Georgetown Supplemental Essays 2023-24 Prompts and Guides

Georgetown Supplemental Essays 2023-24 Prompts and Guides

Nestled in the heart of Washington, DC, Georgetown University is the epitome of academic excellence, coveted internship opportunities, and a thriving athletic community, making it the college of choice for many. Georgetown University is the nation’s oldest Jesuit institution, a beacon of tradition and innovation. Its prestigious reputation comes as no surprise, with a mere 13% acceptance rate for the Class of 2027. In this blog, our admission essay experts will reveal insightful tips on securing your place by crafting outstanding Georgetown supplemental essays. They also assist students in crafting engaging supplemental essays.

Georgetown Supplemental Essays – Prompt #1

Indicate your skills or special talents (250 words)

Think of this essay as a canvas to unveil your personal skills, interests, and unique qualities. It’s your chance to showcase a lighter, more creative side, like your passion for experimental cooking, or even embarking on a journey to learn a new language. While authenticity is key, don’t be afraid to infuse lighthearted fun into your narrative. This prompt offers the most open-ended space in the application, allowing you to present the admissions committee with a glimpse of your individuality that can’t be found elsewhere.

Take your readers on a journey into the process of refining your abilities, sharing the sweat, sacrifices, and unwavering dedication it took to achieve greatness. Describe your vision for the future and how you foresee your skills becoming even more finely tuned and evolving. And if your talents align with your academic or career aspirations, it’s the perfect moment to make that connection, adding an extra layer of purpose and direction to your narrative.

Georgetown University Supplemental Essays – Prompt #2

Explain the significance of the summer activity you have been closely involved in. (approximately 1/2 page, single-spaced)

This prompt presents the classic Extracurricular Essay, offering a golden opportunity to unveil your unique passions and experiences. Its open-ended nature grants you the freedom to illuminate sides of your personality that was’t captured in your application. To craft a compelling response, focus on activities that ignites your passion and explain why it is profound meaning for you.

Moreover, you can explore how you’ve engaged with your local community during high school. Share the insights gained from interacting with individuals of diverse backgrounds, encompassing varying ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual identities. Draw from your past experiences to illustrate your unwavering commitment to being a positive force within the context of your chosen activity. Speculating on how this commitment will likely manifest within Georgetown’s vibrant campus is equally vital.

Georgetown Supplemental Essays – Prompt #3

Submit a brief essay that describes you

This essay is an invaluable opportunity for the admissions committee to genuinely connect with you personally. They aim to uncover your identity, understand your values, and know what ignites your passions and drives you daily. In essence, they want to discover what makes you truly unique. Your task is to paint a portrait of yourself that surpasses what is in other aspects of your application materials. The admissions officer reviewing your essay seeks a connection with you through your written words. The ultimate objective is to leave the reader with the impression that you can be a valuable contributor to the student community.

Georgetown Supplemental Essays — The School-Specific Essay

Your choice of which college or school within Georgetown to apply determines the prompt you’ll respond to in this section. Regardless of the prompt, they all fall under the “Why Us” essay category. Therefore, ensure you incorporate Georgetown’s unique programs, opportunities, and offerings that align with your interests and future aspirations.

Georgetown College: A liberal arts education from the College of Arts & Sciences

For this essay prompt, you’re tasked with sharing an encounter that has profoundly shifted your perspective. It specifies that science, math, public policy, and language majors should select an example relevant to their prospective field of study. We strongly advise all applicants to follow this guidance. Doing so ensures that your essay highlights your specific interests and passions. Providing a clear picture of who you were before and after the transformative event is imperative.

The admissions committee is eager to uncover how you’ve engaged with new and unexpected information in the past. Remember that the manner in which your thinking evolved is far more significant than the specific class, book, or event you choose. Therefore, opt for a subject that demonstrates your open-mindedness, curiosity, and willingness to challenge yourself. Ultimately, the key is highlighting your capacity for growth and adaptation in response to new and enlightening experiences.

School of Nursing & Health Studies

In this essay, convey to the admissions committee the passion driving your commitment to an academic career in health sciences. Conduct thorough research on the specific major and school you’re applying to. Furthermore, ensure that it harmonizes seamlessly with your desired area of focus. Essentially, your essay should expound on how the chosen major and school uniquely align with your academic journey. It should also show your aspirations for your future career.

As with any school-specific essay, the key is to craft a narrative that distinguishes you from the pool of other applicants. Many applicants share experiences working in labs or a passion for enhancing healthcare systems. Your task is to unearth an angle that emphasizes your distinctive perspective and approach, highlighting the personal qualities and experiences that make you unique.

Walsh School of Foreign Service

Applicants to the School of Foreign Service are expected to understand global affairs profoundly. This essay offers a unique opportunity to showcase your commitment to and comprehension of global and public service. The admissions committee seeks to unravel why this subject matter is paramount in your life.

Selecting an experience related to your interests that is distinctive and linked to addressing global challenges is crucial. Opt for an issue or experience intertwined with a problem that has driven you to action. It should also inspire you to dedicate your life to the cause of making the world a better place. Your essay should resonate as a powerful testament to your firm commitment. It should transcend current events to reveal your enduring passion for global and public service.

McDonough School of Business

Exploring McDonough-specific research is crucial, and reflecting on why a business education from McDonough holds particular meaning for your interests and aspirations. To truly stand out in your application, it’s essential to establish a meaningful connection between the resources you’ve selected at McDonough and the experiences you’ve accumulated during your high school years. This connection should vividly illustrate your proactive engagement with the business world.

The paramount focus should be highlighting the valuable lessons you’ve derived from these experiences. Describe how the knowledge you’ve gained will be seamlessly integrated into the academic environment at Georgetown, enhancing your contribution to the classroom. Moreover, emphasize how your high school experiences have shaped and influenced your ongoing learning journey in college. This essay should testify to your forward-thinking approach, showcasing the seamless integration of your past experiences with your future educational and career objectives.

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