Argumentative Essay Topics: 110 Topics for Students in 2023

Argumentative essay topics

Argumentative essay topics seek to expound more on what we know as facts and invoke a creative sense in students. Be it professional or social life, we need to argue from the point of information, and such discussion prepares students for such eventuality. Our professional essay writers have compiled several argumentative essay topics that will assist you in writing your essay. If you need help writing your argumentative essay, we offer essay writing services with an A+ guarantee.

Society Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea?
  2. Religion, in any way, does it cause war?
  3. Fashion, is it significant?
  4. Feminists, are these kinds of women harsh to the other women who do give support to the movement?
  5. Is completion an advantage or a disadvantage in working or the studying environment?
  6. Life 100 years ago was easier; is this a fact or a myth?
  7. The drawbacks of a political system that are democratic, and what are the causes?
  8. How does cultural shock impact different cultures?
  9. The working mothers, should they have special privileges?
  10. People from minorities, should they have more quotas to welcome them in?
  11. About cyberbullying, firing a guilty person is the best punishment?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Technology

Argumentative Topics on Technology
  1. Cell phones, are they dangerous to people?
  2. From our free will, using social media, will we ever change that perspective?
  3. By getting rid of the internet, can humanity do this and continue to develop?
  4. The reading of e-books and paper books. Which is worse?
  5. Should we tighten the restraint of content on the internet?
  6. Should we replace the money in paper form with electronic money?
  7. The constant use of social media, does it make most people in more manner stressed and even lonelier?
  8. Some of the technological advancements examples are vacuum cleaners and robots. Do they make people idler?
  9. Who should we blame for the abusive language in the comments that, at times, is usually in excesses found on the web (under posted videos, photos, or even blogs)
  10. what does technology cause any impact on the ability of people to create?
  11. What does “superfluous use of the internet” mean, and is it among the list of addictions?

Morality Topics

  1. Is sharing a secret with someone else ethical or a different person involved in that same secret?
  2. Does the paparazzi perform a violation of the celebrity’s privacy?
  3. When a person with no skills that are special in any way gets money and becomes rich, is it fair?
  4. Starting a diary, is it a good idea?
  5. Helping the poor, should people partake in this activity?
  6. Can the other partner file and demand a divorce when someone’s spouse is in a coma?
  7. Do the beauty pigeons influence society incorrectly in any way?
  8. Women who are not financially stable can opt for an abortion.
  9. For instance, a spouse has a significant other who may be mentally or physically disabled. Is it ethical that they have the right to cheat?
  10. The killing of a person that kills is it immoral?
  11. Take for that there is a risk to your life in saving someone else’s life; is it moral if you refuse to do so?

Argumentative Topics on Education

  1. The information that we consume in school as we are learning, does it get bigger? If so or not, is this a bad or a good idea?
  2. Homeschooling does, in a negative way, affect a child’s ability to learn the art of socializing.
  3. Take, for instance, that college learning financials are free. Is the education quality more or less?
  4. Will children stop learning if the school cancels their compulsory homework?
  5. In school, is it good to teach children gender nonconformity information and other type’s originations about sex?
  6. Gym attendance affects a student’s GPA.
  7. Standardized tests are a good way to test a person’s knowledge.
  8. In an actionable manner, should students test for drugs at school?
  9. Under parents’ demands, can a student absolved from a particular subject that they do not like?
  10. Should all subjects be optional?

Family Argumentative Topics

  1. Is it a bad thing when you give a treat to children if the child performs or shows good behavior in school?
  2. If the child isn’t into studying or does not love to do so, is it a good idea to force the child to study?
  3. Having many children is a responsible thing?
  4. Try alcohol. At what age should a parent encourage a student to try alcohol?
  5. Parents should treat differently siblings who are of different gender
  6. Parents reading their children’s diaries, do they have the right to do so?
  7. At the child’s age, should they have personal gadgets?
  8. The application of certain institutions by parents after finding out that their children are using drugs, is it advisable, or should the case be settled amongst themselves?
  9. Can parents permit their teenagers to undergo plastic surgery even after no obvious defects?
  10. In teenage relationships, should parents invade them?

Health Argumentative Topics

  1. Healthcare system, should they be made free?
  2. Fast foods, are they supposed to come in handy with a warning, just like alcohol and cigarettes?
  3. For instance, the whole globe has a universal healthcare system. Would this be better/
  4. The euthanization of people with incurable diseases at their wish? Is this a good idea? Can it be implemented?
  5. Can the time a person goes to bed affect one’s health?
  6. On a governmental level, can the addiction to unnecessary shopping be considered a disease?
  7. The causes of obesity are they mental or physical?
  8. Office workers, should they follow some rules? Examples of the rule are: washing their hands?
  9. School-age children should have mental therapy.
  10. Does life span depend on genetics, or is it about other factors?
  11. Towards people’s health how is it affected by people’s health?

Movies, Literature, and Art Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should bookstores implement age limit restrictions to certain books?
  2. Movies In the 21st century are crueler than those of the 20th century. 
  3. Should schools use electronic paper to spare and save paper?
  4. Should we snore paintings that contains nudity?
  5. Bring children to an exhibition of an artist or photographer who participates in nudity in their carrier. Is it acceptable?
  6. Actors should be offered mental breaks when acting on different characters in the same piece.
  7. Is reading articles or books in large but essential numbers advisable to develop mental horizons?
  8. Watching a TV series is a waste of time?
  9. Do artists have talent or just put in the effort and learn to draw?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How does music affect a person’s psychology in terms of the type of style?
  2. How do the current century’s main stereotypes disrupt the successful business process?
  3. How can parents teach their children the whereabouts of gender stereotypes?
  4. What is the meaning given to the morally responsible in 21st-century society?
  5. What are the essential factors for a happy relationship to last?
  6. About living a normal life, which is the obstacle of mental disorder?
  7. What is the thing that can lead to having consequences that are dire in the future?
  8. Post-trauma syndrome kids, how can they be healed? What are the therapy types for young children?
  9. The meaning of the word cyber-bullying, can we manage and put to an end?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Law

  1. Should the laws that link with the collection metadata change?
  2. Is the fourteenth amendment supposed to be changed?
  3. In all states, should the ownership of firearms change.
  4. Should we cancel citizenship by birth?
  5. Supreme Court, in comparison to other brunches, is it supposed to be changed?
  6. Should federal laws be nullified if they go against the states’ rights under the sovereign republics in the union?
  7. In society, are the rules judges make benefit society?
  8. About the House of Commons, should the House of Lords have more power?
  9. The federal Bureaucracy, can they follow the laws that have the same power as the ones of the legislative bodies?
  10. Should prosecuting a child in the same manner as an adult be an option?

Argumentative Essay Topics on History

  1. Colonialism, was it of any benefit to any country, and why is that so?
  2. What strategies did Adolf Hitler use in World War II, and which should be used in the modern world?
  3. Was the expelling of the Native Americans justified?
  4. In WWII, the Soviet Union justified the occupation of Eastern Europe.
  5. The war between the Mexicans and the Americans, and what was the main cause?
  6. Desolation of the British in India, what was its result?
  7. What was the main cause of the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR, and what were its results?
  8. In the making of Germany a single nation, how was Prussia successful in doing it 
  9. After the cotton gin invasion, how did it affect agriculture in America?

Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. In the USA, is gender equality in politics, is it possible?
  2. Humans, are we ready to make contact with the aliens 
  3. Which country has the most possibilities to impose a cause in the III World War?
  4. Women, are they more emotional s to compared to men?
  5. The human molarity, does it develop as quickly as technology?
  6. The computers, do they make us smarter, or do they not?
  7. Humans, why can we not treat all animals as equals?
  8. For abortion incidents, who is responsible for reducing and managing the cases?

Tips and Tricks When Choosing a Winning Argumentative Topic

  1. Make a list of all your ideas: this will give you a wider range of topics you can choose from. Among the list, choose a topic under your interests.
  2. Think of arguable stamens: as the statement is self-explanatory, ask your teacher to assist you if you have trouble choosing one.
  3. Find information about the topic: you can use the book in the library or even surf the internet and acquire the necessary information.
  4. If you pick a topic and look through many sources, you need help finding enough information about the topic, and then you are supposed to choose another topic because you want to avoid getting into a dead end.

Bottom Line

Knowing how to write an argumentative essay involves making the best topic choice. There are many argumentative topics you can write about. If you need help in creating an argumentative essay, we offers all essay writing services including plot development, writing and editing.

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