782 Best Research Paper Topics to Choose from in 2023

Best research paper topics

One of the toughest components of being a student is writing a research paper. You will be expected to write several papers from high school to college. A research paper solely relies on its topic. Finding the best research paper topics may be challenging for most students. Our essay writers have developed this guide on writing a good research paper and included 782 good topics to choose from. They also help students craft a research paper from scratch.

What is a Research Paper?

There will be a selection of topics that one can pick in some classes. Others let students pick their research paper topics, but they could have requirements for the writing style.

When handling a research paper, you can come across some common research paper styles. They include:

  • Argumentative research papers
  • Persuasive research papers
  • Education research papers
  • Analytical research papers
  • Educational research papers

The topic of your research paper should also be relevant to the particular class you are enrolled in. For instance, a class on human behavior would require a psychology research paper, but an economics topic might ask for a business research paper.

Depending on whether you are a high school, college, or postgraduate student, your paper’s requirements will change. College term papers need more in-depth research from reputable sources, such as scholarly books and peer-reviewed journals. At the same time, you can pick an easy topic in high school and mention five or six sources you found on Google or Yahoo!

Do you require assistance coming up with ideas for topics? Abortion, birth control, child abuse, gun regulation, history, climate change, social media, A.I., global warming, health, science, and technology are a few examples of popular research paper topics.

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics

Choosing a decent topic is the first step in creating an interesting research paper. Finding a topic might be challenging, particularly if you’re unsure where to begin.

Before you start your project, keep the following points in mind if your class enables you to select your term paper topic:

Your Interest Level:

It takes much effort to write a research paper; you’ll need to spend numerous hours reading up on the topic and related material, gathering various primary and secondary sources, and organizing everything into a cohesive document that achieves your goals. The process will be much more tiresome if you do not select a topic you are enthusiastic about, and the final output can suffer.

Your Experience Level

Even if having an interest in a topic is beneficial, knowing about it is better. Finding a topic on which you already have personal or professional expertise will greatly minimize the research required and simplify the entire process.

Information obtainable on the topic

Make sure to pick an intriguing topic with many sources to draw for your study. You can access the degree of knowledge required to become an authority on a topic by choosing a topic that can be researched and has a variety of available sources.

Who are your audience

A topic that interests you might not be one that your lecturer or the person assessing your research report finds fascinating. Before you start, consider how interested the reader(s) will be. Consider their perspective on the topic if you’re writing a persuasive or argumentative essay.

Your thesis statement might need to be revised as you learn more about your topic. This is great; enjoy yourself and follow the truth wherever it may lead. You might want to rethink your topic choice if the research process is not enjoyable.

The research paper writing procedure will take a lot of time. Therefore, choosing a topic that will hold your attention throughout the entire assignment is crucial. Since you will spend a lot of time researching and writing about your topic, choosing one pertinent to your life is wise. Maybe you’re thinking about going into business for yourself or going into politics. Pick a topic from the list of possible research paper ideas that fall within a topic area you are familiar with. Finding a topic that interests you personally will simplify the difficult effort, and the project will produce superior outcomes due to your investment.

We developed a comprehensive list of topics that would make fantastic research paper topics. The themes are arranged carefully to make it easier for you to choose one appropriate for your project.

Abortion Research Topics

These are good research topics on abortion you can write about:

  1. What restrictions are to blame?
  2. What realistic boundaries exist?
  3. How to balance the right to demonstrate the safety of abortion clinics, pregnant patients, and abortion doctors?
  4. Abortion after partial birth
  5. Scientific proof versus viability definition
  6. Stem cell analysis
  7. Violence against unborn children

Affirmative Action Research Paper Topics

  1. Comparing relative equality with the persistence of grave injustices
  2. Can racial equality in the workforce, classroom, and military be attained without Affirmative Action policies?
  3. The National Organization for Women’s Reverse Discrimination NOW campaign
  4. Has the Internet made kids smarter or more socialized?
  5. Should online information be a topic of federal government regulation?
  6. How have the internet and digital downloading impacted the music industry?
  7. How do search engines operate?

Best Research Paper Topics on Education

  1. No government assistance against fairness to parents who pay for their children’s education twice
  2. Separation of church and state vs. religion’s benefit to the general welfare
  3. Age-based placement versus academic ability-based placement
  4. Comparing separate classrooms for pupils with special needs with mainstreaming disabled students
  5. Course requirements alone versus mandatory standardized examinations for progression
  6. Local versus national standardized testing in education
  7. Education-related discrimination
  8. Traditional fundamentals versus bilingual and multicultural education
  9. Teacher competency evaluations versus degree-only requirements
  10. Needs and demands of teachers versus teaching as a service profession
  11. School security
  12. The difference between parental and school accountability for school violence
  13. Substance abuse, pregnancy, and suicide
  14. Absolute indifference to violence versus toughness with adaptability
  15. Approve physical punishment
  16. Exams frequently only serve to gauge a student’s aptitude for taking tests. Should tests be banned in favor of a different method of evaluation?
  17. Should American teenagers follow the British practice of taking a “gap year” between high school and college?
  18. Funding for education
  19. Grade inflation
  20. Is the no child left behind act effective?
  21. Home education
  22. Uniform tests
  23. How might the use of standardized testing enhance education?
  24. Do people with college degrees earn more money?
  25. Should education be more affordable?
  26. How will future teaching methods be affected by modern technology?
  27. The development of specific teaching techniques for blind pupils
  28. School and social networking
  29. School metal detectors
  30. The results of modern teaching techniques
  31. How to manage bullies and take action against bullying at educational institutions
  32. The use of technology in lesson planning

College Research Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics for college students:

  1. Bias in the selection of internships and scholarships for college
  2. Reverse discrimination issues in post-college employment
  3. Should multicultural education principles be applied more thoroughly?
  4. Substance abuse on university campuses
  5. Can students use social media to find relevant information and learn?
  6. The mental health issues and support organizations in contemporary colleges
  7. Should students with ADHD and autism be kept apart from their peers?
  8. The craft of college campaigning
  9. Benefits and drawbacks of religious colleges
  10. Should college athletes be compensated and given extra benefits?
  11. Minimum ACT or SAT scores
  12. Marketing strategies, such as first-time scholarships
  13. Comparing 2 and 4-year institutions
  14. Guidelines for college admission
  15. Considering college expenses
  16. Distance learning
  17. Degree mills

Health, Pharmacies, and Medical Procedures Research Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics from the medical field to write about:

  1. What are the physical repercussions of long-term steroid use?
  2. What are the advantages and risks of using medical marijuana?
  3. What health effects does tobacco usage have on people?
  4. Do the advantages of immunization outweigh the disadvantages?
  5. Which sleep disorders are most prevalent, and how are they treated?
  6. What are the dangers of sun exposure or artificial tanning?
  7. Should lean people foot the Medicare and other medical bills associated with the health issues of fat persons? Should premiums for obese persons be higher?
  8. Low-fat versus low-carbohydrate diets
  9. Advantages of weightlifting over aerobic exercise
  10. How much exercise must be done each week to reap long-term health advantages
  11. Information on health websites is overly abundant
  12. Eating disorders, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, and psychological illnesses like cutting and self-harm.
  13. Is criticizing fast food outlets for obesity going too far? When is it appropriate to assign blame, and when is it appropriate to take personal responsibility?
  14. Should employers permit employees to work out during work hours?
  15. Are food producers causing us to die with steroids, antibiotics, and sprays?
  16. Complementary medicine
  17. Alzheimer’s condition
  18. Anorexia
  19. The causes of eating disorders and how women are portrayed in society
  20. Statistics about eating disorders
  21. Down’s syndrome
  22. Autism
  23. Bulimia
  24. Birth control
  25. Depression
  26. Supplements to the diet
  27. Dyslexia
  28. Exercise and physical fitness
  29. fat diets
  30. Quick meals
  31. Heart illness
  32. In vitro fertilization
  33. Obesity
  34. Attention deficit disorder, number
  35. Research the origins and veracity of ADD and ADHD.
  36. Natural foods
  37. Prescription medication
  38. Smoking
  39. Vegetarianism
  40. Learning challenges
  41. Schizophrenia

43 Best Research Paper Topics on Medicine

  1. Coma recovery: methods, results, and fresh approaches.
  2. What are the main cancer types, and how are they related?
  3. Examine the success rates of complementary and alternative cancer treatments.
  4. Is Alzheimer’s a foregone conclusion? Examine the prevention theories.
  5. What physical degenerations are associated with aging?
  6. Research the links between emotional balance and physical health, and prove any possible connections.
  7. Examine cultural factors affecting how quickly people recover from injuries and illnesses.
  8. Investigate what is known about the emergence of deadly viruses by looking at the contemporary history of viral epidemics.
  9. Consider the treatment options and differences between congenital heart disease and other types of heart disease.
  10. To what extent is sporadic depression a natural state, and is society overly eager to treat it as a disorder?
  11. Research sociopathy to identify its biological and psychological causes, recurring patterns, and treatment options.
  12. What defines compulsive behaviors as such? Examine instances of OCD, anal retention and expulsion, and other recognized criteria.
  13. Examine the nature of codependency as both a healthy mode of interpersonal behavior and an unhealthy extreme.
  14. Research the use of electroshock, examining how and why such a harsh procedure became so common.
  15. Hoarding: signs and treatments, causes, and types


  1. Limiting highly expensive treatments versus trying everything
  2. Insurance coverage for alternative treatments?
  3. Nutritional/alternative therapy vs. conventional medical care?
  4. Government funding for the study of alternative treatments?
  5. Alternative treatments’ advantages in terms of health?
  6. Assisted suicide versus life preservation
  7. Governmental insurance specifications
  8. Should there be a national database to track restricted chemicals (such as Oxycodone), or should states handle this independently?
  9. Should parents forego immunizations for their kids?
  10. Deafness and communication issues among kids with special needs: Challenges
  11. The idea of international health security
  12. Strategies for reducing indoor air pollution in homes
  13. How infectious disease information is disseminated online
  14. Should individuals be permitted to learn more about climate change issues?
  15. The privacy issue and the problems with individual health
  16. The influence of fitness advertisements on exercise habits
  17. The criteria for nutritious foods are not always objective
  18. Social media’s function in the healthcare system
  19. The psychological component of how allergies are perceived, a number
  20. Is therapy necessary to maintain life if it is ineffective?
  21. The significance of placebo therapy
  22. How can animal testing be stopped?
  23. Arguments for and against medical marijuana
  24. Is a vegetarian diet good for kids’ health?
  25. What health effects does obesity have?
  26. The benefits or risks of vaccines for children
  27. Should customers be directly advertised about prescription medications?
  28. Do doctors encourage drug abuse in their patients?
  29. Equally distributed parental leave
  30. Bonding time
  31. FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)

Communication Research Topics

  1. A drop in communication as a result of technology
  2. The impact of online social networks
  3. Effects of texting and mobile devices
  4. Why is it important (in dating, business, and social settings) to understand how men and women differ in how they communicate through body language?
  5. Should newspaper journalists have to disclose their sources?
  6. Do the media, including print and television, present accurate news? Do they ever blur the distinction between reporting and generating news?
  7. Is whiteness a factor in news coverage?
  8. What procedures go into producing a film or television program?
  9. What steps have the music and picture industry taken to combat piracy?
  10. Media slant
  11. Ownership of media conglomerates
  12. Minorities in the media, number
  13. Representation of women
  14. Reality shows on TV.
  15. Talk radio
  16. Violence on television
  17. Media representations
  18. Media sensationalism
  19. Consider the ethical issues surrounding the media advertising of pharmaceutical products.

Best Research Paper Topics on Advertising and Marketing

  1. Media restrictions
  2. Advertising to children
  3. Marketing that makes a sexual innuendo
  4. Trends in global marketing
  5. Should certain advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications, etc., be outlawed for health, morality, or annoyance?
  6. Children’s media and marketing
  7. Most divisive political advertisements
  8. Public uproar and media reaction to political advertisements
  9. The connection between political advertising and campaign funding
  10. Should advertisements for children in media programs be made illegal?
  11. The function of media mediation
  12. Are bloggers qualified to be classified as journalists?
  13. The moral dimension of contemporary news stories
  14. The right to free speech online
  15. The limitations of copyright law and the ambiguous ideas
  16. The value of psychological knowledge and communication abilities in journalism
  17. How gender affects how people interact with one another
  18. The norms of contemporary nonverbal communication
  19. Body image distortion and Instagram’s detrimental effects

Barack Obama Public Figure Research Topics

These are the best research paper topics on President Barack Obama as a public figure:

  1. National policy
  2. Keeping church and state separate
  3. Supreme Court nominees and their composition
  4. Congress’s resistance to and filibusters of presidential nominees
  5. Positive discrimination
  6. Protection against terrorism vs. the erosion of civil liberties
  7. Patriot Acts 1 and 2
  8. The majority of industrialized countries provide free healthcare. Why doesn’t the richest country, the United States, have it?
  9. Tax reductions to boost the economy
  10. Individual needs versus requirements of the state
  11. Debt spending and budget deficits
  12. Wealthy and poor

Discrimination Research Paper Topics

  1. How to improve racial relations
  2. Protection of victims vs. freedom of speech/rights of the accused
  3. Profiling
  4. Reverse prejudice
  5. Women still only make 75 cents for every dollar males make. Tell us why
  6. Education-related discrimination
  7. Examining concerns related to employment discrimination for contemporary organizations.
  8. Gender inequality
  9. Inter-racial union

Schools Research Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics about schools you can write about:

  1. Should the government limit the food options available in school cafeterias?
  2. The advantages and disadvantages of wearing uniforms at school.
  3. Do kids learn better in schools with only boys or girls?
  4. Charter colleges
  5. Prayers in schools

HIV/AIDS Research Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics on HIV/AIDS you can write about:

  1. Individual rights against communal safety (or campus safety)
  2. Research funding
  3. The United States’ duty to develop-world nations
  4. Generic medication production against American pharmaceutical firms
  5. The “jump” of infectious illnesses from animal hosts to humans
  6. Which HIV-positive patients can receive effective therapies, and which ones?
  7. A child with AIDS’s right to privacy vs. other children’s safety

Topics on Alcohol

  1. Personal freedom against safety restrictions on campus
  2. Effects on crime and violence
  3. Problems with excessive drinking
  4. Should the United States make the legal drinking age 18?
  5. Carelessness due to a condition versus community safety
  6. Losing one’s driving privilege in comparison to continuing to go to school and a job
  7. Violators’ age discrimination

Paper Topics Animals

  1. Medical research versus animal rights
  2. Should using animals for sport and entertainment be illegal?
  3. Factory farms versus the care of animals humanely
  4. Caring for animals at slaughterhouses
  5. Concerns for businesses and jobs against animal welfare

Athletes Research Paper Topics

  1. Academic standards versus school prestige
  2. Should shoe firms be permitted to provide high school athletes with free shoes and equipment?
  3. Are college athletes worth a salary?
  4. Drug use in sports
  5. What effects do children who have sports-oriented parents experience?
  6. Should steroids be made legal?
  7. Has Title IX benefited women’s sports? Has it hurt men’s athletics?
  8. Team sports’ social impacts

Sports and Entertainment Topics

These are the best research paper topics on sports and entertainment to choose from:

  1. Are social media sites beneficial to our society?
  2. Do youngsters who play violent video games become angry and cruel?
  3. Should employing animals for entertainment be prohibited?
  4. Do beauty pageants impose impossible appearance standards?
  5. Will online news sources eventually displace newspapers?
  6. How do video game consoles affect young people?
  7. Should female athletes compete against male athletes?
  8. What television shows ought to be halted?
  9. How do television programs establish false moral standards?
  10. Can social media such as Facebook lower teens’ self-esteem?

Censorship and Privacy Topics

  1. Is censorship necessary in public school libraries and curricula?
  2. Required in the entertainment sector?
  3. Is it required online?
  4. Should parents restrict what their kids read in textbooks and other materials?
  5. Internet parental controls. Does pornography use and interest rise as a result of censorship?
  6. How are websites filtered in China and other countries?
  7. How has American censorship evolved throughout time?
  8. Should the government have unfettered access to wiretaps?
  9. Should there be any restrictions placed on paparazzi activity?
  10. What medical information needs to be kept private? Who should have access to medical records, if anyone?
  11. Is it appropriate for the public to know a public figure’s personal life?
  12. Rights to privacy

Hilary Clinton Topics

  1. Political influence as Secretary of State
  2. Foreign policy
  3. Impact on women

President Bill Clinton Topics

  1. The role of the Democratic kingmaker in political succession
  2. Effect of international initiative
  3. The impact on fundraising

Best research paper topics on Computer Security and Crimes

  1. Free speech vs. online porn
  2. Privacy invasion, stalking, and reasonable access
  3. Workable remedies for hacking crimes?
  4. What are the most recent methods for identity and money theft?
  5. Where does spam email come from, and can it stop?
  6. How are computer viruses transmitted, and how do they harm computers?
  7. Online Safety
  8. Is it possible to secure online commerce amid the arms race between hackers and advancing technology today?
  1. Does downloading media (music, films, and software) violate the rights of media producers and harm their livelihoods?
  2. Should content creators who suspect students or others of downloading protected works take them to court?
  3. Services like PANDORA and SPOTIFY
  4. Copyright Law

Research Paper Topics on Cosmetic Procedures

These are the best research paper topics on cosmetic procedures:

  1. Age restrictions for surgery
  2. Dependence on surgery
  3. The societal need for beauty; 4. The risks of breast implants for teenagers
  4. The price of cosmetic procedures
  5. Cosmetic procedure
  6. Bariatric surgery
  7. Self-image
  8. Do surgeons “scissor happy” and do many procedures needlessly?

Research Topics on Bullying

  1. Texting, instant messaging, and email abuse
  2. Is online bullying as harmful as it is in person?
  3. Different types of sanctions for online bullying
  4. Media reaction
  5. Should legislation be passed at the state or federal levels to stop bullying?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

When choosing a controversial topic, consider choosing among these best research paper topics:

  1. Are people born gay, or do they choose to be homosexual?
  2. Creationism versus evolution.
  3. Should the phrase “under God” still be included in the Pledge of Allegiance?
  4. Is medical care a privilege or a right?
  5. Alternative energy against fossil fuels.
  6. Transgender restroom regulations.
  7. Socialism against capitalism.
  8. Should children be permitted to be spanked by their parents?
  9. Should federal funds be withheld from sanctuary cities?
  10. The benefits and drawbacks of gun control
  11. Should the United States carry out drone attacks in other nations?
  12. Was the American invasion of Iraq justified?
  13. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution.
  14. The benefits and drawbacks of animal testing
  15. Are professional players allowed to be seated while playing the national anthem?

Best Research Paper Topics on Criminal Justice

 Research Paper Topics on Criminal Justice
  1. The U.S. incarceration rate
  2. The criminal justice system and technology.
  3. Minorities and police abuse.
  4. Should police officers dress in body cameras?
  5. Under what conditions is the death penalty appropriate?
  6. Should drunk driving punishments be more severe?
  7. Should drivers who text while driving be imprisoned?
  8. White-collar crime and its penalties.
  9. Making activities and protests illegal
  10. The increase in false convictions.

Rape Research Paper Topics

  1. Mutual consent as opposed to exploitation
  2. College campuses with a “no touch” rule
  3. Substances linked to Date Rape
  4. Rape and violence
  5. Will tougher penalties result in fewer convictions?
  6. Consent versus exploitation in date rape
  7. Substances: Rohypnol, GHB, and KETAMINE
  8. Making date rape drugs legal
  9. A 17-year-old male who consented to oral sex with a 15-year-old girl was recently given a 10-year prison term. Are statutory rape laws discriminatory toward boys and patronizing to girls?
  10. Friendship rape

Day Care Topics

  1. Government assistance versus parental funding
  2. Positive versus negative impacts
  3. Senior Care

Best Research Paper Topics on Donald Trump

  1. Trump’s unusual run for the presidency.
  2. Donald Trump’s psychological makeup.
  3. Who is promoting Trump politically?
  4. Evangelical voters and Donald Trump.
  5. Donald Trump, the entrepreneur.
  6. Trump’s battle with the media is often known as “fake news.”
  7. Conflicts of interest with the Trump Organization.
  8. The wall at the border and immigration restrictions.
  9. Climate change and global warming legislation.
  10. Trump and Russian cooperation
  11. The “Resistance’s” explosive growth.
  12. Trump’s legislative program, including his plans for deregulation, tax reform, and healthcare.
  13. Trump’s trade and foreign policy of “America First.”
  14. The argument in favor of (or against) Trump’s administration.

Drugs Research Paper Topics

These are best research paper topics on drugs you can write about:

  1. Treatment versus punishment
  2. Family responses
  3. Acceptance by society
  4. Public safety versus legalization
  5. U.S. military participation in drug trafficking in Colombia?
  6. Legalization of drugs
  7. Do Abstinence Programs Work?
  8. Should marijuana use be made legal at the federal level?
  9. Cocaine
  10. Heroin
  11. Nicotine
  12. Drug use in sports

Easy and Simple Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the real secret of contentment?
  2. What is America’s obesity issue caused by?
  3. The importance of sleep.
  4. Are plastic water bottles unhealthy?
  5. How to promote increased recycling among people.
  6. The advantages of 3D printers for all.
  7. How do smartphone GPS systems function?
  8. What kind of environmental effects have oil spills had?
  9. Communication that is verbal versus nonverbal.
  10. The reliability of lie detector exams.
  11. How do search engines operate?
  12. The impact of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates on the world.
  13. The benefits and drawbacks of hitchhiking.
  14. The Mac versus the P.C.
  15. What triggers tornadoes?

Best Research Paper Topics on the Environment

  1. Air, water, and pollution
  2. Threatened species
  3. What dangers do global warming and climate change pose?
  4. Rainy regions
  5. Acid rain, number
  6. Alternative energy
  7. Hybrid and alternative-fuel cars
  8. Conservation
  9. Deforestation
  10. Threatened species
  11. Greenhouse gas emissions
  12. Landfills
  13. Marine debris
  14. What precautions are being made to prevent oil leaks, and how have they damaged the environment?
  15. Pesticides
  16. Building sustainability
  17. Recycling initiatives
  18. The price of green programs
  19. Windmills
  20. Landfill problems
  21. Renewable fuels
  22. Pollution
  23. disposal of radioactive waste
  24. Smog
  25. Soil contamination
  26. What steps are being taken to conserve wildlife in danger of extinction?
  27. The significant strain on industries?
  28. Oil drilling in Alaska’s ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge)
  29. The relationship between gasoline use and the popularity of SUVs.
  30. Development rights vs. the preservation of wildlife
  31. Weakening versus strengthening of criteria for clean air and water
  32. What are the risks associated with scuba diving and exploring the ocean floor?
  33. Should coal use be topic to more stringent environmental laws than other fuels?
  34. Is global warming an urban legend? Is it going too far?
  35. How much loudness is too much? What should we do, if anything, to stop it?
  36. How may global warming be reduced?
  37. How can paper waste be reduced and forests saved?
  38. Can population growth be controlled?
  39. Should there be more movies made regarding environmental issues?
  40. Effects of humans on forests
  41. Earthquake effects below ground
  42. How can the best hurricane-affected building adaption be explained?
  43. Is it possible to forecast the effects of hurricanes?
  44. Is nuclear energy safe for people to use?
  45. How harmful are GMO foods?

Topics on Family Conflict

  1. Protection of victims versus defense rights
  2. Women who murder their abusive spouses vs. the death penalty
  3. Domestic rape?
  4. Child safety against respect for parental rights
  5. Kids who murder their violent parents
  6. Workable solutions for child abuse?
  7. Abuse of kids
  8. Domestic violence

Farming Topics

  1. Chemical sprays versus conventional farming
  2. Best practices for environmental protection and conservation
  3. Small versus large farms
  4. Price of producing food

Topics on Foreign Affairs

These are best research paper topics on foreign affairs:

  1. Interventionism?
  2. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and third-world debt
  3. Third-world country economic growth against military aid
  4. Infringements of human rights
  5. The European Union’s rivalry with the United States
  6. Unilateralism
  7. The U.N.’s relevance
  8. Neocon influence on international policy
  9. The impact of the Christian right on international policy
  10. State Department versus the Pentagon
  11. The practice of nation-building
  12. Control of arms
  13. Obama’s National Counterterrorism Strategy
  14. Management of Al Qaeda
  15. Reduction of American military presence in the Middle East

Fun Paper Topics

  1. 1. Which makes the better pet—cats or dogs?
  2. Why I adore animal clones: My pet can live a forever life.
  3. My life is perfect, as seen by my social media profiles.
  4. 4.Which sport is America’s favorite pastime—football or baseball?
  5. Which coffee, Starbucks or Caribou, is superior?
  6. How does your dog feel about you?
  7. The reason millennials should be paid less.
  8. Why do people accumulate so many oddly matched pairs of socks?
  9. How to master writing research papers
  10. How getting wiser through reading Tuesdays with Morrie.

Topics on lotteries and gaming

  1. A quick way to make money against social harm
  2. Individual liberty versus social harm
  3. Are lotteries legitimate educational tools or just a con?
  4. Is there ever a chance that casino players will have a statistical advantage over the house?

Best Research Paper Topics on LGBTQ

  1. Should the Constitution allow gay and lesbian couples to be lawfully wed?
  2. Rights in adoption?
  3. Do you require specific protections?
  4. Response on college campuses
  5. Transgender, gay, lesbian, or bisexual
  6. Gay pride
  7. Gay parenting

Generational Conflict Research Paper Topics

  1. The elderly should pay their fair share of taxes or receive government assistance
  2. Social Security’s future
  3. Job discrimination
  4. Raising children
  5. Employment concerns
  6. Generational distinctions

Topics on Guns Control

  1. Community and law enforcement safety vs. unrestrained gun ownership
  2. NRA (National Rifle Association)
  3. The third amendment
  4. Are crime rates greater or lower in states where people can carry firearms?

Hate Crimes Topics

  1. Public safety against free speech
  2. Unfairness in punishment
  3. Bullying
  4. Repression of those with different lifestyles
  5. Church Arson: Is it a hate crime?

Hazing Topics

  1. Greek hazing groups and rituals
  2. Prevention of hazing
  3. Statistics on hazing-related fatalities or injuries
  4. High Schools and Hazing

Best Research Paper Topics on History

  1. What took place during the Salem witch trials first?
  2. How did railroads and trains affect American culture?
  3. What might have happened during the 1947 Roswell UFO incident?
  4. Which Olympic sports were played in classical Greece?
  5. How did Cleopatra become the Egyptian leader? What did she accomplish when she was in power?
  6. Where did the crisis in Darfur start?
  7. How did the women’s suffrage campaign impact America?
  8. How was Abraham Lincoln’s murder planned and carried out?
  9. How did Cold War hostilities impact the U.S. and the rest of the world?
  10. What happened to Roanoke’s missing settlers?
  11. What impact did Julius Caesar have on Rome?
  12. What social changes were made by the Freedom Riders?
  13. What was the Bushido code, and how did it influence samurai warriors?
  14. What impact did Joan of Arc have on history?
  15. What perils and difficulties did Lewis and Clark encounter when voyaging the Midwest?
  16. What similarities and differences exist between the Great Depression and the Great Recession?
  17. What was the Manhattan Project, and how did it affect the world?
  18. What prompted Martin Luther to challenge the Catholic Church?
  19. What caused the Roman Empire to collapse?
  20. What impact did the Black Death have on Europe?
  21. How did Genghis Khan subdue Persia?
  22. What impact did journalists have on U.S. military operations in Vietnam?
  23. What is the relationship between Vlad the Impaler and Count Dracula?
  24. Thomas Edison or Leonardo da Vinci: who was the better inventor?
  25. What part did African Americans play in the American Revolution?
  26. How did Britain see India while it was under its control?
  27. What contributed to the China-Tibetan conflict?

More Topics on History

  1. Investigate and evaluate how the Catholic Church became a political force when the Roman Empire fell.
  2. Examine Dr. Eileen Powers’ assertion that the Roman Empire failed to recognize its vulnerability to the change that all governments must endure or her “force of nature” argument.
  3. Examine and talk about the cooperation that existed during Rome’s centuries-long Barbarian conquest.
  4. Compare and contrast the kingship ideologies and practices of the West and the East.
  5. Look into and describe the development of Alexander the Great’s empire, focusing little on the individual leader.
  6. To what extent were Eastern and Western cultures first connected through commerce, and how did this affect the development of early international relations?
  7. Examine the factors contributing to Japan’s transition from a feudal to a modern state, including its geographic isolation.
  8. Examine Romanization’s advantages, drawbacks, and influences on the Celtic inhabitants of ancient England.
  9. Overview of British supremacy in Scotland, Wales, and Ireland at number
  10. 36 What led to the attempts throughout centuries of rebellion and failure, and how was each justified?
  11. Examine the known effects of Guttenberg’s printing press within the first 30 years of its creation, focusing solely on how European nations interacted.
  12. Identify and discuss the turning point in the Reformation’s fusion with nationalist politics and ideologies in Europe.
  13. Henry VIII enthusiastically persecuted heretics in England, but how far did he support the Reformation?
  14. Describe how the papal authority was used as a military and political tool in the 14th and 15th centuries.
  15. Examine the development of Florence as a city-state from the 13th to the 16th century, examining how and why it became so adamantly Republican.

2/2 History Topics

  1. Compare and contrast the monarchs of England and France in the 18th and 19th centuries with the Czarism of Peter, Elizabeth, and Catherine in Russia.
  2. Examine the immense significance of Catholic Orthodoxy as the country’s main religion and its significance and influence in an empire with a sizable serf population and little to no aristocracy.
  3. How far did Philip II’s religious beliefs influence 16th-century European conflict and policy?
  4. Describe the events that led to the Estates’ meeting in late 18th-century France and the following Revolution. Determine the relevant political and societal mistakes.
  5. What ultimately ended serfdom in Russia, and why were all the Czars’ attempts to do so repeatedly unsuccessful?
  6. Research and write a report on how the Industrial Revolution and railroad development impacted England in the 19th century.
  7. Evaluate and contrast the urbanization effects of the industrial revolutions in England and America.
  8. What conditions led to World War I, and how could the conflict have been avoided?
  9. Examine the Cold War of the 20th century in light of its historical setting; are any comparisons to be drawn between this conflict and other long-running conflicts between powerful nations in earlier centuries?
  10. Examine Roosevelt’s choices for carrying out the New Deal, starting with the shutting down the banks. Offer alternate tactics or reaffirm the reasoning behind the chosen course of action.
  11. Which architectural wonders can be discovered in Tenochtitlan, the Aztec Empire’s capital?
  12. What was the first moon landing’s cultural significance?

Poverty Topics

  1. Food programs
  2. Welfare reform
  3. Supplemental government funding
  4. Urban limitations vs. the demands of the homeless 
  5. Workable solutions?

Immigration Research Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics on immigration to choose from:

  1. Having realistic restrictions versus being welcoming to those in need
  2. Respect for variety vs. the use of English as the official language
  3. Should undocumented immigrants be granted citizenship?
  4. Illegal aliens’ access to public programs and schools
  5. Workable solutions for border control?
  6. Taxation or employment for illegal aliens

Best Research Paper Topics on the Middle East

  1. Trade internationally
  2. Democratization
  3. Arms Reduction
  4.  “Shock and awe”
  5. Liberation vs. American Occupation
  6. Iraqi government versus U.S. puppet state
  7. Oil and Gas Prices: Resource Management
  8. Effective self-governance
  9. The fight against terrorism
  10. Is America winning the war or losing it? What criteria are used to evaluate success? Do the advantages outweigh the costs?

Military Research Paper Topics

  1. Using preemptive strikes
  2. Using precise weapons
  3. Reliable intelligence
  4. Afghanistan: A win or a deadlock?
  5. Should Americans be compelled to enlist in the military?

Topics on Natural Catastrophes

  1. Governmental assistance
  2. Preparedness
  3. Emergency plans for schools
  4. Local alerting systems
  5. Repair expenses

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Writing a persuasive essay? These are the best research paper topics to choose from:

  1. The popular vote, not the Electoral College, should determine the winner of the U.S. presidential election.
  2. Raising the minimum wage to give working families “livable” pay.
  3. Penalties for individuals who harm animals should be more severe.
  4. School vouchers promote competition and raise the standard of schools.
  5. The corporation tax rate needs to be decreased to increase employment growth.
  6. Privatization of Social Security is necessary.
  7. Torture of humans should be prohibited under any circumstances.
  8. To guarantee racial and gender equality, affirmative action is still required.
  9. The gold standard should be reinstated for the American dollar.
  10. Assisted suicide and euthanasia need to be prohibited.
  11. The risks that police face vs. police brutality
  12. Violence fueled by race?
  13. Profiling

Best Research Paper Topics on Politics

  1. The public’s right to know is against a politician’s right to privacy
  2. The financial resources allocated to presidential campaigns
  3. Opinions on contentious issues like gay marriage, abortion, and other
  4. Political discussions over time
  5. Candidates from third parties at presidential debates
  6. Freedom from restrictions vs. the rights of religious citizens (e.g., prayer in schools)
  7. Cultural plurality versus religious justification for political participation
  8. The impact of the Christian Right on international policy
  9. Is it time to lower the legal drinking age?
  10. Should adults be allowed to carry concealed weapons?
  11. More gun control legislation needs to be passed
  12. What steps can the international community take to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons?
  13. How can racial violence be curbed?
  14. The current outlook for Israeli-Palestinian peace
  15. How might a world without war look?
  16. How many worker reductions be avoided?
  17. Is the death penalty appropriate?
  18. Is socialism a reality?

Topics on Population Growth

  1. How grave? Causes? Provide realistic options
  2. Do you finance abortion in third-world nations as a method of birth control?
  3. What would occur worldwide if there was a shortage of natural resources?

Research Topics on Pornography and Prostitution

  1. Freedom of speech vs. limiting societal degeneration
  2. Pornography Definition
  3. Children’s porn
  4. International and U.S. laws governing prostitution
  5. The advantages and disadvantages of legalizing prostitution
  6. Impact on the minds of current and former prostitutes
  7. Sexual exploitation and trade

Topics on Inmates and Prisons

  1. Construction of prisons against alternative punishment
  2. Modified sentences for less serious offenses
  3. Volunteer work
  4. Prisoner diversion programs
  5. How does the U.S. prison population stack up against those in other countries?

Religion Paper Topics

  1. Is there just one genuine religion?
  2. Religious liberty
  3. Outline compelling justifications for studying the Bible as a literary part of its religious importance.

Best Research Paper Topics on Ronald Reagan

  1. Ronald Reagan’s political ascent from Hollywood to the White House.
  2. How Reagan won over Americans’ hearts: The Great Communicator.
  3. Reagan narrowly escapes death in the 1981 assassination attempt due to a bullet wound.
  4. Reagan names the first female justice to the Supreme Court.
  5. The collapse of the labor unions and the PATCO breakdown.
  6. Tax reductions and “Reaganomics,”
  7. The “Iran-Contra” affair, number
  8. The conclusion of the Cold War under Reagan and Gorbachev.
  9. Reagan’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis and a protracted farewell comprise the last act.

Security Topics

  1. How has security at airports changed after September 11, 2001?
  2. Identity fraud
  3. Homeland Security: Has establishing this department made us safer?
  4. Are there more effective ways to assure passenger safety than invasive pat-downs and body scans?
  5. Is it a wise idea to arm pilots?
  6. What duties do secret service agents carry out?

Topics on Student Loan Debt

  1. Student loan fraud
  2. Tips for preventing student loan debt
  3. Managing debt from student loans

Sociology Paper Topics

Sociology Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics on sociology to choose from:

  1. The development of autonomous vehicles and transportation.
  2. The impact of the women’s rights movement on shattering the glass ceiling.
  3. The value of senior citizens to society.
  4. How society perceives people with disabilities.
  5. The current civil rights struggle is number 5.
  6. Has technology caused us to become increasingly socially isolated?
  7. The function of religion in culture.
  8. Compared to earlier generations, are we doing better or worse in today’s society?
  9. The cultural impact of popular music.
  10. Geographic and class segregation
  11. The distinctions between urban, suburban, and/or rural living.
  12. Should parents be allowed to design their children?
  13. Should human beings have microchips implanted for improved tracking and security?
  14. Will cell phones someday be replaced by smartwatches?
  15. The benefits and drawbacks of being a world citizen.

Taxation Paper Topics

  1. Flat vs. progressive taxes
  2. High taxes versus valuable programs

Teen Issues Topics

These are best research paper topics on teens to write about:

  1. Does text texting make teens less literate?
  2. The effects of eating disorders on teenagers.
  3. Comparing tablets and books
  4. Do standardized assessments enhance adolescent learning?
  5. Do violent video games contribute to youth crime?
  6. Is modern-day teen fiction still relevant?
  7. Should teenage girls be compelled to receive the HPV vaccine?
  8. Do teachers fudge grades to ensure that students pass?
  9. Should teen advertisers target consumers?
  10. How to help teenagers give up smoking
  11. Teenage drug and alcohol misuse causes and effects.
  12. Ways to stop teen pregnancies.

Topics on Terrorism

  1. Osama Bin Laden
  2. Bombings of the Pentagon and World Trade Center
  3. September 11, 2001
  4. Al-Qaeda
  5. Combating terrorism
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Taliban
  8. Bioterrorism
  9. Al Qaida: Has American policy expanded terrorism rather than kept it in check? Will it improve or deteriorate? How and why?
  10. Is there ever an excuse for terrorism?
  11. What sort of individual commits suicide bombing?
  12. What factors led to Osama Bin Laden’s demise?
  13. Did the Patriot Act stop or prevent terrorist attacks in the United States?

Topics on Technology

  1. How does texting impact teen literacy?
  2. How have cell phones affected our social lives?
  3. Is historical knowledge being lost because of the Information Age?
  4. Legal science and technology
  5. What are genetic engineers’ present capacities and long-term objectives?
  6. What challenges did scientists face in their quest to breach the sound barrier?
  7. What is alchemy, and how have attempts at it been made?
  8. Stem cell study
  9. What technological solutions are available to homeowners to assist them in energy conservation?
  10. Nuclear power
  11. Renewable energy sources
  12. Wind power: Is wind power really that cheap? Is it successful? Is it useful?
  13. What risks and dangers are associated with nuclear power?

Unique Research Paper Topics

  1. From where did hip-hop music come?
  2. A day in a Buddhist monk’s life.
  3. How do memories get stored and retrieved in the brain?
  4. The daily routine of an ant colony.
  5. The arguments in favor of and against UFOs.
  6. Can virtual reality truly replace the real world?
  7. Do dreams contain secret meanings, or are they just fluff?
  8. Why do humans assemble the most absurd objects?
  9. When should you leave an abusive relationship?
  10. The skill of acting concerned.
  11. Did the quality of the writing justify the Harry Potter phenomenon, or was it more a result of the time period’s populace’s receptivity and media exposure?

Topics on Veterans

  1. Public perceptions of veterans
  2. Health problems brought on by service
  3. Veteran-serving organizations
  4. Support from the government for veterans
  5. What initiatives are available to assist veterans of war in reintegrating into society?
  6. Medical benefits for veterans of the Iraq War: Are they being mistreated?

Best Research Paper Topics on Women and Mothers

  1. Does a glass ceiling exist?
  2. What barriers exist for women seeking political office?
  3. Should women be rabbis, ministers, pastors, or priests?
  4. Are there any distinctions between children raised by working mothers and stay-at-home mothers? Does today’s culture still discriminate against mothers who work and want flexible hours?
  5. Should the government pay stay-at-home mothers a salary?

How, What, and Why Paper Topics

These are the best research paper topics that explain how, what, and why:

  1. What makes us sleep?
  2. How do GPS devices function?
  3. Who was the first traveler to touch down at the North Pole?
  4. Has Alcatraz ever been broken out of?
  5. What was a gladiator’s daily routine like?
  6. Are there any methods that effectively ward off insects?
  7. How are armored garment items made?
  8. When and how was the skateboard created, and how has it evolved?
  9. How do bees live within their hives?
  10. Who were the creators of hip-hop, and where did it come from?
  11. What distinguishes the platypus as a special and fascinating mammal?
  12. What is a Buddhist monk’s typical day like?
  13. 13 How did the use of gunpowder alter warfare?
  14. Why and how were cats and dogs brought into domestication?
  15. What are ninjas known to historians?
  16. Do people still change throughout time?
  17. What is the pharaoh’s curse?
  18. Why was Socrates put to death?
  19. How did early sailors explore the world?
  20. How do black holes develop?
  21. How do submarines operate?
  22. Do lie detector tests reliably identify assertions as being true or false?
  23. How can a hybrid vehicle reduce energy use?
  24. What components make up a hotdog?
  25. How does a shark go on the hunt?
  26. How does the brain of a human store and access memories?
  27. How can radar avoidance technology protect aircraft?
  28. What triggers tornadoes?
  29. How does night vision function?
  30. How do desert mirages influence wanderers, and what causes them?
  31. What exactly are sinkholes, and how do they develop?
  32. What are the main hypotheses regarding the extinction of the dinosaurs?

Relationships Paper Topics

  1. Should divorce rules be changed to make it more difficult to obtain one?
  2. Rates of divorce
  3. Relations with family
  4. Family tenets
  5. Relations of race
  6. Relationships and Divorce
  7. A look at family life and how it affects a child’s development

Business Research Paper Topics

  1. How four generations can coexist in the workplace.
  2. Fostering productive working connections
  3. Contemporary workplaces
  4. Business management
  5. Workforce laws
  6. Taxation of small businesses
  7. Corporate law
  8. Modern human resource concerns: Do businesses today patronize their workers, or do they take greater care of them?
  9. Cultural conflict in globalization: How to successfully blend in with a different culture
  10. Corporate abuse: How can executives criminally influence organizations with such ease?
  11. When identifying stakeholders in private enterprises, is corporate responsibility the same as for first public offerings?
  12. Examining concerns related to employment discrimination for contemporary organizations.
  13. Create a new leadership theory that considers components of current leadership models and theories.
  14. Investigate the actual effects of social media as a tool for business marketing.
  15. Come up with a scenario where historically unethical commercial practices might be acceptable.

Best Research Paper Topics on Psychology

  1. Examine the value of Freud’s contributions to psychology as they stand today.
  2. Are there psychological and behavioral principles based on gender unaffected by cultural factors? How much does gender influence how people think?
  3. How much does culture influence sexual orientation, and are there any orientations unaffected by social and cultural factors?
  4. Look into the psychological mechanisms behind group dynamics to the emergence of leaders and followership.
  5. Evaluate differences and similarities among Jung, Freud, and Adler.
  6. How far does psychology depend on culture to define what is “normal”?
  7. Examine the efficacy of novel medical approaches and radical psychotherapies.
  8. Examine the idea of human volition as a facet of a psychological process and something apart from it.
  9. Regarding eating disorders, how much does culture affect how one feels about oneself? Are only external causes to blame?
  10. How do ancient notions of insanity and dementia relate to contemporary ideas of mental illness?
  11. Is psychology inherently non-scientific because almost any theory can be supported, or is there a scientific framework that all theorists must adhere to?
  12. Examine Chaucer’s understanding of human nature in The Canterbury Tales using three characters.

Good Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Explain the true nature of Dante’s connection with Virgil in The Divine Comedy, highlighting the poet’s importance to Dante.
  2. Examine and discuss English interest in euphemism and elaborate storytelling in the 16th century, starting with John Lyly.
  3. Analyze any debates about who wrote Shakespeare, citing arguments from both sides.
  4. Compare and contrast Marlowe and Shakespeare’s treatment of Tamburlaine and Titus Andronicus.
  5. Distinguish Shakespeare from Bloom’s claim that he is the “creator of the human being.”
  6. How much do Shakespeare’s plays resemble or reflect the Elizabethan period? Identify at least three plays that are connected to particular cultural and societal events.
  7. Examine how A Winter’s Tale’s distinctive structure handles the change from comedy to drama. Is this true? Is the play made better or worse by the transition?
  8. Provide evidence to support or contradict the claim that Shakespeare is assuming the role of Prospero.
  9. Why did English Reformation dramatizations of excessive violence become so common? Mention Shakespeare, Marlowe, Kyd, and Webster.
  10. Examine the metaphysical themes in Donne’s poetry. Are they spiritual, existential, or a combination of the two?
  11. What does Frankenstein attempt to argue for Shelley? Quotes from the book can help you to support your response.
  12. Compare the heroines in Madame Bovary by Flaubert and Anna Karenina by Tolstoy.
  13. It’s claimed that Dickens’ attempt to use a serious, romantic narrative in his works failed. Defend or reject this assertion using Copperfield, Great Expectations, and Dombey and Son.
  14. Evaluate Dickens’ moralistic stance in Bleak House and Hard Times. To what extent does he advocate for change, and how does he observe the human condition?

Bottom Line

Any good research paper has a topic that is well-researched and written. Most students find a topic challenging to find. We have provided a catalog of the best research paper topics you can choose from. Do you still need help writing a research paper? Our essay writers will craft your research paper in a short while. Contact us for an estimate, or visit our blog to learn more about essay writing.

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