247 Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students in 2023

Persuasive speech topics for college students

Discussing the best persuasive speech topics for college students is crucial in the modern academic era. You will have to give one or more persuasive speeches throughout your academic career. Most students think that writing a persuasive speech is a nightmare. Choosing the best topic is more complicated. Therefore, regardless of your substance and delivery, you will fall flat if the topic is wrong. Therefore, our essay writers will unpack some crucial conditions before listing the best persuasive speech topics. They also help students with their persuasive essay assignments.

What Is a Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is a speech in which the speaker must persuade the audience to support their perspective. Any persuasive speech introduces points to the audience at various points. The main goal of speech writing assistance is to ensure the audience understands what is said and concurs with the perspectives.

It is undoubtedly impossible for a single speaker to convince a complete audience to agree with their point of view. Additionally, everyone has a right to express their opinions as citizens of a democratic nation. Therefore, within reason, persuasive speeches concentrate on gaining as much agreement as possible from the speaker’s standpoint.

Components of an Excellent Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech must find the ideal balance between logical and emotional arguments to be at its most potent. Additionally, you must comprehend the distinction between these two elements as a student of persuasive communication.

“logical” or “rational” appeals refers to disseminating thoroughly investigated data to the audience. The persuasive numbers convince the audience with a logical appeal. Consequently, statistics are liberal in persuasive speeches. As a result, it aids in making the audience accept the presenter’s perspective.

For instance, data regarding the melting ice caps, the threat to marine life, etc., can enhance your speech if you present a persuasive speech on the detrimental effects of global warming. Using logical arguments can highlight your speech’s applicability in real life and encourage the audience to support your position. Additionally, it causes the listener to consider whether such data-driven communication is credible.

Statistics and a strong audience connection are indistinguishable without emotional appeals. Emotional appeals through storytelling and increase the credibility of your arguments. For instance, it might be instructive but not yet persuasive to merely declare that the polar caps are melting at an “x” rate.

Wrap your statistics in a compelling story about how the results of the data you offer will affect the audience if you want to persuade them. We all find an emotional appeal more persuasive because we were all born with the innate urge to experience emotions.

A persuasive speech must strike a balance between the two elements to be successful. With facts and emotionally charged storytelling, the message will be half-baked and counterproductive. Your persuasive speech could resemble a scholarship essay if you are not careful with your chosen language and how you present yourself. It won’t produce the desired outcomes.

Importance of Persuasive Speeches

Most students are unsure of their future significance when they prepare persuasive speeches. All students must understand the practical importance of persuasive speeches. Every student will also benefit from having the skill to make convincing speeches while working. Without question, persuasive speeches are helpful for various purposes, from securing a job to achieving success in one’s professional career.

As a result, a persuasive essay gives students a chance to support their arguments with evidence and an emotive appeal that the reader can identify with. Therefore, every student who wants to succeed must deliver compelling speeches well.

What makes Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students?

You can use three questions to gauge which topics for persuasive speeches will elicit rousing applause and standing ovations.

Does this Topic Interest You?

Conducting thorough research on the topic of your persuasive speech is a key component of the writing process. So, while selecting a good persuasive speech topic, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is, “Would I like to learn about this subject extensively?” You might want to move on to another issue if you can’t emphatically respond “Yes!”. You don’t want to spend hours studying something you find boring.

A compelling speech’s audience can also tell when a speaker is bored or uninterested; you don’t want that. If you’re speaking on a subject you’re enthusiastic about, your audience will share your enthusiasm. You will create a speech that is far more fascinating and persuasive.

Some people will advise you to choose a persuasive speech topic in which you are already an authority, which is undoubtedly one approach. It is not best to base your decision on your level of expertise in the field. Still, this strategy has benefits because you’re already familiar with the terminology and the fundamentals. This dramatically accelerates the pace at which you conduct your research. But if you have the time and motivation to learn about something completely new that excites you, go for it.

Will the Topic Interest Your Audience?

So you’ve identified a few compelling, persuasive speech topics for college students that interest you. What about your audience? Will they share your interest? Will they be bored by your topic, even after passionately explaining your points?

You must solidly understand your audience to respond to these questions. Look into them to find out what interests them. What are they concerned with? What subjects are relevant to their community or way of life? Which topics are they most likely to have an emotional connection to?

Finding subjects for persuasive speeches that fascinate you and your audience will help you succeed.

Has The Persuasive Speech Topic Been in Use Too Many Times?

The final factor you should consider is a topic for your persuasive speech is whether your subject is popular. Even if your audience is interested in the topic, they will rapidly become bored if they have already heard ten lectures on a similar topic. If your audience can anticipate your reasons before you present them, you won’t be able to persuade them.

Instead, look for fresh, original ideas for your persuasive speeches—something your audience hasn’t heard many times before. The only exception to this rule is if you can tackle a well-worn subject from an entirely novel and unexpected angle. For instance, you might approach the gun control discussion from the perspective of someone whose buddy was fatally shot in an accident but whose family still owns firearms and who does hunting as a hobby.

How to Prepare for and Give a Compelling Persuasive Speech

You will start writing once you have selected your persuasive speech topic (our list of captivating Persuasive speech topics for college students is coming up next, so stay tuned) and finished your research on the issue. Follow these simple steps from experienced essay writers to create a powerful speech that compels your audience to agree with you.

  1. Choose your thesis first. What perspective or conviction are you persuading your audience to adopt? Are you requesting that they do something after hearing your speech? Make sure your thesis or call-to-action is clear before you begin writing, just like you would while writing a college essay.
  2. Arrange your key argument points. Outline the arguments or data you have gathered to support your thesis. Make sure your arguments are logically in connection.
  3. Back up your claims with facts and examples. You should employ a variety of sources for your evidence, preferably trustworthy or authoritative sites (Not Wikipedia). Using anecdotes from your own life or the life of a close friend or relative is another way to get intimate. This will strengthen the impact of your argumentative speech.

Addressing the Audience

  1. Incorporate emotional ties with your audience. Use your audience’s sense of nostalgia and shared ideas to strengthen your argument. Another strategy is to play on your audience’s worries and self-preservation impulses (which marketers frequently employ).
  2. Address counterarguments. Make the arguments against your claims rather than waiting for your audience to do it. Then refute those arguments using more evidence, examples, and anecdotes.
  3. Conclude your persuasive speech with a very strong conclusion. In your conclusion, restate your thesis, make one last emotional connection with your audience, and issue a clear call to action.

The last thing you must do is practice more now that you have a well-written, convincing speech. Your first delivery won’t be flawless. But it might be on your tenth or fifteenth.

Make a recording of your persuasive speech so you may review it later and identify your weak points. Are your pauses excessively long or short enough? Did you make your emotional points clear enough? What anecdotes are coming to you naturally? What does your body language say? How about your eye contact and hand gestures?

Deliver your speech to a friend or member of your family when you feel more at ease, and then ask them to give you feedback. Your public speaking abilities will be put to the test by this. Make sure they comprehend your main ideas, feel connected, and have all of your objections addressed. You’ll be prepared for the real challenge once you’ve polished your persuasive speech in response to the comments from your warm-up audience.

Top Persuasive Speech Topics Today

The topic you choose forms the basis of a strong persuasive speech. Therefore, be sure that the persuasive speech topics that you choose are ones that you are passionate about. You must believe in the subject to engage the audience emotionally and win them around to your point of view.

You will not be able to persuade the audience unless you are confident in what you are saying. As a result, start your search for the best persuasive speech ideas today by getting familiar with the subject. Thus, you are only able to express a point with thorough comprehension. Therefore, combine your comprehension with remarkable storytelling to ensure you have a strong narrative for your chosen topic.

Best Persuasive speech topics for college students on Economics

  1. The UK economy will benefit from Brexit
  2. There shouldn’t have a minimum wage
  3. Political upheaval slows economic progress
  4. Economics should be available in schools
  5. China’s economic development should be inspirational
  6. Free trade agreements are terrible for workers
  7. Few wealthy industrialists control the economy
  8. Foreign labor slows down the economy
  9. Import taxes should be illegal
  10. Exports boost economic progress

Persuasive Speech Topics Today on College and Career

These are 9 Persuasive speech topics for college students on career:

  1. Should college tuition be minimal?
  2. Are income-share agreements preferable to student loans for students?
  3. Should collegiate players receive the same compensation as professional athletes?
  4. Are gay-only colleges useful or out-of-date?
  5. Is college a requirement for everyone?
  6. What advantages do taking a year off before college have?
  7. Would the quality of higher education influence tenure and employment protection for professors
  8. Has the conventional college paradigm become obsolete in the Internet era?
  9. Should you choose a career based on your interests or potential earnings?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics Today on School

Best Persuasive Speech Topics Today on School

These are the 10 best Persuasive speech topics for college students in their school life

  1. Cell phones should be permitted in high school classrooms.
  2. School uniforms shouldn’t be required for high school pupils.
  3. Every high school student ought to take a foreign language course.
  4. Girls ought to be permitted to join male sports teams.
  5. Community service should be a requirement for high school students.
  6. Participating in extracurricular activities is crucial for your future.
  7. Even on school evenings, students should be free to stay up late.
  8. Peer pressure encourages kids to develop as people.
  9. There should be wholesome eating options for students.
  10. Good grades should be rewarded by paying students.

10 Best Speech Topics on Law

  1. Should those caught operating a vehicle after drinking lose their license for a year?
  2. Should it be illegal to use a phone while driving?
  3. Should those who download unlawful music and movies face legal action?
  4. Do you think non-citizens should be able to apply for a driver’s license?
  5. Should bikers wear helmets?
  6. A biannual driving test should be mandated for everyone over 65
  7. Should the legal drinking and driving age be 21?
  8. Should assault weapons be legal?
  9. Should people from recognized gangs be forbidden from visiting public parks?
  10. Should it be against the law for people to cuss while watching TV throughout the day?

Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Education

  1. Should the school curriculum include lessons on mental health and wellness?
  2. At what age or academic level should sex education be in the classroom?
  3. How can sex education be more successful?
  4. Should state financing for schools be distributed equally to all schools, or should it rely on the taxes paid by district residents?
  5. What advantages do year-round schools offer?
  6. Do charter schools benefit or harm low-income neighborhoods?
  7. Is homeschooling good for kids or bad for them?
  8. Should autistic pupils be in conventional school settings?
  9. What standards should be established before books can be removed from school libraries?
  10. Should high school advanced math classes be replaced with more applicable tax and financial literacy courses?
  11. Do grades accurately reflect what students have learned?
  12. Should we adopt the metric system?
  13. What is the most significant book every American high school student should read?
  14. What advantages do high school art and music teachers enjoy?
  15. Should independent study be a more widespread choice in high school?
  16. What are the advantages of providing free preschool for all families?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Entertainment

These are persuasive speech topics for college students on entertainment.

  1. Exploitation is a factor in reality television
  2. Reality television is not genuine
  3. The media negatively impact teenagers
  4. The media affects political choices
  5. TV shows affect how people behave
  6. 6. TV programs represent the culture at large
  7. Reality TV lowers IQ in people
  8. TV programs are a tremendous source of inspiration
  9. Reality television is not real
  10. Reality television dilutes key subjects of conversation

9 Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Academics

  1. The only way to study is through books
  2. The most efficient method of learning is through computers
  3. MCQs are more effective than essay tests
  4. Extracurricular activities are a waste of time
  5. Virtual reality and gamification are the future of education
  6. The sole criterion for achievement in life is academic
  7. Repetition is the key to getting good grades
  8. Conceptual clarity outweighs memorization
  9. Sports can increase learning efficiency

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Ethics

These are 10 Persuasive speech topics for college students that are easier to divulge

  1. Youthful crime is acceptable
  2. Prostitution ought to be legal
  3. Beauty pageants for children should be illegal
  4. The right of prisoners to vote.
  5. Voting rights should not be available to all citizens.
  6. College campuses should be devoid of firearms
  7. The death penalty ought to be illegal
  8. Substance abuse is a contributing factor to social ills.
  9. Drinking alcohol while underage should result in jail time

Best Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Environment

  1. Environmental pollution is a global issue.
  2. Developed countries are responsible for global warming.
  3. The greenhouse effect threatens human survival.
  4. There should be strong sanctions to safeguard endangered species.
  5. Reducing the use of fossil fuels and natural resources
  6. The best action is to switch entirely to renewable energy.
  7. Using plastic is counterproductive
  8. Humans cause environmental degradation
  9. Carpooling can help the environment
  10. Noise pollution is harmful to human development

Best Persuasive Speech Topics Today on Fashion

These are Persuasive speech topics for college students that revolve around fashion:

  1. Males should not don pink
  2. Fashion expresses one’s genuine identity
  3. Eco-fashion is the future
  4. Environmentally friendly clothing is the way to go
  5. Clothing identifies a person
  6. Jewelry determines your worth
  7. The fashion industry has the most impact on teenagers
  8. Fashion is an important aspect of society
  9. Some fashion firms have a detrimental impact on society
  10. The best fashion businesses are those that celebrities support

Persuasive Speech Topics on Teens

  1. Teenage girls should use birth control
  2. Young boys are less active than young girls
  3. Teenagers should work on the weekends
  4. There is no need to assign homework
  5. Gaining popularity is a bad thing
  6. Teenagers have a fascination with scary things
  7. You shouldn’t charge for chores
  8. Sexual education must be available in school
  9. Programs for all students to exchange students
  10. Teens get into trouble during their free time

Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Beauty standards are seldom uniform
  2. Princess Diana was murdered
  3. Energy drinks can be harmful
  4. There should be less sitting and more movement during the school day
  5. No credit cards for those under 25
  6. Conflicts are necessary for healthy relationships
  7. Everyone must have health insurance
  8. Tooth whitening has gotten out of hand
  9. Aircraft crashes won’t happen again
  10. Companies ought to take on more apprentices

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Social Media

  1. When should kids have limited access to social media?
  2. Should schools be in charge of educating students about safe social media use?
  3. When should young people be permitted to own a cell phone?
  4. What should be done about online bullying?
  5. Do internet connections offer the same advantages as those formed in person?
  6. Are social media influencers good for society or bad for it?
  7. Has the prevalence of “selfies” led to a rise in conceit or self-confidence?
  8. Is the “cancel culture” a good or bad thing?
  9. Which news and information sources are the most dependable and objective?

Motivational Persuasive Speech Topics

Motivational Persuasive Speech Topics
  1. It’s challenging to follow your aspirations
  2. Setting goals is crucial for success
  3. For success, overcoming stage fright is essential
  4. The value of cultivating a positive attitude
  5. Sustainable living is an inspirational source
  6. Happiness is quantifiable
  7. Life experience is more valuable than rote learning
  8. Being exposed to violence makes people less motivated
  9. Playing video games boosts motivation
  10. Fostering cooperation and teamwork
  11. Educational administrators must create challenging learning curricula for students
  12. Dedicate all of your positive energy to achieving your clearly defined goal
  13. What to do if someone lacks the will to live a happy life
  14. The practice of moral imagination is essential to the growth of the mind and spirit
  15. Why pursuing your dreams is difficult?
  16. What prevents the majority of us from traveling for love or even discovery in response to the voice of our hearts?
  17. Overcome your fear of public speaking and stage fright
  18. When children are young, start by developing a set of moral tools and then continue to build upon it once they are at least 18
  19. Set clear goals for whatever project you work on, and frequently emphasize and assess your goals in between finished phases of the overall planning
  20. Prudence is an effort you can make to persuade skeptics to accept your plans

Traveling Persuasive Speech Topics

These are Persuasive speech topics for college students on travel. Pick some to deliver a good speech:

  1. Cheaper airline tickets
  2. Travel leads to new experiences
  3. Travel broadens your perspective
  4. Ecotourism is crucial for long-term growth
  5. Flying first class is a once-in-a-lifetime event
  6. Going on a guided tour is boring
  7. Solo travel is the greatest way to engage in self-discovery
  8. Antarctica shouldn’t be open to tourists
  9. Tourists should not visit environmentally sensitive areas.
  10. Traveling helps the local economy

Persuasive Speech Topics on Technology

  1. Google is killing libraries
  2. Social media are replacing face-to-face interactions.
  3. Artificial intelligence is the future of technology.
  4. Technology is altering our lives.
  5. Adult screen time should be limited.
  6. The government should regulate Internet use.
  7. Internet chat rooms are unsafe
  8. People are attracted to technology
  9. Technology has improved life
  10. Internet fraud knowledge is essential for cybersecurity

Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Family and Religion

  1. Should kids have physical and online privacy from their parents?
  2. “A child needs a village to raise them.” How crucial is a community in the upbringing of children?
  3. Should a young child go to daycare or stay home with their parents?
  4. Should parents encourage their kids to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?
  5. Which impacts a person’s character most: nature or nurture?
  6. Should consent from parents be required before minor children can receive birth control?
  7. How has learning about your ancestors affected you now and in the future?
  8. Should schools be in charge of teaching children about sex, or should parents?
  9. Which parenting approach is best, and why?
  10. Should the freedom of religion extend to cults?
  11. What advantages come from being a part of a religious community?
  12. Should parents insist that their kids attend church or allow them to make that choice independently?

More Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on the Government

  1. 1. Should states be able to leave the United States?
  2. Should Puerto Rico become a state in the United States?
  3. For how long should Supreme Court justices serve?
  4. Should America’s borders be open?
  5. Should the United States intervene when foreign leaders violate their own citizens’ human rights?
  6. Is the United States unduly reliant on imports and manufactured goods from other nations?
  7. Should the government prioritize raising revenues or cutting costs?

Best Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Health and Medicine

  1. Should everyone have access to free universal health care?
  2. Should sugary drinks and sweets be prohibited on school grounds?
  3. Should all tobacco products be outlawed in the United States?
  4. Is a vegetarian or vegan diet preferable to a meat-based one?
  5. Should health insurance provide coverage for addiction counseling and treatment?
  6. Could fast food taxes assist the fight against obesity?
  7. Should all genetically modified foods be prohibited?
  8. What are the advantages of making all forms of birth control (such as condoms and pills) completely free?
  9. Should health insurance pay for alternative and homeopathic medicine?

12 Best Persuasive Speech Topics on Politics and Society

  1. 1. Should voting be made compulsory?
  2. What actions could politicians take to win over younger voters?
  3. Should inmates be allowed to cast ballots?
  4. Would having younger politicians in the United States be preferable?
  5. Should the police use rubber bullets in place of actual gunshots?
  6. Do inmates’ rights face a threat from for-profit, private prisons?
  7. Should funding for the American military be increased or decreased?
  8. Should eligibility requirements for social assistance be more onerous or less demanding?
  9. Should we keep or change the two-party system we now have in place?
  10. Should big businesses be entitled to tax breaks?
  11. How might America’s present approach to undocumented immigrants be made better?
  12. Should receiving money from huge corporations be prohibited for politicians?

23 Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Relationships

  1. Should young people form relationships online?
  2. The language of love is different between men and women
  3. Long-distance unions are conceivable
  4. The benefits of cohabitating before getting married
  5. Teenagers ought to spend one night every week with their pals
  6. Guilty feelings may be diseases
  7. Most people promise to quit their relationship with a cheating partner, but the majority do not
  8. Counseling is the answer to resolving relationship issues
  9. The secret to a happy relationship is intimacy
  10. Women cheat more frequently than males
  11. Relationships Among Religions – Love between two people is never against the law
  12. Arranged unions must be prohibited
  13. Requesting a condom from someone displays a lack of confidence
  14. Celibacy is out of date
  15. If done well, cheating is acceptable
  16. It’s improper for coworkers to date
  17. Rules for girls’ dating behavior are straightforward: No way, Not yes; no
  18. Premarital cohabitation will reduce the divorce rate
  19. When it comes to love, men and women speak different languages
  20. People only require one trustworthy friend
  21. Polygamy ought to be permitted
  22. Your friends that are different from you will teach you the most
  23. Romance is best experienced in the traditional way

Bottom Line

Drafting a persuasive speech and delivering it correctly to the audience might be challenging. You are halfway through by using the persuasive speech topics for college students above. Do you still need with persuasive speech? Our essay writers will help you deliver a masterpiece. Contact us for a quote, or visit our blog for more insights.

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