532 History Research Paper Topics that Students Write About

history research paper topics

History helps us to reflect on past human experiences and developments. A research paper is common to history students. Choosing good research paper topics is one of the significant steps to writing a winning research paper. In this article, ur our essay writers have carefully chosen the top suggestions for History research paper topics that you can comfortably write about. They also help history students with their history research papers and assignments.

What is a History Research Paper?

The primary and secondary sources pertinent to the historical era or events you will be researching will be analyzed in a history research paper. Making an argumentative thesis statement and conducting extensive research are two primary requirements. Similar to writing any other research paper, this task involves writing. The primary distinction is that your topic of choice must relate to the study of history.

Types of Research Topics?

As a student, you may find history assignments difficult and difficult to complete. Constantly developing broad ideas and reading comprehensive literature could contribute to the subject’s lack of interest. Another significant factor why students struggle with their history research papers is the lack of original and captivating themes. However, if the students choose their topics wisely, the author may be immediately influenced by their history research paper topics.

Additionally, when you research intensively on the topic,  you will deliver a paper that is engaging to the intended audience and see your grades rise. Your history research paper may also examine primary and secondary materials from a specific era. Your main responsibility will be establishing an argumentative thesis statement for your article and conducting thorough research.

What to Consider?

When writing your research report, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Why is the topic important?
  • How relevant is the subject today relative to the time of discussion?
  • What is the paper’s context?
  • Why did the people at that time care about the concept you employed in your paper?

How Relevant History Research Paper Topics?

Students should concentrate on it early in their research process to establish a proper historical research question. The following methods are the best techniques to find a History research topic for your essay:

  • Brainstorm to get the best ideas
  • Research the topic thoroughly
  • Concentrate on the areas that interest you
  • Make a list of keywords or an outline
  • But keep your research open-ended

Additionally, students should remember that each topic for a history research paper must adhere to the assignment’s guidelines. You can contact your lecturer for their opinion if you have any reservations about your chosen subject.

Additionally, conducting a thorough study on a historically uninteresting topic can be challenging. You should consider the chosen topic’s scope and ensure it interests you to make your research interesting.

How to Write a History Research Paper

You might want to ensure you have access to reliable references for your essay or consult your professor to assess the value of your source and avoid making any significant errors in your report. Alternatively, your lecturer might compile a list of relevant books or provide editing assistance. A library is another excellent source of information. If you decide to use the internet, ensure your source is reliable. Alternatively, choosing movies or novels might not be a smart choice.

Read along if you’re struggling to write a history paper. This is a list of popular subjects for history papers that college students can use as inspiration. To make your search easier, we classified the top concepts. Discover the one that best fits your topic.

Easy History Topics

These are early history research paper topics you can choose from:

  1. Peasants’ way of life in Medieval Europe
  2. The social stratification in the West
  3. A comparison of World War I and World War II
  4. The growth of the Byzantine Empire
  5. Recent historical developments in China and Japan
  6. History of violence in Jamaica
  7. Apartheid in South Africa
  8. Ottoman Empire: Important events
  9. Effect of nuclear weapons on international armed conflicts
  10. History of Japan and the Shogun’s Function
  11. Women’s Rights Movement: Major developments over the past 100 years
  12. Lessons Learned from the Wars: A Review
  13. Conquests from antiquity and how they affected the creation of modern globe maps
  14. Roman, Egyptian, and Greek cultures all had common influences
  15. Witch trials in Salem
  16. Social conflicts and the American Revolution.
  17. The effects of the American Revolution internationally.
  18. The Gettysburg Campaign.
  19. Civil war in Europe.
  20. Campaign for Appomattox.
  21. The Antietam War.
  22. Fredericksburg battle
  23. Battle at the Spotsylvania Courthouse.
  24. The causes, effects, and toll World War I and II took on human life.
  25. Sarajevo and his World War I murder.
  26. World War I and Intertwining Alliances.
  27. WWII Holocaust victims.
  28. Africa and World War II
  29. Church and the Holocaust.
  30. How Germany fought Hitler during World War II.
  31. World War II’s diplomacy
  32. Roman society in the past.
  33. The world’s greatest leader was Alexander the Great.
  34. Gladiatorial combat in classical Rome.
  35. Powerful military in antiquity.
  36. Demonstrations and protests in antiquity.
  37. Compare the histories of Rome, Greece, and Egypt in antiquity.
  38. Myth vs. fact regarding the voting method in ancient Greece.
  39. The Quran’s importance in Medieval Europe

World History Topics

These are 10 world history paper topics that are easy to write about:

  1. The effects of European colonization on Native Americans
  2. Mexican War: Causes and Repercussions
  3. Fire and earthquake in San Francisco
  4. Extension of transcontinental railroads into the west
  5. Relocation of settlement houses
  6. Incident at Kent State
  7. Examine the Baby Boomers in detail (1950 to 2021)
  8. McCarthyism
  9. The truth about George Custer, Buffalo Bill, and Wyatt Earp in contrast to the legends
  10. Justification for imperialism in the 19th and 20th centuries
  11. Tokyo Harbor
  12. revolution for women’s suffrage
  13. An anti-slavery movement
  14. Movement for American Indians
  15. The Mughal Empire’s history
  16. The Evolution of the Mongol Empire
  17. United States Civil War
  18. France’s Revolution (1789 – 1799)
  19. The Revolution in Russia (1917)
  20. The Revolution in Haiti (1791 – 1804)
  21. Sumerian customs and culture
  22. Curious people in the Middle Ages
  23. The Age of Discovery is the Middle Ages. Why?
  24. How did the New Deal help to end the Great Depression in America?
  25. U.S. Catholic president’s development
  26. President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a buddy.
  27. Ronald Reagan’s Mixed Legacies
  28. From Truman’s perspective, political dangers and moral bravery in American history.
  29. American history of the 20th and 21st centuries.
  30. American social revolutions
  31. Native Americans and Europeans.
  32. Governing a new country.
  33. Industrialists and the traditional world’s inventors.
  34. The cost of industrialization and the American nation

Research Topics on World History

These are history research paper topics you can write about the world:

  1. Discrimination against African American soldiers in the Union Army
  2. Discuss the Republican mother’s role in the revolution as it relates to Colonial American women
  3. Murder of Martin Luther King Jr
  4. Case Sacco-Vanzetti
  5. The raid on Harpers Ferry by John Brown
  6. Labor unions, strikes, and disputes in the 18th century
  7. Compare and contrast federalists with anti-federalists
  8. Chinese Communist Revolutionary History
  9. American history’s bloodiest decade was the 20th century
  10. The significance of the Gutenberg Press
  11. WWI naval and aerial combat comparison
  12. Japanese-American internment in WWII
  13. In American history, Truman’s Moral Courage and Political Risks
  14. Holocaust events and the Roosevelt administration

Ancient History Topics

  1. Myths and truths about ancient Greek elections
  2. protests and demonstrations from the past
  3. Similarities and contrasts between ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome
  4. most powerful military in antiquity
  5. Greek philosophy of the past
  6. Ancient Rome’s gladiatorial games: a spectacle or a religious ritual?
  7. The foundations of Roman civilian life
  8. Rome’s ancient police force
  9. The greatest leader in history was Alexander the Great
  10. Rome’s power was greater than that of Ancient Greece

Middle Ages History Topics

These are history research paper topics to choose when writing about the Middle Age:

  1. Medieval European cities’ growth
  2. Early Middle Ages interfaith unions
  3. Nick of Cusa: studies in the Middle Ages
  4. The idea of a Byzantine state’s revival
  5. European medieval discoveries
  6. Curious people in the Middle Ages
  7. The Quran’s function in Medieval Europe
  8. History’s effects of the Middle Ages
  9. Middle-age crimes were widespread
  10. The Age of Discovery is the Middle Ages. Why?
  11. Interfaith marriages during the Middle Ages
  12. European cities during the Middle Ages

Constructive History Topics

These are 10 constructive history research paper topics to write about:

  1. Civil War and the draft riots in New York
  2. A gold rush in California
  3. Truman’s policy of containment
  4. Mormons’ contribution to the formation of American society
  5. 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago
  6. The assault on D-Day
  7. The smuggling network
  8. Review of the 9/11 attacks
  9. U-2 mishap
  10. 1963’s Job and Freedom March on Washington

Outstanding History Research Paper topics

These are among the 16 outstanding topics to write about:

  1. Review of the Black Sox Scandal
  2. The missile incident from Cuba
  3. Hurricane in Galveston
  4. 1794’s Whiskey Rebellion
  5. The Midway War
  6. Manhattan Initiative
  7. Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society
  8. Explain why people moved to the West despite the dangers
  9. Newspapers in yellow and the Spanish American War
  10. The 1871 Great Chicago Fire
  11. Causes of the civil war and the North-South conflict
  12. Nat Turner’s insurrection
  13. Industrialization in France and Britain from 1750 to 1870
  14. The Great Depression’s history
  15. The need for Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be bombed with atomic weapons
  16. implications of industrialization on American social movements
  17. Dau-al – Set motion
  18. Baroque style in building.
  19. Louis David: The Jacques Legacy
  20. Industrialization and photography in France after 1860
  21. The book by Marquis de Sade.
  22. Gestapo: Investigating the crimes.
  23. The Rothschild family.
  24. Economic history of the Middle Ages.
  25. Impact of the Madison v. Marbury case on the legal system.
  26. Identify Julius Rosenburg and Ethel as spies.
  27. Power of ancient Greece vs Rome.
  28. Explain the police in ancient Rome.
  29. What is regarded as the world’s eighth wonder?
  30. Seventh Wonder of the World: Taj Mahal
  31. The intellectual life during the Middle Age.
  32. Middle Ages crimes were common.
  33. Review of the Middle Age as a time of discovery.
  34. The emergence of powerful monarchies
  35. Decrease of feudalism
  36. Maritime findings
  37. Progress in civilization.
  38. Britain during the Stuart era.
  39. The Dutch Republic’s ascent.
  40. Significant 16th-century figures
  41. The Great Pyramid of Giza’s Architecture and History
  42. Fall of Rome

Good Scoring History Paper Topics

These are history research paper topics that you have a chance to score better:

  1. Theories: The disappearance of the Roanoke colony.
  2. The role of the Constitution in eliminating the limitations of the Articles of Confederation
  3. The Dawes Act’s effects on American and Native American policies
  4. Reformation
  5. Gloomy ages
  6. Courtly affection
  7. Black Plague – the Black Death
  8. Review a woman’s life during the Renaissance
  9. Middle Ages philosophy
  10. Crusaders
  11. Medieval combat
  12. Muslim Empire
  13. Hundred-year conflict
  14. In the Byzantine Empire, Justinian I
  15. A woman’s life in the middle ages
  16. Medieval universities
  17. Medieval laws
  18. Catholic monarchy
  19. Conflict in Crimea
  20. Enlightenment
  21. Examine the American World War I terror medals.
  22. History of the United States: Characteristics of the 17th U.S. democracy.
  23. Schooner Nancy during the War of 1812.
  24. The New Deal’s role was to save America from the Great Depression.
  25. Townshend Act
  26. The American Revolution and war letters.
  27. The era of the Federalists in the U.S.
  28. Americans’ daily lives throughout the revolution.
  29. Issues with early newspapers
  30. The Great American West’s adaptation.
  31. Describe U.S. policy for immigrants in the twenty-first century.
  32. The effects of industrialization on the American social revolution.
  33. Art studio versus art history?
  34. Analyze the art philosophy in light of history and religion.
  35. A critical introduction to art history.
  36. U.S. political history and art history.
  37. Life analysis of author Frank Stella and contemporary artists.
  38. 1962’s Cuban Missile Crisis
  39. The origins of the Olympic Games
  40. Persian Culture and Art
  41. Mesopotamian history
  42. Egyptian civilization’s growth

Some History Research Paper Topics for Students

  1. 18th-century European
  2. Modern industrial era
  3. Napoleonic conflict
  4. Christopher Columbus made some amazing innovations
  5. The Medicis family
  6. Examining the Congress in Vienna
  7. The 1948 revolution
  8. The Age of Reason
  9. Thirty Years War (1618-1648).
  10. Propaganda for war
  11. The major battles of World War 1 and what led to them
  12. Discuss the Russia-Ukraine War that resulted from the Watergate Scandal
  13. Briefly discuss the Indo-China War of 1967
  14. China’s conquest by the Manchus
  15. War of Anglo-Zanzibar
  16. What was the longest conflict that America fought?
  17. American withdrawal from Vietnam Research and expertise in art and design
  18. Using art to represent freedom during the American Civil War
  19. Examine the most popular ideology in the U.S.
  20. Discuss the history of immigration in America.
  21. Analyze the historical patterns of immigration to the United States.
  22. Indicate your position on American immigration.
  23. Trends in immigration over time: evaluate.
  24. Facts about American immigration history, trends, and statistics.
  25. Before 1965, American nation and immigration.
  26. An outline of immigration policy’s past.
  27. The timing for U.S. immigration is discussed.
  28. Egyptian culture and art
  29. The United States history
  30. Massacre at Katyn Forest.
  31. Atlantic Fence
  32. diaries and letters from World War II.
  33. British Civil War.
  34. the most extensive campaign of concentration.
  35. Bulge battle.
  36. Hitler’s appeasement policy.
  37. History of World War II’s diplomacy.
  38. Greek theatre development
  39. Art from Mesopotamia.
  40. Greek canons and proportional Egyptians.
  41. Greek sculpture from antiquity has influenced modern art.
  42. Gold Scythian ornaments.
  43. Buddhist artwork
  44. Compare Tibetan and Buddhist art
  45. From a worldwide perspective, U.S. religion and ideology
  46. America’s political climate and ideologies
  47. Identity politics’ history

Excellent- Quality History Topics

Excellent- Quality History Topics

These are history research paper topics that you can find quality resources during your research:

  1. Discuss Lawrence of Arabia
  2. The Versailles Treaty
  3. History of diplomacy: World War I
  4. Campaign in Gallipoli
  5. Hitler’s Germany
  6. Reasons behind World War II
  7. Japan is under Allied occupation.
  8. Victims of the Holocaust
  9. Children and the Holocaust
  10. Hibakusha: A survivor of an atomic blast
  11. Second World War: Eastern Front
  12. Goebbels’ propaganda is used
  13. Nüramberg trials
  14. Blitzkrieg
  15. Home front in World War II
  16. Classical art versus modern clothing
  17. Sculptures in the classical era.
  18. The paintings by Edgar Degas depict dance.
  19. Savage art and Paul Gauguin.
  20. Exoticism and decorative art.
  21. Georges Seurat and neoimpressionism.
  22. A comparison of nineteenth-century lithography in the Baroque and Rococo periods.
  23. Postminimalism.
  24. Artwork by Jackson Pollock.
  25. Black Renaissance
  26. Thomas Nast was a political cartoonist.
  27. Moving art.
  28. Artwork by Pablo Picasso evolving.
  29. Frida Kahlo and symbolism in painting.
  30. The Great Wall of China
  31. Traditional clothing from Japan and China.
  32. Symbols of religion in Cambodian art.
  33. Indian art with the rise of Islam.
  34. Hinduism’s influence on Indian art.
  35. Women’s dress throughout the Renaissance.
  36. Literature from the Middle Ages.
  37. Drama in the medieval era.
  38. Introduction to home art in Renaissance Italy.
  39. The medieval era had music.
  40. A Gothic building.
  41. The artwork of Raphael.
  42. Explain a cameo appearance.
  43. Medieval romantic literature.
  44. History of Medieval Theater
  45. British kings and queens.
  46. European Muslims
  47. Seven-year conflict
  48. Muslim participation in politics in Europe.
  49. The problems with Islam in Europe.
  50. European Early Modern era.
  51. Europe’s politics in the eighteenth century.
  52. The emergence of Eastern powers
  53. European economic history.
  54. American election history.
  55. An overview of the U.S. Navy’s history
  56. Review of the cold war and the hot war

Modern History Topics

These are history research paper topics on issues that impact modern America

  1. Literature of the Renaissance.
  2. Renaissance art and Christian symbols.
  3. Christ as a baby in an Italian painting.
  4. Islamic nations and Venice: Diplomacy, religion, and commerce exchanges.
  5. European Renaissance armor and weapons.
  6. French Renaissance ceramics
  7. The Father of Contemporary Ceramic Art was Bernard Palissy.
  8. French ceramics throughout the Renaissance.
  9. 1500–1600: Flemish and Dutch artists in Rome.
  10. Bronze sculptures and the Renaissance.
  11. European artwork and photographs of plants.
  12. Global Entertainment Industry Revolution
  13. The need for Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be bombed with atomic weapons
  14. Europeans versus American Indians
  15. Westward Expansion
  16. American Social Movements
  17. Governing the New Nation
  18. Modern-day inventors and industrialists
  19. The cost of industrialization to the United States as a whole
  20. Adjusting the Great American West
  21. industrialization’s impact on American social movements
  22. U.S. immigration policies in the twenty-first century

Outstanding History Topics

Below are outstanding history research paper topics to ace your essay:

  1. Semiotics and art history.
  2. The theory of Alois Riegl and its background.
  3. Research and expertise in the arts and designs.
  4. Ideology is the official religion in America.
  5. Talk about the history of religious communication and American politics.
  6. Political ideology and American society.
  7. History of identity politics.
  8. How can American politics and religion be successfully segregated?
  9. America’s emerging religion
  10. Examining U.S. politics and ideology from a global standpoint.
  11. American immigration reforms: a historical analysis.
  12. Treatment of women in the Soviet zone during World War I.
  13. Hitler’s and the Nazis’ demise: A situational analysis of Germany
  14. Moral justification and the Spanish Inquisition.
  15. The Six Days War: An aggressive move or a preemptive strike?
  16. Did Native Americans object to being assimilated? False or True.
  17. Is the fall of Constantinople the darkest period in human history?
  18. 19th-century British press freedom
  19. Political science’s founding father was Niccolo Machiavelli. False or True?
  20. A major issue in the history of the 20th-century Asian countries that made up the Soviet Union was nationalism.
  21. Outstanding presidential addresses on the 20th Balkan War and its effects on the geography of Europe.
  22. Reasons for and justifications for ending slavery in the USA.
  23. The history and causes of the genocide in Rwanda.
  24. American revolutionaries’ leaders.
  25. Indian effects of British rule.
  26. A rise to power for Adolf Hitler.
  27. Causes and proof for the Roman Empire’s rise and fall.
  28. New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina: government response.
  29. Analyze the reasons behind Cleopatra’s decline in Egypt.
  30. Facts and figures about the Iran-Contra scandal.
  31. Japan has evolved and changed over time.
  32. The United States’ engagement in Afghanistan.
  33. a severe recession
  34. Death and immortality in ancient Egypt.

Complex History Research Paper Topics

  1. Repercussions from the Cold War.
  2. Rome in the past and wedding rituals.
  3. The maritime conflict between Spain and Britain
  4. Analyze and Review the Patriot Act.
  5. British prehistory and the position of women.
  6. Palestine’s past
  7. Societal inequality causes.
  8. Causes of the conflict in Syria
  9. Leaders of the Atlanta Campaign
  10. Characteristics of Mary Chestnut.
  11. Faiths and crusades.
  12. American War with Mexico.
  13. Household Act.
  14. The Civil War’s disputes and relevant facts.
  15. Europe throughout the middle ages and social interactions.
  16. In the 19th Arnhem conflict, Europe was literate.
  17. Attu Conflict
  18. Black Code, 14th.
  19. 1964 Civil Rights Movement
  20. The beginning of Black History Month.
  21. Burker Hill Conflict
  22. RFK Address.
  23. Diary of Anne Frank.
  24. Cultural characteristics and myths from Black History.
  25. Investigating the interwar years.
  26. Declaration of Independence, 1776.
  27. Battle of Saratoga.
  28. Long Island Conflict.
  29. Camden Conflict
  30. Battles in Princeton and Trenton.
  31. Bernard Arnold
  32. Boston tea celebration
  33. The causes of dictatorship.
  34. The nuclear age’s causes and effects.
  35. Seleucid-Mauryan War and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad
  36. A comparison between the Gallipoli Campaign and the Trojan War List
  37. democratic uprising movement.
  38. Chicano movement effects
  39. Veterans Day background.
  40. American Imperialism: McKinley’s part
  41. The 1920s in American society: organized crime.
  42. Causes of the economic downturn.
  43. Cornwallis, Charles
  44. South America’s religious customs.
  45. White Codes.
  46. Civilians’ role in tactical battles
  47. Strategy for the Battle of Kursk.
  48. Attu Conflict
  49. Analysis of European literacy during the 19th Mid-Tudor Crisis.
  50. 19th-century gender bias in England
  51. In Europe, empiricism is growing.
  52. Cause and Effect in Early History
  53. Claims in Alabama and their causes.
  54. Syria’s civil war and its root causes.
  55. Value of Central Anatolia’s water sources

Complete List Of History Research Paper Topics

These are inclusive research paper topics:

  1. Sumerian customs and culture.
  2. Studying Near Eastern civilizations
  3. A woman’s place in ancient Britain.
  4. Indian mathematic history
  5. India’s medical and surgical history
  6. Poetry in history
  7. Ancient Greek Medical Practices
  8. The Soviet Union’s history
  9. Hindu and Islamic literary and artistic creations are contrasted.
  10. Rome’s and India’s historic architecture is contrasted
  11. The plague epidemic (6th century – 8th century)
  12. 1918 Flu (1918-1920) (1918-1920)
  13. Industrial Revolution Environmental Impacts.
  14. The Cotton, Why the Industrial Revolution Benefited From Gin’s Development.
  15. Iron was produced both before and during the Industrial Revolution.
  16. The Impacts of the industrial revolution on the working Class.
  17. comparing the industrial revolutions in the U.S. and Europe
  18. Child labor was prevalent during the Industrial Revolution.
  19. A description of the working conditions in factories during the Industrial Revolution.
  20. Industrial Revolution Effects on Public Education
  21. American history’s political risks and Truman’s moral courage
  22. A companion to Franklin D. Roosevelt
  23. British kings and queens
  24. Economic History of Europe
  25. The challenge of Islam in Europe
  26. Islam in Europe
  27. Muslim involvement in politics in Europe
  28. Early modern Europe’s seven years’ War
  29. Witch hunts and the Catholic Church
  30. the emergence of Eastern Powers
  31. European politics in the seventeenth century
  32. Civil Rights era for children

U.S. History Topics

U.S. History Topics

These are history research paper topics on the United States:

  1. The causes of the American Civil War
  2. United States Exceptionalism
  3. Individuals in American History’s 17th century
  4. Elections in the U.S.
  5. How did the New Deal help to end the Great Depression in America?
  6. An overview of the U.S. Navy’s history
  7. World War I medals in America: from the Hot War to the Cold War
  8. Nancy, a schooner in the War of 1812
  9. Strange US Democracy
  10. U.S. Revolution
  11. Women’s Participation in the American Revolution
  12. The effects of the American Revolution worldwide
  13. Acts of Townshend
  14. American letters from the revolution
  15. Federalist era in the United States
  16. American daily life during the revolution
  17. During the American Revolution, American women authors
  18. American Revolutionary War repercussions
  19. Colonial newspapers’ issues
  20. During the American Revolution, there were social conflicts
  21. Civil War African-American Soldiers
  22. The Gettysburg Campaign
  23. Europe and the US Civil War
  24. Campaign for Appomattox
  25. Combat in the US Civil War
  26. Union soldiers at the Battle of Antietam in the American Civil War
  27. Fredericksburg Battle
  28. The Spotsylvania Battle the courthouse
  29. American women during the Civil War era
  30. History of the 20th and 21st centuries in America
  31. Vietnam War American Women
  32. Veterans of the Vietnam War in Nixon’s America
  33. The history of civil rights in America and Harry Truman
  34. In American history, Truman’s Moral Courage and Political Risks
  35. A Franklin Roosevelt Companion
  36. Holocaust events and the Roosevelt administration
  37. Mixed Legacy of Ronald Reagan
  38. First US Catholic President
  39. African Americans during World War II
  40. United States’ Second World War neutrality
  41. Internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

World Wars History Topics

These are history research paper topics on world wars:

  1. The human toll of World War I
  2. World War I’s Treaty of Versailles
  3. How did America join World War I?
  4. World War I’s Russian Revolution
  5. First World War chemical weapons
  6. Gallipoli campaign in World War I
  7. World War I’s Western Front and Eastern Front
  8. WWI combat at sea and in the air: a comparison
  9. WWI: Sarajevo assassination
  10. Alliances in World War I were entangled
  11. the Allies occupied Japan in WWII.
  12. Children during the Holocaust
  13. Church and the Holocaust: German Resistance to Hitler in World War II
  14. Holocaust victims during WWII Diplomacy during WWII World War II in Africa
  15. Polar War
  16. Defining moments in the Cold War
  17. Europe’s diminished influence during the Cold War
  18. The United Nations’ role during the Cold War
  19. A time of anxiety was the Cold War.
  20. Talk about ways to end the Cold War
  21. Cold War-era international law
  22. The legacy of the Cold War in popular culture
  23. Cultural practices during the Cold War
  24. major participants in the Cold War
  25. Events of the Cold War in the vast history of the United States
  26. Get the Cold War participants on board.
  27. Reasons for and Lessons from the Cold War
  28. American and Canadian stances and policies during the Cold War
  29. Cold War-era global law.
  30. Do you think the Cold War was a time of fear?
  31. Cold War’s effects on popular culture.
  32. Cold War involvement of the United Nations.
  33. Europe’s declining importance during the Cold War.
  34. The McCarthy Era and the Cold War
  35. Berlin Wall and Berlin Airlift

Research Paper Topics on Art, Theology, and Religion

  1. History of art and semiotics
  2. Alois Riegl’s conception of history
  3. Art History versus Art Studio
  4. An art history introduction that is critical
  5. Art, Philosophy, Religion, and history
  6. History of U.S. art and politics
  7. Study and expertise in the arts and design
  8. Ideas like Jay Hambidge’s have influenced art history
  9. Frank Stella’s biography, a modern novelist and artist
  10. Using art to represent freedom during the American Civil War
  11. Religion, ideology, and history
  12. America’s official religion is ideology.
  13. Prevailing U.S. ideology
  14. American political and religious interaction history
  15. From a worldwide perspective, U.S. religion and ideology
  16. The effect of religious affiliation on voting decisions
  17. America’s political climate and ideologies
  18. American new religion
  19. How can politics and religion be kept apart in America?
  20. Identity politics history

Bottom Line

It’s impossible that the history research paper topics above didn’t pique your interest. We have also explained how to pick a winning research paper topic. Still need help? Our essay writers are available at your disposition to help you with a research paper. Contact us for an estimate, or visit our blog for more insights on writing a research paper.

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