Boston College Supplementary Essays: Tips and Tricks

Boston College Supplementary Essays: Tips and Tricks

Joining Boston College is a dream that rarely comes true for many applicants. The world-class institution has a rigorous admission process, requiring aspiring students to submit a supplementary essay explaining why they think they belong to Boston. Besides academic transcripts, these essays serve as a crucial element in the admission process, offering students an opportunity to showcase their personalities, experiences, and values. However, the challenge lies in balancing showcasing your unique qualities and aligning them with the university’s values. It’s a delicate task that requires professional guidance, lest you risk missing a chance at the prestigious institution. Here’s a detailed guide on writing compelling Boston College supplementary essays. Our essay experts will also help you craft an admission essay.

Reflective Question for Writing Boston College Supplementary Essays

Here are important questions to keep in mind when writing Boston College supplemental essays:

  • Does my essay answer all the Boston College prompts?
  • Does my supplementary essay effectively convey my unique and compelling story?
  • Does my supplementary essay answer the question, “Why Boston College?”
  • Does anything specific about myself and the college capture the reader’s attention in my supplementary essay?
  • Does my Boston College Supplementary Essay have any spelling or grammatical errors?  

How to Write Boston College Supplementary Essays?

Understand the Purpose

Writing a winning Boston College supplementary essay starts with understanding its purpose. Carefully read and understand the requirements and guidelines for the essay before you start writing. Remember, Boston College supplementary essays are not mere challenges to overcome. They offer insights into your character, ambitions, and potential contributions to the campus community. Admission officers want to form a holistic picture of who you are, what motivates you, and how you’ll enhance the vibrant college atmosphere.  

Address the “Why Boston College” Supplementary Essays Prompts

“Why Boston College” is among the most common prompts that knock out many applicants. Here, admission officers want to know why you’re drawn explicitly to their college. Avoid generic information about the college, such as ranking, to stand out. Instead, delve deep into your research on the institution. For instance, discuss programs, courses, or campus resources aligning with your academic and personal goals. How do you intend to contribute to the Boston College community? Tailor your response to convey a strong connection between your aspirations and college offerings.

Authenticity Is Key

Boston College values authenticity more than anything else. A supplementary essay allows you to show the admission committee the real you beyond academic grades and achievements. Do not portray a persona you think the institution would love. Be honest, reflective, and open. Share your real thoughts, experiences, and emotions. An authentic essay showcases your true passions, values, and ambitions, demonstrating your sincere desire to contribute to the institution’s diverse community. It resonates with Boston College’s emphasis on character, distinguishing you from other applicants, and fortifying your application process.

Tell Your Unique Story

Uniqueness is a critical factor admission officers seek in supplementary essays. While each applicant possesses a distinct story, the admission committee is keen on specific elements that make it stand out. Share experiences, challenges, or moments in your life. Draw the reader into your world with vivid and descriptive language. This could be a personal struggle that highlights your struggle and resilience or a passion that reveals your dedication. Find a creative way to expound on the lessons you learned from each situation and how they make you a fit for Boston College.

Demonstrate Your Intellectual Curiosity

Academic excellence plays a part when seeking admission at Boston College. Delve into your academic journey and demonstrate your eagerness to explore new ideas. Highlight instances of self-driven learning, such as independent research or extracurricular pursuits. Talk about a specific area of study that fascinates you, and discuss how it aligns with Boston College’s academic offerings. 

Need Highlight Values and Ethics

A Boston College supplementary essay prompt might ask you about values or a significant ethical dilemma you’ve encountered. Use the opportunity to showcase your commitment to integrity, empathy, and social responsibility. Reflect on your principles and some choices and how they impacted you and the people around you. Discuss how these values will guide your actions as a member of the Boston College community. Tie that narrative to how you’ll contribute to the institution’s mission of educating other students who positively impact society.

Emphasize Compatibility and Contribution

What makes you think you’re a Boston fit? Remember, the admission committee is interested in what you can offer the institution, not just what they can offer you. You don’t have to think far. Highlight unique qualities or skills that make you compatible with the institution. Discuss initiatives, clubs, or organizations at Boston College and how you intend to participate and contribute to the broader BC community in your conclusion.

Edit and Proofread

Simple mistakes like typos and grammatical errors can give the admission committee an impression of carelessness. Spare some time to carefully read and edit your essay after writing. Consider seeking feedback from professional essay writers, peers, or mentors to refine your work further.

Get Help Writing Boston College Supplementary Essays?

Writing Boston College supplementary essays is no easy feat. According to US News, out of thousands of applications the prestigious institution receives yearly, only 17% get enrolment. Want to increase your chances of admission at Boston College? Place your order now for assistance from professional essay writers.

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