How to Write a Case Study Assignment: The Ideal Procedure

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

A case study is a research method that studies people or a specific group of people. How to write a case study assignment is a must-know for every high school and tertiary student. It is particularly important if you are studying anthropology, sociology, psychology, or any other social science. Our professional essay writers have provided you with this guide on writing a case study to help you learn how to compose a perfect case study and do proper citing. We also offer research paper writing services, guaranteeing quality work, timely service and in-depth research.

Definition of a Case Study.

A case study is designed to investigate and inspect difficult tasks and offer solutions. These studies can vary from academic studies for research to the tools of corporate promotion, thus trying to sell out ideas.

How Does a Research Paper Differ from a Case Study?

Research papers attract attention to a specific problem, while a case study looks deeper into the problem, highlighting its solutions. In a case study, students pay close attention to smaller details and examine all issues carefully using different research vents. For example, a case study can determine and analyze court cases for people who partake in law. Also, case studies can examine patient health for those studying medicine.

The structure of how to write a case study assignment is very similar to that of narrating a story. It contains the main character, the protagonist, which is the problem we are trying to solve.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment: The Process

  • The problem referred to it as ACT 1
  • Solution to solution to the problem ACT 2
  • Results of the solution will provide ACT 3
  • Conclusion 

The Different Types of Case Studies

The main function of a case study is to provide detailed reports of an institution, a person, a place event, or something else in particular. The following are examples of case studies based on a specific topic.

  • History – a case study that pertains to history is a great source of knowledge. The past historical events can be observed from different perspectives due to the multitude offered by the source. There is always a different way and mode that this perspective can be implemented, weighed across, and properly analyzed.
  • Problem-based – problem-solving is what the case studies are all about. Case studies are often assigned to theoretical situations in which you need to put yourself in this situation to examine the task properly. For example, you are working in business, and you observe a certain flow in the design of your products. You want to take the observation to the manager, and before you do so, you need to study the issue and give a logical solution. Problem-based case studies are very important and common in economic discussions.
  • Cumulative – collecting information and giving comparisons is what case studies are all about. The product’s value is usually told to the people by a case study in business. 
  • Critical – the effects and causes of a certain case are investigated through a case study.
  • Illustrative – results investigation and the lessons learned in some cases and describing some events is what case study is all about.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment: The Format

It has different sections, eight in number:

  1. The executive summary – this is where you explain what you will inspect after concluding the case study. In 2 sentences at most, you should give a thesis statement and also, in all your observations, sum them up together.
  2. Background – isolating the issues gives the most important facts, not the background information.
  3. Evaluating the case –put aside the pieces of study you want to concentrate on. Here, explain why the thing is working and why others are not.
  4. Suggested solutions – give logical solutions that will tackle the things that are not working as they should. Thus how the situation is going to improve. Give a shred of proper evidence on why the solutions you have offered will work.
  5. Conclusion – give a good summary of all solutions offered from the case evaluation points.
  6. Recommendations – give a positive way forward and explain why it is advisable. 
  7. Implementation – give a way to start up the strategy. 
  8. References – give the factual citation.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment

Starting your Research

When composing a case study, always remember that research will always be the first thing; reading from as many sources as possible will enable you to generate many solutions that are high in creativity. Combining all the needed research and composing the case study may take up more of your time. 

The research protocol includes performing the following. 

  • Explain your main objective. Why have you presented the subject? Explain. Think of where you will present your study, maybe via video, writing, or podcast. 
  • You have to make a dissuasion on who will be the main character in your case study. It is advisable to seek the necessary permissions for the case study and gather some quotes and other interesting factual things that will make your case study effective. 
  • Create a list of all the trustable sources and inspect them. Pick out and note down the important facts and put forward the problems. Always note down all your ideas in a manner that they outlook brainstorming. 
  • Always put forward the outcomes the situations could result into. Use the guidelines on how to compose the case study. Use the internet to gather any useful information by surfing through and noting down important points.
  • Emphasize key points and thus explain why they exist and how they affect by the research subject.

Meaning of the Words

The person giving you instructions might be inspecting other things; each rubric case study has the same rulings. The instructor will need you to give out, in different forms, 8 outcomes.

  1. There should be no errors, and you need to identify the practices amongst the discipline, not forgetting the concepts and theories. 
  2. Bring forward the important principles and theories of the given party. 
  3. The ethical and legal principles you are to give an evaluation and then in your discussion apply in making your decision.
  4. Investigations conclude the importance of your case and its contribution.
  5. Clearly show critical thinking and also analytic skills.
  6. Nature and the environment explain how they relate to each other.
  7. Compose a factual summary of the study and its explanation.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment: Outline

How to Write a Case Study Assignment


  • The issue statement: rather than a weakness to a person, alcoholism is a disease. 
  • How do you present the problem? In the USA, over 14 million people are affected by alcoholism, thus making it the 3rd mental illness that is common.
  • How you explain the terms: In the spectrum of disorders, alcoholism is more severe currently than in the past; it was referred to as addiction or alcohol dependence 
  • The hypothesis: consumption in excess will lead to dependence on other drugs 
  • The significance of your study: how the information presented will help out people 

The Body 

  • Give the story’s background information and explain why you picked the topic. 
  • Data analysis and presentation: describe the importance of choosing 30 people in specific


  • Have a concluding sentence; for example, I have researched where to place alcoholism if it is a disease and come to a conclusion that.
  • The recommendations: the way forward in reducing the level of alcoholism 

Composing a Case Study Draft

After completing the research on your case study and noting the outline, the next step is to focus on the draft. The case study should be written per the information collected while doing your research and the analysis program you did. Below is a rule to guide you on how to compose a good draft:

  • The draft you will compose must have 4 sections: the introduction, the body that encompasses the background information, the reason why you performed the case study well explained, finds presentations, and a conclusion where your data is to also be in it. Lastly, the references.
  • The pace is set in the introduction. Things and people you came along with in the research should. This should provide enough background information concerning the topic. You should also bring forward the reason for your case. Please take it as the thesis of your work, thus giving your work’s purpose clearly, and the problem it opts to solve videos and photos can be in the giving of background information.
  • You should also show how you researched via interviews or reading academic journals. Then the next step is giving the academic results. Tell the reader what you found out. And why the results are important and what people can learn from the results.
  • When writing, always include data examples, percentages and quotes. By doing this quality of the case will be improved; thus, better credibility and personal touch will be present. Explain the results you find due to the interviews by the problems on how they will be constructed.
  • In the end, give your solutions with no aim of solving them.


Though your case study is a story, you should have factual evidence. When explaining your points, use as much accurate data as possible. When your case study does not have correct data, it will appear weak, and thus your readers may under-relate your issue.

Let’s look at examples from online essay writers:

To date: over 14 million people in the USA are affected by alcoholism, thus making alcoholism the most common illness in the third.

Without data: lots of people in the USA suffer from alcoholism 

As must as possible, include as many credible sources as possible. There at a time when you can have a source and term that is unheard of to people as a major. Thus you should include them in the appendix.

Finishing the Drafting: The Checklist

After the drafting process is over, proofread it by answering your questions on how to finish off your case study:

  • Properly if you correctly follow the case format, also including the text format. 
  • If the citation and referencing work consistency 
  • Micro editing. This is where you will check for grammatical errors.
  • The macro editing. This is where you check if there is enough raw data; the raw data can be real-life examples or personal encounters. This is where you check if your means of data collection are transparent enough. Then you look at the analysis and conclude it gives out clear conclusion. 

Challenges to Avoid

The generalization – is that you should not exceed the research to extend or move out of point.

Not noting your limitations – you should state how and the challenges you faced during the research process. 

Not giving out all available implications – in the same manner that you do not want to give a lot of unnecessary information, revise the outcome resulting in your findings.

How to Create a Title Page and to Cite a Case Study

Title Page

 The title page is going to depend on the citation format advised.

The title includes 

  • A title that grabs the reader’s attention
  • The words case study should be included 
  • In length, 5 – 9 words are enough 
  • Your contact information and not forgetting your name
  • Your paper should contain 500-1500 words in lengthwise thus, write effectively to avoid fluff


In some cases, you will need to cite somebody else’s study in your work; thus, you must have the citation knowledge and whereabouts. 

Citation example for an MLA format 

Hill, Linda, Tarun Khanna, and Emily A. Stecker. HCL Technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing, 2008. Print.

Citation example of an APA format 

Hill, L., Khanna, T., & Stecker, E. A. (2008). HCL Technologies. Boston: Harvard Business Publishing.

Chicago citation example

Hill, Linda, Tarun Khanna, and Emily A. Stecker. HCL Technologies.

How to Write a Case Study Assignment Conclusion

A case study is amongst the best methods for finding out what happened in a certain situation or to a person. It gives you a deeper view of the real problems that healthcare, businesses, and many more usually face. This is because we get an image of scenarios that happened in our absence through case studies.

Don’t Have an Idea of Where to Start?

How to write a case study assignment isn’t an easy task. Maybe you want to write a winning case study, but time and expertise are not on your side, or in case you are having difficulties with your case study. Make a write an essay for me request, and we will tackle your tasks as you spend your quality time wisely. We can help as our team of writers has read and written many case studies and are experts in case study writing. Request proofreading assistance, essay writing, and editing from us.

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