96 Interesting Annotated Bibliography Topics

96 Interesting Annotated Bibliography Topics

Annotated bibliographies are usually given as part of college assignments to account for available research on specific points. Although it is an extended version of the usual bibliography, this bibliography requires students to cite sources and write short summaries and evaluations, and to write well, you must clearly define your topic. Our expert essay writers offer a list of annotated bibliography topics and guidance on writing a paper that will impress your professors. They also actively help students in writing an annotated bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography Topics

We’ve compiled a list of annotated bibliography topics classified based on their courses:

Annotated Bibliography Topics for Nursing

  1. Social Media’s Influence on Nursing
  2. The Application of Technology in Nursing
  3. The Importance of Nursing Research 
  4. Nurses’ Role in Promoting Public Health
  5. Nursing’s Influence on Patient Outcomes
  6. The Importance of Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
  7. Professional Development’s Influence on Nursing Practice
  8. The Impact of Culture on Nursing Practice
  9. The Nursing Future

Annotated Bibliography Topics in English

  1. Oral literature in American schools
  2. The impact of the printing press on literature
  3. Shakespeare’s role in English literature
  4. Writing in Victorian times
  5. The impact of postmodernism on English literature
  6. Romanticism’s Influence on Poetry
  7. Colonialism’s Influence on English Literature

Persuasive Topics Annotated Bibliography

  1. The Advantages of Increasing the Minimum Wage
  2. Pro and Con Arguments for and Against Gun Control
  3. The Benefits of Universal Healthcare
  4. Should Public Schools Provide Free Menstrual Products? 
  5. The Importance of Affirmative Action
  6. Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?
  7. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Animal Testing
  8. Should All Drugs Be Legalized?
  9. The Advantages of Eating Organic Foods
  10. Should College Education Be Free?

Topics in History

  1. The Revolutionary War
  2. The American Civil War
  3. The Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution
  4. The Impact of the American Revolution on the World
  5. Primary Sources for the American Revolution
  6. Civil War: Causes and Effects
  7. The Impact of the Civil War on the World
  8. Primary Sources for the American Civil War
  9. Post-Civil War Reconstruction
  10. Suffrage for Women in the United States

Annotated Bibliography Topics in Sports

  1. The Origins of a Sport
  2. A Sport’s Evolution
  3. A Sport’s Rules
  4. A Sport’s Equipment
  5. The Training Required to Play a Sport
  6. A Sport’s Different Levels of Competition 
  7. A Sport’s Major Championships and Tournaments 
  8. A Sport’s Top Players 
  9. A Sport’s Role in Technology
  10. Sport Administration

Biology Annotated Bibliography Topics

  1. The function of vitamin D in the body
  2. The advantages of omega-3 fatty acids
  3. The significance of a well-balanced diet 
  4. The impact of exercise on health 
  5. The dangers of smoking
  6. The advantages of breastfeeding 
  7. The significance of getting enough sleep 
  8. The dangers of sun exposure
  9. The significance of hand washing 
  10. Role of vaccines in disease prevention

Annotated Bibliography Topics in Technology

  1. In what way the internet has altered our communication methods 
  2. In what way the internet has transformed our business practices
  3. The Internet’s Impact on Education
  4. How the internet has altered how we obtain news
  5. The Internet’s Impact on Entertainment
  6. The Internet’s Dark Side
  7. Internet and cybersecurity
  8. Gender representation in classic literature
  9. The effects of fantasy literature on readers
  10. The literary connection between art and mental health

Annotated Bibliography Business Topics

  1. The Effects of Globalization on Organization
  2. The Impact of Technology on Business
  3. The Growth of Management Techniques
  4. Entrepreneurship and its Economic Impact
  5. Marketing Concepts and Consumer Behavior 
  6. Business Social Responsibility
  7. The Management of Risk in Business 
  8. Acquisitions and mergers
  9. Governance in corporations
  10. Business Values and Ethics.

Fun Annotated Bibliography Topics

  1. The Evolution of Video Games
  2. International Cuisines
  3. Experimenting with Different Types of Music 
  4. Unusual Modes of Transportation
  5. International Artwork 
  6. Sports Throughout the Years
  7. An In-Depth Look at the Science Behind Magic Tricks
  8. Experimenting with Different Cuisines
  9. Fashion Trends Throughout the Decades 
  10. Unique Sports from Around the World.

Easy Annotated Bibliography Topics

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health
  2. The Effects of Climate Change 
  3. The Advantages of a Vegan Diet 
  4. How to Improve Your Credit Score
  5. Investing in the Stock Exchange
  6. Workouts to Increase Physical Fitness
  7. The Advantages of Meditation 
  8. The Advantages of Working From Home 
  9. How to Create a Budget
  10. The Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language.

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