200 Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas: How to Pick the Best Topic

Narrative essay topics

Narrative essay topics are precursors to engaging discussions shaping how students think and process information. They teach students what to think, how to think and how it affects other variables or factors in a discussion. There are many essay topics on narrations that one can settle on for an engaging discussion. Our essay-writing experts explain what narrative essays are and possible topics depending on the subject or theme. We also offer essay-writing services on topical issues.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is an academic paper based on a told story about an author’s personal experience and event. The aim of a narrative essay is not only to share a story that is entertaining but also to make a point. Narrative essays rely on character growth, dialogue, setting, conflicts, and resolutions, not forgetting the turning points.

There are different types of narrative essays, and you should be able to tell the difference in the essay topics. 

  • Description 
  • Argumentative 
  • Description
  • Narrative 

How to Choose a Good Narrative Essay Topic

Always remember that narrative essays tell storiesIn a narrative essay, before you choose the topic you want to write about, remember that the topic you choose should connect with your experiences, skills, and events that are always personal to you. Professional essay writers have compiled this list of tips for picking narrative essay topics.

Pick an idea that is useful to discuss

When settling on a topic. you should choose a topic worth writing about. It may be your passions or issues that you have ever struggled with when writing a narrative essay to have a chance to keep off from communicating about the things that make you yawn. Below are the narrative essay topics you want to view.

Always be ready – never skip the planning stage.

Your paper is supposed to give proof to a certain point. Be sure that the amount of information you collect on the topics differ. 

Always make a try

You can always experiment with your essay. For example, you can mix different episodes from your experiences. Make something that will be interesting to the reader. Below you will find some of the fun narrative essay topics you can go for.

Have the essay structure in mind?

All academic papers follow specific formats and structures as per the requirements imposed by all the ideas you are to choose from and consider if it is possible to put something of great relief into place.

In a narrative essay, the standard 5-paragraph essay structure is often used according to what and how your paper’s word limit is. The standard five-paragraph essay format is commonly used; with that, check our narrative essay topics you can write about.

Experience is the best teacher

You should always first write down all the narrative essay topics that come into your mind. You should write about your experience. In this case, it can be positive, and then it turns out to be harmful or vice-versa. The essential part of an essay is how you are going to the reader through your essay in a systematic manner. Keeping the reader on their toes gives them the argument to finish reading your essay till the end so they can learn more. In your essay, the reader is supposed to feel part of your story through the vivid details you provide.

  • Fear is an emotion that is sincere and relatable; describe the one moment you overcome fear.
  • Write about that one incident in which you portrayed bravery and courage.
  •  Everyone makes mistakes, and nobody is perfect, describe the mistakes you ever made and the lessons you learned.
  • Everyone experiences new things every day, but some experiences are more significant than others, talk about that one time you stepped out of your comfort zone and experienced something new.
  • Write about your experiences on the first day at work.

Narrative, Personal Essay Topics

This type of essay talks about one’s personal experiences. This kind of essay is required to affect the reader emotionally. So that you can archive this, the picture you are painting using words has to create vivid images for the reader, thus appealing to the reader’s emotions. Using details is an excellent trick in archiving to trigger the readers’ emotions. 

Below are the winning narrative essay topics you can go for:

  • That one tutor that you will forget
  • A funny incident that you experienced
  • The one experience that placed you in danger
  • From your childhood, one interesting event.
  • Your first time abroad 
  • Your first time on the plane 
  • An interesting event from your school life
  • The story of losing a friend
  • Learning something new, that one exciting thing you learned that amazed you and your friends.
  • The most embarrassing event that happened to you 
  • Your participation in extracurricular activities such as music extravaganza, games, the one time you won over your feared opponent?
  • Attending a sporting event, the experience?
  • That one time that you discover a secret?
  • A family member with whom you have a great bond to with
  • A class you took an inspirational 
  • The moment that you felt left out and alone, scared.
  • That one time that I visited a new place and got lost
  • That one moment when you saved someone
  • The first meal that you cooked on your own 

Winning Narrative Essay Topics

Winning Narrative Essay Topics

The narrative essay’s main aim is to make the reader feel what the reader has been through. Since the reader cannot show a picture, you have to create one using words (vivid details).

Below are exciting topics to help you create a winning narrative essay:

  • A vacation with your family, the favorite one
  • A trip that you will never forget 
  • In an unusual circumstance, that one time that you made friends
  • At a new school, your first day
  • That one thing that scared you a lot?
  • Your most memorable Christmas
  • What was the best birthday party in your entire life?
  • The most interesting lesson that you learned 
  • The time that a stranger helped you?
  • The best day of your life 
  • The worst day of your life 
  • The first day you get your pet 
  • Lending a helping hand
  • The day you lost something precious 
  • How you overcame a natural disaster 
  • The day you were unexpectedly called to the Dean’s office 
  • Summer camp your experience 
  • The first time you drive a car
  • Your first time riding a motorcycle 
  • That one moment that you felt depression 
  • That one moment that had an argument with someone
  • A story of you being treated unfairly
  • Your first time skiing 
  • Your first time helping a stranger 
  • That one time you face racial discrimination
  • The one moment you misjudged someone, and then you felt ashamed
  • At the beach, the most memorable day 
  • The one time you got a severe injury
  • Your first heartbreak
  • The starting of a relationship 
  • Ending a relationship 
  • Your first private jet flight 
  • First time in a helicopter
  • The meeting of a stranger 
  • A trip’s story 
  • Life lesson
  • Car Accident
  • Learning new things 
  • That one time that you discovered a hidden truth about someone 

Narrative Essay Topics on Culture

This is one of the types of essays that will allow you to show a cultural aspect while entertaining and informing the readers. The culture is one vast, broad, and complex system; thus, you should keep from touching several elements at each time of the story. Cultural essays are great because people will have a chance to tell more about their culture and why they love their culture. In this way, most of the people will get their answers to their and answered questions from the specific: Here are narrative essay topics on culture.

  • Unique family traditions 
  • One tradition that turned out to be a surprise for you
  • Your favorite holiday and how made a celebration of your culture 
  • The reason why knowing your culture is important
  • The one time you embraced yourself because you did not know a cultural aspect.
  • In some circumstances, how culture changes
  • The food traditions in your family 
  • How a person is defined by culture
  • Your identity about the culture

Narrative Argumentative Essays

  • The story of having a conflict, or disagreement with a friend 
  • Bullying the one time you stood up for yourself 
  • Suicide?
  • The day you graduated from high school.
  • The one time in the exam room that you experienced someone getting caught cheating
  • A car accident you got involved in 
  • The one time you got humiliated 
  • The act of charity that you participated in 
  • The one time you helped a friend in need
  • The experience of someone getting beaten up at school

Unusual Narrative Essay Topics

  • A tough decision that you had to make 
  • Some that changed your life forever
  • The flooding into your neighbor’s apartment
  • The one day that you wish you would relive 
  • The one test that you failed terribly 
  • In your life, the scariest moment of your life
  • The one time that you got sick 
  • The one time you were a superhero and saved someone’s life
  • Haunted house, the one time you ventured into one
  • The time you won a completion 
  • Ever got a flat tire? How was the experience?
  • In an emergency room, the one time you venture in there 
  • Head coalition with the police 

Childhood Memories

In your younger years, when you were curious about everything fascinating, take a memory lane and dig deep into your memories, then find one crazy idea you can share. Take, for instance, that you have a setting and ideas, but on the other hand, you do not have a story. Do not worry; you can always make one up when writing a narrative essay. By not exaggerating too much, make the story interesting so that people may think of how engaging your life is. 

You can compose about a childhood memory that taught you the importance of teamwork.

  • You can put, for instance, where parties didn’t involve alcohol for them to have fun. Remember one fabulous party that you experienced in your childhood.
  • The first experience concerned emotional and physical pain; how you courageously overcame the challenge?
  • Write about a funny dream that you can recall from your childhood
  • Who was your role model when you were a kid

High School – Growing Up

Everybody, for their high school years, is nostalgic in one way or another. This is one time in life when one grows, develops, and enlightens in knowledge. On the other hand, it is the one time a student starts missing classes and searching for trouble. Recall an exciting point of your high school life that you would write in your narrative essay.

  • The school was sometimes dull, but when it came to some classes, this did not feel the same way. Put your focus on that school subject that you love.
  • The humiliation experience, how did people react to this, whether you were the culprit or not, and what did you learn from this 
  • Your high school best friend, how the both of you have changed due to growth
  • The significant achievements you made during high school
  • What was your hobby after school?

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

 In a family, this is where relationships start. As the child grows from childhood to adulthood, the family relationship extends to a friend, then they start having romantic interest, and the relationship moves far beyond. 

Then you explore the good and bad of the people you have not yet met. 

  • People often experience sudden changes; some stay together, and others part ways. Write about that one friend that was your favorite, and you ended up parting ways. Tell your reader what happened.
  • Some words can cause a change in somebody’s perception of the way they observe things. Tell your readers the conversations that made change your life.
  • That one business you were working with your partner, and you achieved something great while working with your partner.
  • Dad is the voice to impact discipline. Tell your reader the one time that your dad positively influenced you. 
  • People, as they grow older, tend to change their friends. Have you ever taken part in this? Tell the readers how this felt, meeting new people with different experiences, creating new friendships, and making new friends.

Ethical and Moral Dilemmas

The world is kept in order by laws. Or do they? Many challenging moral questions are often discussed b students all over the world. The time will come when everyone is free to decide whether to do the right or the legal things while respecting ethical standards.

The below topics will create a moral inspiration writing.

  • The one time that you did something illegal, but you had a feeling that it was the correct thing to do
  • The observation that you make about the cowardly act. Explain why you think the act was cowardly and share what could instead have been done.
  • The one time that you experienced something that undermined your morality.
  • How can the government deal with the homelessness rate from a moral perspective?

Hobbies and Interests

These are the thing that each and everyone enjoy doing most when there are in their free time. The hobbies, at a time, tend to spark up one’s interests, thus impacting an involvement with the community. If one hobby can be incorporated into their jobs, they can be happier. In addition, people tend to attract others through the things that they love doing. You should ask yourself what you enjoy doing or why you love that type of music you love listening to.

  • Give an experience of the one time you abandoned your responsibilities, and by doing this, get time to do your hobbies.
  • Talk about your talent and how you can make some adjustments to them
  • Tell us how you managed to get a job through your hobby 

Hobbies are times looked at by parents. However, they would love to see the kids perform in their academics. What is your opinion on how parents are supposed to act when it comes to children that love their hobbies more than getting good grades? 

The Moments of Inspiration Narrative Essay Topics

Everyone in their lives has had that one time that you got inspired them; as students, most inspirations come through straightforward observations. Your source inspiration may be from a field trip, a movie or film, a story, a beautiful view, or a book.

  • Have you ever watched a movie that inspired you to leave your comfort zone?
  • When reading a book, have you been inspired by a character in a book due to their persistence in doing their things? In what way do you emphasize the character?
  • Before one becomes successful, one must have failed a million times. Talk about that successful person who inspires you never to give up until you meet your achievements.
  • Talk about that one thing that is insignificant to others but inspires you greatly.
  • The feeling that you can even do better, recall something that you saw someone does, this one time you were inspired even to do better

College Life Narrative Essay Topics

Getting into college means getting a new impression, people, and experiences. The student is living conditions in the new education system or even more. The many crazy stories and events that happen in college. Some students are in college for fun, using textbooks as pillows and many narrative college essay topics.

Below are a few college essay topics that will help you brainstorm 

  • The one time you did an exam and were not expecting to pass, you passed anyway? How was the feeling 
  • Reinterpretations most professors are ready to discuss this. Describe that one time that you felt that your professor was wrong.
  • That one time that a lecture inspired you to get out of your comfort zone 
  • Sometimes, the student snaps and, after events, realize that they have joined college. Give us that moment that jumpstarted your college life
  • In college, students can tend to always party or fulfill their dreams by parting. Which of the two can you relate to best?

“Imagine If” Scenario

The narrative essay requires students to write about their personal life experiences. In a narrative essay, in favor of telling a great and exciting story, students tend to avoid telling facts as they are blunt.

  • What would it be like if you had a reality show?
  • What is the first place you could visit if you could travel time? And why that place? Can you try and change the past?
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be, and what would you do first?
  • Take, for instance, that you are a musician and have just released your best-performing album in the market; if you come back home, what would be the first thing to do?
  • You are a movie director, and money is not an issue. What is the one thing that you would do, and what movie did you first create?

Places That You Have Been To

  • Tales from history: the natural museum in the USA 
  • My first time abroad vacation. Give your description of your thoughts
  • The one time you visited Paris. 
  • Your favorites dish but in a different restaurant 
  • The best concert that you have ever attended 

Narrative Essay Topics on the Most Preferred Activities

  • For instance, if you were the scriptwriter for “Game of Thrones,” what is the one the seasons would impact a change in?
  • A book that changed your perspective view of things 
  • That one composition of music that always cheers you up 
  • Can you observe any resemblance between DC and Marvel heroes?
  • If you had a mobile app development company, which game would you develop first, and what kind of games would you release

Narrative Essay Topics: Bottom Line

Above are some narrative essay topics for different types of narrative essays. If you need help writing a narrative essay, our expert writers with over 10 years of experience in essay writing, are here to help you.

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