270 Best Argumentative Essay Topics: The Ultimate Writing Guide

270 Best Argumentative Essay Topics: The Ultimate Writing Guide

Settling on the best argumentative essay topics requires more than a personal viewpoint. It requires facts and proof to support your assertions. You might use the strongest evidence, but the reader will only buy into it if it is well-researched. Our professional essay writers have compiled over 270 argumentative essay topics and defined a guideline for essay writing. They also help students with their argumentative essay assignments.

Defining an Argumentative Essay

In any of the best argumentative essay topics, the author adopts a firm position on a subject to persuade the reader and convert them to their point of view. You can compare it to a persuasive essay, only that logic and proof support it. A persuasive essay, on the other hand, owes its premises to the writer’s feelings and opinions.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

There are three argumentative essay models:

1. Classical Model

In this model, the author tries to persuade the reader of their point of view. They analyze all sides of the debate before outlining the proof for their position.

2. Toulmin Model

The Toulmin model, developed by philosopher Stephen E. Toulmin, provides evidence that makes it difficult to counter-oppose the proposition. It only gives one side of the debate as opposed to both.

3. Rogerian Model

The Rogerian paradigm, by psychologist Carl Rogers, is the standard ground argument model. It offers a compromise between opposing ideas but acknowledges both sides.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Most high school and college students’ essays are argumentative. They look for an in-depth argument analysis, which promotes critical thinking abilities. The following is a step-by-step process for structuring, developing and writing an argumentative essay.

1. Argumentative Essay Outline

It is an integral component when planning for an argumentative essay. The following is an example of an argumentative essay outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body Paragraphs
  3. Opposing Argument
  4. Conclusion

2. Argumentative Essay Introduction

The writer will state the argumentative essay in the introduction in general. However, it should be logical, knowledgeable, and persuasive. Below are 3 methods writers can use to create a solid argumentative essay introduction:

  1. Start with a hook: Give the reader a hint about your argument.
  2. Provide background data: Briefly describe the background premise for the argument.
  3. Express your thesis: State your thesis statement and lay a strong foundation for your argument.

3. Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Essay

A thesis statement summarises an entire academic paper into understandable sentences. It is the most crucial section of an argumentative essay, as it supports your argument. At the bare minimum, it should be factual, educative, and ideally engaging.

One of the most effective strategies in argumentative theses is converting the argument premise into a question. It takes the essay subject and transforms it into a contested statement.

4. Body Paragraphs of an Argumentative Essay

The body paragraphs have topic sentences and evidence supporting or refuting a specific viewpoint. It is in three easy steps as follows:

  1. Relevant Topic Sentence: Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that describes just one particular idea and argues in favor of the primary thesis.
  2. Present proof: Give the reader as much convincing evidence as possible. It is only worthwhile if the argument is supported by appropriate and pertinent evidence from reliable sources.
  3. Final thoughts: Finish the paragraph with a concluding statement and move seamlessly into the following body paragraph.

5. Employing Opposing Viewpoints

The reader’s potential counter-argument to your main argument is presented in this counterargument paragraph. By presenting facts and evidence, this paragraph seeks to show that the other position is incorrect.

The four phases of creating a counterargument are as follows:

  1. Outline the counterarguments: List each objection one by one.
  2. Provide your response: Respond to the opposition’s arguments.
  3. Disprove the opposing assertions: Disprove each assertion, in turn, using facts and proof.
  4. Conclusion: Restate your essay’s major thesis in the paragraph’s final sentence.

6. Argumentative Essay Conclusion

The conclusion must be clear and logical to persuade the reader to accept your thesis. It should give the final opinion, demonstrating that your side is correct. The following three steps will help you develop a solid argumentative essay conclusion:

  1. Rewrite the thesis statement after summarizing the entire essay.
  2. Stick to the plan: Summarize all the data in the body paragraph without presenting any new arguments.
  3. Call to action: Your essay should conclude with a call to action.

Argumentative Essay Writing Tips

You should adhere to the instructions to earn an A+ for your essay.

Employ the Five Argumentative Claims.

Choose the argument you want to make with your essay before you begin writing. The five categories of argumentative claims are as follows:

  1. Fact: Is the argument correct or incorrect?
  2. Definition: What does the argument mean in reality?
  3. Value: How significant is the contention?
  4. Cause and effect: What are the issues’ root causes and ramifications?
  5. Procedure: What can the reader do to help?

Select a Defendable and Debatable Topic

Always pick a subject on which you have knowledge and enthusiasm. Moreover, try to choose the best argumentative essay topics that are hot right now. However, avoid sensitive topics like politics, sports, religion, and other racial or religious topics.

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The Best Argumentative Essay Topics

A topic for an argumentative essay is much trickier to select than a topic for any other kind of essay. The interesting ones are those that capture the reader’s interest. Consider the following factors while choosing a topic for your argumentative essay. Your argumentative essay subject should be:

  • Debatable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Researchable
  • Current

Your academic paper’s subject matter should enable you to demonstrate your understanding of a topic.

Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

  1. Medical advancements and first aid
  2. How educators help children develop their personalities
  3. Do kids need internet and phone restrictions?
  4. Parents ought to be their kids’ closest friends. How much of this statement is true?
  5. Violent video games impact children’s stability and mental health.
  6. Chances for boys and girls are not equal. Agreed?
  7. Schools ought to be open all year round.
  8. Religious disagreements have sparked wars.
  9. The government ought to offer medical facilities.
  10. Does homework benefit students or hinder them?

High School Students Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Do SATs really work?
  2. The Benefits and Drawbacks of an MBA
  3. Which auxiliary languages are worthwhile to learn today?
  4. American obesity causes.
  5. Does involvement in the NCAA hurt academic performance?
  6. Should the government make forest destruction illegal?
  7. The benefits and drawbacks of monarchy.
  8. Should the government outlaw violent video games?
  9. How significant is high school in the life of a student?
  10. What are the requirements for becoming a politician?

College Students Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is a college education worth the cost?
  2. Professors in universities receive overpay.
  3. College is optional for everyone.
  4. Students shouldn’t stay at home while in college.
  5. Attending college is a method to get paid.
  6. We should restrict young adults from using social media.
  7. Allowing kids to create their curriculum is a good idea.
  8. The college curriculum should include practical skills.
  9. Schools should teach food gardening to students.
  10. The use of medical marijuana is beneficial for numerous conditions.

Kids Argumentative Essay Topics

Kids Argumentative Essay Topics
  1. Are uniforms important to pupils in public schools?
  2. Do curfews help keep children out of trouble?
  3. Children should have time in school dedicated to games.
  4. Has cheating become an epidemic in schools?
  5. Parental affection is greater for the younger child.
  6. Test results are crucial to impressing the teacher.
  7. The best cartoons are those with Tom and Jerry.
  8. The impact of a toy on my life
  9. The lunch break should last one hour.
  10. Do boys have too much power?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Things your driving teacher omitted from instruction.
  2. The justification for why consumers are not always right
  3. Why do individuals have so many oddly matched pairs of socks?
  4. Why do cats behave so arrogantly?
  5. Do canines actually smile? Give a full explanation of that phrase.
  6. Why is Charlie Chaplin such a well-known figure?
  7. Why do good girls choose to date idiots?
  8. Why online friends are preferable to in-person friends, number eight
  9. How may a first date be turned down?
  10. CEO pay was excessive.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are college athletes worth paying?
  • How are tennis players keeping in shape?
  • Time management issues faced by student-athletes
  • Is playing football risky for the players?
  • Can football supporters develop an obsession?
  • Participation in extracurricular activities is essential for achieving academic achievement.
  • The starting point for female athletes.
  • Female athletes can compete on an equal footing with their male colleagues.
  • Bullfighting needs to be outlawed and banned globally.
  • There are differences between being a great coach and a great athlete.


  1. Should the government address climate change?
  2. Would the United States run more smoothly without the electoral college?
  3. Should voter registration in America be automated?
  4. Should all states allow voters to cast ballots by mail automatically?
  5. Should prisoners vote?
  6. Should citizens elect justices to the Supreme Court?
  7. Must unpaid internships be forbidden?
  8. Should the federal minimum wage be raised by the government?
  9. Should the government offer a universal basic income to all citizens?
  10. Should businesses pay more in taxes?
  11. Should our food be subject to government regulation?
  12. Should Congress members be subject to term restrictions imposed by the government?
  13. Should there be an official language in the United States?
  14. Should America’s legal drinking age come down to 18?
  15. Should firearms be prohibited for private ownership?
  16. Is the current national obesity rate the fault of the government?
  17. Should the United States require all citizens to serve in the military?
  18. Should it be forbidden to smoke in public places?
  19. Should alcohol be prohibited from midnight to noon?
  20. Is a 21-year-old voting age appropriate in the US?
  21. Should the government have the authority to restrict what people post online?
  22. Do the existing regulations governing political funding work?
  23. Is the immigration policy of the United States successful?
  24. Should the United States have more than two major political parties?
  25. Is the US Constitution still relevant?


  1. Should student-athletes at colleges and universities be compensated?
  2. Should student-run religious clubs and groups be permitted in public schools?
  3. Should the Pledge of Allegiance be a requirement in schools?
  4. Do sports affect adolescent students’ academic performance?
  5. Should pupils be required to wear school uniforms?
  6. Should grades be given in physical education classes?
  7. Should higher education be free, like primary, middle, and secondary education?
  8. Should participation in Greek life be outlawed for college students?
  9. Should school-based art classes be required?
  10. Should online music and other forms of creativity be free?
  11. Should test-cheating kids be disciplined?
  12. Should schools restrict pupils’ access to computers and other technology?
  13. Is co-education preferable to single-sex education?
  14. Should schools be open all year round?
  15. Should homework be banned in schools?
  16. Should schools provide complimentary breakfast and lunch to all students?
  17. Is competition in private education too fierce?
  18. Should educators be held responsible for students’ subpar test results?
  19. Should high school pupils be able to select their classes?
  20. Should foreign language instruction be mandated for students?
  21. Should teachers give their kids grades?
  22. Do standardized examinations work?
  23. Should students be permitted to conduct research on computers during exams?
  24. After graduating from high school, should graduates take a year off before starting their careers or enrolling in college?
  25. Is online education worthwhile?
  26. Should teachers receive higher pay?
  27. Should parents be held accountable if their children skip school?
  28. Should all children be required to attend college?
  29. Should pupils be given the chance to evaluate their instructors?
  30. Should schools permit physical punishment?
  31. Are armed guards in schools making them safer?
  32. Should middle and high school students be forced to work part-time?
  33. Should school libraries prohibit pupils from borrowing particular books?
  34. Should school start later than 9 a.m.?

Best Argumentative Essay Topics: General

  1. Marijuana use needs to be prohibited.
  2. The control of alcohol consumption.
  3. YouTube channel owners should edit comments that contain offensive language.
  4. The use of social media in business communications is significant.
  5. Twitter is more valuable than Facebook when it comes to news.
  6. Instagram’s effects on today’s youth
  7. Does the right to free speech give individuals the right to utter cruel statements?
  8. Can competitive behavior result in problems over time?
  9. Should offenders be given another chance?
  10. It’s good to be ignorant. How much of it is true?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Good nutrition promotes health
  2. Is there a need for better health policies?
  3. Hygiene is essential to good health.
  4. Is therapy ultimately beneficial?
  5. Having a pet helps us stay healthy physically and mentally.
  6. Fad diets can help you lose weight quickly.
  7. Health is dependent on getting enough sleep.
  8. Bedtime stories are a lost art.
  9. Outdoor play strengthens a child’s immune system.
  10. Psychologists should keep patient information private.

Medical Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How are foot ulcers related to type 2 diabetes?
  2. The effect of nutrition on people with type 2 diabetes
  3. Problems with organ donation.
  4. The issues surrounding the black market for organs.
  5. The connection between plastic and cancer
  6. The problems brought on by fat.
  7. Herbal medicine is superior to allopathic medicine.
  8. Physicians should have the power to end the lives of patients who are near death.
  9. Patients who are in vegetative states should be eligible for euthanasia.
  10. Junk food should be prohibited for children under the age of 18

Good Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are those that arrive on time more successful?
  2. Why is time valuable?
  3. Is knowledge indeed power?
  4. In both love and war, everything is fair.
  5. It’s tragic to be hungry.
  6. How to assist kids in keeping a healthy weight
  7. Is sugar unhealthy for you?
  8. Less work should be assigned to middle school students.
  9. How can universities promote recycling?
  10. How long does it take to make a commercial movie?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

  1. People’s lives are now easier thanks to technological innovation.
  2. Since smartphones have become so popular, we have become digital nomads.
  3. Is student isolation being exacerbated by technology?
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of computerized voting
  5. Cell phone development
  6. Laziness is a result of technological advancement
  7. The rise in unemployment is a result of technology.
  8. No more technological advancements are possible at this point.
  9. Google and computers have completely taken over young people’s lives.
  10. In the event of a technological explosion, how will the world look?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Media

  1. Should we restrict the use of social media?
  2. Has social media increased the emphasis on material happiness?
  3. Social media is a platform with lots of awareness.
  4. Social media use in the US
  5. Small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit greatly from social media networks.
  6. Child abusers can access Facebook and other social media sites without their consent.
  7. Benefits and drawbacks of letting children use social media
  8. Social media is partially to blame for the rise in drug use and substance misuse.
  9. People now spend a lot of time on social media.
  10. People use social networks to make money.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The issues brought on by global warming
  2. Did Ted Bundy have any sway?
  3. Is sleep necesary to control health issues?
  4. Does swimming count as general exercise?
  5. Is it possible for someone to be above the law?
  6. Why Juvenile prisoners should no longer be subject to the death penalty.
  7. Why are amusing cat videos so well-liked?
  8. A child’s first institution is their home. Discuss the assertion with supporting data.
  9. Children of strict mothers behave well. Discuss.
  10. Human activity is to blame for the ozone layer’s reduction.

Music Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Music enhances learning for students. Provide evidence to back up your response.
  2. The mafia governs the music industry.
  3. What type of music do young people prefer?
  4. What causes rock music to lose its legitimacy?
  5. Can a mix of many musical styles be called music?
  6. Music is therapeutic for the body, soul, and mind.
  7. The well-known international personality “Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan”
  8. Psychology and music are closely related.
  9. Why do depressed people listen to depressing music?
  10. What causes music addiction in people?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Animals

  1. Beauty items should not be tested on animals.
  2. Do dogs comprehend what we say to them?
  3. How are our brains affected by watching amusing cat videos?
  4. Using animals in medical research is unnecessary.
  5. How do emotional support animals assist with stress relief?
  6. What makes dogs so devoted?
  7. Hunting restrictions ought to be based on environmental factors.
  8. Aggressive Animals shouldn’t be kept as pets.
  9. There should be legislation protecting animals.
  10. Bunnies are the most attractive animal.

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. HIV tests ought to be sold in pharmacies alongside pregnancy tests.
  2. Isolation is a result of social media.
  3. Dating at the office is unethical.
  4. Sexual offenders should be subject to the death penalty.
  5. It should be forbidden to date at work.
  6. Compared to men, women are less healthier.
  7. Women should have the option to get an abortion.
  8. Money-making games have decreased due to journalism.
  9. Opinions on same-sex unions.
  10. Should the sale and manufacture of tobacco be restricted?

American History Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. American civil rights movement
  2. American foreign policy in the twenty-first century 2.
  3. Donald Trump has emerged as the most despised president in American history.
  4. How the Great Depression affected Americans
  5. How was the continent of North America found?
  6. Is a third World War inevitable?
  7. History is biased because the winners create it.
  8. America’s abolition of slavery
  9. Why was Barack Obama the best president in American history?
  10. Examine the main reasons behind the American Revolution.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Education

  1. Everyone should have access to free education.
  2. These days, education is a business. How much of this is true?
  3. Boys and girls should have equal access to school and employment.
  4. How technology and education are related
  5. The college curriculum needs to be reviewed annually by the Education Board.
  6. Various coaching techniques and the problems they raise
  7. Prisoner education and skill development should be a priority in jails.
  8. A college degree is the foundation for a successful future career.
  9. College dropouts have many success tales. Examine these instances and debate if a college education is actually useless.
  10. Shakespeare is the best poet who has ever lived. Please talk about the causes behind it.

Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it possible to live without a phone and the internet?
  2. The problems with sports betting
  3. Are people becoming technological zombies?
  4. Children should know the risks of smoking in the classroom.
  5. Why does it annoy you so much when your computer freezes?
  6. The glass ceiling effect still negatively affects women.
  7. Are both hunger and obesity symptoms of malnutrition?
  8. Colleges should provide financial assistance to student-athletes.
  9. Can frequent milk consumption strengthen bones?
  10. Examine the components of tragedy and consider how closely the tragedy in Shakespearean plays resembles them.

Argumentative Research Essay Topics

  1. A guy who gets up and goes to bed early will be wise, affluent, and healthy.
  2. Students should be free to choose the subject that interests them.
  3. The Tsunami’s aftermath.
  4. Compared to traditional schools, kids learn more in Smart schools.
  5. Is internet censorship necessary?
  6. Hockey should only be practised in a safe environment because it is risky.
  7. Teenagers should have the same rights as adults when joining the military.
  8. Can gun control aid in crime control? Talk about your viewpoint.
  9. MBA is no longer as effective as it once was.
  10. The college curriculum should include instruction in various languages.

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics
  1. Parents shouldn’t have any influence over their adult children’s lives.
  2. Children should have 10 hours of sleep per day.
  3. Video games endanger children’s health.
  4. Should energy drinks be outlawed?
  5. At what age should people be able to cast ballots?
  6. Is there justice for everyone in the world?
  7. What age is the legal drinking and smoking age?
  8. All doctors should be able to write prescriptions for medical marijuana.
  9. Parents should refrain from giving their college-age children smartphones.
  10. Keep politics and religion apart.

To gain a notion of what kinds of topics produce powerful argumentative essays, look at these examples of the best argumentative essay topics.

Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay

Similar to persuasive essays, the best argumentative essay topics need you to persuade the reader using logic and supporting data. You can produce a flawless argumentative essay using the advice provided below:

  1. Select concentrated and contentious essay subjects.
  2. Opt for a contentious subject and avoid blatantly argumentative subjects.
  3. Avoid touchy subjects like politics, religion, and race.
  4. Research to gather current data from the most reliable sources.
  5. Select the types of argument structures you’d like to use.
  6. Draw out a plan. You can better organize your ideas with an argumentative essay outline.
  7. Pay attention to the introduction of your essay and use a strong hook.
  8. Compose a solid introductory paragraph.
  9. Give a brief historical context required to comprehend the argument.
  10. Formulate a thesis statement with a compelling argument.
  11. Create a call to action in the conclusion.
  12. Edit, proofread, and revise

How to Argue Effectively

A persuasive argument requires more than just a compelling point. If you cannot support that claim convincingly, your case cannot hold.

Proper organising is one of the most crucial things you can do when creating the best argumentative essay topics. Your essay should contain a clear introduction, body with supporting arguments, and conclusion, sometimes known as the introduction, body, and conclusion.



The reader should love your hook. Questions are a typical strategy for capturing attention along with evocative language or a compelling statistic. 


 Don’t presume your audience is already knowledgeable about the subject. Give them context by outlining the problem’s brief history or providing further context.


 The main point of your argument is your thesis. Your thesis statement in an argumentative essay should be in line so that readers understand the key points you will be arguing. Take a stand and make it apparent what you’ll be talking about at the start, but refrain from outlining all of your supporting facts.


The arguments you’ll employ to back up your thesis are your assertions. Your argument might be that using weed killer in your neighbourhood is terrible for the environment, for instance, if you’re writing about it. But you can’t just say that; you must back it up with facts.


The foundation of your argument is evidence. This information can be from your research, media items, or scientific studies. You could cite a study that claims weed killer harms bees or a newspaper article that describes how weed killer was banned in one town and how the water quality improved. Hard evidence of this nature strengthens your argument by providing demonstrable facts in support of your claim. 


Consider how the opposition would react and counter your claims in your essay. Instead of choosing the weakest arguments, consider what others say and counter them with views well-supported by logic.

One of the essential components of the best argumentative essay topics is demonstrating that you comprehend the opposition’s point and that your argument is solid enough to withstand it.


The conclusion is the perfect spot to restate your thesis because doing so will help readers understand what you’re arguing and will demonstrate how persuasively you’ve made your case.

Restate your significant points; you mustn’t mention the supporting evidence again. This refreshes readers’ memories of everything you said in the essay.

Finish by painting a scenario that challenges your position and course of action. This strengthens the impact of your case and leaves the reader with a strong impression.

Key Tips

The best argumentative essay topics have solid arguments and a good structure, but there are specific extra considerations you should make to make your point even stronger.


Due to the details and complexities involved, it’s simple to become sidetracked when developing an argument. Maintaining concentration is crucial; be specific with your thesis and zero in on arguments that firmly refute it.

Be Rational

Your arguments must be factual, not just your personal opinions. Because of this, it’s critical to cite trustworthy sources grounded in science and reporting; otherwise, it will be simple for people to refute your claims.

Don’t just rely on how you feel about the subject. It leaves room for unexpected counterarguments if you can’t support a claim with solid evidence. Your claims will be much stronger if you can back up everything you say with precise and convincing evidence.

Get Help with Your Argumentative Essay

You may make your essay immaculate by using the advice provided by our essay writers on how to write an argumentative essay. However, if you still believe you require further direction, you can contact our argumentative essay writers for assistance.

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