Fastest Programming Language in 2023: Breaking The Code

Fastest Programming Language in 2023: Breaking The Code

Programming has become dynamic with the advanced potential of computers and consoles. When choosing a programming language, even the most casual enthusiast wonders, “What is the fastest programming language? With over 700 languages, most students are fazed about which is the fastest. Utterly, speed is not the primary metric when choosing a computer language. In this blog, our programming experts will demystify what to look for when choosing a language and what matters besides speed. We also help students with their programming projects and assignments.

What Makes the Fastest Programming Language: 4 Determinants

There is a subtle difference in the speed of programming languages. But what makes it faster than others? The following distinguishing characteristics of programming languages are the major determinants of how quickly a program is:

The Compiler

Compiled programming languages are faster as compared to interpreted ones. The speed is explained by the fact that the former programming languages simultaneously collect codes into executable commands. As for the latter languages, interpreters scan one line before the other, thereby slowing the process.

Cross -Platform

In some languages, Java, for instance, source codes undergo both compilation and interpretation. This process significantly compromises programs’ speeds.


The speed of a programming language is highly predicated on its level of security, too. Languages with high-security classes tend to be slower than those that are too strict with security. This is explained by the fact that high-level security programming languages subject their source codes to more security layer checks. Arguably, the fastest languages could be better regarding security.

Dynamically-Typed and Statistically-Typed Languages

While statistically-typed coding languages check for errors before execution, dynamically-typed ones check for errors during runtime. This is why the former group of programming languages is ranked faster than those in the latter group.

The Fastest Programming Language | A Succinct Look at C

Now that we have the characteristics of fast programming languages out of our way, it is now time to handle the elephant in the room. While many people have differed on the speeds of different sets, most experts agree that c is the fastest. Why so?

C programming language

C is considered to be the fastest language in existence today. This must keep you wondering: “What is so special about C?”. Paradoxically, what makes C very special is that there is nothing special about it! Therefore, C is the most straightforward language you will meet as a student. Apart from simplicity, the following features of C make it the fastest:

  • C is a compiled language and, therefore, fast by design.
  • Unlike other languages, C does not run intricate functionalities that may slow it down (dynamic typing and garbage collection).
  • C is the foundation of many coding languages (Java, Python, Pearl). It is, therefore, more superficial.

Other Programming Languages You Need to Know About


Closely behind C is C++. This language is almost as fast as C. It is only slower than C because it has a certain level of security measures. This feature conspicuously misses in C. The security measures slow the runtime of C. Nonetheless, C is also simple to use, needless to mention the flexibility of this.


While Java is slower than C and C++, it is also a compiled language, making it fast by design. Why is it slower than C and C++? Unlike its predecessors, Java first converts source codes into bytecodes using a virtual machine. The codes are then loaded to the OS before they are verified for security. It is only then that the regulations are converted into machine codes. It is one of the most commonly used programming languages today.


Python is one of the most popular high-level programming languages. User-friendliness, readability, and simplicity are why this language is widely used today. Even with these characteristics, this language still finds itself behind C and C++ in terms of speed because of one primary reason: it is an interpreted language. By design, this language is slower than compiled languages.


Rust is a high-level language famous for supporting multiple paradigms. It is one of the most flexible and versatile programming languages today. While it does not have functionalities such as garbage collection, it is inherently slower than the preceding languages because of its procedural security measures during compilation.

While the above languages are some of the most popular, you will definitely meet more than just those in your programming journey as a student. Arranged in order of their speed and efficacy, take note of the following:

  • Swift
  • Assembly
  • Julia
  • Go
  • Ada
  • Pascal

Speed Is Not an End in Itself

It is undeniable that speed is a crucial element for a good programming language. Nonetheless, it is only some of what you will need as a student. Otherwise, would we have all the other programming languages? Absolutely not! The choice of a suitable programming language, therefore, looks beyond speed. For instance, there are specific projects that will require features other than just speed.

Furthermore, speed is very relative. Is the difference significant if C and C++ take 0.1 and 0.15 seconds to execute a command? Therefore, choosing the correct language will depend on various factors depending on which project you need to run. Some of them have been mentioned below:

  • The cost
  • Security
  • Language flexibility
  • Availability
  • Suitability to the project

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Speed is a crucial feature of a suitable programming language. It will determine how fast you will complete your projects as a student. Speed notwithstanding, there is a plethora of more factors that define a good language. When picking a computer language for your school project, you must consider security, flexibility, and costs. Are you struggling with your assignments? We have some good news for you. Hire programming experts with cutting-edge coding skills to ace these assignments. We also provide online programming language exam help services and study materials.

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