497 Funny Speech Topics that Will Leave Your Audience in Stitches

497 Funny Speech Topics that Will Leave Your Audience in Stitches

Speaking in front of an audience may be much fun, especially when humor is used. To persuade an audience that your argument is the best, you must use more than comedy to get them to agree with your perspective. Constructing funny speech topics is challenging for many students. Our essay writers have developed a model for writing and delivering funny topics. They also help students create a speech that will leave the audience in stitches.

What is a Funny Speech?

Any humorous speech topic will help you connect with the audience and maintain their attention. Typically, public speakers test several speech patterns based on the topic and the audience they are trying to reach. The verbal substance is made more amusing and fascinating by the use of humor, though.

There are several kinds of funny speeches: Persuasive, demonstrative, explanatory, inspirational, and ceremonial. Each of these speech types is unique. You should be extra selective about when and how to use humor in speeches. Say, for example, that you shouldn’t be overly lighthearted when giving a speech in a serious setting. However, you can use comedy as a tactic cleverly to change the serious environment into one that is comfortable. But keep in mind that sometimes your enjoyment can go bad. First, properly comprehend the scenario and include humor in your speech at the ideal times.

Advantages of a Funny Speech

Delivering a funny speech can be challenging, but it has its advantages. Here, we’ve outlined a few benefits you can obtain by giving a humorous but thought-provoking speech.

  • Including comedy will add interest to your speech.
  • Your amusing speech can amuse and make your audience smile.
  •  It can also create a calming ambiance by releasing tension that has built up in the air.
  • By using humor in your speech, you can more readily connect with and persuade your audience.
  •  Break down any hurdles that may be standing in the way.

How to Effectively Deliver a Funny Speech

The ultimate goal of a speech is to engage the audience and convey your opinions on a certain subject. Some people get overly serious or anxious when giving a speech. Remember that if you speak firmly, the audience may find it challenging to follow you. You are also unable to eloquently and efficiently communicate your thoughts. Therefore, choose among the best funny speech topics, avoid apprehension, and include humorous components to lighten the mood.

A humorous speech cannot be effectively delivered based solely on speech content. Additionally, you want to consider the importance of your tone, volume, tone of voice, and body language. The steps listed below can help you deliver a persuasive and humorous speech.

  1. Be aware of your target audience
  2. Research to identify the ideal speech subject that allows for adding hilarious features.
  3. Create a speech style plan.
  4. Mark your speech’s objectives and themes.
  5. Jot down the key points of the speech.
  6. List the techniques for making people laugh.
  7. Ensure the speech’s information is organized so the audience can grasp it.
  8. The speech ought to be entertaining, instructive, and motivating.
  9. Deliver your speech and ask your family or friends for their opinions. You should change the subject of your speech based on their response and comments.
  10. To comfortably deliver a humorous speech, practice it several times while paying close attention to your body language, loudness, and tone.

Persuasive Funny Speech Topics

These are persuasive speech topics you can consider:

  1. Boys gossip more than girls
  2. Should Trix end their exclusionary practices and produce them for everyone?
  3. Give your horoscope the blame for what went wrong
  4. Why you ought to never participate in a food challenge
  5. Insurance for breakups ought to be created.
  6. Which came first, the egg or the chicken?
  7. Objections to wearing thin jeans for guys
  8. Vegetables have emotions; stop treating carrots cruelly.
  9. The good and the bad of camping
  10. Why children should laugh in class
  11. Why it’s beneficial to lie well
  12. Why I ought to wed Cameron Diaz
  13. Go right if nothing moves left.
  14. Adults are an odd species.
  15. Use your dog as a scapegoat
  16. The best piece of advice somebody could give you is to become lost
  17. The grass is probably synthetic, so it appears greener on the other side.
  18. You must first be young and foolish before becoming old and smart.
  19. You should record that because you are likely to forget.
  20. Our facial expressions can’t lie, but we can.
  21. Background music ought to be a given in life.
  22. Chocolate never poses silly inquiries.
  23. When you need professional guidance, you should occasionally just talk to yourself.
  24. You should spend time with a three-year-old if you want to know what life is really about.
  25. A silent lady is the most dangerous animal around.
  26. We don’t try to interrupt people’s discussions; we just get incredibly excited and remember random stuff.
  27. Wouldn’t taking two six-month holidays each year be wonderful?
  28. Nothing is worse than realizing you are mistaken during a heated debate.

More persuasive topics

This is an extension of persuasive, funny speech topics

  1. You’ll kick yourself for not taking more naps when younger.
  2. I occasionally think that the internet needs a sarcasm font.
  3. Some of your poor choices are required so that you can have fascinating tales to tell.
  4. Sometimes, you must keep a phone number handy to block their obnoxious calls.
  5. How often should you say “excuse me” before giving up and nodding?
  6. I’ll be ready in five minutes is the same for both men and women as “I’ll be home in five minutes.”
  7. The phrase “we will see” indicates that it is unlikely.
  8. Adults today barely know how to do math without a calculator but constantly complain that they have X number of problems.
  9. Adulthood is not an easy task.
  10. Life often reminds me of a test I didn’t prepare for.
  11. You are not strange; you are merely a rare specimen.
  12. No need to sugarcoat anything; none of us can be Willy Wonka.
  13. Since not everyone has good taste, it’s okay if not everyone likes you.
  14. Most people make errors five or six times to be safe.
  15. People get agitated when you’re joyful.
  16. You should observe a person’s response to slow internet before marrying.
  17. Alcohol makes the send button bigger.
  18. Everybody needs a day when they can be as worthless as the “g” in lasagna.
  19. Those who claim to have slept like babies have undoubtedly never had a child.
  20. Underarm farts are not a clever party trick, unfortunately.
  21. Why do we laugh when our friends misbehave but panic when our phones do?

17 Best Persuasive Speech Topics

These are the funny speech topics that will spark every audience:

  1. Why do we remember everything we forgot to do after bed?
  2. Put an end to telling folks your child is 28 months old!
  3. Cinderella shows how a new pair of shoes can alter your course.
  4. Why do people determine how many hours they will sleep?
  5. Why do guys always press the remote control buttons?
  6. Every great man has a woman rolling her eyes in the background.
  7. You should probably keep your mother off of Facebook.
  8. This is why clowns are frightful.
  9. The actual Christmas wish list I have for my family.
  10. Why Mondays ought to be prohibited.
  11. Living with your parents at 30 is not acceptable.
  12. Men are the biggest natterers.
  13. Nobody cares if you boast about going to the gym, so stop!
  14. We are capable of lying to others but not to ourselves.
  15. Starting a diet on a Monday is never a good idea.
  16. Plans here refer to my desire to remain in and watch Netflix.
  17. If someone insults you, you should wave and grin back.

25 Common Funny Speech Topics

Funny Speech Topics

These 25 speech topics are common among vast audiences:

  1. Make at least one of your two faces attractive if you’re going to be dishonest.
  2. Some people genuinely think they know everything; do they consider themselves Google?
  3. I wish somebody would say something smart to surprise me.
  4. Women should avoid coloring their faces.
  5. Some individuals are so phony that Barbie begins to feel envious.
  6. You are always free to hold an inaccurate opinion of yourself.
  7. Do individuals anticipate we will take notes when they give us instructions?
  8. It doesn’t necessarily fit just because it fits if it doesn’t.
  9. It’s ok; you may justify yourself to get out of awkward situations.
  10. Your life can be ruined by autocorrect.
  11. Some folks only bark and never bite.
  12. Why read the book When you can just watch the movie?
  13. Growing up is voluntary, but getting older is a given.
  14. Money can speak, and it frequently prefers to say goodbye.
  15. If today is the worst day of your life, the good news is that you know tomorrow will be better.
  16. There are some weird people in the world.
  17. A flower that does not bloom in every yard is common sense.
  18. Sometimes, all you need to do is sleep it off.
  19. Up until mommy gets home, daddy is in charge.
  20. You must always cut a toddler’s sandwich in the proper form to prevent issues.
  21. On the first date, people frequently tell lies to get the second.
  22. why it’s still wrong even if everyone is doing it
  23. You can have your cake and eat it too!
  24. Never ruin a party for others.
  25. Disney films are fantastic—until everyone starts singing.

Diverting Speech Topics

These are diverting, funny speech topics you can talk about:

  1. Being “too busy” is fiction.
  2. Teenagers should remember that they used to urge their mothers to watch them poop not too long ago.
  3. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people were happy with us when we took a lengthy nap, just like kids?
  4. When your partner is furious with you because of something you did in their dream, you know it will be a difficult day.
  5. The ability to remain silent is sometimes our greatest accomplishment.
  6. Why Humans experience math as mental abuse.
  7. You should wed the person who makes you feel the same way that seeing food arriving at a restaurant does.
  8. At your peril, don’t touch a pregnant tummy.
  9. You will get the horns if you mistreat the bull.
  10. What caused “that’s cool” to change to “that’s hot”?
  11. Nowadays, people assume you are sick if you don’t wear makeup.
  12. People frequently respond with LOL when they are at a loss for words.
  13. Why is it termed a crush exactly?
  14. Why did Cinderella’s shoe fall off in the first place if it ended up fitting perfectly?
  15. We simply wish to travel back in time to repeat the enjoyable events.
  16. When we begin to wonder if a word is even real.
  17. I had a life before Facebook.
  18. While you still have your teeth, smile.
  19. The benefits of laughter as medicine.
  20. Three explanations for why (insert your preferred cheering team here) will triumph in this year’s Super Bowl.
  21. High school students frequently faint, which is not always a symptom of anything significant.
  22. Why do many women think a rose is the best flower for smell?

Jocular Speech Topics

These are jocular, funny speech topics:

  1. Makeup should not be permitted on girls under 12
  2. The best customer service and conduct codes for consumer complaints are found at Wendy’s, Burger King, and McDonald’s (choose your favorite fast food chain).
  3. James Bond, Agent 007, is my favorite. (Insert the name of the actor or actress of your choosing. Or select a different fictional character for some fun persuasive speech topics.
  4. Convince your audience to take your own How Cool Are You quiz.
  5. Seven indicators that she is a true bitch and strategies for dealing with her.
  6. To be a girlfriend’s bestie, There are five qualifications to meet.
  7. There are three signs that you are unquestionably addicted to online tests.
  8. Every human has a unique fingerprint.
  9. Drinks can be regular or diet; it makes no difference.
  10. The Indian National Calendar and the Chinese Calendar should be modified.
  11. We should include amusing little designs representing our country on our coins.
  12. What to dress when giving a prom speech, and what not to wear.
  13. Politicians who couldn’t succeed in their serve as running partners for president.
  14. Ways to obtain more Valentine’s Day cards the following year.
  15. The Latin phrase nomen est omen (name is omen) occurs more often than you imagine.
  16. Female professors and athletes in colleges and high schools should be required to have kung fu training capabilities.
  17. Although vampires and ghosts are simply historical beings from folklore, they significantly influence superstition in modern society.
  18. The number thirteen is lucky.
  19. Why Australia has so many kangaroos, wombats, sheep, and koalas?
  20. The reason why my favorite fairy tale is Rumpelstiltskin.

More Jocular Speech Topics

  1. People favor a cleanly shaven face over a mustache or beard.
  2. The only way to date is to date someone older than you.
  3. There is such a thing as love at first sight.
  4. Britney Spears has lost to Lady Gaga.
  5. Women like romantic films, while males prefer action ones.
  6. Boyfriends must display romance.
  7. The funniest song ever is (insert the title of the song of your choice).
  8. Our upcoming campus gathering should feature the human cannonball stunt as entertainment.
  9. Because his joke writers are talented, Jay Leno is funny.
  10. A third arm is preferable to a third leg.
  11. On men, leather belts with a sizable buckle look attractive.
  12. The cost of taking a Space Shuttle voyage is prohibitive.
  13. Reasons why you should always Google someone before meeting them in person.
  14. Ten methods to use Twitter to entertain public speaking in more than 140 characters.
  15. Why do many students prefer to text their friends instead of calling
  16. Grandmas are kept off the streets by bingo tournaments.
  17. Never take yourself or your life too seriously.
  18. How to avoid tedious blind dates.
  19. It’s a tired escape route to blame your dog for everything that goes wrong.
  20. Most blondes—99%—are not at all foolish.
  21. How to irritate the airplane passenger sitting next to you.
  22. Positive impacts of smoking.
  23. Some of the words you use to make jokes end up boring.
  24. destroyed by Jerry Springer America
  25. Always serve dessert before supper.
  26. Two events that should never be televised are golf and poker
  27. You should always keep personal information to yourself.
  28. Weak apparel shouldn’t be sold at department stores.

Contemporary, Funny Speech Topics

  1. Why you should leave marriage therapy advice to professionals
  2. Every day, Facebook is destroying lives.
  3. Why there just isn’t a perfect husband to be found
  4. Pigs are more polite than the majority of men.
  5. Rain: There is a fragrance to it.
  6. Compared to men, women are significantly better at managing pain.
  7. Why do celebrities need a team of hair and makeup experts to follow them around all-day
  8. Why Subway is a complete rip-off
  9. Completely pointless occupations
  10. If men dedicated the same amount of time to developing their relationships as they do to sports
  11. Parental failure
  12. Why everybody desires a pet monkey
  13. High school events don’t mean all that much.

After deciding on funny speech topics, you must create a speech structure. You can get going with the help of this sample outline. The example subject is persuading the teacher that your domestic pet ate your homework.

Introduce yourself to begin the conversation. “Good morning, my name is ___,” for instance. After that, aim for “gold.” Make a statement or ask a question that will instantly get the audience’s attention. Who can recall using the justification that their dog ate their term paper as an example?

Informative, Funny Speech Topics

Reverse reasoning and jokes are effective tools for creating various entertaining and droll hilarious persuasive speech topics and more extensive funny, out-of-the-ordinary hints and clues for rationalistic presentations.

  1. How to have fun all the time.
  2. Murphy’s Law’s peculiar and atypical application: If anything can go wrong, it will.
  3. Idle dreams are something to chase after.
  4. Unexpected catastrophes may occur.
  5. Absurd and funny tales about job applicants.
  6. How I select and keep up with friends that live far away.
  7. High-skill individuals fail, while those with moderate talents do not.
  8. Why does my neighbor look better than mine? – any amusing speech themes.
  9. Uncommon speed restrictions and justifications.
  10. When I leave, I’ll…
  11. My imaginary humor’s multiplier is x.
  12. My mantra is: I’m adaptable by default.
  13. Ways to reflect on birthdays through the gifts you received.
  14. Nothing is impossible for her or him; who doesn’t have to accomplish it.
  15. How to give a pill to your cat or dog.
  16. The causes of men’s self-confidence.
  17. How to slyly cheat at poker.
  18. My reasons for not wanting to be rich.
  19. Flowers can be consumed.
  20. How to tell whether you’re an internet junkie.
  21. Month’s selection of wine, beer, or cocktail.
  22. How to be an attractive host on any occasion.
  23. Show how to taste wine mischievously.
  24. Supposed I were my boss, then
  25. Humans are happier when pups are pleased.
  26. How to ignore the truth.
  27. Ten enjoyable activities for test time.
  28. Acrobatic running in cities.
  29. There are ten ways to order pizza and drive the proprietor of the Italian restaurant insane.
  30. Angels are your life’s companions.

33 Best Informative Topics

These are the best informative, funny topics you can talk about:

  1. In-class paper aircraft throwing techniques.
  2. Ten things you’ve discovered thanks to your pet.
  3. Personal gaffes make for hilarious speech subjects.
  4. My most successful error.
  5. Humorous Computer slang.
  6. What females say when speaking with males.
  7. Answers to life’s ultimate questions.
  8. Funny national holidays in other nations.
  9. Card games that scarcely require any skill: How outsiders must seem when conversing with locals in their language
  10. What if my dog could talk? What would he tell me?
  11. Fifteen years after graduation, how are the popular kids?
  12. Words that are challenging to utter when intoxicated
  13. Best remedies for hangovers
  14. The reality of bromance
  15. Where did profanity originate?
  16. If our children had to use the computers we used to have back then
  17. The worst moniker you’ve ever received
  18. A time when you were content with who you were
  19. Comparison of the male and female brains
  20. What to do if a complete lunatic is hitting on you
  21. Benefits of being a woman
  22. The benefits of being male
  23. The lengths women will go to to be attractive
  24. If guys experienced periods,
  25. Whenever is a public restroom cleaned?
  26. 101 in one dog’s case, young Dalmatian dogs
  27. How to come up with a word that people will use
  28. ways to boil water
  29. How to lose your job in less than a day
  30. How to turn your kids into monsters
  31. How to make your cat behave more like a dog
  32. How to stand out in high school
  33. the best way to make lemonade from lemons (figuratively)

Hilarious Speech Topics

These are funny speech topics to choose from:

  1. The skill of seeming to hear your spouse when they are speaking
  2. If only females had mute buttons
  3. If men had higher emotional levels than women
  4. Why do infants behave so similarly to inebriated adults
  5. What to do if the Thanksgiving turkey burns
  6. The latest slang phrases and what they signify. The ugliest trends of today
  7. Men’s true perceptions of women
  8. What females believe about males
  9. My worst incidents of road rage
  10. PMS: The worst thing I’ve ever done when intoxicated is that males can have it too
  11. I thought I was an expert when I was younger. Boy, was I ever wrong
  12. A Spencer’s day
  13. What do others think about your 1,001 selfies, then?
  14. The best practical jokes for your marriage
  15. Why kids are fortunate to be cute
  16. The one surefire method of getting your kids to leave you alone
  17. Why I’d never make a good doctor
  18. Leaving the infant with the father all-day
  19. How do these stupid individuals get through the day?
  20. Review creating amusing, cognitively odd speech subjects in 24 hours.
  21. Women frequently wed significantly younger guys.
  22. Simple but amusing facts about men.
  23. Funny women’s statistics.
  24. Men wish women knew the rules.
  25. How to make money by becoming a rat.
  26. humorous first date stories.
  27. A true story that ultimately turns out to be false…
  28. Unusual occurrences
  29. Useful pinball tactics.
  30. Reveal the celebs’ real names.
  31. Worldwide extreme golf courses.
  32. How to handle a Feng Shui advisor.
  33. Songs that contain subliminal meanings.
  34. Name meanings, amusing names, or nomen est omen

More Hilarious Speech Topics

Hilarious Speech Topics

These funny speech topics will charm your audience

  1. Top 5 stupidest questions and responses.
  2. Jokes that are family-friendly and clean.
  3. Trompe-l’oeil, or optical illusions in art.
  4. Indoor plants that are enjoyable.
  5. How to set a very bizarre Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. The discovery of time capsules.
  7. The best way to find out who sent you a Valentine’s card.
  8. Christmas lights that move and annoy your neighbors.
  9. Criteria for a Christmas tree that is childproof.
  10. How to quickly draw a large number of birds.
  11. Distinctive nativity scene props.
  12. Strange goals for the new year.
  13. Clichés, statistics, and any text-to-speech should be prohibited.
  14. Meaning of dreams.
  15. On a desert island, what to do?
  16. Top 5 offensive marketing cliches.
  17. What I enjoy creating for humanity.
  18. How to pass for an excellent global exchange student.
  19. If stranded on an island, what to put a message in a bottle?
  20. Things to do while stuck in traffic.
  21. More pocket money for kids is necessary.
  22. What must I do to obtain free chicken?
  23. Imagine becoming a grandfather or grandmother.
  24. How to be consistently lazy
  25. What educators do outside of the classroom
  26. 10 ways to irritate your parents
  27. having an older or younger sibling
  28. How to feed your homework to your dog
  29. If characters from video games were real
  30. The duck crossed the road for what reason?
  31. How to appear more intelligent than you are
  32. A close call with trouble
  33. It was a strange friendship.
  34. Eating undesirable foods, fear of the 12th grade
  35. Watering a rock with a hose
  36. Zombie Defense 20 strange words and their definitions
  37. If you were the world’s ruler, the worst holiday ever

Topics for Young People

Below are funny speech topics for young people

  1. Superglue games are fun
  2. How to get sick
  3. Issues with short girls.
  4. I’m just selectively social, not antisocial.
  5. Things that are only relatable to those who wear glasses.
  6. How not to be asked out.
  7. Things to avoid saying on a first date.
  8. In a lifetime, having a companion who snores will lose you a few years of sleep.
  9. What we can learn from animals’ foraging behavior.
  10. Why do humans resemble their dogs
  11. The three finest methods to write a birthday gift card.
  12. Five methods to keep a dull cocktail party discussion alive.
  13. How to conduct yourself to appear environmentally conscious.
  14. Methods for remembering names when you frequently forget them.
  15. Living as cheaply as possible while spending the least money.
  16. How to create a psychedelic mural that will drive guests wild.
  17. Women want to get humorous, colorful, and useless gifts.
  18. What to do and not to do when you visit a new mother with her loudly wailing infant.
  19. The best way to avoid telemarketers is to be unpleasant to them.
  20. Advice on how to avoid paying to cross toll bridges or travel on toll roads.
  21. With the ideal collect call technique, you can let others pay for your vacation travel.
  22. Decorate your dorm room with a small budget and the newest furniture and fashion trends.
  23. How to deal with well-intentioned people you strive to avoid at all costs and do not like.
  24. Quickly before your parents arrive, use efficient optical cleaning techniques for your house.
  25. Ten Commandments in a restaurant’s men’s and women’s restroom.
  26. How to completely enrage the babysitter in an hour.

More Topics for Young People

  1. Advice on picking a fashionable lunch box that is both functional.
  2. Rules for behavior when dining with your parents in a classy restaurant.
  3. How to reuse stickers that are no longer sticky.
  4. The collar fridge at home quickly produces ice cubes of unusual shapes.
  5. Three enjoyable beach activities you can play without a ball.
  6. Spending the night outside with a pal.
  7. The most hilarious theme parks you’ve ever gone to.
  8. How to create a placemat that is uniquely yours.
  9. How to conduct yourself in an ideal manner.
  10. Ten things that you should never say in court.
  11. Activities that are enjoyable on the first day of class or the final day of the high school season.
  12. Words that are challenging to utter when intoxicated.
  13. The benefits of being a male that women consider.
  14. Names that are amusing to laugh at.
  15. Why do women claim to despise sports?
  16. On the factory floor are the three largest.
  17. Driving laws in New York City are described.
  18. Unsuitable Christmas presents.
  19. There are ten ways to annoy a telemarketer.
  20. How do you know when you’ve had enough alcohol?
  21. Ten ways to frighten your roommate with unique products for college rooms.
  22. How to teach a dog, cat, or other pet to perform amusing tricks.
  23. Creating images of a new dog.
  24. Why do nerds, not creative artists, dominate our culture?
  25. Why you shouldn’t offer suggestions for marriage counseling or guidance.

Funny Speech Topics on Daily Living

Funny Speech Topics on Daily Living
  1. How to use comedy to achieve your goals.
  2. The tale of the ideal spouse.
  3. Men’s gift-wrapping advice.
  4. How to cook upscale meals solely with frozen dinners
  5. Why men are so bad at gift-wrapping
  6. Have a child if you want to learn the truth about yourself.
  7. Pourquoi Donald Trump n’investe pas davantage dans his hair
  8. Children often say funny things that adults would never get away with saying.
  9. The stupidest crimes committed by Americans
  10. Discussion of subjects that are inappropriate in public My guilty pleasures
  11. What not to say while out on a date
  12. Ways to trick a telemarketer
  13. Things that nobody is knowledgeable about
  14. If Will Ferrell and I ever met
  15. The idiotic things my pet (cat, dog) does virtually every day
  16. How to successfully take a “sick day” after your sports team suffers a humiliating defeat
  17. The significance of a few nursery rhymes
  18. The worst mistake I’ve ever made
  19. The hippest method for cleaning up dog poop
  20. Regarding Napoleon Dynamite, my views
  21. How to locate the pennies your infant just ingested
  22. the strangest names that famous parents have given their kids
  23. Justification for never dialing the number displayed on a restroom stall
  24. The most conspicuous outfit I’ve ever worn
  25. How to proceed if your blind date is a total bust
  26. How to successfully avoid a speeding ticket

Impromptu Topics

Many authors have made jokes when speaking to audiences without a script or responding to queries unprepared. It seems to be a contradiction in terms when your lecturer asks you to prepare an impromptu presentation.

More than you might think. Why not learn these task verbs and get ready more thoroughly than the rest of your class? Generally, the more confident and at ease a motivational speaker is on stage, the more preparation they have done at home. And frequently, that holds.

How to Plan for Funny Speech Topics

  • Analyze – Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a sugar daddy website for dating. Do write humorously; if not, pick another entertaining impromptu speech topic.
  • Argue– Defend your position by offering examples of what is now in and is not.
  • Assess- A Moon property certificate should be evaluated to ascertain its worth. They do exist in both the actual and virtual worlds. Additionally, most individuals pay for it.
  • Compare – Discuss the virtue of being modest instead of shouting one’s way through life.
  • Compare – Disparities between women’s and men’s dating behaviors.
  • Examine – Assess the prevailing weather report on television each day.
  • Define – Clearly state what Monty Python Brian’s interpretation of The Meaning of Life is in the film The Holy Grail.
  • Describe– What should a man do and not do during a romantic supper for two?
  • Discuss– the disadvantages of a fictitious resume at LinkedIn.
  • Enumerate – Explain the steps to a simple existence.
  • Evaluate– Assess the value of homework assignments. One of my daughter’s favorite subjects for persuasive speeches
  • Explain– Explain why we fart and why it’s healthy.
  • Illustrate – What does “illustrate” mean in the context of an assignment on hilarious impromptu speech topics?
  • Interpret– The importance of horse racing statistics to gamblers
  • Justify -The end justifies the means, regardless of how immoral or unethical they are.
  • Outline – Step-by-step instructions for creating a hilarious cartoon version of your professor or public speaking coach.
  • Prove– Show that creating a time machine is feasible…
  • Review – Critically describe a hangover you experienced the day after a party.
  • Summarize – The fundamentals of humorous television ads.
  • Trace – The practical step-by-step technique to make studying a little more fun.

Topics that are Inspirational

Below are inspirational funny speech topics

  1. It’s unnecessary to sugarcoat anything.
  2. A flower that does not bloom in every yard is common sense.
  3. You must first be young and foolish before becoming old and smart.
  4. When there is no left, turn right.
  5. People get agitated when you’re joyful.
  6. Since I’m online, I must be real.
  7. You should spend time with a 3-year-old if you want to know what life is all about.
  8. Sometimes, talking to yourself is best when you need professional guidance.
  9. Take nothing in life too seriously.
  10. The benefits of laughter as medicine.
  11. You are not strange; you are merely a rare specimen.
  12. The number thirteen is lucky.
  13. High school events don’t mean all that much.
  14. If someone insults you, you should wave and grin back.
  15. Some of your poor choices are required so that you can have fascinating tales to tell.
  16. A third arm is preferable to a third leg.
  17. Things that are private that you should never share.
  18. No issue; you can justify yourself to avoid awkward situations.
  19. A person’s response to slow internet might be used to judge their moral character.
  20. Sometimes, keeping quiet is the biggest accomplishment we can make.
  21. We don’t try to interrupt people’s discussions; we get excited and remember random stuff.
  22. Wouldn’t taking two six-month holidays each year be wonderful?
  23. Some of your poor choices are required so that you can have fascinating tales to tell.
  24. Teenagers need to remember that they used to urge their mothers to watch them poop not too long ago.
  25. What caused “that’s cool” to change to “that’s hot”?

Funny and humorous Speech Topics

These funny speech topics are humorous enough to leave your audience in stitches:

  1. The craft of annoyance
  2. A stranger I’ve ever encountered
  3. Robots will result in us being even lazier.
  4. Why do people continue to read horoscopes despite not believing in them?
  5. In the view of the ignorant, intelligent people are mad.
  6. Subjects that shouldn’t be addressed in public.
  7. Having a drunken brainstorm is beneficial for obtaining new viewpoints.
  8. Blaming others for your issues to feel better.
  9. My sibling helped me become less egotistical.
  10. People from all across the world are united by procrastination.
  11. Ways to trick a telemarketer
  12. How to be an attractive host on any occasion.
  13. Completely pointless occupations
  14. How to conduct yourself in an ideal manner.
  15. How to make it on a minimum wage job
  16. Being entirely truthful is a direct path to hell.
  17. How can I use business speak more frequently?
  18. Beauty is a false ideal.
  19. Humans are happier when pups are pleased.
  20. Getting a job interview wrong
  21. Underarm farts are not a clever party trick, unfortunately.
  22. Put an end to telling folks your child is 28 months old!
  23. Cinderella shows how a new pair of shoes can alter your course.
  24. The benefits of laughter as medicine.

Amazing Speech Topics

  1. How can paper towels be saved?
  2. The greatest things in life cost money.
  3. How to tell a lie right
  4. a joke that didn’t work
  5. The most absurd commercials you’ve ever seen.
  6. Are vegetarians animal lovers?
  7. Everyone should consume junk food.
  8. Your life’s road map.
  9. Are reality TV shows real?
  10. My reasons for not wanting to be rich.
  11. When you’re drunk, it’s challenging to speak.
  12. How to prevail in a debate when you are aware of your error
  13. A happy childhood is one without homework.
  14. How to keep from laughing in a critical situation
  15. Why do we never stick to our resolutions?
  16. Every home has useless items.
  17. How to recognize drunkenness
  18. Being unproductive increases productivity.
  19. Your friends—do they exist?
  20. True yet ultimately untrue; a true narrative.
  21. We are capable of lying to others but not to ourselves.
  22. If someone insults you, you should wave and grin back.
  23. Make at least one of your two faces attractive if you’re going to be dishonest.

These are the funny speech topics that are trending:

  1. Evidence that cats feel humans are their slaves makes for a humorous topic for older audiences.
  2. If you think you are too small to matter, try sleeping with a mosquito (Dalai Lama).
  3. Frequency of soup eating about mustache appearance.
  4. Men with lumberjack beards come across as friendlier to animals.
  5. There is a complicated relationship between GPS users and flat-earthers.
  6. The truth will free you, but not before it infuriates you.
  7. Swallows feed right before bedtime, much like penguins.
  8. Less harmful than intelligent people are those who lack intelligence.
  9. Is it feasible to run for president and use Twitter simultaneously?
  10. I don’t have a monster complex about using prior birthday greetings.

Bottom Line

Above is a catalog of the best funny speech topics you can write about. Try any of the above to deliver a speech to be remembered. Do you still need help? Our essay writers will help you draft a speech and provide you with topics on many types of speech. Contact us for an estimate. Alternatively, visit our blog to learn more about speech writing.

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