Emory Supplemental Essays: 9 Tips to Impress Admissions Officers

Emory Supplemental Essays: 9 Tips to Impress Admissions Officers

Emory University offers outstanding academics and diverse opportunities to learners, attracting applicants from all over the globe. However, the university employs a rigorous and highly competitive admission process, granting entry exclusively to exceptional qualifications. While many applicants meet the academic qualifications, a few make it past the critical part of the application—writing persuasive Emory supplemental essays. The essays seek to understand why an applicant fits the institution well. Our professional essay writers are here to help you write a compelling Emory supplemental essay that captures admission committees’ attention. They also craft a custom essay to help cement your application.

Analyzing Emory Supplemental Prompts

After receiving the Emory supplemental essay topic, the initial step is conducting a thorough analysis of the prompts and creating an outline. A prompt informs you on what to write about, the target readership, and the type of writing required. Here’s an effective approach to conducting Emory supplemental essay analyses.  

  • Purpose: Why are you writing? What’s the end goal?
  • Argue: Present substantiating facts and compelling reasons to support your opinions and position.
  • Compare: Emphasize similarities and commonalities between two subjects or ideas. Illustrate any connections or parallels.
  • Contrast: Highlight differences and distinctions. Help the reader understand the variations between two or more objects. 
  • Define: Provide clear, concise, and comprehensive explanations of terms, concepts, or ideas.
  • Explain: Break down complex processes, concepts, or phenomena into clear and understandable terms.
  • List: Think of facts, ideas, reasons, or other relevant details that support your argument.
  • Persuade: Provide persuasive reasons why the admission committee should consider you a fit.
  • Predict: What do you think might happen based on data, analysis, and trends? Inform the reader about your perceived future developments.

Decoding Emory Supplemental Essays

Emory Supplemental Essays fall into two major categories—academic interests and the second part “getting to know you.”  Here are Emory essay prompts and how to address them:

Prompt #1: Academic Interests (200 words)

Also called “Why Major” essays, this prompt seeks to know the academic areas you wish to explore at Emory and why.

Here are tips for writing the “why major.”

  • Recall a story or a movie that first triggered your interest in pursuing the academic pathway at Emory.
  • How have your interests changed or developed over time?
  • Include a specific thesis with an explicit central argument at the beginning, middle, or end.
  • Discuss what you want to pursue and why.
  • Tie your interests to specific academic opportunities at Emory. You can mention courses, hands-on research programs, professors, or any other specific aspects of your preferred major that fascinate you. Be as specific as possible.

Prompt #2: Getting to Know You (150 words)

This part requires applicants to detail personal information and why they think they belong to Emory. Here, you can respond to any of the following:

  1. Which book, character, monologue, song, or any other creative work resonates with you personally and why? It Could a fiction or non-fiction.
  2. Reflect on a moment from a personal experience when you intentionally broadened your cultural awareness.
  3. Emory University is committed to the success and well-being of all its students. Share a personal perspective on what flourishing at Emory means to you.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing “Why Us”

  • Writing about the school’s location, reputation, size, weather, or ranking.
  • Using an emotional tone to demonstrate fit
  • Describing the schools’ renowned traditions
  • Mentioning the wrong team colors, stadium names, or any other important people or places at the University.
  • Emory University emphasizes its commitment to serving humanity as part of its core commission. Describe how you’ll personally contribute to this mission.
  • Emory is determined to foster a sense of community. Talk about a community you’ve been part of and how your contribution helped shape it for the better. Mention skills and lessons learned and their practicality.
  • Self-reflection is a key tenet of Emory University values. Write a mock email advising yourself on the best practices during your first year at the university.

Tips and Best Practices for Writing Emory Supplemental Essays

Here are quick tips to keep in mind when writing Emory Supplemental Essays.

  • Start early
  • Seek feedback and guidance from mentors
  • Consider hiring a professional essay writer to help you craft a supplemental essay if you feel stuck.
  • Proofread and edit
  • Address any issues and submit the essay paper

Get Help Writing Emory Supplemental Essays

Writing effective Emory supplemental essays that get you admitted is a rigorous process that requires deep insights into what the institution is looking for in potential candidates. From analyzing the essay prompts to crafting an excellent essay that captures the admission committee’s attention, applicants may need guidance from professional essay writers to secure a slot in this highly-regarded private research institution.

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