228 Funny Controversial Speech Topics to Engage Your Audience

funny controversial speech topics

Funny controversial speech topics are the best method to captivate your audience and cheer them up simultaneously. A speech relies heavily on the topic. Finding the best topic is not easy for everyone. Don’t fret. Our essay writers have compiled a list of topics to choose from when you need a quick conversation starter. They also help students craft their controversial speech among other types of essays.

Why Ask Funny Controversial Questions?

A contentious question is powerful enough to stand on its own virtually by definition. So why include a humorous component? Maintaining people’s attention on one issue for longer than a few minutes is growing more challenging in the era of social media and short attention spans.

But did you know it’s not an impossible task? Choose a subject everyone can relate to, then frame it so readers can respond. That’s where controversial subjects come in. They are effective because most people have a strong opinion about them. Furthermore, individuals may be so adamant about their position on a particular issue that they sincerely hope to persuade those who disagree with them to change their minds. This offers a beautiful chance for a stimulating discussion.

Is it Always Right to Use Funny Controversial Speech Topics?

Most people like something engaging. However, some people may hold contentious subjects too close to their hearts. These issues might be so delicate that offending others converts discussions into arguments.

Because of this, you should add humor to your worthwhile discussion subject. It’s a terrific method to prepare for a more severe issue without facing the danger of disagreements because humor is a natural and immediate approach to interacting with others. Additionally, talking about humorous topics can brighten the mood, making it a valuable way to let off steam even while discussing a more serious topic.

Getting Ready for a Public Debate?

The secret to coming up with great controversial speech topics is to stay current with current events. First, people do not like dull or stale topics. Millennials value time and won’t squander it by listening to pointless debates. Only think about “hot” topics if you want your audience to be fully attentive and involved during the speech.

Be aware that writing about controversial funny debate topics differs from regular writing. Emphasis is on your final performance as a speaker, not a writer. It necessitates a unique approach to planning and execution. To wow the audience, a rough outline would be more than sufficient. Examining the topic is still necessary to win the debate. You should create a list of arguments that support your position. Additionally, keep an eye out for counterarguments that dismiss your opponent.

All persuasive speech topics require creating a clear and concise road map. Whether your assignment is written or oral doesn’t matter. A solid outline gives you an overview of the case and aids in constructing a rationally organized narration. Follow the instructions to get the most out of your essay with the least work.

It’s time to present to you these funny, controversial topics.

11 Controversial Funny Speech Topics on Dilemmas

These are funny controversial dilemmas you can pose to your audience

  1. Is summer preferable to winter?
  2. Is spring preferable to fall?
  3. Is going out preferable to remaining in?
  4. Proper pronunciation of GIF ?
  5. What happened first? The egg or the chicken?
  6. Should toilet paper dangle from the roll or under it?
  7. Are morning workers more successful than evening workers?
  8. Blondes aren’t as intelligent as brunettes or redheads?
  9. Is fame on Instagram preferable to fame on TikTok?
  10. Do Americans have a better accent than Britons?
  11. Extroverts may be too loud, but are introverts too quiet?

19 Funny Controversial Hypotheses

These are 19 Funny Controversial Speech Topics on hypotheses you can write a speech on:

  1. Is it acceptable to grant the genie endless wishes?
  2. Which is worse, to be blind or deaf?
  3. Would you choose to live forever, given the choice?
  4. Would you prefer to be very short or tall?
  5. Would you part with three fingers for a million dollars?
  6. Would you rather lose one arm, leg, or both?
  7. Which scenario would you prefer—having lots of friends but no money?
  8. Which would you choose: the North Pole or a scorching, sand-filled desert?
  9. Would you instead go 100 years into the past or the future?
  10. Would you rather battle 100 horses the size of ducks or one horse the size of a duck?
  11. What is the number of hens that can kill an elephant?
  12. Who would prevail if a bear and a gorilla engaged in combat?
  13. What’s the proper method to dress a dog in pants?
  14. Would there be wars if there were only female world leaders?
  15. Which superpower, if any, would you choose to have?
  16. Which superhero would you choose if any were real?
  17. Which would you choose to play: sidekick or hero?
  18. Should sarcasm have its font?
  19. Should Mondays be illegal?

Controversial Universe Topics

These are funny controversial speech topics on the universe:

  1. Do aliens exist?
  2. Have aliens visited us?
  3. Do the origin and end of the universe exist?
  4. Why do we refer to the “corners of the Earth” if the Earth is not flat?
  5. Can we even prove God’s existence?
  6. Do we live in a simulation?
  7. Are we dreaming?
  8. What year did time begin?
  9. Do ghosts exist?
  10. Is water truly moist?
  11. Is the number thirteen unlucky?

Funny Controversial Topics on Morality Issues

Here are some when searching for funny controversial speech topics on morality to write about.

  1. Is the customer always correct?
  2. Is being attractive easier in life?
  3. Are good looks more valuable than smarts?
  4. Are Santa’s elves fairly paid?
  5. Should wearing slim jeans be forbidden for men?
  6. Does the middle passenger on a plane receive both armrests?
  7. Can exam cheating ever be legal?
  8. Is it okay to tell the truth to save a friend?

Funny Controversial Speech Topics on Food

  1. What topping on pizza is best?
  2. Is pineapple appropriate on a pizza?
  3. Should pizza slices be square or triangular?
  4. Is using a fork and knife to eat pizza ever appropriate?
  5. Is Chicago-style pizza superior to New York-style pizza?
  6. What makes McDonald’s superior to Burger King?
  7. Is beef raised on grass preferable to beef raised on corn?
  8. Is Coke preferable to Pepsi?
  9. Are diet beverages worse than alcoholic beverages?
  10. Is bottled water superior to tap water?
  11. Do you prefer cake to ice cream?
  12. Do you lick or bite into your ice cream?
  13. Can red wine be in the refrigerator?
  14. Should butter be in the refrigerator?
  15. Can fruits be in the refrigerator?
  16. Gluten-free diets—are they overrated?
  17. Do sandwiches have hotdogs?
  18. What kind of soup is cereal?
  19. What shape of fry is ideal?
  20. How many slices of cake should you cut?
  21. Should you use chopsticks, a fork, or a spoon to consume your rice?

Relationship Controversial Topics

When searching for funny controversial speech topics to write about on relationships, here are some of the best topics to write about:

  1. Do males ever understand what women want?
  2. Do males gossip more than women?
  3. Should we kiss while our eyes are open or closed?
  4. Are bearded males more appealing than shaven ones?
  5. Should roles in relationships be different for men and women?
  6. Should conflicts between partners be avoided or encouraged?
  7. Is it okay to keep a partner in the dark?
  8. Do distance-based relationships merit the effort?
  9. Is having relationships before getting married wrong?
  10. Is it good or bad to date online?
  11. Do robot faces belong on them?
  12. Should coworkers date each other?
  13. Should individuals date someone significantly older than they are?

Funny Controversial Speech Topics on Sports

 Speech Topics on Sports
  1. Is dance a legitimate sport?
  2. Is online gaming an actual sport?
  3. Is professional wrestling a true sport?
  4. If so, is it a legitimate sport?
  5. Cheerleading—is it a legitimate sport?
  6. Golf: Is it more monotonous than curling?
  7. Have post-goal celebrations got out of hand?
  8. Which football—American or soccer—is the true one?

Funny Controversial Topics on Fiction and the Arts

These are the 14 best funny controversial speech topics to write on art and fiction. Pick any of these topics to discuss:

  1. Are movies preferable to books?
  2. Are e-books preferable to printed books?
  3. Does music deteriorate over time?
  4. The Beatles: Are they overrated?
  5. Is Banksy’s painting authentic or just a publicity stunt?
  6. Is modern art on par with classical art in quality?
  7. Is Marvel superior to DC?
  8. Is Star Trek superior to Star Wars?
  9. What makes American Idol superior to The X Factor?
  10. How I Met Your Mother vs. Friends: Which is better?
  11. Does Harry Potter surpass The Lord of the Rings in quality?
  12. Should Harry Potter-style magic be lawful if it existed?
  13. Is Wile E. Coyote, and not the Road Runner, the victim?
  14. Han Solo fired before Greedo, did he not?

Funny Controversies About Children & School

When searching for topics to write about relating to children and school, this list of funny controversial speech topics about children and school can be a great resource.

  1. Are kids more intelligent than adults?
  2. Do children’s songs have hidden meanings?
  3. Do smartphones make children smarter or dumber?
  4. Should a kid use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms in school?
  5. Should cell phone use in class be illegal for students?
  6. Do beauty pageants undermine young people’s self-esteem?
  7. Is it harmful to children’s health to play video games?
  8. Do video games help children learn more?
  9. Does the Barbie doll serve as a good example for girls?
  10. Are clowns frightening or funny?
  11. Should a child keep things from their parents?
  12. Is it appropriate to let children get tattoos?
  13. Must schoolwork be illegal?
  14. Should middle school science be elective?
  15. Is science more significant in education than art?
  16. Should schools cease teaching handwriting?

Funny Controversial Speech Topics on Animals

These are 7 funny controversial topics on animals that you can write about:

  1. Are dogs more intelligent than cats?
  2. Do cats or dogs make better pets?
  3. Are rabbits preferable to cats or dogs as pets?
  4. Do fish make the best pets?
  5. Do animals experience feelings?
  6. Are there aware animals?
  7. Are felines bad?

Funny Controversial Debate Topics

Funny Debate Topics
  1. History is repeatitive
  2. Racism is a product of one’s environment
  3. Student evaluations must be voluntary
  4. Are vitamins and dietary supplements beneficial to your health?
  5. Is English the world’s most straightforward language to learn?
  6. Is free Internet access detrimental to pupils’ learning ability or beneficial?
  7. A human rights violation is wearing a uniform
  8. Horror films are bad for your mental health
  9. Practical studies should receive more prominence in colleges
  10. Cannabis ought to be a drug
  11. At this time, the effects of global climate change are irreversible
  12. The human race is the cruelest species ever to inhabit the globe
  13. Adoption applications from same-sex couples should be illegal
  14. Swearing should be a natural component of speech
  15. The most forward-thinking and promising trend of our century is street art
  16. Schools ought to offer a specific course on drug misuse awareness
  17. Unexpectedly, the effect of the weather on our happiness is more than thought
  18. Does variety in our culture help or hinder us more than necessary?
  19. Hunting must be illegal worldwide since it is cruel
  20. Should parents help their kids with household chores?
  21. The educational program must be adaptable and tailored to each student
  22. Will terrorism ever be eradicated?
  23. The best current economic system that is flawless
  24. Should enlistment in the military be mandatory or optional?
  25. Do we still need the Olympics, or is this a thing of the past?

Writing an Essay on Funny Controversial Speech Topics? Use these Topics

  1. Parents’ and children’s privacy concerns
  2. Immunizations for prevention must be elective
  3. Reality does not support animal rights
  4. TV shows badly impact our mental health
  5. Gadget use should be illegal for kids
  6. Democracy and tyranny are contrasted
  7. Youth are not adequately prepared for the future through education
  8. Bullying should be stopped by teachers among their students
  9. Do women perform less well at work than males do?
  10. Humanity is degraded by mass digitalization
  11. Does it matter how you vote?
  12. Extreme sports obsession is a sign of a mental illness
  13. How to go about studying abroad
  14. Lottery play is a pointless waste of money
  15. Self-care is sometimes preferable to hospital care
  16. Overhydrating can lead to obesity
  17. In a relationship, the age difference is completely irrelevant.
  18. Does the purpose outweigh the means?
  19. Should a person’s place of birth determine their citizenship?
  20. Do we require movies about the end of the world?
  21. Beauty pageants should be banned since they are disrespectful
  22. Will paper money eventually become obsolete?
  23. Do we live in the most challenging period?
  24. Teenagers need their online mentors
  25. Gender equality is not possible

Funny Controversial Argumentative Essays Topics

Are you writing an argumentative essay? These are funny controversial speech topics to choose from

  1. Everyone should be required to learn first-aid techniques
  2. All interested students should be able to take free online classes at colleges
  3. Homework completion must be optional
  4. Men must not have as many rights as women
  5. Any employment should provide flexible working hours
  6. It’s illegal to test on animals
  7. The biggest threat to our environment is mass consumption
  8. Is it necessary to switch out planes for more robust vehicles?
  9. Introverts work well as independent contractors or part-time employees
  10. The residents of the most afflicted areas should be required to get tested for HIV
  11. The names of children cannot be decided by their parents
  12. The practice of marriage is an antiquated custom
  13. Every student should volunteer for a year
  14. We must raise the older generation’s understanding of the LGBTQ community
  15. The government needs to take gun control more seriously
  16. Euthanasia’s moral dilemmas
  17. Journalism censorship and its effects
  18. Homelessness has no place in the twenty-first century
  19. The legal drinking age should be 18
  20. Teens who discuss contentious issues improve their creativity and negotiating abilities
  21. justifications for opposing illegal immigration
  22. Issues with corruption and methods to combat them
  23. The government needs to handle cyberbullying
  24. Gambling ruins our life and ought to be outlawed
  25. The threat of global warming is exaggerated

Controversial Compare and Contrast Speech Topics

Below is a list of 25 controversial compare-and-contrast essay topics you can write about. Pick any of these:

  1. Gay marriages may be legally recognized or not
  2. Pros and drawbacks of the death penalty
  3. The moral complexities of abortion
  4. Does human evolution exist?
  5. The most effective weapon for maintaining social order is religion
  6. The effects of plastics
  7. The largest issue of our century: immigration?
  8. Benefits of fee-for-service healthcare
  9. Are social media platforms becoming too dependent on us?
  10. Artificial intelligence development is risky
  11. Disadvantages of online dating
  12. E-books against printed books
  13. Web content must be subject to stricter censorship
  14. Does technology hinder our capacity for creativity?
  15. Animal testing must be prohibited everywhere since it is cruel
  16. Coworkers with mental illnesses must disclose their conditions to their employers
  17. Prof-orientation exams are pointless
  18. Traditional education will be replaced by online learning
  19. Sex education needs to start early and be required
  20. High school pupils must undergo regular drug testing
  21. Is choosing a childless lifestyle selfish?
  22. Young boys and girls should not be allowed to get plastic surgery
  23. Benefits and drawbacks of living a vegan lifestyle
  24. Ethical problems with human cloning
  25. Kids’ sense of patriotism is heightened when they discuss contentious political issues in class

Funny Controversial Speech Topics to Choose for Your Essay

  1. Reading a book is less helpful than watching YouTube
  2. Our mental health is ruined by contemporary TV
  3. Because it is a severe illness, the hangover needs to be treated as such
  4. Commercials are wrong and need to be outlawed permanently
  5. Dogs are intelligent and think us to be sad
  6. The extraterrestrial visitors that came to save mankind are cats
  7. Juice is a worse beverage than coffee
  8. Temporal is a fictitious concept, so we should avoid time restrictions
  9. Three meals a day could be healthier
  10. By and for men, feminist movements were started
  11. Junk food consumption is preferable to a rigid diet
  12. Social media was developed to monitor people carefully
  13. People who enjoy the arts are narcissists
  14. Traveling is a pointless indulgence in egotism
  15. Holiday festivities are annoying and pointless
  16. It’s rude to use headphones at work
  17. Why people favor large-scale objects: the size issue
  18. For millennials, the higher education system is ineffective
  19. You’re happier when you’re listening to music than when you’re consuming chocolate
  20. Online dating beats making friends in person
  21. Your time is wasted on sports
  22. In actuality, aging is cool
  23. Superheroes are real and live among us
  24. Within our world, a parallel realm exists
  25. At the North Pole, Santa Claus hides out as an extraterrestrial

Can’t Come Up with a Controversial Speech Topic Yet?

It is unquestionably challenging to come up with intriguing contentious subject matter to write about. But if you think choosing a controversial topic is hard, you must see our funny controversial speech topics. The work starts when you decide on the subject.

Do you still need help delivering a controversial speech? Our essay writers can drive you to successful speech delivery. Contact us to order assistance, or visit our blog and learn how to deliver a speech.

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