450 Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas that Students Find Helpful

proposal essay topics

Good proposal essay topics determine the quality of your essay. In a proposal essay, you outline a particular problem that needs resolving. It emphasizes finding solutions to issues. Do you want to produce superior proposal essays?  Are you trying to figure out how to elevate your writing? Our essay writers have compiled a list of topics to ace your proposal essay writing. They have also included the basics of academic writing that you should follow when writing.

What Is a Proposal Essay?

An essay that suggests a solution is known as a proposal argument. In the argument, you provide recommendations in reaction to issues.

Understanding that a proposal is a form of argumentation before you begin drafting one is critical. Using reasoning and facts to persuade the reader is known as argumentation. This indicates that the purpose of your proposal essay is to sway the opinions and behavior of the reader. Even the most skeptical readers can be won over by effective argumentation.

A theme on which to base your writing is necessary before you begin. You would need to research and brainstorm if your instructor didn’t assign you one.

Do you wish to shorten your writing time? Look at the basic minimums of a proposal essay below.

Your Proposal Essay Should Contain

You only need to adhere to the straightforward format that centers on the following to produce a high-quality proposal essay consistently:

Before moving on to the other sections, present background information, and critical details the reader should know in the introduction. The opening must pique the reader’s interest and entice them to continue reading the essay. Remember that the introduction’s final sentence is the thesis statement.

A proposal is an objective statement. This is a brief section where you enlighten the reader about your proposition or the viewpoint you want them to accept. Ensure the proposal’s implementation strategy is not discussed in this section.

Plan of action: Describe how you intend to carry out the idea in this section. What steps will you take to convince the reader that your suggestion is sound? You must persuade the reader to agree with your ideas in this area. Use a different paragraph for each strategy or piece of evidence.

Conclusion: In the conclusion, restate the main ideas and, if appropriate, offer a call to action. Ensure you don’t include any new material in the conclusion because you would need to elaborate on it extensively; a paragraph-length section doesn’t have the capacity for that.

Tips for a Good Proposal Essay

This is what makes an outstanding proposal essay:

  1. Conduct an extensive investigation to get as many details as possible.
  2. Provide proof to support all of your statements and thoughts.
  3. Use good proposal essay topics
  4. Always rely on reliable sources; avoid unreliable blogs and websites.
  5. Include all of your references to prevent plagiarism.
  6. Show off your vocabulary skills and avoid using certain words excessively.
  7. Steer clear of slang and colloquialisms
  8. Focus on 3-5 concepts you will develop in-depth rather than many poorly discussed topics.

But what occurs if your professor lets you pick the name for your proposal essay? So what do you do? Don’t fret; we have some fantastic suggestions below.

Top 10 Proposal Essay Topics

  1. How to handle burnout at work
  2. Techniques for reducing exam stress
  3. Improved techniques for harvesting trees
  4. Adopting cycling for environmental reasons
  5. Deforestation: spreading knowledge
  6. The incorporation of gaming into online education
  7. Do self-affirmations lead to better health?
  8. Participation of the community in reducing crime
  9. A grading system that promotes student growth
  10. Using public transportation to reduce air pollution

Topics on the Environment

As the negative effects of globalization become more obvious, the environment is deteriorating. Coming up with a solution to this problem is fantastic. Consider concentrating on technological advancements that can mitigate global warming.

  1. How can someone alter their habit in an eco-friendly way? Living in the present day requires having a strong awareness of the environment. Individuals can change their way of life to assist the globe more. List the actions that anyone can take to protect the environment.
  2. Who is responsible for the greatest amount of climate change? Global warming is the result of many different things. Some of them are small, while others are enormous. Understanding them will enable us to stop irreparable harm from being done to our planet’s biodiversity.
  3. Where will the ice melt have the biggest impact? One of the effects of climate change is melting ice sheets. Sea level rise causes more CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. Examine these phenomena to increase your understanding of the problems.
  4. How can people emotionally deal with the fact that climate change is unstoppable? It is emotionally challenging to accept the realities of climate change. Some people could feel hopeless or unsatisfied with human advancement. Write about methods for figuring out one’s place in the world.
  5. Is technological progress a cause of pollution or a remedy to a problem? The rise of civilization coincides with the development of technology. It is made easier by the requirement to address issues that develop as progress is made. Can future development correct the errors of the past? Or will it only serve to make the problems already present worse? In your essay, respond to this question.
  6. What environmentally friendly options are available to pet owners, and how do pet owners contribute to pollution?

More Topics on the Environment

  1. What types of energy can assist in stopping global warming?
  2. How can we combat both the enormous food waste and starvation at the same time?
  3. Strategies for summertime water resource management in India.
  4. What kind of energy is the most effective for people?
  5. A strategy for using coal resources responsibly.
  6. How can Australian forests be kept out of flames?
  7. What are the advantages of energy conservation?
  8. The best ways to combat land deterioration.
  9. Making use of renewable energy technology in underdeveloped nations.
  10. Ocean contamination can be fought with floating cleaning equipment.
  11. Techniques for calculating air pollution in rural locations.
  12. Conserving forests can help to protect biodiversity.
  13. What can we do to lessen dams’ environmental harm?
  14. How can desertification be stopped?
  15. Casual vegetarianism is a method of controlling food supplies with an increasing population.
  16. How can we teach pupils to act in an environmentally friendly way?
  17. Examine the capabilities of novel energy sources. How could they possibly be of assistance?
  18. How may deforestation be stopped most successfully?
  19. Biodegradable plastic alternatives.
  20. What is the ideal response to the plastic bag issue?
  21. How can nations encourage the use of bicycles for quick trips?
  22. How can governments address the issue of electronic waste? Compare recycling vs. exporting to poor nations.
  23. Utilizing wind power to generate electricity to combat global warming.
  24. Evaporative coolers as environmentally friendly air conditioner substitutes.

10 More Environmental Proposal Essay Topics

  1. What are the advantages of a zero-waste lifestyle, and what immediate solutions can communities implement?
  2. What actions can the common individual take to stop climate change? What action can the government take?
  3. To change the world, one must first alter oneself. Can you do something to protect the environment?
  4. Should the dairy and meat sectors be prohibited from abusing animals? Is being a vegan the sole means of defending animal rights?
  5. How can outdated lifestyles be addressed?
  6. What has to be changed in sex education classes to lower the number of teen pregnancies?
  7. Vegans demand that others accept their decisions, so why can’t they do the same for others? What methods can be used to address this problem?
  8. Should legislation against dog bites be more specific? Should pit bulls be outlawed, or should more emphasis be placed on educating dog owners?
  9. What is the best way to address the plastic bag issue?
  10. How can nations encourage short-distance bicycle travel?

Proposal Essay Business Topics

Business is a vital subject that provides a variety of essay ideas for proposal and argument essays. You may quickly write a proposal paper on anything from enhancing business performance to creating successful marketing tactics. These are business topics to consider:

  1. How lockdowns affect consumer purchasing power. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that unfavorable conditions are harmful to the economy. It also provides advice on how to steer clear of repeating the same errors. Use this proposal topic idea in business to analyze them.
  2. Characteristics of a leader. The role of a leader is difficult to carry out. A good leader is cautious and courageous, strict yet forgiving. Consider a leader’s character traits while defining them.
  3. A positive work atmosphere is a springboard for commercial success. While many other important variables exist, building a healthy environment benefits a growing firm.
  4. Which methods of customer satisfaction and communication styles are most advantageous? A company’s brand image is significantly influenced by how it tackles communication. Several client communication techniques have been tried and true. In the corporate environment, others are given less value.
  5. Business and crime: how corporate criminality is portrayed in the media. Businesses frequently make headlines for the wrong reasons. Some of the issues are connected to the personal choices made by executives. The choices taken at the business level are another possibility.
  6. How can small firms bounce back rapidly from a recession?
  7. Choosing regional farmers over foreign food chains can help small businesses grow
  8. What are the strategies for stopping the decline in business trust?
  9. What are the least damaging ways out if bankruptcy is imminent?
  10. The use of paid internships to combat young unemployment.

19 More Business topics

  1. What are the advantages of keeping personal emails accessible at work?
  2. Paying overtime to keep talented teachers on staff.
  3. How should parents teach their kids about money?
  4. How can we lower the rates of underemployment?
  5. What should a buyer do if they discover a salesman is lying?
  6. Strategies for avoiding confusion over customer rights.
  7. Exercise memberships, business retreats, and healthy snacks as methods of encouraging employee enthusiasm.
  8. How can a corporation best establish an ethical policy?
  9. Go over the advantages of advanced training instead of dismissal in subpar performance circumstances.
  10. Using college volunteer work to strengthen a graduate’s resume.
  11. How could businesses modify their rules to entice bright students?
  12. How can corporate responsibility be improved? What is it?
  13. Creative suggestions for using social media to increase employment.
  14. How can we make it easier for students to start their businesses?
  15. Provide advice on how small firms can withstand widespread unrest.
  16. Using outsourcing as a fallback for corporate operations.
  17. What changes to corporate culture are necessary for more successful mergers?
  18. Training initiatives for efficient onboarding of new hires.
  19. Using performance feedback to keep important personnel on board.
  20. What e-commerce tactics might be employed to draw in new clients?

Proposal Essay Topics in Education

Education-related issues are always top of mind. Several subjects require further investigation, from assisting teachers to enhancing student academic results. Look out for these suggestions for your proposal that revolve around schools.

  1. Effectiveness and repercussions of punishment as a form of incentive. Fear of the consequences has the power to affect people’s behavior. It’s frequently brought up about laws. Think about how the possibility of punishment affects people’s desire to learn.
  2. How successful is the learning process for elderly adults? People can learn knowledge at varying rates. An ideal proposal paper topic might be to discuss how older people’s educational experiences differ from those of younger people. Use it to advance the conversation and promote understanding.
  3. Evolution of educational systems over time: how has the method we educate kids changed? In the sphere of education, changes are inescapable. We keep learning more and more about the planet. In the interim, we create new strategies for educating others. What modifications are more successful than others? You might concentrate your research on your college or school.
  4. Educational historical revisionism. People’s knowledge of history is mostly based on narratives from the past. We interpret them using our current knowledge of those eras. Most of the time, history is told with some degree of accuracy. Yet, deliberate misrepresentation does occur.
  5. Education outside of a traditional classroom. Classrooms have long been a mainstay of the educational industry. They act as the designated setting for formal instruction and skill development for pupils. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, they are not the most effective setting. What strategies might be more suited for various activities?

More Topics on Schools

  1. The best approaches to encourage greater TV time for educational programming.
  2. How might language instruction be made more effective?
  3. The advantages of adding more foreign languages to the school curriculum.
  4. Strategies that work for teachers to stop bullying in the classroom.
  5. The finest ways to improve preschoolers’ reading comprehension.
  6. Why is sex education important, and how can it be pushed into schools?
  7. Allowing pupils to make mistakes rather than fail them.
  8. The best strategies for parents to spark their kids’ interest in science.
  9. What techniques outside grading might teachers employ?
  10. Teachers provide psychological help to students.
  11. What psychological strategies may educators employ to inspire students?
  12. How can students avoid putting things off?
  13. Making health education for students a requirement.
  14. How can students maximize their time engaging in physical activity in the classroom?
  15. Easy approaches to discussing taboo subjects with children.
  16. The best strategies to appreciate and gain from a subject you dislike.
  17. What are the benefits of gender-specific class divisions?
  18. Strategies for limiting smartphone use in classrooms.
  19. Should discussions and hands-on learning replace lectures?
  20. Techniques for raising students’ and teachers’ self-esteem.

15 More Proposal Essay Topics

  1. Initiatives promoting increased participation in sports among students.
  2. Activities that help students’ reading comprehension
  3. How may standardized examinations be modified better to serve ESL students and kids with learning disabilities?
  4. What classroom activities can increase students’ engagement and motivation?
  5. Rural young teachers’ access to social support.
  6. How might funding and airtime for science-related educational television programs be increased?
  7. What are the benefits of learning foreign languages in school for our education?
  8. What can be done to increase students’ reading comprehension besides having them scream out terms they don’t understand?
  9. The most successful inventors were “wrong-thinkers” in school. They were later recognized as early adopters of risk-taking. Hence, should a teacher allow for the possibility of failure so that pupils might learn from their mistakes?
  10. Although the existing student grading system is faulty, these techniques can improve it.
  11. How are students supposed to be graded?
  12. How can society, parents, instructors, and educators encourage more kids to seek science degrees?
  13. What can teachers do to make sex education classes better?
  14. How can educators recognize bullying in their classrooms?
  15. How might foreign language instruction be made better?

Proposal Essay Ideas: Healthcare

A healthcare essay may take many different turns. Investigating patient-physician connections is one strategy. You could also consider the system as a whole. There are several proposal essay topics about health below.

  1. Using music in treatment and rehabilitation programs. There is no denying that listening to music has a significant psychological impact on people. Using music can create new opportunities for a quicker recovery. Also, it might make medical procedures more enjoyable.
  2. Using patient communication as a therapy strategy. The ability to communicate is crucial in the medical industry. The primary helpers and confidants for their patients are their doctors. They can participate in constructive exchanges and help supervise the course of treatment.
  3. More easily accessible and maneuverable mobility devices. For many people, wheelchairs play a significant role in daily life. Still, it takes a long time to design various kinds of mobility aids. How can we quicken it?
  4. Disabled people who use wheelchairs are stigmatized. Wheelchair usage is widely recognized and comprehended. However, not every aspect of the population is affected by this tendency. Getting rid of the stigma associated with the procedure is a fantastic medical essay topic.
  5. Accessibility and cost of healthcare in the private and public sectors. Everyone is concerned about the state of healthcare. Some people could have what they need to meet their requirements. Some people are not as lucky. Write an essay outlining the best plan of action to solve the lack of easily accessible healthcare.

More Topics on Healthcare

  1. How to lower the proportion of minorities dying in hospitals
  2. Increasing awareness of organ donation.
  3. How can we guarantee positive sporting experiences in physical education?
  4. Medical care and the LGBTQ community in minority groups.
  5. Does the patient’s privacy have to come first constantly?
  6. Payments are based on income for people who were previously uninsured.
  7. Training initiatives to strengthen interactions between doctors and patients.
  8. To cut down on R&D costs, should pharmaceutical companies disclose their findings at the pre-competitive stages?
  9. A plan to encourage more guys to enter the nursing field.
  10. Making interdisciplinary teams more honest.
  11. What steps can be taken to lessen childhood obesity?
  12. How can parents ensure that their kids embrace positive life principles?
  13. What can be done to lower teen smoking rates?
  14. How can the nation guarantee that every citizen, without exception, has access to adequate healthcare?
  15. How can we convince our children not to use drugs?
  16. Can the use of antidepressants increase suicidal behavior? Should it be restricted or prohibited?
  17. How might the funding for cancer research be increased?
  18. What is the best strategy to stop drunk driving fatalities?
  19. Babies born in test tubes have much-increased birth defect risks. Should in-vitro fertilization be used in place of child adoption for couples?
  20. What would be a successful campaign to reduce the use of illicit drugs?

Proposal Essay Topics on Economics

The economy is what drives the planet. Both individuals and large corporations are affected. Because of this, economics makes a great topic for proposal essays.

  1. The financial impact of the COVID-19 epidemic. In 2020, the global economy has seen an unheard-of slump. Give the causes of the situation in detail.
  2. The effects of globalization on the economic progress of different nations. Several variables, particularly globalization attempts, have an impact on the economy. Investigate them in your essay.
  3. Human emotional health and economic progress. Growth in the economy has an impact on people’s capacity to request and obtain the help they require.
  4. Statistics on mental health and how the economy affects the country’s mental stability. Although they may not initially seem related, economic and mental health are two areas that are crucial to one another.
  5. The nation’s economic growth and its treatment of minorities. A society’s economic development can be an indicator of many different things. It involves its capacity to comprehend and embrace individuals who deviate from the accepted standard.
  6. Financial security and a family’s base income.
  7. How the economy impacts people’s purchasing behavior
  8. Does the economy of other nations have an impact on our own?
  9. Is it true or false that the state of the economy affects every person living in the nation?
  10. Monopolies and the accumulation of wealth are bad for the economy.
  11. The lack of economic resources concerning inequality in income, poverty, and wealth distribution.
  12. The economics of disease and death: how businesses create pointless restrictions to boost profits.
  13. Do you agree or disagree that there should be a cap on the number of private property owners?
  14. Has the 2008 financial crisis been resolved? What effect has this crisis had on the contemporary economy?

Cultural Proposal Argument Essay Topics

Each has a unique way of expressing their culture. Cross-cultural communication might be challenging for this reason. Would you like to learn more about how people from different backgrounds interact? Try these proposal essay topics on culture:

  1. What can local governments do to help immigrants integrate? Every person going to a foreign country needs to go through the process. Nonetheless, some people frequently integrate better than others. Significant integration challenges include linguistic and cultural disparities.
  2. How can recruiters screen candidates without being ageists? Ageism is a prevalent issue in the workforce. Employers frequently decline requests from people over a certain age to interview them, particularly in the IT industry. Write about this topic in your essay.
  3. How can one prevent believing dubious nationalist promises? In many nations, nationalism is on the increase. To concentrate the populace on their country’s glories, some leaders employ populist rhetoric. What can be done in this regard?
  4. How can misogyny in the game industry be eliminated? This industry is rife with anti-feminist sentiment and sexist clichés. Analyze this issue and suggest a fix in your essay.
  5. How can one tell if ignorance is being excused by culture? Cultural practices can cover a wide range of topics. A stranger could find some odd, while others may be harmful.
  6. How should states decide whether to protect minority rights?

11 More Topics on Culture

  1. Does positive discrimination make sense as a policy?
  2. Consider ways to improve the effectiveness of cross-cultural communication.
  3. What challenges do couples from different backgrounds frequently encounter?
  4. Consider how to modernize outmoded cultural norms.
  5. When does a notion of cultural sensitivity become relevant?
  6. Easy approaches to stop the discussion of stereotypes and cultural profiling.
  7. Racism and reverse racism on college campuses: how do students handle the continuous debate about race in light of recent cultural developments?
  8. The effect of fervent nationalism on the standing of Americans abroad.
  9. Great questions to ask a stranger to avoid making cultural assumptions.
  10. The arduous process of adjusting to a new culture: what to do and avoid.
  11. Describe the best way to handle the racial profiling debate. Focus on the function of these so-called “social justice warriors” as you do this.

Proposal Essay Topics: Social Life and Social Issues

Currently, society is dealing with various challenges. The most significant societal problems include poverty, racism, and stress. What can we do to make living together better? You can use one of the interesting prompts below to answer this question in an essay:

  1. Social workers and their motivation to help. Social workers provide a vital role that cannot be replaced in society. Still, there are few discussions about their work. The difficulties faced by social workers themselves are frequently disregarded. You can make this the focus of your project.
  2. A discrepancy driven by desperation exists between crime rates and wealth distribution. Compared to more affluent neighborhoods, low-income areas have higher crime rates. But the distinction arises from the fundamental issues that wealth disparity exacerbates. These can be addressed by society in particular ways. In your essay proposing a policy, explore them. The subject is open to many interpretations.
  3. Sensitivity training and workplace discrimination. This topic can be a good choice for a proposal essay. For instance, businesses can encourage staff to participate in pertinent training to fight disrespectful behavior. Show the readers that this is a sensible approach to the issue.
  4. Online harassment and widespread media coverage. Due to the growing use of social media, thousands have gained notoriety due to their online personas. Online bullying also goes hand in hand with this trend. In your essay, make justifiable suggestions for stopping its expansion.
  5. Environmentally responsible uses of contemporary technology. New technology sustainability issues are becoming more and more important. Discuss how people can appreciate technology while contributing constructively to the environment.
  6. Organizing cleaning marathons to encourage residents to maintain their community clean.
  7. Preventive education resources on safe driving.
  8. Is it possible to increase students’ social responsibility?

More Social Proposal Essay Topics

  1. What are some free ways to assist orphans?
  2. The best approaches to handle subcultures’ activities and promote them.
  3. What problems with sexism are there in the classroom? How can they be resolved?
  4. Social programs inform the general public about the issues and requirements of disabled individuals.
  5. Setting up book exchange kiosks throughout the city to encourage reading.
  6. Organizations that offer counseling to depressed teenagers.
  7. If you believe your friend may be an alcoholic or drug addict, consider the best strategies to assist them.
  8. Would banning social media help to lower suicide rates?
  9. How can you make yourself less receptive to advertising?
  10. Choose the ideal role models for teenagers to promote healthy lifestyle choices.
  11. Strategies for helping single-parent households in need.
  12. What actions should you take if your buddies are toxic?
  13. Techniques for demonstrating how social media affects people’s life and how to alter this.
  14. How to avoid daily information overload?
  15. Realistic answers to the cybercrime epidemic’s spiraling rates.
  16. How can people maintain their national identity in an era of globalization?
  17. Justifications for tightening limitations on drugs that have been made legal.
  18. A script for a documentary that will raise people’s awareness of the risks associated with watching too much television.
  19. Due to growing violence against minorities, there are now prohibitions against hate crimes.
  20. Promoting a nutritious diet to lower obesity rates.
  21. Can online harassment alarms for cyberbullying be reduced?
  22. To avoid the risks of excessive drinking, there are healthy alternatives to free beer parties.

Proposal Argument Essay Topics: Technology

These are proposal essay topics on the technology you can write about:

  1. Accessibility for impaired people to technology. New technology is less accessible to some people than it is to others. People with impairments and disabilities fall under this category. Use this topic for a proposed argument to offer a course of action.
  2. Use of technology to improve accessibility in public areas. The inclusion of those who need additional support and those who with disabilities is growing. How might technology improve accessibility for those with disabilities and impairments in public spaces?
  3. Improvements in technology for learning situations. Technology enables us to function more efficiently in a variety of domains. For instance, we can raise the standard of schooling by adopting technology.
  4. Balancing privacy and functionality with home technology. Smart technology is now present in many households. It raises the issue of confidentiality to greater prominence. The challenge of juggling personal space and modern technologies is gaining ground swiftly.
  5. Online safety and security: techniques to manage the experience. Millions of people use social media today. They must be careful about how much private information they disclose online. A useful proposal topic to investigate is what information is appropriate to publish online.
  6. How can it keep up with the quickening pace of technological advancement?
  7. Internet detox as a defense against gloom and apathy.
  8. How should additional technology be in teaching and learning?
  9. Applications for controlling access for minors to the internet.
  10. What financial advantages come from utilizing wireless technologies?

More Topics on the Technology

  1. Solutions to the problem of online identity theft.
  2. Does integrating contemporary technologies into libraries stimulate more frequent patronage?
  3. Protection of personal information online.
  4. How can cyberbullying in schools be combated most successfully?
  5. How can virtual reality assist kids who struggle with learning?
  6. Using contemporary technology while keeping your imagination alive.
  7. Restricting the age at which people utilize modern technologies to promote healthy child development.
  8. Employing media censorship to combat the erosion of moral standards.
  9. Does technology improve academic success for college students? If so, how can they make the most of it to improve their grades?
  10. Is preventing kids from viewing TV the greatest way to prevent the formation of bad behavior patterns?
  11. What are the best ways to use medical technology for inherited illness testing?
  12. Examine contemporary problems with mechanical reproduction and identify the best moral remedies.
  13. Using GMOs in the food industry to end world hunger.
  14. In what ways may technology help with environmental problems?
  15. Tips for utilizing modern technology while maintaining mental health.
  16. In several fields, machines have taken the place of people. Has this tendency had more advantages than drawbacks?
  17. Do smartphones and computers make younger generations less sociable?
  18. How has technology altered how today’s firms operate?
  19. Write a report outlining remedies and suggestions for closing the gap between the wealthy and the poor that technology has widened.
  20. What issues arise when parents forbid their kids from unsupervised internet use?

Law and Justice Proposal Essay Topics

Do you want to contribute to a more just world? Start with a law and justice essay proposal. You can choose the proper course with the aid of these topics.

  1. Change is necessary in the justice system due to a shortage of new talent. The legal system must operate within the constraints of the modern day, just like other fields. Yet, achieving it is difficult. High-level positions are currently predominantly for older individuals. Address the need to support young talent and make room for fresh viewpoints.
  2. What is the best action for kids in the juvenile court system? The topic of juvenile justice is complex. Many folks are unsure about how to go about it. Youths need to be guided and warned about their criminal actions right now. What further approaches might be successful?
  3. Education as a tool for improvement in the rehabilitation of prisoners. The common consensus is that offenders should pay for their wrongdoings. Yet, relying solely on punishment to control disruptive conduct may not be practicable. Utilize this essay topic to provide an issue with a better resolution. Consider rehabilitation programs that assist prisoners in learning new skills.
  4. Legalization of medicines and potential advantages. The effects of consuming psychoactive substances are widely evident. Most people believe that the risks of addictive substances are not worth the advantages. Consider decriminalizing some drugs to reduce drug use in your essay.
  5. Using straightforward legal interpretations to spread awareness. An unprepared person may find it challenging to tackle the subject of law. The problems that the judicial system presents call for knowledge that is challenging for the ordinary populace to learn. Legal reform may benefit from simplification to raise awareness.

More Topics on Law and Justice

  1. Removing judicial partiality from the trial procedure.
  2. The concept of social justice as it relates to the legal system. 8. The promotion of law in society.
  3. The role of law in maintaining social order and control.
  4. Is using punitive justice to deter crime morally acceptable?
  5. Ways to combat violence and overcrowding in prisons.
  6. Talk about some of the more contentious issues that still come up in courtrooms, such as fabricated confessions, improper handling of evidence, and witness framing.
  7. Who should be responsible for the maltreatment of residents and wrongful deaths in nursing homes? Who has a responsibility to care for elderly citizens?
  8. “He said—she said”: Does the presumption of innocence in cases of alleged sexual assault still hold?
  9. Justifications for and against financing police to improve community safety.
  10. Civil lawsuit case types that everyone should be aware of.
  11. Business and law: handling workplace sexual harassment claims.
  12. How to lessen the harm that police violence causes to the standing of law enforcement organizations

Proposal Essay Topics on Student Lifestyle

As a student, these subjects might become the most relevant to you. Those will be the simplest to write; you may even draw on your experiences. Your proposal will succeed more if you bring up these topics your peers can identify with.

  1. How can a more well-rounded curriculum develop for middle and high school students?
  2. What steps lower teen drinking?
  3. In what ways can parents motivate their kids to participate in additional extracurricular activities?
  4. How can divorced parents help their children succeed in school, create happy lives and marriages, and form solid relationships?
  5. How can parents assist kids in avoiding or coping with school bullying?
  6. How can parents shield their kids from peer pressure?
  7. How can kids learn responsibility most effectively?
  8. What is the best method for training a child?
  9. How can teachers balance involving students and granting them authority and influence over them?
  10. How can parental involvement in children’s education be enforced and improved?

Literature Topics and Ideas

Why not write about reading if you like it? A paper is an ideal venue for showcasing your literary expertise. The best part is that you can utilize these intriguing proposal essay themes as ISC preparation. Use these literature proposal essay topics and ideas:

  1.  What are the main vices in Lolita by Nabokov? The themes of Vladimir Nabokov’s book may be contentious to certain individuals today. The book’s primary subject is the central character’s sexually inappropriate interaction with a young girl. You can also investigate the vices of other characters.
  2. Is the American Dream dismantled in An American Tragedy? In your essay, review the book’s major concepts and plot points. Consider examining the nature of upper-class society and the surface-level interactions between people.
  3. The Yellow Wallpaper’s depiction of domestic violence and emotional torture. One of the key texts for American feminist literature is The Yellow Wallpaper. It focuses on the internal battles of a lady who has spent too much time alone with her thoughts. It addresses many issues, such as emotional abuse and misogyny.
  4. Literary fads that characterize contemporary literature. Years and years of human growth have resulted in an astronomically large number of books. Every epoch’s social circumstances have a significant impact on literature. Compared to past eras, describe what makes modern literature unique.
  5. Women are often objectified in literature. It can be challenging to create intriguing female characters, especially in light of the disparities between men and women in society. Throughout history, men have struggled to write empathetically and respectfully about women. It also shows up in how people view female literary figures.

More Literature Proposal Essay Topics and Ideas

  1. Propaganda humor in literature.
  2. Is it accurate to say that the occult in literature serves as a doorway to mysticism?
  3. Talk about how classic literature affects different countries’ perspectives on the world.
  4. Does an author’s personality always come through in their writing?
  5. “Death of the author”: Interpretational implications of the term’s usage.
  6. The main themes and symbols in The Great Gatsby and how they affect storytelling.
  7. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest uses satirical dialogue.
  8. The emergence of Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be?” is one of the most famous dilemmas.
  9. Valuable lessons that readers of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five can learn.
  10. Authors of the present who have inspired literary fads.
  11. Talk about initiatives aimed at promoting the reading of classic literature by kids and teenagers.

Creative Writing Proposal Essay Topics

creative essay topics

Novels, short stories, and essays all present unique difficulties. You can discover the greatest approach to overcoming them in your paper. These are for you if you need creative proposal topics for your English class.

  1. Using writing to reduce stress. A popular pastime among fans is writing. A person must use much emotional energy in the creative process. But it also enables individuals to deal with their anxiety creatively.
  2. The likelihood of writing success. A career in writing is interesting. One’s prospects of making it in the literary world greatly depend on the content they create. In an essay, describe these and other elements.
  3. The significance of background and setting in writing. The characters and their actions are crucial in telling a story. Little details, however, are essential for the reader’s interest.
  4. Immersion writing: maintaining reader interest. How much the audience cares about the story’s happenings depends on their level of immersion. The author can keep the audience interested by creating a setting. Examine the methods for doing it.
  5. The significance of unfavorable reactions to written media. People can write as a form of entertainment. The intention behind producing a story is frequently to arouse favorable emotions. Yet, it isn’t always the case. Even negative emotions can engage and pique the audience’s curiosity. Explain the causes.

More Creative Topics

  1. How can the context be preserved in translations?
  2. Talk about writing as an exercise in creativity.
  3. What are some potential dangers of pursuing a profession in writing?
  4. Long-term authors’ success can lead to burnout.
  5. How should minority writers be approached?
  6. How to format a research proposal from the abstract to the list of references
  7. What to include and omit when writing a 1000-word book synopsis.
  8. Suggestions for becoming an authority on citation style (MLA edition.)
  9. Useful advice for crafting a stunning discursive paper.
  10. How to compose a 5-paragraph reflective essay in the shortest time
  11. Technical writing specifics: how to tell specialized text from non-specialist text.
  12. Developing catchy names for articles and research papers: how to pique readers’ interest.
  13. The simplest method for creating a draft of any paper.

Suggestions Topics on Global History

Since humanity’s inception, a lot has happened. The effects of human activity can be seen all around the world. Consider these proposal essay topic suggestions if you wish to go into the past:

  1. What made the Cold War one of the world’s tense times? The Cold War has symbolized the ongoing arms competition between the two largest countries in the world. The world has gone perilously near annihilation as tensions have gradually grown.
  2. The impact of false information on communication throughout history. Every country in the globe has its history. In the end, the method used by nations to document their history is unreliable. Describe why spreading false information fails to unite people.
  3. The Iron Curtain and decades of unreported events. How far Asia and America have come during the 20th century is astonishing. In the meantime, one of the world’s largest economies, Russia, stayed out of international commerce and selected a different course for its development. Write about the events that propelled the Soviet Union to prominence worldwide.
  4. Using world history to comprehend other civilizations better. People throughout the world are simultaneously united and divided by history. Working together with people from various backgrounds can be challenging in many situations. Examine how we may use history as a source of wisdom in such circumstances.
  5. The East and West’s cultural differences. The world is typically divided between the East and the West. Several nations fall under these diverse cultural and historical divisions. On the other hand, Europe stands out because it exhibits a tremendous diversity of civilizations and traditions. The position of Europe concerning the East and the West.

9 More Topics on Contemporary History

  1. Discuss the effects of the America-centric historical perspective.
  2. Talk about learning from past mistakes to direct the present.
  3. Is the collapse of ancient civilizations a model for comprehending the growth of contemporary societies?
  4. Examine the effect of conservatism on how history is taught.
  5. Examine the merits of teaching history in ways that are not location-specific.
  6. How did strong female leaders like Jeanne d’Arcy influence how cultures developed?
  7. A brief overview of the Paleolithic Age saw the rise of cultures based on fishing, scavenging, hunting, and gathering.
  8. A collection of the major historical occurrences that influenced contemporary culture.
  9. Conjecture based on historical evidence: What would have happened following World War II if the Axis had prevailed?

Proposal Essay Topics on Sports

Sport plays a significant role in contemporary life, and today’s drama and controversies give every fan something to discuss. These are some topics to write on:

  1. Do college athletes deserve compensation? How can colleges balance business, education, and athletics more effectively?
  2. How can coaches encourage athletes on a whole new level?
  3. How can players and coaches address the media following a defeat?
  4. Should steroids be made more lucrative and lawful rather than outlawed?
  5. Can television sports coverage by the media be improved? Which sports should be shared, if any?
  6. Should prospective team members be required to get in shape if they are hurt and can’t play in the future? Consider retiring.
  7. Should all forms of hunting be illegal?
  8. Should extreme entertainment acts be illegal?
  9. The advantages of regular physical activity and sports for adolescents with emotional or physical issues. How do various activities—like exercise, swimming, jogging, etc.—affect adolescents’ moods?
  10. Can seasoned gamers be categorized as professional athletes in cybersport?

Religion Essay Ideas

Many people’s lives are significantly influenced by religion on a spiritual level. Also, it’s a fascinating subject to explore. Choose one of these proposal essay topics on religion to elaborate on in your essay:

  1. Strategies for restoring the Catholic Church’s standing. Scandals frequently revolve around the Catholic Church. Find ways to redeem its reputation as your mission.
  2. How can we raise money to renovate the church? Churches are frequently regarded as architectural marvels. Regrettably, many of them have fallen into disrepair. Discuss possible solutions to this problem.
  3. What can localities do to resurrect pagan practices and beliefs? The rise of Christianity caused the extinction of many old traditions. Consider ways to keep the current practices when discussing this issue.
  4. Multiple religious affiliations: Giving up other beliefs to practice one particular religion is common. Is it possible to hold multiple philosophies at once?
  5. The value of modesty in today’s society. Several religions place a strong emphasis on modesty. How should one practice this virtue?
  6. How can religious ideas and contemporary science coexist?
  7. Enhancing class 11’s religious instruction.
  8. Provide suggestions for how to increase Westerners’ interest in Buddhism.
  9. Living a monastic abstinence-only lifestyle is the surest path to genuine tranquility.
  10. How might clergy engage young people in sermons?
  11. A brief assessment of current Catholic Church issues
  12. Comparing historical facts with the accounts of events provided in the holy text is known as a factual analysis of the Bible.
  13. The benefits and drawbacks of religious education and how it affects young people’s worldviews.
  14. The most effective way to combat religious prejudice. Examining the conflict between Islam and Christianity might be a useful strategy.
  15. Many perspectives on the role of religion, including how it benefits and damages individuals.

Funny Proposal Essay Topics

Choose a humorous subject if you’re writing a casual proposal essay to keep the essay light and interesting. Consider the humorous issues that people face every day.

  1. Can students find all the information they require online?
  2. What function on a cell phone could prevent texting while walking accidents with objects?
  3. How can pupils exercise in class while seated at their desks?
  4. What are some methods for potty-training animals?
  5. If aliens are genuine, discuss the most effective method of contacting them.
  6. How can you guarantee that you use your shampoo and conditioner simultaneously?
  7. Propose alterations to or additions to kitchen appliances that guarantee food safety.
  8. Talk about an alternative to buses in public transit.

Proposal Essay Ideas: Politics and Government

You must have thought, “Why doesn’t the government do this?” at some point. It’s time to put this idea to good use now. These proposal essay topics will inspire you when writing about the government and policies:

  1. The effectiveness and outcomes of using voting as an instrument for change. One of our essential rights is to vote. People can affect how their government functions with their assistance. Also, it enables people to take part in societal transformation. But is it consistently efficient?
  2. Using political affiliation to analyze a person’s personality. Many people frequently underestimate the impact politics has on their daily lives. Describe the implications of a person’s associations for their morals and character.
  3. The right to sovereignty in contemporary society and foreign involvement. Each power system should be capable of making independent decisions free from outside interference. In a time when many nations are engaged in conflict over their political objectives, it is crucial.
  4. The political influence of the masses and the means through which it is shown. In a society, the government is technically in charge. Yet so long as people accept it as true, it is true. If necessary, the people can overthrow the government. Explain the procedure.
  5. Refusing to cast a ballot to oppose politics. Many different methods of influencing the government’s decision-making have been tried. One of these initiatives is not casting a ballot. Discuss whether it is a legitimate protest tactic.

More Topics on Governance

  1. Is it worthwhile to vote in a two-party system?
  2. Is government assistance for low-income families good or bad?
  3. The government takes Several approaches when supporting businesses and people during a crisis.
  4. Political affiliation and propensity to give to charity.
  5. Is government repression of political opposition a successful strategy for reducing violence?
  6. Considerable information regarding whether or not governments should decide how their citizens live. If so, what restrictions apply?
  7. Topics to discuss with your local government include its impact on the economy, social equality, and neighborhood well-being.
  8. Should the government intervene in regulating the Internet and other news media?
  9. Social issues brought on by government action.
  10. How should politicians act while formally assisting underrepresented and marginalized communities?
  11. What steps should be taken to prevent the next economic crisis?
  12. What could be done to improve the electoral process?
  13. What steps can be taken to stop foreign parties and nations from meddling in American elections?
  14. Does espionage law violate free expression? Should it be outlawed or changed?
  15. How can the government deal with illegal immigration more effectively?
  16. How can the government improve the efficiency of programs like Medicaid, Social Security, and welfare?
  17. Steps to be taken to improve the living conditions of US veterans.
  18. Should only people on probation and those who have completed their sentences have the right to vote while incarcerated?
  19. What steps should be taken to reduce the national debt?
  20. Should so many purchases be made using credit? What can be done to combat the debt culture?

Proposal Essay Topics About Animals

One kind of persuasive writing is a proposal essay. With these topics for an essay, you may use your persuasive skills to benefit animals.

  1. How can the trade in illegal pets stop?
  2. How may technology enable pets to survive without their owners while they are away?
  3. How can zoos maintain animal safety without cages or glass enclosures?
  4. What new dog breed cross would be the ideal pet?
  5. What is the most effective approach to resurrecting extinct animals?
  6. Provide easy solutions for handling stray animals.
  7. Talk about national pet ownership laws.
  8. How can animals in polluted waters be effectively protected?

Psychology Ideas to Write About

Qualitative and quantitative research can be useful for psychology and personal development studies. Are you seeking interesting prompts in either direction? Check out these proposal essay topics on psychology:

  1. Apps for self-improvement. Several phone applications and programs claim they will help you become your best self. How do you determine which is best for you?
  2. Go over how to use the results of your personality test. According to personality tests, you can tell what kind of person you are with just a few ticks. But how accurate are these forecasts?
  3. What can governments do to guarantee that everyone needing therapy may access it? The number of doctors cannot meet the demand for psychotherapy. There are never-ending waiting lists, and many people give up even before they attempt.
  4. Strategies for lowering staff burnout. Burnout is a prevalent illness among employees nowadays. What steps can businesses take to create a less stressful workplace?
  5. How can you maintain stability during difficult times? A major public health concern on a global scale is depression. Provide a solution to prevent it in emergencies.
  6. How can getting out of bed in the mornings be easier?

10 More Proposal Essay Topics on Psychology

  1. How do you increase resilience?
  2. The greatest technique is to keep track of your routines and follow them.
  3. Organizing the workplace using management and psychology.
  4. How might psychology make it easier to explore houses?
  5. How detrimental to a child’s growth is the advertising industry?
  6. Create a descriptive essay describing the events that have molded your character and self-worth. Have you gained more knowledge from good or bad experiences?
  7. What structure should training programs and sessions for professional growth have when working with people with developmental disabilities?
  8. To what extent do you agree that a person’s personality is predetermined by their genetic heritage? Is it accurate to say that personality traits cannot be changed?
  9. Talk about the theories about anxiety and how this condition affects a person’s growth.
  10. Advice for coping with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Motivational Essay Topics

Motivational subjects pique the interest of students greatly. You have the power to inspire the reader to take positive action. Look at these suggestions for motivational proposal essay topics:

  1. Does money make people hostile or encourage them to do good deeds?
  2. How can you overcome failures without becoming depressed?
  3. Is it possible to learn from the errors of others?
  4. What causes happiness in people? Can we produce happiness on our own?
  5. Perfectionism kills a person’s personality and is harmful to them. How do I approach this?
  6. How should you plan for the future to live well in old age?
  7. How should one handle a breakdown in emotion while defending a project?
  8. How can I write academic papers faster while finding time for hobbies?
  9. How might your schoolwork impact your future?

Proposal Essay Topics on Music and Art

The music and art industries are competitive. How should influential people use their position? How can we open up arts to more people? When conducting research for your paper, keep these two questions in mind.

  1. The ability of music to reduce stress. The benefits of music for the body and brain are numerous. Several experiments and pieces of research have shown it. Music therapy can be used effectively when traditional medicine cannot solve an issue.
  2. Modern-day musical instruments. A variety of people are drawn to music, an art form that is constantly evolving. With the advent of modern technologies, many individuals now turn to unusual music production methods. Provide an essay outline for them.
  3. The growth of software geared toward music production as a means of producing more music. The development of the personal computer has increased the public’s access to music-making software. Many more creators can now try composing music because they don’t need to use specialized tools. What does it portend for the industry’s future?
  4. Where classical painting fits in the modern day, the computer has streamlined the process for ease and made digital painting possible. The quantity of traditional art may be dwindling due to the development of drawing software. Can it be harmful to the art world as a whole?
  5. Beliefs about the worth of abstract art. Several individuals disagree on the subject of abstract art. Some people view it as proof of human inventiveness. Some view it as a comedy masquerading as an artistic expression. Share your thoughts on this intriguing topic for a proposal essay.

9 More Music and Art Topics

  1. Using art to express one’s emotions.
  2. Is commissioned artwork truly an expression of the artist’s freedom?
  3. Do artworks show an artist’s personality?
  4. Does music effectively affect people’s moods and emotions?
  5. Using music to condition people.
  6. Should the government grant and assist aspiring musicians and artists?
  7. Compare and contrast the advantages of art for people and societies.
  8. Which modern musicians and artists have influenced you the most personally, and why?
  9. Does rap music have an impact on how contemporary youths act? If so, are there any differences between the social messages of present rap and rap from the 1970s?

Proposal Essay Topics on The Internet and Social Media

The audience is always interested in hearing about the internet and social media. Here are some suggestions for formal and informal topics that you can investigate in further detail:

  1. How may information be shared safely on social media?
  2. Do kids watch TV too much? How much does watching TV affect kids’ vision?
  3. How long should a broadcast last to avoid losing the audience?
  4. Can you take pictures of people without consent when in a public location or on a trip?
  5. Should the ethics of Internet communication be taught to people?
  6. Will students use social media to advance their education?
  7. Is a student’s interaction with a teacher on social media acceptable?
  8. How can incorrect information on the Internet be declassified?
  9. How do people combat online crime?
  10. How can a pupil learn to disregard cyberbullying on the internet?

Proposal Essay Topics Globalization

Globalization appears to have affected every part of the planet. What direction should humanity take next? Write down your decision.

  1. The ability of globalization to raise income levels in underdeveloped nations. In the current generation, globalization is an inescapable and rapid process. It has an impact on how countries expand and advance. Different populations may be encouraged by globalization to engage in specific behaviors that are advantageous to both themselves and society.
  2. How are local traditions being wiped out due to globalization? The efforts to globalize have many advantageous implications for how nations develop. Nonetheless, there may be a wide range of unfavorable effects. The most obvious repercussions include eradicating native traditions, languages, and culture. Discuss how tiny villages and people’s quality of life are being threatened by globalization.
  3. The spread of the English language and globalization. The British Empire’s colonial conquests have led to English becoming the dominant language spoken worldwide. There is no doubt that having a common language is advantageous. It’s crucial to comprehend the fundamental causes of why English has become the dominant language in the world.
  4. The rapid rise of the Chinese economy and globalization.
  5. How the third world’s growth rates are impacted by globalization.
  6. How globalization has affected people’s educational attainment and progressive perspective.
  7. Is there a link between increased LGBTQ acceptance and globalization?
  8. Using globalization to forge a single cultural identity.
  9. Talk about the detrimental effects that globalization has had on society.
  10. How does globalization affect agriculture?
  11. Describe the relationship between global wealth and knowledge exchange across nations and cultures.
  12. Has globalization personally impacted you? If so, how did you lessen the effects of this procedure?
  13. Examine the connection between globalization and democratization using the example of emerging markets.

Research Proposal Essay Topics

The subjects that interest you the most make for the ideal research proposal essay ideas. We’ve provided a few samples below to get you going:

  1. What impact does eating have on our health?
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using supplements?
  3. Is it possible to become hooked to exercise?
  4. What are the physical effects of stress?
  5. How does sleep deprivation affect the brain?
  6. What are the physical effects of caffeine?
  7. What distinguishes a healthy diet from an unhealthy one?
  8. What are the physical effects of eating junk food?
  9. What advantages does mindfulness offer?
  10. Should everyone follow a vegan diet?
  11. What advantages do a plant-based diet offer?
  12. What are the physical effects of sugar?
  13. Can we consume too much fruit?
  14. Do organic foods benefit us more?
  15. What advantages does fasting offer?
  16. How healthy is the paleo diet for you?
  17. Should we stay away from gluten?
  18. What advantages does drinking green tea have?
  19. Is coconut oil healthy?
  20. There are countless themes for argumentative essays on technology. We’ve provided a few samples below to get you going:
  21. Should schools begin introducing digital literacy lessons?
  22. How can technology help us live better lives?
  23. Do we need to be concerned about artificial intelligence?
  24. Should parents restrict how much time their kids spend on screens?
  25. How can we keep ourselves secure online?
  26. Does technology make us stupid or smarter?
  27. Do we depend too heavily on technology?

The Goal of Proposal Essay Topics

A proposal essay aims to persuade readers that your concept merits additional inquiry and examination. You must achieve this by giving thorough background information and arguments favoring your viewpoint.

Your essay should be organized to offer your position, starting with a solid introduction that gives background information on the subject. The ideas you mention in each body paragraph should be used to support your argument, and your conclusion should restate these points.

Be sure that the subject you choose for your proposal essay is one that you are knowledgeable about and interested in. Your essay will be simpler to write and more informed as a result. Choose a subject that has plenty of information available as well. This will enable you to offer verifiable evidence to back up your claim.

How to Choose the Best Proposal Essay Topics

Consider using one of the following ideas if you’re having problems coming up with a topic for your essay:

  1. What part does psychology play in our daily lives?
  2. Can psychiatric illnesses be treated?
  3. What distinguishes a mental illness from a physical disease?
  4. How do we recall information?
  5. Is Multiple Personality Disorder a real condition?
  6. Can a person get addicted to love?
  7. What distinguishes personality from character?
  8. Are the mind and the brain distinct from one another?
  9. Can psychology help police investigate crimes?
  10. Can animals teach us anything?

How to Write an Argumentative Proposal Essay

Consider the considerations you should make before writing a proposal argument paper.

  1. Choose a topic that appeals to you personally. It might be associated with your city, school, or pastime. Verify that the issue you’ve chosen is real and manageable.
  2. Consider your essay’s prospective audience. If they are already aware of the issue you’re presenting, consider that. If not, be sure to give sufficient background information.
  3. Provide numerous forms of support. Understandably, you want to write a compelling essay. You must cite reliable sources, but you can also use first-hand experiences. Vivid real-world examples are a tremendous aid in creating persuasive essays.

The success of your essay depends on how well it is constructed. Your argument should be composed of three parts, just like any other argument:

  • A proposition for a course of action to address a problem.
  • Supporting data shows how successful the solution is.
  • Arguments that support the viability of the suggested fix.

Proposal Argument Essay Outline

Choosing proposal essay topics is half the work. Let’s now examine each component of a proposal essay in more detail.


  1. Begin with an explanation of the issue. Provide a brief history of the subject and some background information.
  2. Persuade the audience that the issue is genuine.
  3. Illustrate how the problem has an impact. Make it abundantly obvious that action is necessary.
  4. Sample Proposal Argument Essay
  5. Let’s examine each component of a proposal essay in more detail now.

Thesis statement

  1. You make this point at the end of the introduction.
  2. Create a clear and concise proposal.
  3. Provide rebuttals before the thesis if you anticipate your audience may be doubtful.

Body paragraphs

  1. Clearly explain the thesis’s recommendation.
  2. Outline the solution’s operation in a step-by-step fashion.
  3. If possible, evaluate your answer against a previously accomplished feat.
  4. Explain why your plan will succeed. Don’t forget to include reliable proof!
  5. Outline conflicting perspectives and address them. Make a case to the readers for why your answer is the best one.


  1. Summarize the key points of your essay.
  2. Concisely restate your solution.
  3. Convince the audience to agree with your position.

Samples of Proposal Essays and Formatting Tips

You now have a topic to work with and knowledge of how to write proposal arguments. We wish to provide you with some formatting advice in this final section. Depending on your needs, you can select either the MLA or the APA format.

Title page


1. Enter your name, your institution’s affiliation, and the title of your request. Add the course name, your professor’s name, and the date.

2. The title should be at the center and prominent.

3. Double-space all of the text.


1. The MLA does not require a title page.

2. Instead, put the title on the first page of your submission. In the upper left-hand corner, write your name, the name of your professor, the course name, and the date. Never bold or italicize.

3. Provide your name and a page number in the running head.



1. On the second page, begin the abstract.

2. Write the term Abstract in bold and at the center of the page.

3. Summarize the issue and your solution in your abstract.

4. Provide a running head with the title of your proposal.


1. In MLA, abstracts are typically not necessary.

2. your instructor might ask you to write it for a proposal argument. The abstract might come right after the title. Describe the issue and your suggested remedy in brief.



1. Your references should include Each author’s name, date, title, and source.

2. Bold the title in the text.


Your references must list the following information: the author’s name, the title, the container (in italics), any co-authors, the version, the publisher, the date of publishing, and the location.

Please use these essay proposal writing tips to create A+ papers. Choose a theme for your proposal essay based on your interests. You can take pleasure in the essay-writing process while enjoying the results of your labor.

Proposal Essay FAQ

What is a proposal essay?

A proposal essay describes a clearly defined problem, offers a solution, and justifies that answer. A strong proposal essay incorporates parts of persuasive writing and research (explain why your solution is the best option.)

How to write a proposal essay?

Persuasive reasons are the key to producing a great proposal essay for college or your work. They ought to persuade your audience that your option is the finest. Make an effort to write an impressive yet modest paper. An outline will be useful.

How do you start a proposal essay?

First, draft an outline for your next thesis. Ideas for the body part should come first. Provide pertinent examples and reasons to support your points. Add an appropriate introduction after that.

What are some good proposal essay topics?

Every issue that might have a range of options for remedies can serve as your topic. The “ideal meeting structure,” “the finest approach to commemorate anything,” or even “financial allocation” are a few examples.

Bottom Line

You now have good proposal essay topics you can write on. We have also included the basics of writing a good proposal essay. Do you still need assistance? Our essay writers will help you pick a good proposal essay topic and write for you. Contact us for an estimate, or visit our blog for more insights on proposal essay writing.

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