interested. And what better way toinolve people than by asking them fun questions they care about?

  1. Must schoolwork be illegal?
  2. Does teaching handwriting in schools serve any purpose?
  3. Is it appropriate to allow kids to bring toys to school?
  4. Should young people be paid to attend school?
  5. Should children’s recess be longer?
  6. Should children spend recess outside?
  7. Should young children wake up early for school?
  8. Should children speak in class?
  9. Should kids eat in class?
  10. Should school-age children save some or all of their allowance?
  11. Should teachers reward their children with ice cream for good conduct?
  12. Should educators show cartoons in the classroom?

17 Funny Debate Topics for Children

Because they lack preconceived assumptions, young toddlers frequently astound us with their ability to view any situation from a new angle. However, asking them about the present volatility in the financial market might not be the best course of action. Instead, you may bring up a problem they are familiar with and deal with frequently. Here are some of the fun debate topics for kids. You can check them out.

  1. Is winter preferable to summer?
  2. Is fall preferable to spring?
  3. Canines dream?
  4. Do cats or dogs make better pets?
  5. Are kids more intelligent than adults?
  6. Are clowns frightening or funny?
  7. Which is preferable, having siblings or being an only child?
  8. If given the choice, would you choose to live forever?
  9. Should young people have unrestricted access to television?
  10. Should children be left to play outside however much they please?
  11. Is going out preferable to remaining in?
  12. Should all kids own pets?
  13. Is cake preferable to ice cream?
  14. Should parents assign their kids household chores?
  15. Should parents give their kids money for chores they complete?
  16. Should parents insist on their kids making their beds?
  17. Which is preferable, being very tall or very short?


Debate is a fantastic approach to boosting self-assurance and developing public speaking abilities. Additionally, it is an even more effective technique for developing critical thinking and debating abilities. When selecting a humorous discussion topic, you can pique your intellectual interest and dazzle others with your wit.

Coming up with a debate topic might be easy, considering we have given you a list of the best funny debate topics you can utilize. Do you need help? Talk to our paper writers for assistance. Contact us for an estimate.

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