Brown Supplemental Essays: Secure Your Spot with These Tips

Brown Supplemental Essays: Secure Your Spot with These Tips

If Brown University is your dream school, you might need to stretch beyond your GPA. Brown supplemental essays are mandatory for all prospective students who seek to join the premier institution. You will write some essays detailing why you should be given the chance to study at the university. These essays are detailed and require excellent writing skills and enough experience. Our essay writers have provided this guide to help you understand how to write compelling essays. They can also write your supplemental essay to give you an upper hand before the Brown University admissions board.

What are Brown Supplemental Essays?

Brown supplemental essays are tests where prospective students display personal strengths, motives, and the value they intend to add to the institution. In 2023, new students at the University are required to write 3 supplemental essays (250 words each). Among the three, two require you to write about their open program and what particularly interests you. For the other prompt, you must write about how you grew up. What has inspired or challenged you about your early life, and how do you plan to turn it into a positive that will help Brown University? 

The Structure of Brown Supplemental Essays in 2023. The Prompts You Will Be Required to Answer

The Brown University supplemental essays come in the form of prompts. You must respond to every prompt within the limit of the words given. These prompts are as follows:

Prompt 1

Within 200-250 words, this section requires you to write about your academic interests and how you intend to pursue them at Brown University.

Prompt 2

This prompt requires that you share how you grew up, what major incidents of your life have inspired you, and how you intend to use them to impact the Brown University community (within 200-250 words).

Prompt 3

As for this section, you must detail what mainly brings you joy. It may be something about work and the environment surrounding you (200-25).

Prompt 4

How best can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Prompt 5

Here, you will state the extracurricular activity you participate in. Include the details you would love the board to know.

Prompt 6

What would it be if you were to teach a class about a specific topic (academic or not)?

Prompt 7

Write one sentence on why you settled for Brown University.

Are Brown Supplemental Essays Easy to Write?

Writing essays is not every person’s specialty. The ability to write a compelling essay is a skill that comes with intense practice. Unfortunately, not so many possess this gift. Brown University supplemental essays are nothing less than ordinary essays.

Arguably, they are even more technical. This is because they ask very technical questions about details about you and your life, details that you may not have realized. And even if you know the answer to the details, there is a whole problem of expressing them in writing. Not everyone is talented in expressing themselves, which is what essays demand. Keeping in mind that these essays may either guarantee or make you lose your spot, you must take them more seriously.

Expert Tips for Winning Brown Supplemental Essays

At, we understand the challenges that come with writing supplemental essays. We also understand what role they play in your admission. In light of this, our essay experts have singled out helpful insights to help you write a compelling essay.

  • Carefully read the essay prompts to understand what they require from you and any specifics you need to observe.
  • Research widely about Brown University, especially its mission and vision. What do they demand of students? This will help you tailor your essays in line with what they expect.
  • While writing, talk about yourself more and bring out your interests and abilities that will help build the institution.
  • Observe the word limit – it is important that you do not write below or exceed the word limit, lest your essays are disqualified.
  • Let someone critique your essays – after satisfactorily writing them, let another person proofread them. They will be better positioned to strike out mistakes and correct them accordingly.
  • Hire help! – this is probably the most important insight. Expert help with essays will guarantee you quality essays and save you time too.

Are you stuck with your Brown supplemental essays? We have some good news for you. You can hire an expert to write such essays for you. We have expert professionals with proficiency in handling such assignments on behalf of students. How well our experts can describe you in writing will surprise you.

Guarantee Your Spot at Brown University: Hire Our Experts for Your Supplemental Essays

If you dreamt of joining Brown University, it would hurt if you lost the chance to make the dream come true. It is even more painful because of a simple requirement: writing supplemental essays. While writing them on your own may be challenging, our experts‘ help will go a long way in securing your spot. Congratulations in advance, and see you at Brown University.

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