159 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students to Choose From

good persuasive speech topics for college students

Are you wondering how to find good persuasive speech topics for college students? Speech is a potent tool for people who can turn someone’s world inside out and upside down. The hard reality is that you must successfully expound on an exciting topic that you will be able to reveal fully to the audience. In this article, our essay writers have compiled a catalog of persuasive essay topics that are easier to write about. They also help students with their persuasive speech writing.

15 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Business

  1. A good business plan is essential for a successful business.
  2. The hiring of foreign employees can hurt local companies.
  3. Then professionalism in business and skilled people are more critical.
  4. Between commission and capitalism, which is better?
  5. The reason why every entrepreneur needs a good mentor.
  6. Night shifts in the work environment cause the effects.
  7. Eco-friendly is what all businesses should become.
  8. For franchising, business agreements are good, and the conditions to it.
  9. When leaving a workplace, you should turn off the computer
  10. The reason why companies are to be responsible for taxes
  11. The importance of having a well-paying job
  12. The two-way street is what partnership is all about
  13. Business and life to become winning are the essential strategies to take.
  14. Trade opportunities that are globe
  15. With no money, anyone can start a business

15 Good Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

Medical Persuasive Speech Topics

These are Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students which revolve around medicine.

  1. People participate more in physical exercise.
  2. The prioritization of organ transplants should be for children.
  3. Society should perform more inventions for mental health as it affects many people.
  4. Regular checkups must be done to reduce untimely deaths.
  5. People should support a healthy lifestyle as they should keep off fast foods.
  6. Marijuana consumption is to be allowed in server pained patients.’
  7. Blood pressure monitoring is to be done to avoid heart disease.
  8. In solving drug addiction, problem drug advertisement is supposed to be done.
  9. The primary approach to asthma management should be for air quality to be improved.
  10. Importance of organ donation.
  11. The primary precaution against viral diseases is supposed to be vaccination.
  12. Only plastic surgery is to be restricted in medical objectives.
  13. Access to birth control pills is to be given to teenagers
  14. How to perform CPR is to be taught to all persons above 12 years
  15. Fast food should be burnt so that people can consume healthy foods

14 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Animal Rights

These are persuasive speech topics on animal rights that students can choose from:

  1. Farm as a factory is too burnt
  2. The loss of wildlife is caused by deforestation
  3. The use of steroids in the food of animals is to be illegal
  4. In the zoo, the wild animals are not to spend their life in there
  5. The legalization of battery farming
  6. The teaming of wild animals should stop
  7. Isolation of any dog that bites people
  8. As a sport, animal fighting is wrong
  9. Mills of puppies have a negative effect
  10. Pets should have one among The Bill of Rights
  11. Cosmetics that are animal-tested is to be illegal
  12. For dogs and cats, a vegetarian diet is wrong
  13. The pit bull is a vicious breed
  14. The stopping of animals’ extinction by humans should stop

15 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Healthcare

  1. The advantages of blood donation.
  2. Is eating chocolate healthy?
  3. The stem-cell research. Is it necessary?
  4. Eating red meat. Is it healthy?
  5. What are the effects of smoking?
  6. The effects caused by drug abuse
  7. By Ritalin, how are people often helped?
  8. What is the meaning behind socialized medicine?
  9. The results of the consumption of steroids
  10. Breastfeeding, should women refuse?
  11. Artificial insemination, the disadvantages imposed by it?
  12. The reason why we should have proper sleep
  13. The effects set by smog on the health of people
  14. Justified, is the cost of prescription drugs?
  15. The results that smog imposes on the health of people

12 Persuasive Speech Topics on Economics

These are good persuasive speech topics for college students to choose from:

  1. How has the cost of education imposed a change in the past years?
  2. The meaning behind corporate corruption
  3. The meaning of Amtrak government funding
  4. The leading cause of why police take part in corruption
  5. The ultimate reason for to cost rise in education
  6. The most effective investment strategies
  7. The meaning behind inflammation
  8. The advantages of products made in the USA
  9. What are the basic economic principles, and what are they?
  10. In medical research funding, what are the basic principles?
  11. The influence of South Carolina jobs on the economy.
  12. How insurance policies developed over the years

15 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students in Law

  1. Should gambling be legal?
  2. An adult jail sentence can befall juveniles?
  3. Prostitution, should it be legal?
  4. In women’s rights, which of them is essential
  5. The meaning behind, patriot Act is?
  6. In terms of popularity, which election reform is most prevalent?
  7. It is the meaning behind zoning laws.
  8. The meaning behind the helmet laws
  9. What is the meaning behind Meghan’s law?
  10. Downloading of copy suitable materials, is it legal?
  11. The things that are mandatory at minimum that can be done off with n prisons?
  12. The meaning of an organized crime
  13. The Supreme Court’s duties, what are they.
  14. The crazy laws that you know.
  15. Should the Death penalty be illegal?

Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Social Issues

Writing on social issues? These are topics to choose from:

  1. Assisted suicide should it be legal?
  2. Having prayer in schools, is it ethical?
  3. Organic farming, how does it influence the society
  4. What is the meaning behind a living will?
  5. English speaking in America, has it changed over the years?
  6. The meaning of mandatory age of retirement
  7. What is the Meaning behind liberal arts major?
  8. Internet dating, what disadvantages does it impose?
  9. Should the government ban school uniforms?
  10. The meaning of academic fraud.
  11. What is the meaning of living wills?
  12. College class attendance, how does it change over the years?
  13. Cell phones in public, what influence does it impose?
  14. Affections public delays, what are they?
  15. Are you advertising? what are the effects it has on children?

16 Persuasive Speech Topics on the Environment

Having an assignment on the environment? These are 16 good persuasive speech topics for college students that you can choose from

  1. What is the meaning of landfills?
  2. Global warming, how can it stop?
  3. Lettering, how can we prevent taking part in it?
  4. How can we, as a society, save water?
  5. What does recycling impose the advantages?
  6. The conservation of water, is it that important?
  7. Evolution, how has it changed the environment?
  8. In the forests, how can fire safety be achieved?
  9. The reason why we should not release helium balloons
  10. when we are celebrating
  11. What is the meaning of ephedra?
  12. What are the most dangerous natural disasters?
  13. Most famous national parks?
  14. The Great Lakes, what are they?
  15. The common plants, what are they?
  16. Electric cars, what advantages do they bring to our environment

15 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students on Education

  1. Breakfast programs in schools, which do you know
  2. For granted, why shouldn’t we take education in such a manner?
  3. For professors, what is their tenure?
  4. TV programs, how can we make them more educational
  5. The most popular privates, what are they?
  6. A four-year college or community college, which is better?
  7. Homeschooling, is it practical?
  8. Financial education, how is it essential?
  9. Security of schools, is it important?
  10. Advancements in education, which do you know of?
  11. Travel and education, what are your past events?
  12. Higher education, what is it in prison systems?
  13. How does the government justify education policy and abstinence-only in the state of taxes?
  14. Finical education, why is it essential in the modern day?
  15. Which advancements pertain to education, do you know?

12 Political Persuasive Speech Topics

Political Persuasive Speech Topics

Here is a list of the 12 best good persuasive speech topics for college students on politics:

  1. What is the meaning of political correctness?
  2. Different political systems, which do you know about?
  3. A budget deficit, how can you avoid it?
  4. What is the meaning of affirmative?
  5. Children of war, how can politics help?
  6. The United Nations, how does it work?
  7. As the class president, why are you vying?
  8. The death penalty should be banned?
  9. In politics, what women do you know?
  10. GST in Austria, what is its rise?
  11. Bernie Sanders. What is the political background?
  12. United Nations, how does it work?

15 Suggestions of Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students in Other Areas

  1. Internet gambling, what are the disadvantages?
  2. Why love is not a gift but a challenge
  3. The TV monopolies, which are the capable ones
  4. Prisons, which ones are full
  5. E-mail spam, how can it be avoided?
  6. NC-17, what movies are they?
  7. Presidential pardons, what funny ones are, do you know off?
  8. Paparazzi, how do they work?
  9. Censorship, is it necessary to have it on the radio?
  10. Bike helmets, why is it necessary to wear one?
  11. Inanity defense, what is it?
  12. National Endowment in the Arts, what is it?
  13. In the military, how often can you meet homosexuals?
  14. Video gaming, what is its influence on children?
  15. The funniest pledge of allegiance, which one is it?

Need Help Picking the Best Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

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