First Year College Assignment Tips That Help Students in 2023

First Year College Assignment Tips That Help Students in 2023

According to a study by the Washington Post, an average student spends 2.7 hours doing assignments, while some struggle three times more. While college education becomes more complex, this statistic is projected to worsen. Freshmen are more likely to struggle with their first year college assignment than in other years, according to Yorke and Longden, 2004. Lack of transitional skills often leads to poor academic performance, significant distress, and increased drop-out rates. In light of the above, our professional essay writers for hire have developed this guide to help first-year students navigate their assignments timely and efficiently. They also help first year students with their assignments and exams.

Attend all Classes and Seminars

There are many benefits of attending enough lessons and lectures. Relevant information and expertise are taught during lectures. You may also use the platform to interact with classmates and develop a better relationship with your tutors. Although it is almost impossible to attend every class, prepare in advance by communicating with your instructor. If you miss a class, access the notes and the classwork you missed and catch up. The more classes you attend, the more knowledge you’ll have to apply to your assignment.

Start Working Early on your College Assignments

Unlike high school, college students have flexibility and freedom, which may derail students who lack time management skills. According to the University at Buffalo, 25% of students become chronic procrastinators. Most students lack motivation or have an issue managing shifting priorities. Doing assignments under pressure may cause stress, and you’ll lack enough time to research adequately. So, it’s advisable to start working on your assignment early and plan to finish it before the deadline. When you prepare early, you will have time to write, edit, and ask for homework help for complex subjects to ensure you submit the best version of the assignment.

Plan Carefully

Planning helps you to identify the factors that may limit your productivity and how to prevent them. Take enough time to prepare for your assignment. Read the assignment plan and do an in-depth research about it. You can list the assignment ideas and create questions that will guide you in answering the assignment. A well-laid plan will help you write and complete your assignment on time.

Use Digital Planners

A survey by FileMaker revealed that 47 percent of students struggle with organizing their work. If you have a problem creating a to-do list, use a time management app to help you organize what you will do. There are several apps to choose from; search for the one suitable for students. The app eliminates the use of a notepad. These applications are more advantageous because you can synchronize your reminders and assignments to your phone. You can also program the app to send alerts when an assignment is due so you won’t forget.  

Research Thoroughly

The key to scoring high in your college assignments is researching effectively. This applies to your first year college assignment and throughout and beyond your postgraduate studies. Ask your tutors and school librarian to help you If you don’t know the sources you should use. One of the best research methods is using accessible and credible sources such as academic journals and internet sources. These journals are best for referencing your assignment. They are available in your institution’s library in digital and physical forms.

Study with a Friend

A 2014 study by the University of South Australia showed that 22 percent more students performed better academically when working with a friend than those who studied alone. A study friend will help you to study the topics you find hard, and they do well, and you can help them too. Having a friend to study with makes tackling assignments easier since you can share ideas. A study group or a study friend is a great way to be motivated and significantly reduce procrastination.

Have Priorities

Priorities help you to work on the tasks that need your immediate attention. Check the most urgent tasks and start with them. This will help you manage time and relieve the stress of handling bulk work simultaneously while some tasks’ deadline is next month.

Additionally, ensure schoolwork comes first on your daily to-do list. Delaying the completion of your first year college assignment in favor of work or partying will result in a growing stack of assignments, leading to difficulty in managing them collectively. The trend might also make you a chronic procrastinator. Start tackling the assignments earliest and make your college life easier and more manageable.

Write a Draft and Re-draft

When handling your task, creating a first draft of your research, knowledge, and notes is the ultimate inception. Combine the ideas and come up with your assignment plan. Then, without worrying about typos and sentence structure, create the task in order and ensure it follows the assignment guidelines.

After creating your essay draft, look through it and check what works, what needs to be removed, and which points need amending. After sorting out all issues, it’s time to proofread your work. Check any grammatical mistakes and polish up everything. If you find the task ok, you can hand it in.

Reference Correctly

Including proper references in your assignment is crucial, as it distinguishes the learning experiences between high school and college. Since you must reference your assignments correctly to ensure you grasp how to reference as early as possible, different colleges and courses will use different referencing guides, so ensure you understand which style you need to use.

Take a Break

Take a 5-60-minute break from doing assignments to refresh your body and brain. According to a study, it increases productivity, energy, and ability to focus. Your first year college assignment should be a marker of what you should use throughout your subsequent college years. You should strive to do your best every semester since your every semester grade will contribute to your final grade classification.

Find Help with Your First Year College Assignments

You can excel in your college assignments by attending classes and seminars, working on the assignment early, and having a clear plan. Another way is by researching in the school library and academic journals and referencing your assignment. If you find it hard studying alone, you can search for a study friend who will hold your hand through your assignments. Even if you don’t feel confident, write the first and second drafts, then proofread to ensure you take breaks in the process.

Despite these measures, some assignments are complex to work on. You may require homework help from experienced essay writers. Our assignment takers offer comprehensive assistance on your college assignments, homework help requests, exams, and classes. Contact us for an estimate.

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