242 Motivational Speech Topics for Writing an Influential Speech

motivational speech topics

A motivational speech aims to persuade and inspire the audience to act upon their lives in order to better themselves or their immediate surroundings. Delivering a short or lengthy motivational speech is crucial for students, given that they may hold managerial positions and occasionally need to motivate or inspire others. In the article, our essay writers have included a variety of subjects for motivational speech topics and instructions for organizing a persuasive speech. They also help students with crafting stellar speech essays.

The Structure & Importance of a Motivational Speech

Motivational speeches are significant because they help direct people’s attention toward understanding a problem and coordinating individual efforts towards acting, looking for, or implementing solutions to a specific problem.

Regardless of the motivational speech topics they draw from, these speeches have a similar structure: they begin with surprising or shockingly fascinating remarks or information crucial for getting the audience’s attention.

Following that, either an issue is stated or a stance is provided; in both situations, this is explained and backed by facts, logic, or real-life examples. A call to action, whether a shift in behavior, perspective, or something else, is a typical motivational speech conclusion.

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

Monroe's Motivated Sequence

Monroe’s motivated sequence is a method of persuasion that can persuade a listener or interlocutor on a wide range of motivational subjects with a persuasive component. There are five essential components or phases in this pattern:

  1. Grab audience attention: Do this via storytelling, humor, startling data, motivational quotes, rhetorical questions, etc. Depending on how much you want to say and how much time you have set up for the entire speech, you could do this through a 1-5 minute intervention.
  2. Illustrate the need: Whether psychological or otherwise — that will not go away on its own and demands action to produce the desired results. It means that you must show (via arguments, persuasion, and facts) that there is a significant problem that negatively affects the audience and that solving the problem would have positive effects while doing nothing would have negative ones. The major goal is to inspire audience members to accept the suggested solution to this issue.

Your Motivational Speech Should

  1. Satisfy the need– Provide solutions that deal with certain issues to satisfy the need. Solutions and your stance should be clearly stated, practical, supported by believable examples or figures, and based on reliable, high-quality facts. Presenters should be ready to counterpoint at this point effectively.
  2. Visualize the future. This might be done for either of the two possible outcomes: whether the solution is adopted. You should be as specific as you can while describing each scenario; the drawbacks of the existing ineffective status quo should be made obvious, as should the positives of a better future brought about by implementing the suggested remedy. It’s crucial that these visions are grounded in reality and aren’t overstated or exaggerated to establish credibility.
  3. Encourage action. Inspire action by sharing concrete steps audience members have taken to address or solve a situation. This could be accomplished with a brief (2–3 minute) intervention, but depending on the subject and whether or not the role action has a larger narrative, much more time needs to be devoted. Instead of imposing excessive demands, encourage participation and step-by-step approaches. You might also take an active role in organizing follow-up activities.

What are Motivational Speech Topics?

If you think of yourself as an excellent speaker, it might be the finest talent you could possess. However, while you can work hard to hone your skills, it may not necessarily be an innate gift. It is also a real struggle to grab your audience’s attention and hold it until the finish of your speech. Additionally, you should try your hardest to prevent failing when giving a motivational speech.

In the interim, establish yourself as an authority and convince the audience to pay attention to you. Additionally, it seems crucial to inspire others, so you shouldn’t pass up the possibility of writing a strong speech. Perhaps you will need self-motivation to produce a nice motivational speech. Most significantly, you might need to act real to succeed with your motivating speech.

How to Use Motivational Speech Topics?

Let’s look at some factors you might want to consider while selecting the best topics for your motivational speech.

  • Choosing topics that fascinate you is important because you will persuade the audience with your speech.
  • Also, remember that you have a limited time and should avoid selecting too general themes. Covering every important aspect of a vast issue could seem confusing, and the audience might find it unclear.

How to Write Motivational Speech Topics?

While preparing a motivational speech appears intriguing and helpful, you can have trouble expressing it. Let’s look at a few key factors that could assist you in creating a title for an effective motivational speech.

  • Practice writing persuasive essays before attempting to deliver your motivational speech.
  • You should also have the necessary persuasive skills to persuade the audience.
  • Your attention should be on self-motivation because inspiring others requires courage and inspiration.

Impressive Speech Topics for Students

These are motivational speech topics that students can draw their speech from:

  1. Travel tips and essay-writing strategies
  2. How to combat peer pressure, part two (directly)?
  3. Strategies for staying awake in class
  4. The value of being a competent worker in life
  5. Stopping having a bad attitude toward other people
  6. The significance of maintaining an optimistic outlook to achieve class excellence
  7. The key to making your goals come true
  8. How to avoid being tempted to skip lessons
  9. The importance of prayer in a student’s life
  10. Building self-esteem at home and at school

Speech Topics for College Students

Are you a college student? These are some motivational speech topics you can deliver about:

  1. The significance of maintaining a positive outlook to excel in class
  2. You must abide by the laws and rules in order to succeed
  3. Tips for surviving the coronavirus pandemic
  4. Listening well is more crucial than speaking
  5. The significance of ongoing professional development
  6. Juggling social and academic obligations
  7. Silent observation and patience are underappreciated arts
  8. Life experience is more valuable than academic knowledge
  9. Having pleasure is more vital than working in life
  10. Encouraging and demonstrating to kids how to be charitable

High School Speech Topics

These are 10 engaging motivational speech topics for high school students:

  1. The application procedure for parents and high school students
  2. The contributions of Albert Einstein to science
  3. How can goals be met without feeling stressed?
  4. What I’ve discovered about myself via trying times
  5. Straws made of plastic are bad for the environment
  6. Should students be compensated for attaining a particular GPA?
  7. Students ought to have the freedom to select their schools
  8. Studying mental health and well-being should be a subject in schools
  9. Accident victims should be the only ones to get plastic surgery
  10. Use your skills to succeed by doing what you can

Speech Topics for Middle School Students

Are you delivering a speech to middle school students? Choose among these motivational speech topics to keep your audience engaged:

  1. Life is changing far too quickly thanks to the technology revolution
  2. Guidelines for success in life in three steps
  3. Serving as better examples for our kids
  4. Act in a way that you would like to be treated
  5. Ability levels should be used to classify classes rather than ages
  6. To protect the ecology, we should expand train travel
  7. Whose image should be on the next batch of US currency?
  8. Why is it important for every nation to have a working constitution?
  9. In certain cases, not responding is the wisest course of action
  10. How staying in has contributed to environmental preservation

Speech Topics for the Youth

The youth are not fond of speeches. Use these motivational speech topics to deliver a speech that will keep them engaged:

  1. The government should support and fund artists
  2. Disregard gender preconceptions in society
  3. Your time in high school is the best of your life
  4. Reality TV has an impact on viewers’ mental health
  5. You are the key to youth success
  6. Suggestions for rapid weight loss
  7. Successful businesspeople who surmounted obstacles
  8. The most motivating time
  9. Should supermarket stores outlaw the use of plastic bags?
  10. Practicing meditation is essential for developing better self-control

Nursing Motivational Speech Topics

These are speech topics on nursing you can choose from:

  1. Medicine should employ placebo effects
  2. Patients in pain shouldn’t be allowed to have their lives ended by nurses
  3. The government should encourage more men to work as nurses
  4. Husbands and wives shouldn’t be permitted to remove feeding tubes (Terry Schiavo case)
  5. Hepatitis C treatment and prevention should receive more financing
  6. After being made aware of the hazards, elderly people should be permitted to undertake heart procedures
  7. Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot be coerced into receiving medical treatment
  8. Taking out asthma triggers requires vacuuming
  9. Everyone should have access to effective pain relief
  10. Hospitals with a lack of employees are not to blame for the poorer standard of care

Technology Speech Topics

Looking for motivational speech topics? Choose among these topics:

  1. An essay on the benefits and drawbacks of computers
  2. How computers affect both the environment and human life
  3. Existing systems and the future of artificial intelligence
  4. Artificial intelligence in construction project management
  5. The benefits and drawbacks of children’s technology use
  6. Do robots outperform humans?
  7. Essay on the pros of the internet
  8. Robots in the workplace: an essay
  9. What future changes artificial intelligence will bring? Essay
  10. The internet is perhaps the world’s future
  11. Why is cyber security important
  12. The value of digital literacy in adapting to future digital environments
  13. A critical analysis of the blockchain revolution and its socio-economic effects on children’s neuropsychology
  14. A marvel of engineering: 5g network technology
  15. The effects of virtual reality on the workforce, society, and sustainability of the environment
  16. The importance of cybersecurity and how to protect your company from hackers
  17. Argumentative essay on the prohibition of cell phones at work
  18. Computer hackers: their impact on our community.
  19. Drones in the construction industry: growing demand and costs
  20. The price of modern technology

Environmental Speech Topics

Looking to deliver a speech on the environment? Choose among these motivational speech topics from experienced essay writers:

  1. The importance of environmental sustainability
  2. The media’s function in environmental awareness
  3. The church’s contribution to the development of environmentally friendly policies
  4. Ecology and environment: a social science
  5. Environmental education peculiarities and components
  6. The efficiency of media use in secondary environmental education
  7. The environmental biotechnology characteristics
  8. The Hindu religion and environmental ethics
  9. A study abroad program for environmental studies students
  10. Climate change and environmental education
  11. Corporate organizations’ environmental leadership drivers
  12. Economic stimulus or ecological vandalism?
  13. Environmental factors play a role in obesity development
  14. Nuclear power’s effects on the environment
  15. Factory farming: environmental issues and development

Business Speech Topics

Are you delivering a speech to business-oriented people? These are the motivational speech topics that will keep them all ears:

  1. How to maximize your potential at work.
  2. How teamwork can contribute to a company’s success.
  3. How to enhance your leadership abilities in a professional setting
  4. Strategies for reducing work stress
  5. How to set ambitious yet realistic goals
  6. Techniques used by professionals in strategic planning
  7. How to present yourself professionally at work
  8. Handling demanding clients at work
  9. How to establish a business and watch it develop to maturity
  10. Creating ethical work practices for the greater good

Teen’s Motivational Speech Topics

Delivering an engaging speech to teens is not a walk in the park. Choose among these motivational speech topics to accomplish the task:

  1. How to calm your nerves before a job interview
  2. How to lovingly propose to the love of your life
  3. Guidelines for raising responsible kids
  4. How to improve your family’s situation
  5. Taking chances to pursue a greater goal
  6. How to own up to mistakes and grow from them
  7. How to deal with drug addiction and beat it
  8. How to network to establish future connections
  9. Refusing to go out drinking and clubbing
  10. How to change your ways

Inspirational Speech Topics for College Students

Do you want to inspire college students? Try these motivational speech topics:

  1. How to bounce back after a test failure
  2. Increasing your knowledge base by using the internet
  3. How to pursue education beyond a career
  4. Benefits of perseverance in college
  5. Suggestions for boosting your motivation in college
  6. Using college community service to create a better future
  7. The impact of meditation on life
  8. Gaining knowledge from Steve Jobs’ experience
  9. Learning to be patient and have a good outlook
  10. How do your dreams and aspirations motivate you

Funny Motivational Speech Topics

Sometimes you need a humor touch in your speech to change the game. Try these topics from Experienced essay writers:

  1. Why it’s acceptable for males to cry
  2. Why men shouldn’t bow when proposing to women
  3. How girls might ask boys out.
  4. Never attempt a food challenge; you will be let down.
  5. The need for insurance to handle breakups
  6. Teachers should crack jokes in class
  7. Easy ways to find yourself if you get lost
  8. Why women should remain silent.
  9. Why men should grow out their beards.
  10. How to get a girl to notice you

More Motivational Speech Topics on the Environment

  1. Suggestions for lowering global warming
  2. How surroundings affect a patient’s ability to recover
  3. The advantages of growing trees
  4. The constant need to safeguard water catchment areas
  5. Case studies of environmental heroes
  6. Examining the benefits of rain
  7. Permanently taming poachers
  8. Reducing the frequency of bushfires
  9. Why recycling waste is important
  10. Ways to promote ecologically responsible lifestyles

Motivational Persuasive Speech Topics

These motivational speech topics persuade the listener about a specific idea:

  1. Recognizing that all motorists were formerly pedestrians
  2. How to strengthen and rekindle strained relationships
  3. Should homework be abolished entirely in schools?
  4. Should interns be compensated?
  5. Should senior citizens receive free services?
  6. Should patrons regularly tip waitstaff?
  7. Should all bullies be kicked out of schools?
  8. Should workers receive bonuses?
  9. Should administrators of high schools permit kids to have cell phones?
  10. Should financing to developing nations be suspended during the coronavirus?
  11. There ought to be a ban on kiddie beauty pageants
  12. Is the military sector receiving excessive government funding?
  13. How to spur on your own exercising motivation
  14. Dealing with incorrect information on the web
  15. Why do people determine how many hours they will sleep each night?
  16. Drinking diet soda will aid in weight loss
  17. Electroshock therapy is not a kind of treatment
  18. Everyone should have access to proper health management
  19. The same currency should be used by all nation
  20. Strategies for preserving discipline in college

Topics for a Motivational Speech on Government and Politics

These are motivational speech topics when delivering a speech on the government and politics in general:

  1. The importance of voting for all eligible voters
  2. Should the populace or the government receive more funding for development projects?
  3. Justifications for having border fences
  4. Who was the best American president?
  5. Should every nation use the same currency?
  6. Is it acceptable for youth to enlist in the military?
  7. Justifications for every nation having a working constitution
  8. Should presidents be re-elected after serving two terms?
  9. Why the people have the authority to choose whether or not they want certain individuals in government
  10. Should nations take out loans from other people?

Inspirational Speech Topics on Sports

These are motivational speech topics on sports to incorporate in your speech:

  1. Justifications for paying college players to compete in games
  2. The significance of testing all athletes for drug abuse
  3. Justification for paying female and male athletes differently
  4. Is there a minimum height requirement for athletes to compete?
  5. Justifications for government spending increases on sports
  6. Why the World Cup should be held every year
  7. Should Premier League games be broadcast for free?
  8. Why footballers ought to be paid well, reason number eight
  9. 9. Why parents shouldn’t restrict what sports their kids can do
  10. Why cockfighting needs to become an international sport

Motivation Topics for Everyone

These motivational speech topics work for every audience:

  1. Techniques for recovering from a traumatic loss or emotional discomfort
  2. Methods for valuing oneself to value others
  3. How to find your life’s purpose and fulfill it.
  4. How to accept responsibility for your mistakes and grow from them.
  5. Accepting your financial and social circumstances while attempting to improve them
  6. The satisfaction of earning first-class honors during graduation from college
  7. The overlooked beauty of coming in second
  8. Why perseverance leads to success even in the face of failure.
  9. Establishing a support system and expanding it
  10. The need for sleep for everybody who wants to achieve

Business & Management Motivational Speech Topics

  1. The use of risk management in civil engineering
  2. The opportunity cost I have experienced in my life
  3. Opportunity cost: making decisions in daily life
  4. Assessing servant leadership and followership in comparison
  5. Justifications for big data’s importance in risk management
  6. The role of leadership in fostering psychological ties
  7. Public debt’s impact on American household welfare
  8. The risk management facility at the mayo clinic
  9. Business integration of offline and online retailing
  10. Non-financial corporations’ use of risk management.
  11. Relationships between risk management and business continuity management
  12. Quality management in forensic science is important
  13. The business concept of opportunity costs
  14. An examination of risk management methods
  15. Risk management applications in it
  16. Diversity in business management: advantages and potential drawbacks
  17. Is a junior officer’s capability to lead or manage? Which is more important?

Final List of Motivational Speech Topics

  1. The significance of a sound constitution for any nation
  2. The state’s responsibility to assist and encourage artists
  3. Recognize the new face of the subsequent US currency printing
  4. What did I discover about myself at my most trying moments?
  5. Encouraging children to be charitable and modeling such behavior for them
  6. The knowledge possessed versus that learned in a classroom
  7. Which is more crucial: effective listening or talking?
  8. How might having a positive outlook help you perform in school?
  9. Ancient amphitheaters against football stadiums
  10. The five most innovative technologies where investment potential was analyzed
  11. Companies use customer feedback to make improvement
  12. Corporate responsibility can help businesses appear more personable
  13. Motivational business responsibility stories (projects implemented in developing communities, environmentally targeted campaigns, etc.)
  14. Benefits to resilience that larger firms offer
  15. Ensuring that fair and honest financial practices are followed globally

Exam Speech Topics

These are motivational speech topics on the exam to deliver:

  1. Spaced repetition, which heavily relies on self-control, is a crucial element of memorization
  2. Today’s generations will be the ones to implement the radical change necessary to address the problems of pollution and global warming
  3. The importance of relaxation and social life in moderation for academic success
  4. Inspirational stories and methods for overcoming stress and psychological issues in a nursing or medical vocation context
  5. Emergency oxygen injections using lipid macrovesicles are a cutting-edge life-saving therapy
  6. Dealing with false web rumors
  7. Why do people choose how long they will sleep each night?
  8. Diet soda will help you lose weight
  9. Electroshock therapy is not a sort of therapy that is compassionate
  10. Everyone ought to have access to adequate healthcare
  11. Every country should use the same currency
  12. Techniques for maintaining order in college
  13. Developing ourselves is vital to our lives
  14. Dangers related to refined sugar
  15. Oprah Winfrey’s life

Do You Need Help with Writing a Speech?

We hope the list of motivational speech topics above has given you a few ideas for a great speech. Still need help writing a speech? You can receive assistance from our motivational speech writers with topic selection and writing. Contact us for an estimate.

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