209 Topics for a Research Paper to Write About

Topics for a Research Paper

The most challenging part when writing is finding good topics for a research paper. However, the choice of topics moves further than this starting point. Finding the best topic may be challenging for most students. Our essay writers have gathered all the powerful research paper topics you can use in your research paper. You will also learn the meaning of a research paper and how to choose a paper topic for your essay. They also help students with their research papers.

The Three Research Questions?

Before you even put together your research questions ideas, remember that there are three types of research questions:

  • Descriptive – this involves the careful observation of an event, trait, or phenomenon. So that the detailed form characterization and, in the whole potential, show essential and exciting points.
  • Casual – this is the research on whether changing some aspects impacts changes in some parts and how they link to each other.
  • Comparative – comparing similarities and differences between two things or even both.

What Is a Good Research Paper Topic?

A good research topic question is:

  • Specific and concrete – the research’s main aim and results must be stated appropriately and straight to the point.
  • Original – these have to be things not imposed on research before.
  • Important – the research should inform the reader about the research results.
  • Highly relevant – why it is so important
  • Trending – the topic should be the current issues that interest contemporary readers.

With that in mind, we have gathered topics for a research paper in various disciplines for you.

College Research Paper Topics

These are some of the most popular topics when searching for college research paper topics.

  1. The art of campaign in colleges
  2. The main reason for the selection of college scholarships and internships
  3. The students with ADHD and autism be kept separate from other students
  4. In post-college employment, problems due to the decimation imposed
  5. How do Modern college and disorders psychological and the support group relate?
  6. Multicultural concepts and how they can be implemented in a better manner
  7. In learning and information presented, does social media help?
  8. In college life, alcohol and drug abuse?
  9. In religious colleges, the pros and cons
  10. College athletes are supposed to be given additional advantages and pay

Health Topics

When searching for health research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Perception of the allergies, psychological aspects
  2. Focusing on deafness and the difficulties in the community through the people with special needs among the students.
  3. Social media influence on the medical system and care
  4. Air pollution in households and how it can decrease
  5. Exercising practices, the role played by excising ads
  6. Information on infectious diseases should be online
  7. Climate changes, should people be informed more?
  8. Privacy In health issues, should people be more informed
  9. Organic food, the standards unbiased
  10. Global health security concept

Good Medicine Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper on medicine, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Life-sustaining therapy, is it needed when fertile?
  2. Doctors, can they turn patients into drug addicts?
  3. The role played by placebo in the treatment process
  4. Should the drugs be prescribed directly to the consumers?
  5. Is being a vegetarian useful for a child’s health?
  6. How to keep off Animal testing?
  7. Medical marijuana, the pros and cons?
  8. Effect of obesity in health
  9. The damages and the usefulness of kids’ vaccines

Educational Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper on education, these are some of the most popular topics to choose from:

  1. The standardization of tests, how will it improve education?
  2. In educational institutions, how to eradicate and manage bullies
  3. College graduates, do they make more money?
  4. Lesson planning, what role does technology play in this?
  5. Can education be cheaper?
  6. Mental doctors at schools
  7. Modern technologies how will it change teaching in the common days
  8. Effects caused by contemporary teaching
  9. Social networking in school
  10. For blind children, the creation of learning methods

Good Environment Topics

When searching for good environment research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics to write on:

  1. Global warming, how to manage and eradicate it?
  2. On saving trees, how to stop the wastage of paper
  3. Earthquakes, the underground effects it causes?
  4. Overpopulation can be under control
  5. Impacts on forests by humans
  6. More films on the environmental population should be produced.
  7. How to reduce the dangers threatened by the hurricane to buildings
  8. Hurricane impacts, is it possible to predict them?
  9. Nuclear power, is it safe for humans?
  10. GMO food, how dangerous is it?

Entertainment and Sports Topics

When looking for the best sports and topics for a research paper on entertainment and sports, these are some of the most popular topics you can write about:

  1. Social networks, are they good for our society?
  2. The use of social media can lower one’s self-esteem.
  3. Fake moral standards: how do TV shows cause them?
  4. Gaming, how does it impact students?
  5. The TV programs that should be illegal
  6. Non-achievable beauty standards: are they set by beauty contests?
  7. Violent video games do they make kids violent and cruel?
  8. The use of animals for entertainment purposes should be illegal?
  9. Should competition between men and women be allowed?
  10. Will sports and entertainment be replaced by online platforms that provide information?

Media and Communication Topics

When looking for topics for a research paper on media and communication, these are some of the best topics to choose from.

  1. Ads aimed at children, should they be illegal?
  2. What is the role of interpersonal communication of gender?
  3. Freedom of speech online?
  4. Law restrictions on copyright and concepts of vague
  5. Bloggers, are they journalists?
  6. In communicative skills in journalism, the impacts of psychology on them
  7. The modern news research, the ethical side
  8. The effects of medication and its role in media?
  9. Nonverbal communication, the modern standards
  10. Body image distortion and its negative influence?

Politics Topics

When searching for the best politics research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics from experienced essay writers.

  1. The drinking age. Should it be lower?
  2. The possibility of socialism?
  3. The death penalty should be illegal
  4. Without wars, what would the world be like
  5. Gun control, more laws should be enacted
  6. Between Israel and Palestinians, the prospect of peace?
  7. Killings in ethnic groups, how can they stop?
  8. Workforce reduction, how to avoid it?
  9. Adults, should they have the right to carry a gun?
  10. Iraq in the development of nuclear weapons; how can the international community prevent them

Psychology Topics

When looking for topics for a research paper on psychology, these are some of the best topics you can write about:

  1. Is autism a development idiosyncrasy or a disease?
  2. How is it possible that some people are intellectually superior?
  3. How do we shape and forecast the patterns of behavior?
  4. How do you overcome a mental breakdown?
  5. Is stress harmful?
  6. The immune system, how does depression influence it?
  7. Our mood and how a bad mood influences it
  8. Child violence, how can it be managed?
  9. Work and brain, how does classical music impact it?
  10. Our health and how it is impacted by insomnia?

Technology and Science Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper on science and technology, these are some of the best topics you can easily divulge:

  1. Light, how is it used to treat cancer and other health disorders?
  2. Use of systems, for example, bitcoin, can this help in theft identification?
  3. The evident present that Mars has water and life
  4. CMB, is it due to the big bang, the evidence present?
  5. Can nanomedicine extend the human life span?
  6. Cryogenics, the role can they play in the future?
  7. Alternative energy can replace fossil fuels.
  8. Artificial intelligence and computers are the future
  9. Self-driving cars, how will they impact the lives of humans
  10. Wild animals interact with people; is it beneficial

Culture Topics

Culture Topics

When you’re searching for the best culture research paper topics, these are some of the most straightforward topics to choose from:

  1. Past events, the new comprehension?
  2. Victorian period why was it a time of cultural change?
  3. Racial discrimination, where it originated?
  4. Why was Greek culture so influential in the ancient Mediterranean world?
  5. The anti-Semitism, its roots
  6. The influence of youths by pop culture?
  7. What achievements were remarkable in the 20th century, and what was their influence on society?
  8. Commercials and advertisements in the modern arts
  9. Throughout history, cultural revolutions
  10. Pregnant celebrities should be on magazine covers?

Mathematic Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper on math, these are some of the most popular topics to write on:

  1. Algorithms influence
  2. Mathematic formulas, are they ever used in real life?
  3. Most confusing math problems?
  4. “X” Why is it the unknown?
  5. How does mathematics change the world?
  6. McDonald math’s problems, what are the solutions?
  7. A winning monopoly structure, is it possible to build?
  8. Music and mathematics, how do they relate?
  9. High school math contests should be banned?
  10. How do geniuses in mathematics understand extreme math concepts

Good Business Research Paper Topics

When searching for the best business research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics to write about.

  1. Dirty business tactics, how do they work?
  2. To international businesses, the impact of climatic change
  3. A successful business startup, how to build one
  4. Can the company be started without money?
  5. Is expanding one’s business in a new country or region a good idea?
  6. Notorious Business leaders
  7. What are the most effective strategies for developing a small business?
  8. Family business and entrepreneurship
  9. In everyday working situations, the ethical making of the decision
  10. International business and sustainable development

Middle School Research Paper Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper in middle school, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Going vegan is a healthy choice, in your opinion.
  2. Poetry, how does it evolve?
  3. The greenhouse effect, is it natural or artificial?
  4. Poetry, how did it evolve
  5. Earthquakes, their effects, and causes.
  6. The dynasty of Princess Diana?
  7. Without getting addicted, how many computer games can you play?
  8. Competition in humans, why is it so critical?
  9. Who is the greatest general who ever lived on the planet?
  10. In children’s books and cartoons, the gender roles?

Good High School Research Topics

When searching for the best high school research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Drug addiction causes in high school. How can it be addressed?
  2. In school work, parental involvement?
  3. School safety, ways to be improved
  4. Books, their roles?
  5. The K-pop culture, its body image?
  6. Motivation, the role for becoming a better student?
  7. Digital communication vs. physics
  8. Trails and tears, its legacy
  9. School voluntary work and its importance
  10. Changes in academics due to covid-19

History Research Paper Topics

When looking for topics for a research paper on history, these are some of the best topics you can write about:

  1. Impacts of world war II on women’s rights
  2. Asian influence on Contemporary work
  3. Factors that initiated world war II
  4. All-time, the most effective military strategy
  5. Martin Luther King’s against catholic impacts
  6. How has the development of humanity, and the monetary difference, been affected?
  7. Women suffrage movements, the consequences
  8. Is liberalism an optimal solution?
  9. Aztec empire and their architecture?
  10. Roman and Greek culture, the correlation between the two?

Art Research Paper Topics

When looking for the best art research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics to choose from:

  1. Reasons for digital museums and their presence
  2. Art education is important in middle school
  3. Flemish art and its peculiarities
  4. Creation of sculpture In ancient roam
  5. Artistic expressions and photography’s history
  6. Difficulties in modern art in the civil-19 times
  7. Color and light perception In the middle east
  8. Arts, can they be given the freedom to present their work in public places
  9. Japanese anime can be considered a different type of art form.
  10. Peculiarities of the Flemish artist

Research Paper Topics on Literature

When seeking topics for a research paper on literature, these are some of the most straightforward topics you can write about:

  1. Dream literature?
  2. Evaluate two random novels and discuss them
  3. Harry Potter, how does he reflect the ideal time?
  4. In the 21st century, the dawn of literature.
  5. The reason why authors use similes and metaphors
  6. Through personal investigation, show the aspect of prose
  7. Pros and cons of the women’s suffrage movement
  8. In identifying the genre of a novel, what are the favorable factors?
  9. Sex and romance renaissance
  10. Propaganda and fiction as an instrument

Good Topics on Law

When searching for the best law research paper topics, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Around the world, how is Islamic law
  2. GATT documents why it is critical to learn them
  3. Mass communication law
  4. European patent what does it do
  5. In different countries, women’s authority impacts
  6. Inter-American human rights
  7. ECOLEX is a way forward to the law of the environment
  8. Comparative criminal procedure, detailed analysis
  9. Copyright in the US, does it defend businesses?
  10. Effectiveness of the international criminal laws court tools?

Religion Topics

Religion Topics

When searching for topics for a research paper on religion, these are some of the most popular topics:

  1. Bisexuality’s description in the Bible
  2. Creationism
  3. The design of intelligence
  4. Modernism’s relation to religion
  5. Creationism
  6. Economics and Christianity
  7. Religious counseling and pastoral counseling
  8. Women and Religion
  9. Social action and church
  10. How teenagers take religion

Research Paper Topics for Argumentative Essay

When you’re searching for good research paper topics for an argumentative essay, these are some of the most popular topics to write on:

  1. Should it be accessible to all students?
  2. Many mobile applications represent an invasion of privacy
  3. Bad influence on young people by the fashion industry
  4. The death penalty for lawbreakers is not an ethical solution
  5. Tobacco is to be illegal indoors
  6. During college lectures, should internet access be limited
  7. Military service is a way to maturity
  8. The difference in religion often becomes a war cause
  9. Fair play concepts should be rewarded financially.
  10. Bloggers and influencers cannot do not have a job

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Topics for a Research Paper?

  • All your ideas make a list of them, giving you a broader range of topics you can choose from. Among the list, choose a topic under your interests.
  • Think of arguable statements: as the statement is self-explanatory, ask your teacher to give your assistance to this if you got trouble choosing one.
  • Find information about the topic: you can use the book in the library or even surf the internet and acquire the necessary information.
  • If you pick a topic and look through many sources, you do not find enough information about the case. Then you should choose another topic because you do not want to get into a dead end.

How to Write Your Research Paper Essay Effortlessly

Writing a research paper needs a topic to write on. We have provided topics for a research paper for different fields of study. We have also included tricks and tips to help you find the best topics. Do you need help creating a research paper? Our essay writers will assist you in choosing a topic to completion. Contact us for an estimate.

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