293 Hilarious Debate Topics that Most Students Use in 2023

293 Hilarious Debate Topics that Most Students Use in 2023

Hilarious debate topics are challenging to find. Even a skilled essay writer will occasionally need help to develop a debatable and engaging topic to maintain the enthusiasm in the audience. Your audience may lose interest if you have relatable information but a vague subject. Therefore, you need a topic that is correct and pertinent. Our essay writers have compiled debate topics from which you can choose one that best suits your needs. They also help students craft engaging debates and have provided insights into selecting a good debate topic.

Hilarious Debate Topics for Students

The first thing your audience will learn about the debate is the topic. Effective debate questions have a noteworthy effect on your audience. Therefore, your topic must be intriguing and captivating so that the audience would want to hear what you say.

Select a topic that will interest the audience if you want your debate speech to remain in their minds and hearts forever. Your investigation should produce sufficient data to support your viewpoint and refute and disprove the opposing one.

If you have a topic, it is easier to keep gathering information. However, if not, consider your interests, passions, and topics about which you are confident that you can persuade others using evidence and reason.

Below, we have a list of top debate topics and questions that will make an impression on your audience, but before we get there, let’s learn a few things:

What is a Debate?

Presenting pertinent arguments in support of a position encompasses debate and speech writing. Debates take place in public forums, legislative bodies, and intellectual institutions.

We all have argued at some point in our life. A participant in a debate attempts to refute the arguments and points made by the opponent while defending their points with solid evidence.

It is seen as an entertaining and educational speech that engages the audience and advances their knowledge in an intellectual and scholarly setting.

Types of Debates

There are four different categories of debates. Each type is utilized for a certain kind of argument, and they are all conducted differently and may be held for various objectives. The four categories of debates are:

  1. The Lincoln-Douglas Debate
  2. Rebuttal Debate
  3. Oregon-Oxford Debate
  4. One-Rebuttal Debate

Regardless of your choice of the type of debate you wish to participate in, you won’t need a special or some unique topic. For your debate to be successful, your choice of topic must be intriguing and relevant to your audience.

How Do You Pick Hilarious Debate Topics?

When selecting a strong debate topic, a few crucial considerations must be made. A compelling debate topic will keep the audience interested and help them comprehend both sides of the argument, enabling them to make more intelligent conclusions.

Here are some suggestions to aid you in selecting a strong subject for your debate.

  • Interest – Since you will be writing and presenting your topic to your audience, you must have an interest. There is no chance your debate will be hilarious enough to persuade your listeners if you are not interested.
  • Research – To debate effectively, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of your choice of topic. You can persuade the audience by contrasting your position with the opponent’s.
  • Target Audience: This is the most important aspect to consider when selecting a topic for a debate. Your topic should be appropriate for your audience’s level of education. Only then will they comprehend what your debate is trying to convey
  • Argument Potential – Select a topic with a strong argument. You will have difficulty developing a strong debate if there is only one correct side or if little material is available.

Debate Topics for Children

These are hilarious debate topics for younger children to choose from:

  1. Can technology take the place of teachers?
  2. Importance of space exploration
  3. How do zoos harm animals more than they help them?
  4. Olympic Games and their significance to athletes
  5. Should parents be accountable for the errors that their kids make?
  6. Importance of money management
  7. Should parents give their kids privacy or space?
  8. Social networking sites: are they compulsive?
  9. Are there aliens?
  10. Should all pupils participate in musical activities in school?

Middle School Students Debate Topics

If you’re searching for hilarious debate topics for middle school students, here are some of the best 26 debate topics to write or discuss.

  1. Here are some excellent conversation starters for middle schoolers
  2. Everyone ought to get a pet
  3. Peer pressure has a larger effect on self-conscious kids
  4. Homework should be illegal in all schools
  5. Every school should ban uniforms
  6. In college cafes, soda and other fizzy drinks ought to be illegal
  7. Every high schooler should participate in physical education
  8. Community service initiatives should be available to all middle school students
  9. Corporal punishment should be illegal in schools
  10. In schools, internet censorship is crucial
  11. The government should forbid the sale of junk food in schools
  12. Students should have responsibilities in addition to their studying
  13. Middle school should require participation in sports
  14. All pupils should participate in school debate
  15. In the United States, a monarchy should rule
  16. Is the death penalty a deterrent that works?
  17. There shouldn’t be a dress code or mandatory school uniforms
  18. There should be no limit on junk food in schools
  19. Students should not consume energy drinks
  20. Students ought to participate in community service
  21. Gadgets shouldn’t be in class for students
  22. Violent video games shouldn’t be accessible to kids
  23. Social media usage’s benefits and drawbacks
  24. Zoos ought to be illegal
  25. In schools, cell phones should be illegal
  26. Why do children require privacy?

Hilarious Debate Topics for High School

The debate topics in high school are a little more complicated than those in middle school. Here is a selection of excellent debate subjects appropriate for all high school students:

  1. Cloning humans ought to be illegal
  2. Animal testing ought to be illegal completely
  3. Government should ban violent video games
  4. The freedom of speech ought to be constrained
  5. It’s time to end the death penalty
  6. Animal cruelty in circuses should be illegal
  7. Teenage girls should be permitted to terminate their unintended pregnancies
  8. Progressive tax rates are not justifiable
  9. Cannabis handling should be a social transgression and a criminal act
  10. On the grounds of the school, YouTube should be illegal
  11. Is it moral to use animals in experiments?
  12. Cell phones should be illegal in high school classrooms
  13. Climate change and its effects on people
  14. Reasons for the rise in racism in the US
  15. Marijuana should be legal for usage in pharmaceuticals
  16. Social media’s effects on adolescents and high school pupils
  17. Effects of violent cartoons on children’s mental growth
  18. Is animal cloning morally acceptable?
  19. More than any other non-celebrity, celebrities can use their influence to get away with crimes
  20. The use of nuclear weapons should be illegal globally
  21. Police should use lethal force
  22. Does technology help people communicate more effectively?
  23. More harm than good comes from religion
  24. Why is it possible to prevent wars?
  25. Traditional versus online learning, what is superior?
  26. Is it necessary to test animals?
  27. In what ways might technology aid in enhancing education?
  28. Is the issue of global warming real?

College Debate Topics

You can seek social or purely technical conversation starters as a college student. The following list of hilarious debate topics can assist you in selecting an appropriate debate topic:

  1. Which option would you prefer: wealthy and dishonest or impoverished and honest?
  2. The war on terror has no logical justification
  3. How successful are alternative energy sources?
  4. Books are more informative and fascinating than television
  5. Homeschooling is less effective than public education
  6. While morally wrong, abortion is ethically acceptable
  7. Technology advances are to blame for the rise in the unemployment rate
  8. Same-sex unions ought to be illegal everywhere
  9. It is preferable to adopt than to have children
  10. Prostitution is the sole cause of the rise in HIV/AIDS cases
  11. Whatever the circumstance, e is never justified
  12. How damaging can peer pressure be to a defenseless soul?
  13. Teenagers should not play violent games
  14. The present system of higher education is superior to the old one
  15. Another method of objectifying women is through beauty pageants
  16. Public spaces shouldn’t allow cigarettes
  17. Schools should not provide homework
  18. Models are establishing false ideals of beauty
  19. The main factor contributing to the rise in obesity rates is fast-food restaurants
  20. The culture in which we live is dystopian
  21. Animals ought to have the same rights as people
  22. Is the Paris Agreement still applicable today?
  23. How can homework eliminate the need for learning skills?
  24. How may a college degree aid in landing a good job?
  25. Why should discussions of religion not be in the classroom?
  26. Is the study of history important?
  27. Why is it crucial for students to participate in sports frequently?
  28. Science vs. the arts. What is superior?
  29. The students’ mental health suffers when they attend boarding school.

Topics for Teenagers

If you’re searching for hilarious debate topics for teens, here are some of the best 10 topics to write or discuss.

  1. There ought to be no homework
  2. Is it necessary to increase the minimum wage?
  3. Facebook usage should be illegal among students
  4. Social networking causes more harm than good
  5. Why do women have such a hard time winning the presidency?
  6. Children and teenagers ought to serve in governance
  7. Should smoking be illegal in public places?
  8. Should cannabis be legal?
  9. Are mobile devices secure?
  10. What topping on pizza is best?

Topics for Adults

When searching for hilarious debate topics for Adults, here are some of the best 10 topics for adults to write or discuss.

  1. The US government should formally offer its citizens access to the internet
  2. The best type of government is a democratic one
  3. People who do not recycle should be subject to severe penalties
  4. Every student’s curriculum ought to include poetry
  5. The schools’ grading standards ought to be changed
  6. Celebrities are bad examples to follow
  7. The country’s rising immigrant population is to blame for the rising crime rate
  8. The curriculum should include lessons on sexuality
  9. The American criminal justice system is inefficient
  10. Politicians use propaganda as a tactic to control the public

Controversial Debates Topics

The best debate topics are controversial. Here are a few hilarious debate topics on controversy to write for discussion:

  1. It should be illegal to sell alcohol on the weekends
  2. Medicines should be able to be prescribed by unlicensed pharmacists
  3. The government should forbid testing on animals
  4. The only method to improve a child’s communication skills is through public speaking
  5. Violent video games should be illegal for students
  6. Jealousy is a result of a lack of trust in partnerships
  7. Equal parenting should be by men and women
  8. Punishing parents for their children’s wrongdoing is crucial
  9. Herbal remedies are inferior to traditional medical therapy
  10. Mercy killing’s benefits and drawbacks

When debating with learned people, always choose educational debate topics. Choose from the hilarious debate topics below if you are out of ideas for a topic for your debate.

  1. A degree is necessary to land a good job
  2. Scientific study is inferior to skill-based study
  3. Every school and college should make participation in sports mandatory
  4. Science and arts are essential subjects
  5. Students that have homework are under excessive pressure
  6. Religion shouldn’t be a context in the classroom.
  7. For pupils who are not bright and intelligent, boarding institutions are important
  8. Outdoor learning is crucial for pupils’ learning improvement
  9. All students at the school should be denied access to their mobile devices
  10. The study of history in school is crucial

Hilarious Debate Topics on Politics

If you’re searching for political debate topics, here are some of the best 10 topics to write about or discuss.

  1. Every person needs a gun for protection
  2. Britain should not be a member of the EU
  3. Socialism is inferior to communism as a philosophy
  4. Freedom of speech should be illegal in a democratic system of government
  5. Patriotism has an impact on global relations
  6. Schools ought to teach politics
  7. Voter fraud should be fined
  8. In Britain, the monarchy ought to be removed
  9. Criminal sanctions should be applied to illegal immigrants
  10. It is appropriate to lower the voting age to 16

Funny Debate Topics

If you’re searching for funny debate topics, here are some of the best 10 hilarious debate topics to write or discuss.

  1. The superior to X-Factor is American Idol
  2. Pet dogs are preferable to cat pets
  3. First came the chicken, then the eggs
  4. A thin-crust pizza is preferable to a thick one
  5. Summers are inferior to winters
  6. The Lord of the Rings is inferior to Harry Potter
  7. A lady is simple to grasp
  8. Will a vampire acquire AIDS if they bite AIDs patients?
  9. Can we celebrate when we die?
  10. Women are the superior gender

Interesting Debate Topics

Picking an engaging and entertaining debate topic is crucial. Some truly fascinating topics include the following:

  1. The IQ of a pupil cannot be known through standardized testing
  2. Wars by the nuclear-armed nations of the world
  3. “Bear arms” – what does that mean?
  4. Relationships between homosexuals are against the nature
  5. There is an overreliance on technology among children
  6. Parents at home should limit Internet usage
  7. In real life, motivation can only come from money
  8. It’s crucial to censor instructional documentaries
  9. We should outlaw all non-biodegradable materials
  10. Who chooses The Electoral College?

Topics on Sports

If you’re searching for sports debate topics, here are some of the best 10 hilarious debate topics to write or discuss.

  1. Does paintball qualify as a sport?
  2. Should there be any advertising in sports?
  3. Should steroid use be legal?
  4. Who has ever had the best team?
  5. The Olympics are a financial waste
  6. Is it appropriate for women to compete against men?
  7. Is boxing gaining popularity?
  8. Baseball’s use of math in the past
  9. Women athletes shouldn’t train with male instructors.
  10. Is success the only goal?

Hilarious Debate Topics on Social Media

In case you’re searching for social media debate topics, here are some of the 10 hilarious debate topics on social media to write or discuss.

  1. Every negative development in society is a result of social media
  2. Social media has taken the place of traditional media
  3. Social media’s effects on youth
  4. Has social media destroyed our right to privacy?
  5. Social internet encourages societal violence
  6. Social media usage’s benefits and drawbacks
  7. Should a “dislike” button be on Facebook?
  8. Social media: Is it useful?
  9. The use of social media should be under control
  10. Social media platforms should be illegal

Technology Debate Topics

In case you’re searching for technology debate topics, here are some of the best 10 hilarious debate topics to write or discuss about technology.

  1. All vehicles ought to be electric
  2. Does technology encourage laziness?
  3. Creating alternate energy sources
  4. Is space travel financially viable?
  5. Do you favor Apple products?
  6. What gaming platform is the best?
  7. How do we respond to the rising cybercrime?
  8. What does the internet’s future hold?
  9. Are kids’ mobile games really so bad?
  10. The role of technology in modern life

Creative Debate Topics

If you’re searching for creative debate topics, here are some of the best 10 topics to write or discuss.

  1. There shouldn’t be junk food provided in the cafeterias
  2. There should be a requirement for cooking instruction in schools
  3. Cell phones should be permitted for use by children
  4. Video game play is beneficial for children
  5. The school’s grading system ought to be eliminated
  6. Parents should take parenting classes
  7. Co-educational institutions provide superior education
  8. If necessary, the government may impose restrictions on free expression
  9. The best course of action for any government is democracy
  10. Students should learn recycling

Debate Topics on Science

When searching for science debate topics, here are some of the best 10 hilarious debate topics to write or discuss about science.

  1. Should we genetically modify people?
  2. Does there exist life elsewhere in the universe?
  3. Are autonomous vehicles safe?
  4. How can science function without using animals?
  5. Robots should have rights
  6. Is evolution a reality or a theory?
  7. Are immunizations for children hazardous or safe?
  8. Islam and science
  9. The latest scientific finding
  10. Human life and science

Hilarious Debate Topics on the Environment

When searching for environmental debate topics, here are some of the best 10 topics to write or discuss.

  1. Live animal exports should be illegal
  2. use of a bidet rather than tissues
  3. Is conventional farming superior to organic farming?
  4. utilizing natural gas in motor vehicles
  5. The greatest danger that humanity has ever faced is climate change.
  6. Atomic versus fossil fuels energy
  7. environmental damage
  8. Explain tidal energy
  9. environmental effects
  10. Acidic rain

Debate Topics for Friends

When searching for hilarious debate topics for friends, here are some of the best 10 topics for friends to write or discuss.

  1. The best fast food establishment is McDonald’s
  2. Children need longer vacations
  3. Is the high school grading system effective?
  4. It is time to classify obesity as a sickness
  5. Exams are not better than coursework
  6. Classes in the afternoon are preferable to those in the morning
  7. The psychological atmosphere of the classroom greatly influences how students develop as people
  8. Fining should be increased for those with higher earnings
  9. Gadget use should be restricted for kids under ten
  10. Children of abusive parents often develop personality disorders

General Debate Topics

In case you’re searching for general, hilarious debate topics, here are some of the best 10 topics in our list of debate topics to write or discuss.

  1. Public education is inferior to private education
  2. In schools, various languages ought to be taught
  3. Math education is more crucial than language instruction
  4. All educational institutions should provide free STD testing
  5. All college education systems should have security, according to the government
  6. Instability in a nation’s politics and economy is brought on by the presence of refugees
  7. The right to vote should be extended to illegal immigrants
  8. Iran should be exempt from all Western sanctions
  9. It is critical to maintain cordial ties with nearby nations
  10. Taxes on large firms ought to increase

Public Forum Debate Topics

  1. Every woman has the right to an abortion
  2. Genetic engineering should not be permitted because it is not a natural process
  3. Teenagers should have access to birth control medications
  4. There should be an equal number of men and women working there
  5. Barbie is not a good example of a role model in real life
  6. More harm is being done by feminism than good
  7. Adoption should be permitted for gay couples
  8. Cannabis has certain benefits
  9. Me-too is being utilized inappropriately, and its original intent is lost
  10. It should be acceptable for the media to voice their criticisms and ideas
  11. Schools shouldn’t allow for public prayer
  12. There should be a global prohibition on smoking
  13. The system of government ought to offer free contraception
  14. Are banks trustworthy?
  15. Financial concerns destroy a nation
  16. Are taxes beneficial or harmful?
  17. How are animals affected by humans?
  18. Describe the significance of monetary stability.
  19. The voting age should be lowered for all citizens.
  20. The practice of mobile banking is not secure. Why?

Debate Topics for the Public Forum

If you’re searching for public forum debate topics, here are some of the best 10 topics to write or discuss.

  1. Is sex education required for pupils in middle school?
  2. Nuclear powers primarily bring about war
  3. Same-sex unions shouldn’t be permitted
  4. Gay marriage goes against the laws of nature
  5. Too many students are getting reliant on technology
  6. In the job, money is a significant source of motivation
  7. Girls should be prodded and assisted in pursuing careers in STEM research
  8. Is having money a major factor in getting criminal charges dropped?
  9. Alternative energy sources should be investigated and utilized to protect natural resources,
  10. Less permissive censorship should be applied to instructional documentaries
  11. Adoption should be permitted for gay couples
  12. Fur sales need to be illegal
  13. Reality TV is detrimental to society
  14. What makes paintball a legitimate sport?
  15. Sports take precedence over the arts
  16. What distinctions exist between hockey and cricket?
  17. Why is it crucial to outlaw alcohol sales in the wee hours?
  18. Unpaid internships ought to be prohibited
  19. Beauty pageants ought to be illegal
  20. Adoption by gay couples ought to be prohibited.

Relationship Debate Topics

If you’re searching for hilarious debate topics, here are some of the best 10 interesting debate topics or relationships to write about or discuss.

  1. Real relationships forged online?
  2. What are your thoughts on trying new things in a relationship?
  3. Is legalizing homosexual marriage a good idea?
  4. Would you sacrifice your life for someone?
  5. Is marriage a must?
  6. Is online dating beneficial?
  7. Love marriage or an arranged union?
  8. Getting married to younger men
  9. If your husband passed away, would you consider getting remarried?
  10. Love and jealousy: Is it appropriate?

Can’t Find a Hilarious Debate Topic?

Hilarious debate topics add a vibe to the debate, making it more engaging. We have created the list above to pick a topic that interests you. Need help writing a debate topic? Our essay writers are willing to craft a hilarious topic and help you divulge it. Contact us for an estimate.

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