239 Topics for Entertainment Speech to Keep Audience Engaged

Topics for entertainment speech

High school, college, or university students may encounter circumstances where they must prepare speeches. Although some speakers may experience anxiety, it is also a fantastic opportunity to practice public speaking and increase self-esteem. It is also a memorable entertainment in learning environments. Delivering an entertaining speech requires a good topic choice. Our essay writers have prepared these topics for entertainment speech to help you construct a compelling case while integrating amusing details and interesting information. They also help students with their speech writing.

Choosing Entertainment Speech Topics

Although students discuss what they find fascinating in their presentations, they should pick topics carefully to ensure their performances are entertaining and memorable. They follow the advice below to guarantee the finest results:

Consider your audience

Before selecting a topic, consider your audience and any potential interests it might have. For instance, discussing the distinctions between mathematical equations with humanities students is not a good idea. Similarly, medical students are likely to be more interested in discussing medical issues than political ones. Remember that college students should use more complex topics for entertaining speeches than high school students.

Find your sources of inspiration

Your interests are important, and so is your audience. Make sure you share your audience’s interest while choosing entertainment speech topics. You may look for inspiration by viewing the most recent TED speeches, reading the news, or watching movies or YouTube videos, among other platforms.

Choose your objective and develop some thoughts

There is always an aim when delivering a speech. Students might aim to make an argument to persuade others to agree with their point of view. Or they might wish to amuse folks by talking about a funny situation. Speech aims can also include informing individuals about a phenomenon or encouraging them to alter their behavior in one way or another. Whatever precise intentions, speakers should think about strategies that will enable them to fulfill those goals.


Research a topic even if you already know about it. Look for interesting facts, supporting information, and arguments that conflict with your conclusions. Pay close attention to the particulars that assist in achieving your main goal. Some anecdotes may be especially pertinent if presenters aim to amuse their audience. Speaking of informative presentations, students should thoroughly research their subjects without focusing only on the positions that resonate most with them.

How to Deliver an Entertaining Speech: A Step-by-Step Guide

Students begin the preparation process by picking topics for entertainment speech. We advise students to follow these several steps:

Write down your speech

Starting with writing the speech is a wise move to kick off. To arrange your content logically, write down the relevant information from your investigation, including any amusing aspects. Students not accustomed to writing speeches always create their first versions in the form of essays. They should state their primary claims and provide proof to back them up. Such writing can easily be turned into a strong speech, for instance, by employing an essay-to-speech converter.

Prepare your speech in advance and practice delivering it

A draft is not sufficient. Speakers should read it out loud for a while. They might eventually desire to memorize speeches. Remembering the primary points, their sequence, and the supporting details is crucial. When giving your speech, you could slightly alter the order but keep the details’ logical order.

Consider documenting your practices

Students now record their practices using phones and other devices. This is practical and helpful. Keep records when you rehearse delivering a speech. Use various intonations and consider several potential word selections in each exercise. Choose the most relevant intonations and words after evaluating your records. Make sure your speech is understandable and clear. If not, think about using simpler (or, conversely, more sophisticated) language.

Use gestures or visuals

When delivering a speech, you can make an impression on the audience by using gestures and mimics. Remember that using appropriate gestures will increase your credibility as a speaker.

Avoid insulting your audience or your opponents

Whatever your speech’s purpose, always treat the subject and audience professionally and patiently. Keep in mind that insults have no place at all in public discourse. They undermine your authority and instill contempt in your audience.

Informative Topics for Entertainment Speech

This type is used when fresh or intriguing information must be presented. These facts, lessons, datasets, or the beginning of a novel idea could all be included in his material.

  1. Should graffiti be considered art?
  2. Family violence and our foreign policy have similarities
  3. How nerds react to professors’ status updates
  4. How to appear intrigued by dad stories
  5. If Santa Claus had a Facebook page
  6. On exam days, I have heard prayers.
  7. My favorite display image
  8. Researchers are developing medications to treat stupidity.
  9. After turning 55, a young social media influencer’s life
  10. What will the next iteration of microwave ovens be called?
  11. How to defeat a gorilla in a match of arm-wrestling
  12. The superpower I most need
  13. The strangest thing I witnessed at a recent funeral
  14. Why is riding a bike attractive?
  15. What not to say to a club doorkeeper or bouncer
  16. How can I prevent ants from following a certain path?
  17. Ideas for dealing with industrial waste that is garbage
  18. Videos I have no idea why I watched and took notes of it.
  19. Titles of the chapters in my biography
  20. Ten reasons why I ought to train as a sex therapist
  21. Ideas for things to do while in queues
  22. I have some serious queries for my fitness teacher.
  23. How can “shut up” be used correctly?
  24. Ten reasons why my phone hates me
  25. The number of times I have attempted to become a poet

Interesting Speech Topics

These are interesting topics for entertainment speech that you can choose from:

  1. The worst joke I’ve ever heard
  2. When I was first caught.
  3. Why exactly did the chicken cross the road?
  4. Why do I have a nickname?
  5. Simple steps to getting a toddler to go to sleep
  6. The funniest words my child has ever used
  7. Deep-fried Oreos and dieting
  8. The date I hated
  9. I once snorted milk out of my nose.
  10. The most misheard song lyrics
  11. How to make your teenage embarrassing
  12. A middle-aged mother discovers Snapchat
  13. Ineffective Pick-up lines
  14. The secret to successful television watching
  15. How to make your mom’s basement your home
  16. Things a t-rex can’t do with its tiny arms
  17. My biggest pet peeve
  18. How to sabotage a date
  19. How to continue being single
  20. Things to avoid doing on a blind date
  21. The reasons why pineapple isn’t a pizza topping
  22. How to fail a driving test
  23. Techniques for getting the worst possible passport photo
  24. The worst Halloween costume concepts
  25. My worst auto-correct error
  26. The best way to convince your dog to visit the vet
  27. The occasion when I laughed at the wrong time
  28. Lost in translation
  29. Something that had me laughing so hard I cried
  30. My favorite video game character and I at dinner
  31. That Facebook post I made may not have been the best
  32. The best way and the right way to lie
  33. My embarrassing earliest memory
  34. My life’s motto
  35. The worst haircut I’ve ever had

Motivating Entertainment Speech Topics

These are topics for entertainment speech when attempting to persuade or sway the audience to effect change. This transformation might involve convincing people to act or changing their thinking.

  1. Changes I will implement right now as NASA’s administrator
  2. My ideas for remodeling the cafeteria at the high school
  3. When I’m 60, I want to be able to boast about these accomplishments.
  4. Why my buddies are brilliant
  5. Utilizing my restroom habits to combat climate change
  6. The most effective method for making online education enjoyable
  7. Choose healthful activities over online gaming by choosing sports.
  8. Pick free weekend transportation: Vatican City, Ibiza, or New York
  9. Together, we crumble, yet alone, we stand.
  10. Smoking kills you versus drinking responsibly
  11. My intention is to create my own Keto eating regimen
  12. I will on the day I graduate.
  13. When to train to run like an Olympian
  14. Both my love of hotdogs and my diet
  15. I’ve heard some inventive justifications for skipping a class assignment.
  16. If I were a pet, I’d be
  17. My attempts to be a math genius
  18. What number of lies do I tell each day?
  19. Things I won’t do after winning the lotto in its entirety
  20. Taking advantage of a breakup
  21. Ordering a waiter in a foreign country like a pro
  22. 10 effective methods to reduce stress
  23. Do vets communicate with animals?
  24. My plans to meet Colin Farrell for a date

Argumentative Topics for Entertainment Speech

Argumentative Topics

The speaker makes an effort to impart knowledge in this amusing speech style. It is a fun approach to demonstrate an outdated procedure, routine, or tradition from a different angle. Here are some more instances of demonstrative entertainment Speech

  1. How to properly pick your nose
  2. Microsoft should create software to replace tutors
  3. Driving around in a real Lara Croft car is my fantasy
  4. Those are the worst practical jokes I’ve ever seen
  5. Being an employee and reporting to your ex’s line manager
  6. I’m planning to have a party without my pals
  7. I will create an app to charge people for their foolishness.
  8. Difficulties with creating my grandfather’s Instagram account
  9. How can you ruin a first date?
  10. I prevailed in a debate with my mother in five seconds
  11. How does one grow to be a critic?
  12. I’ve saved a lot of worthless things throughout the years.
  13. A Zombie’s Halloween celebration
  14. Valentine’s Day customs for beginners
  15. Changes I would like to see made to theaters
  16. What if makeup was for men and bodybuilding for women?
  17. Principal of the school vs. a box of fireworks
  18. The story of the worst party I ever went to
  19. signs of misfortune in college
  20. Making use of science lessons to escape a hurricane

Impromptu Entertaining Speech Topics

An impromptu speech is unprepared public speaking. The topic is presented to the speaker as a quote, verb, object, or word. These are topics for entertainment speech to consider when having an impromptu speech:

  1. Poverty is a mode of thinking
  2. Are violent video games a factor in aggressive behavior?
  3. How would you characterize the typical person?
  4. Is the destiny of the human race dependent on art?
  5. It is a waste of time to read fiction.
  6. Social conventions are superfluous.
  7. The most significant figures in our lives are our parents.
  8. Are riches preferable to influence?
  9. Do uniforms eliminate personal identity?
  10. My main concern for the future is?
  11. Is it impossible to provide news that isn’t biased?
  12. The greatest civilization that has ever existed was the Roman Empire

Touching Topics for Entertainment Speech

Touching speeches evoke strong feelings in the audience they are spoken to. A tale related to the topic is usually prepared for the speech and used to provide extra emphasis. The speech is more likely to stick in the audience members’ minds and resonate with them if it plays to their emotions.

  1. The heart and mind are just more significant than appearances.
  2. Although our family and future are essential, so are our friends.
  3. Parents, not private banks, are responsible for our protection and care.
  4. Let’s live each of our lives to the fullest potential.
  5. The brave will prosper.
  6. Great things have humble beginnings.
  7. We are responsible for the future.
  8. Our lives are designed by ourselves.
  9. Success is an attitude, not a stroke of luck.
  10. Some of us are incredibly fortunate to be granted another opportunity in life.
  11. The outside world doesn’t need to affect us internally.
  12. The most potent force in the cosmos is willpower.

Presentation Speech Topics About Films

Engaging the audience is essential for a successful presentation. The presentation must enlighten, persuade, and hold the audience’s attention. This kind of involvement can stem from anything like comedy or curiosity. The objective is to keep the audience’s attention on your presentation’s subject and prevent them from daydreaming.

  1. I’ve never heard a joke so bad.
  2. The initial discovery of me.
  3. How I came to have my name.
  4. The worst date I’ve ever been on.
  5. Ice cream deep-fried and dieting.
  6. How to effectively humiliate your children.
  7. I love this joke more than anything.
  8. Easy steps to putting your five-year-old to bed.
  9. My top pet peeves.
  10. Pineapple should not be on pizza.
  11. The best method for failing a driving test.
  12. In my cat’s eyes, I am an employee.
  13. The most awful Hollywood film I’ve ever seen
  14. When I entered a theater for the first time
  15. Why do men typically play the lead roles in action movies?
  16. How I received a free Netflix membership for the first time
  17. How to stay awake all night while watching a movie
  18. The most amusing comedy film my father has ever purchased me
  19. the employment of lighting and sound effects in motion pictures
  20. The worst love story I’ve ever seen
  21. The first time I experienced a nightmare following a horror film
  22. My favorite detective film

Entertainment Video Game Speech Topics

Entertainment Video Game Speech Topics

These are topics for entertainment speech on video games:

  1. Playing video games with your little sister: How to proceed
  2. Figuring out how to use a computer to play Grand Theft Auto
  3. Games on the computer that won’t make you feel bored
  4. The secret to choosing the finest video game storage
  5. How to play video games secretly from your parents
  6. My biggest disappointment with a football gaming system
  7. What to do with a video game if the power goes off
  8. How to win a video game of football
  9. How to respond if discovered playing video games in class
  10. I once misplaced my brand-new PlayStation that time.

Travel Topics for Entertainment Speech

Travel Topics for Entertainment Speech

These are ten entertainment speech topics you can choose from:

  1. Why it’s not a good idea to travel alone
  2. How to navigate a road trip by yourself
  3. How to take the funniest photos while traveling
  4. The worst automobiles for long-distance travel
  5. On a highway, I go the quickest
  6. How to fool the traffic cops into thinking you’re older than 18
  7. when I was involved in a car accident
  8. I had fun on a road trip. such that I started crying
  9. The ideal food to bring on a trip
  10. My go-to music for long drives

Speech Topics for College Students in the Performing Arts

As a performing arts student, these are ten topics for entertainment speech you can choose from:

  1. That joke I cracked in class that was inappropriate
  2. The best way to evade detection while cheating on an exam
  3. The highlight of my time in college
  4. The uncomfortable experience I had in front of my class
  5. My naughty college roommate
  6. How I leave the house slyly
  7. How to give an elephant a bath inside
  8. How to perform a sink vehicle wash
  9. Thick and quick research paper writing strategies
  10. Tricks to pull on your college friends

Entertainment Topics to Write About in Relationships

  1. I had the nicest girlfriend ever.
  2. Why is it difficult to attract thin women?
  3. Why do partners and girlfriends always dress alike?
  4. How to approach a wealthy woman
  5. How to covertly end a relationship
  6. The ideal date I’ve ever experienced
  7. I once texted my partner the message, “I detest you.”
  8. How to make a recalcitrant girlfriend say yes
  9. the reason I remain alone
  10. Why women won’t get engaged

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

These are funny topics for entertainment speech you can choose from:

  1. What to do if your ex gets married, and why guys should grieve too
  2. How to keep from crying while watching an upsetting movie
  3. How to get in love fast
  4. Worst birthday card messages
  5. The day I mistakenly messaged my mother
  6. My biggest fashion gaffes
  7. spooky actions on a date
  8. The worst Facebook troll I’ve ever encountered
  9. How to get crazy in under two minutes

High School Entertainment Speech Topics

When delivering speeches to high school students, these are topics for entertainment speech to choose from

  1. I made five mistakes on my first day of school.
  2. I did some funny things behind the school fence.
  3. How I foresaw failing my class
  4. The most offensive hairstyle for school
  5. When to steal a friend’s homework
  6. How to appear intelligent in class
  7. I found some amusing restrictions on my school’s noticeboard.
  8. How to avoid being punished in school
  9. How to intimidate a teacher
  10. The finest lies I’ve ever told the principal of my high school

Stress Management Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. Why do I sleep all day when I’m stressed out?
  2. Why embracing is stress-reducing
  3. What do I do when my blood pressure spikes
  4. How to take a shower under duress
  5. The worst things I do when I’m pressed for time
  6. The hue that reduces tension the best
  7. Why watching comedies helps you decompress
  8. Why increasing your caffeine intake won’t help you relax
  9. My go-to person whenever I’m under pressure
  10. Why I overeat when I’m under a lot of stress

Speech Topics to Consider for Writers

  1. The safest approach is to copy and paste text without being noticed
  2. The worst piece of writing I’ve ever done
  3. I wrote my girlfriend a love poem for the first time.
  4. My worst editing experience using Grammarly
  5. Why do I enjoy chewing my pen while writing a story
  6. How I misplaced my laptop
  7. The most constructive comment I’ve ever had on my blog
  8. How I turn around painful experiences to make them exciting and enjoyable
  9. Why I enjoy drawing in my ear with a pen
  10. How I spur myself on to write each day

Hilarious Entertainment Speech Topics

  1. How to handle a notorious neighbor
  2. Why are dishwashing guys short
  3. Reasons short girls adore tall heels
  4. How do women appear without makeup?
  5. I once made the funniest noise in class.
  6. Why do people who fart in buses open the windows?
  7. How to rob a bank while wearing only your underwear
  8. There are many ways to get flies in your house.
  9. Why has the coronavirus turned everyone into a doctor
  10. Why do people remove socks at night?

Prepare Your Speech with Ease

We have provided topics for entertainment speech you can choose from. You can always change the chosen topics, making them more or less humorous, depending on the intended use. Regardless of your aim, our advice and instructions will yield better results. Still need help? Our speech writers can assist you if you are unsure of how to get started for a performance. We also draft your speech to leave you with the task of making a masterclass delivery. Contact us for an estimate.

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