Boston University Supplemental Essays: 5 Best Tips to Craft a Masterpiece

Boston University Supplemental Essays: 5 Best Tips to Craft a Masterpiece

Boston University supplemental essays are increasingly becoming the most significant impediment to students wishing to join this institution. Like many other premier universities, you will need a higher GPA to ensure you will secure your spot in Boston. You must also write a compelling supplemental essay to persuade the admission committee that you will add value to the institution. Given these essays’ crucial role in the admission process; emphasis is put on unconventional skills needed when writing. Unfortunately, few students can comfortably craft a winning masterpiece.

In this blog, our admission essay experts will divulge ingenious tips on how you can secure your spot at Boston University by writing stellar supplemental essays. They also help you write an appealing essay that portrays you as an accomplished student before the board.

Understanding The Boston University Supplemental Essays

Boston Supplemental Essays are additional essays that students aspiring to join this institution must write to supplement their academic achievements. The foundation of writing compelling Boston Supplemental Essays lies in understanding the prompts. If you are a student looking to join Boston, this is the chance to convince the admission committee why they should consider you. Boston University is one of the most sought-after institutions. Therefore, you must seize the opportunity and make it a worthwhile attempt.

The Components of Boston University Essays

Boston essays are made up of prompts. The prompts vary depending on which course you are applying for and whether or not you want a scholarship. In this section, we will cover each possible prompt so you can perceive what is expected of you.

#1 Prompt: “Why Boston University?”

This is the first prompt in Boston University essays. In a maximum of 250 words, the committee will expect you to explain what intrigues you about the institution.

#2 Prompt: Extra Space

This section is optional. You can fill it out if you have additional information, written samples, and materials you would like to share with the committee.

#3 Prompt: For Kilachand Honors College Applicants

Given the institution’s mission, vision, and values, you will be expected to respond to either of the following questions (maximum of 600 words):

  1. What resonates with you about the college, and how will their curriculum fulfill your goals?
  2. What new course would you create at Kilachand and why?

#4 Prompt: For Trustees Scholarship Applicants

If your admission ticks this box too, you will be required to respond to either of the following essays (maximum 600 words):

  1. Which particular experience impacted your life? How do you intend to incorporate it into your studies at BU?
  2. At what point did you feel marginalized or out of your comfort zone? What was your response, and how has it impacted how you handle situations?

Top 5 Invaluable Insights for Stellar Boston University Supplemental Essays

While writing compelling Boston University supplemental essays requires empirical writing skills, you can pull off this task with proper guidance. Our admission experts propose the following tips when writing your supplemental essay to stand out from other applicants:

  • Understand the prompts – before embarking on the journey of writing your essay, ensure you understand what to do. For instance, do not discuss the school if the prompt requires you to discuss your program.
  • Research about Boston University – one of the easiest ways to make the admission committee resonate with you is by showing them how knowledgeable you are about the institution. If your essay reflects their motto, vision, and values, you will create an impression that you have developed a connection with the institution.
  • Write the essays in your voice – the essence of writing a supplemental report is to let the admission committee know a part of you that is not on your academic credentials. Ensure that you stick to achieving this goal by talking about yourself.
  •   Refrain from using cliches and overusing phrases – when writing Boston University supplemental essays, you should maintain a formal tone throughout. Even if you are writing a personal statement or an experience, avoid boring clichés such as jargon and idioms.
  • Critique your essay – preferably, find another person to read through your essay with a keen eye on the relevance and identification of mistakes. Be sure to correct all of them before presenting your essay.

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Secure Your Spot at Boston University

While scoring high grades in high school is a significant step, you will still need stellar Boston University supplemental essays to get admission to this institution. Our writers have provided you with insights that help you understand what the board needs you to write. Are you still experiencing challenges completing the essays? Hire professional essay writers to write your supplemental essay for you. We also help you to write a personal statement that matches your personality. Contact us for an estimate.

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