How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay: 200 Argumentative Essay Topics

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay: 200 Argumentative essay Topics

Understanding how to write a conclusion is the most decisive element when writing an argumentative essays. It entails coming up with the optimal argumentative essay topic that will ace your essay up and create a lasting impression on your reader. Since it is the last section of your work, your concentration is at its lowest. Our essay writing expert will share tips on how to write a conclusion of an argumentative essay and how to make it captivating. If you need help developing and writing the whole essay, we can also help you.

Our expert essay writers have created this guide to help you learn everything you need to know about how to write a good conclusion for an argumentative essay. There are also over 200 argumentative essay topics you can choose from.

What Is an Argumentative Essay Conclusion, and How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay seeks to establish one viewpoint on a contentious issue. Both academic and research fields require argumentative essays. It focuses on investigating a subject and analyzing assertions made about it. Throughout the body paragraphs, the author will use solid evidence to support their argument.

The conclusion paragraph is at the end of the argumentative essay. It summarizes the entire essay and the point of view the author has decided to prove. The author’s final statement leaves the reader with a lasting impression. 

What Is the Purpose of a Conclusion?

The conclusion for an argumentative essay is crucial since it leaves the reader with one last impression. The author can only make one final point at this point.

Argumentative essay key themes are brought together at the conclusion. It is an opportunity to connect the thesis statement and the evidence. The argumentative essay’s thesis statement is crucial as it outlines the essay’s objective and any significant supporting evidence.

A summary of the entire paper should be included in the closing paragraph. Its restatement of the thesis statement and the inclusion of reliable proof reflect this. The most crucial details of the essay must be covered in this summary.

The concluding sentence serves to wrap up the reader’s understanding. Any unanswered inquiries will be addressed here. Additionally, it will ease any tension surrounding the subject and skepticism regarding the argument’s veracity. Additionally, all loose ends must be tucked away. The reader should be content with the argumentative essay’s substance by the time they have finished reading the conclusion.

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

You should first remember all the important details of a conclusion for an argumentative essay. First of all, you should consider the argumentative essay topic you choose. Also, your well-written college argumentative essay outline will be of great use to you in this. Restate your rephrased argument and findings after taking note of these points.

In addition to those fundamental ideas, understanding how to end an argumentative essay also necessitates the following:

Start your Conclusion

Reread the sentences in your introduction and body.

Review the supporting details and proof you have provided.

Write a summary of the key ideas you covered in the body paragraphs.

Pay attention to the writing style you use. Make sure it is stern but composed and instructive. You can reassure the reader that your work is crucial to the case in this manner.

Your first sentence comes next. It matters how you begin your conclusion. You must explain your actions and motivations. That will serve to remind readers of what they have already read.

Include Examples and Details

Include the body paragraphs of your essay’s strongest and most logical arguments.

Your thesis statement best describes the conclusion of your argumentative essay. Restate your thesis statement, in conclusion to remind the reader of the chosen issue and your initial viewpoint.

For an argumentative essay, avoid pasting your thesis statement in the conclusion. Reiterate it using a concise synopsis of the justifications and assertions you made in your essay.

Remind the audience of the importance of your subject in your conclusion to make it compelling.

You can employ a passionate approach in your conclusion to make a lasting impression on the readers. Something like, “You are accountable for preventing your planet from turning into a trash can,” in an article about global warming as an example.

You must summarize the main conclusion for an argumentative essay after you have finished writing. Discuss and note significant supporting evidence in your text. Keep it short and tie it back to the text’s conclusion.

Finishing Up

The final stage is to thoughtfully complete your argumentative essay’s conclusion. Make sure your concluding line is uplifting to encourage the reader to consider your work and take action.

Strong, emotive language can have a profound effect on readers.

Don’t add any fresh information to your essay’s conclusion.

Encourage your audience to make suggestions for resolving the issue you have addressed in your article.

In the conclusion for an argumentative essay, avoid restating all of your points. We use the body paragraphs for this purpose.

Keep your conclusion concise and brief, but emphasize its significance to persuade your audience.

Knowing how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay is a challenging task. Again, it is essential to have a strong conclusion no matter what kind of essay you write. Even in argumentative essays, this applies when you can write everything exactly as it is. You can be forthright and strong without worrying about the reader’s reaction to your point of view. However, you must maintain a smooth transition between each component and adhere to the fundamental format and guidelines.

Author’s note: Be careful not to include fresh justifications or assertions in the conclusion. Present your last viewpoint in this portion of the article. Writing more information, concepts, or irrelevant findings can make the content unreadable.

How Should I Format the Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay?

There is a format for conclusion writing. The ideal example of a conclusion to an argumentative essay has a “lead” (opening statement). Then highlight one crucial element from your paragraph. Generally, one point each paragraph; any more will make the sentence overly long. Include a suitable conclusion, the last sentence, to act as the paper’s orderly departure.

You will find it simpler if you follow the format. You can concentrate on the facts and make them more readable. That will help persuade them once more of your case’s point.

We may also say that the conclusion for an argumentative essay shouldn’t always be amicable and fluid. Try composing the conclusion’s final sentence as a call to action when your conclusion tone is aggressive. Try to elicit emotion from the reader, inspire research and learn more about the subject or even express their opinion.

Understand How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay Paper

  1. 12-Times New Roman
  2. 0″ between each paragraph
  3. 1″ margin all around
  4. Single-spaced (550 words per page) and double-spaced (275 words per page)
  5. 0.5″ first line of a paragraph

It’s critical to understand the precise format of how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay. However, this is one of the first things people notice, and you must properly format the paper and its important topics. Every assignment has stringent guidelines on the text’s style. Typically, you can locate them by asking your lecturer or looking on the website of the educational facility.

In that regard, when writing a conclusion for an argumentative essay, you must adhere to proper formatting as advised. It may be APA, AP, or another format. Remember that using the right layout and organization will help your work’s key elements stand out. Consequently, your paper will be better so is your grades.

How Do You Start a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay’s conclusion must follow a specific format. The opening phrase will come first. Restate your main idea and key elements from your work. You might want to include one or two questions depending on how your writing flows. Take note of how it reads, and check to see that the transitions are immaculate and that everything sounds natural.

Note: You should review your outline for any noteworthy conclusions or justifications. Before beginning the first sentence of your conclusion, do that. Be careful not to omit crucial information or accidentally include new ones.

Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay Examples

Here are a few illustrations of how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay to help you understand how to create one.

Physical punishment may be a useful tool in child discipline. However, parents should use this strategy as little as possible. There is already too much violence in the world we live in. It should begin at home; we don’t need any more. Teach responsibility to your kids without resorting to violence.

As a result, we cannot claim that adults are better students than kids. Depending on one’s level of motivation and passion, this attribute can change. Age cannot generalize an individual’s capacity for learning .

Sports are crucial for keeping one’s health. If more people play sports, our society will be healthier. We must, however, be careful that the sports we perform do not endanger our lives. They ought to be difficult yet thrilling.

The fundamental cause of anorexia nervosa is teenage girls’ idealization of models and celebrities. Teenagers’ access to social media must now be restricted to stop the spread of these eating disorders.

Global connections are happening throughout time thanks to social media. All around the world, the movement of globalization has advanced communication and technology. But to reduce the harm social media can do, we need to regulate how our younger generation utilizes it.

“We highlighted information regarding the effects of global warming throughout our writing. In a climate that is always shifting, nature cannot survive. As the ice caps melt and the shorelines erode, flora and animals will eventually go extinct. We must act and employ the greatest strategies to safeguard the future of our planet in light of the ongoing crisis.”

More Argumentative Essay Examples

“Technology has evolved, changing how society receives and uses information. Media influence has grown across all social media platforms we use daily. Most people have acknowledged that social media is their main source of news. These media receive significant funding from private organizations to censor your material. You perceive their viewpoints and join their audience in this way. If you want unfiltered news and want accurate information, you must take immediate action to protect your rights.”

“For women, choosing whether to have children is fundamental. They need to ensure it. If not, individuals have no choice or control over their social interactions. The analysis illustrates how an unintended pregnancy can affect and shape a young woman’s and her child’s lives. Because of this, women employ risky measures to regain control over their bodies without secured rights, and this needs to change.”

“Nobody makes your choices for you in life. It is a legal guarantee of a fundamental right. In that regard, denying the right to life of an unborn child is the same as denying the rights of any other individual. Furthermore, research has long demonstrated that life starts at the moment of creation. Thus, implementing a pro-choice policy is equivalent to murder. In light of this, defending the rights of the unborn is comparable to defending their lives.”

As crucial as it is to state your case, you must also bring the discussion to a close in the conclusion paragraph.

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay Project

The last sentence will make a lasting impression on your reader. Typically, we conclude it politely and smoothly. It must be written in a way that will prompt the reader to consider the issue or to act. Sometimes, the call to action is really strong. Although it might be more fluid, its principal objective is to persuade the audience to think and act.

You must correctly write the final statement in light with your chosen argumentative essay topic. Keep in mind that the purpose of the text is to move the reader while also elaborating on why. The phrase should read, “If we don’t act now, we won’t be able to act afterward.” Your reader won’t be interested in your statement if it interrupts the overall flow of the content.

Now that you know how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay, keep in mind to follow the paper’s overall flow and end it on the same note. Use the call to action sentence to smoothly end your essay while providing the readers with ideas and compelling them to consider the situation.

Questions and Answers

What three primary components make up the conclusion for an argumentative essay?

The three parts of an argumentative essay’s conclusion are as follows:

  • Reiterating the thesis and
  • Summarizing the arguments in favor of it
  • Formulating a final general statement

How do you craft a strong essay conclusion?

The author of the argumentative essay should summarize the body paragraphs after restating the thesis.

The ending should also contain a concluding general statement. As the reader’s last impression, the conclusion paragraph must be strong, businesslike tone.

In which paragraph do you restate your thesis?

The basis of how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay thesis is a strong final paragraph. It is crucial to understand that it should be original.

200 Argumentative Essay Topics That You Can Write About

What subjects are the most contentious?

  • The existence of polarized groups in society with differing beliefs/stances
  • Addressing societal taboos
  • Conflicting ethical principles (such as euthanasia)
  • Going against traditional values (such as LGBT rights, gender roles)
  • Delicate or painful issues/collective memories, or 
  • Addressing societal taboos, for example, factors that frequently result in controversial topics (e.g., religious groups, atheists, gun ownership supporters).

The following list of potential essay topics is for motivated students who want to get the greatest grades possible:

College Argumentative Essay Topics

Understanding how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay is essential for all students. For college students, finding a “controversial” or “gray area” topic to argue for or against is necessary. You should use thoroughly researched evidence in your argumentative essay to support your assertions.

  1. At what age should one become eligible to vote?
  2. Do people who use mobile phones become less social?
  3. The need for technology-assisted learning to become the norm.
  4. Is socialism terrible, or have we never practiced it properly?
  5. Equity or equal opportunity: Which is better, and why?
  6. Justifications for the need for a change in the current political system.
  7. Having money won’t make you happy in life.
  8. This period is the best this far.
  9. The ruling class has to be more accountable.

High School Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Are youngsters benefiting from digital technologies?
  2. Is celebrity culture positive or negative, and why?
  3. Does the pay difference between men and women exist?
  4. Should nations take part in international armed conflicts?
  5. How and whether global warming is a real problem.
  6. What impact does sexual education have on students?
  7. In what ways is immigration advantageous for the US?
  8. Should people own firearms?
  9. Should sexual minorities use separate public restrooms?
  10. Is the current system of public education in need of reform?

The family is the basic building block of society and has close ties to the person. Numerous additional higher-level social processes, structures, and hierarchies are influenced or dictated by it. Therefore, it plays a tremendous role in humans’ individual and collective existence. As a result, it merits investigation from a sociological, cultural, and psychological standpoint.

In addition, given the present cultural changes that characterize liberal cultures, conventional views on the family structure have undergone a significant transformation due to the reversal of gender roles and the acceptance of LGBT rights. As a result, families today must grapple with existential issues, and many of the customary elements are being redefined (same-sex marriages and parents). Here is a short collection of family-related argumentative essay topics:

  1. Should couples who identify as homosexual adopt children?
  2. Is it acceptable for a father to physically correct his child?
  3. Should mothers work like their husbands or stay home and care for the kids?
  4. Do kids fare better in two-parent homes?
  5. Should a person convicted of a sex crime to see his kids?
  6. Should parents whom the state deems to be incompetent be forced to give up their children?
  7. What are the benefits of reading to kids?
  8. Do you think same-sex parents are better or worse parents?
  9. What long-term impacts, if any, can corporal punishment have on kids?
  10. Should homes with families have televisions or not?

Society Argumentative Essay Topics

The society we live in defines every one of us. Whether we know it or not, our culture gradually molds our personality as we develop, mature, and age. Families that raise us, our friends or romantic interests, our academic peers, our professional contacts, the churches we attend, and anybody else we speak to on the phone, in person, online, etc., all impact us. “My liberty ends where your liberty begins” is one of the guiding ideas that govern civilization.

  1. While this captures the gist, each unique event and social interaction is marked by peculiar factors that must all be considered to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion (or at least a compromise). Today’s societies are changing drastically, which must also be addressed. The following list of societal argumentation essay topics:
  2. Should abortion be permitted or prohibited?
  3. Do you think a terminally sick person has a right to assisted suicide?
  4. Should private companies treat their customers unfairly because of their ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation?
  5. How should nations approach the issue of undocumented immigration?
  6. Should the Church be more involved in politics and society?
  7. Does the death penalty work to curb criminal behavior?
  8. Should nations create a social safety net to shield the underprivileged and those in need?
  9. Do you believe persons who receive social benefits should actively look for work?
  10. How has globalization affected societies—both positively and negatively?
  11. Does workplace diversity lessen or increase tension?

Immigration Argumentative Essay Topics

Immigration is a contentious subject that has received much discussion over the past ten years, making it ideal for an argumentative essay. It enables you to present convincing arguments for favoring, opposing, or modifying immigration management.

  1. The pandemonium that would result from opening all borders.
  2. Circumstances where justification for illegal immigration should be given.
  3. In what ways do nations profit from immigration?
  4. Why the greatest approach to stop immigration is to end conflicts.
  5. Motives for emigrating to a different nation.
  6. Can walls prevent illegal immigration?
  7. Are refugees fleeing war to be considered illegal immigrants?
  8. What makes so many people opposed to immigration?
  9. How does immigration affect the country’s economy?
  10. Should nations tighten up their scrutiny of Middle Eastern immigrants?

Law Argumentative Essay Topics

A clear and open set of rules must be implemented to handle the complex interactions that occur daily in society (involving individuals or groups of people – property owners, employers, employees, commercial entities, criminals, foreigners, etc.). Even in early societies, this has been an essential requirement.

Writing laws, however, is a continuous process, and because of how quickly new technologies are developed today and how frequently our mentalities change, adopting laws to deal with potential issues is rather difficult. Adopting a law may fix one issue while causing new ones.

Therefore, it is frequently a cycle of trial and error.

  1. Should federal agencies be permitted to enact rules with the same force as those enacted by legislative bodies?
  2. Would it be better for Great Britain if the House of Lords had the authority to veto decisions made by the House of Commons?
  3. Should judges base their decisions on how the law is written or what is best for society?
  4. Do you think that states should be permitted to overturn federal legislation and Supreme Court decisions if they feel that doing so would violate their rights as independent republics within the Union?
  5. Does the Second Amendment give regular people the right to own firearms, or does it only reserve this privilege for militias?
  6. Is the US Supreme Court exercising too much influence on the other governmental branches?
  7. Should Congress repeal the right to citizenship at birth?
  8. Does it go against the Fourteenth Amendment for states to refuse criminals the right to vote?
  9. Does the NSA’s metadata collection constitute a Fourth Amendment violation?
  10. Should the Supreme Court rule that it violates the Eighth Amendment to prosecute a child as an adult?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Ethics

Making the proper choices in light of moral principles is a question that ethics addresses. It frequently comes up while talking about contentious issues, particularly those where, on the surface, both opposing viewpoints appear to be supported by strong moral standards.

By digging deeper, it is frequently feasible to uncover new levels, learn about particular situations and common case studies, and analyze problems to think about their origins and potential remedies. Here are some sample subjects for argumentation essays on morally contentious issues:

  1. Do you think a priest or psychologist should be legally obligated to give the police the details of their interactions with patients and parishioners?
  2. Is it moral for a physician to withhold care from a patient who cannot afford surgery?
  3. Is it appropriate for a college to enforce racial quotas that favor minorities while excluding intellectually talented White and Asian students from admission?
  4. Should a homeowner be permitted to protect his home with a gun against an intruder?
  5. Should the First Amendment defend speech that some people might find offensive?
  6. Is it moral to mandate that sex offenders have their names placed on publicly accessible registries?
  7. Is it morally appropriate to tell someone a white lie when the truth would make them uncomfortable?
  8. Is prostitution a legitimate line of work?
  9. Do you believe that drug use ought to be made legal?
  10. Can hunting be regarded as animal cruelty?

History Argumentative Essay Topics

History can be thought of as humanity’s collective memory. It often documents noteworthy or significant occurrences that broadly impact or signal significant sociological, cultural, or economic transitions or transformations. Knowing history is the main practical incentive to prevent repeating historical human mistakes. Since history traces our development from hunter-gatherers to people living in highly developed societies, it also has tremendous intrinsic worth.

The emergence of capitalism, money, state institutions, constitutions, and the notion of the division of powers in a state are significant events along this path. Numerous recent historical occurrences aid in our understanding of the links and processes that exist between nations and within communities today. Look into the following subjects:

  1. Was colonialism helpful or damaging to the Third World?
  2. Was Adolf Hitler correct to demand that Germany receive the territory that once belonged to it?
  3. Should President Abraham Lincoln have permitted the Southern states to formally renounce their membership in the Union?
  4. Do you think the United States had a good reason to drive Native Americans out of areas where white people had settled?
  5. Was the Soviet Union’s occupation of Eastern Europe following World War II justified?
  6. What led to the US-Mexican War and its impact on the modern world?
  7. What were the main reasons for the Indo-Pak Wars after British India was abolished?
  8. Was the American South’s reconstruction successful or unsuccessful after the Civil War?
  9. What factors contributed to Prussia’s achievement in integrating Germany into one nation?
  10. How has the development of the cotton gin impacted American agriculture?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Conflict

Most conflict essay topics deal with difficult topics, including armed conflicts, crises, workplace problems, student debts, bullying, and more. The goal is to pinpoint a disagreement, use an existing case study as a reference point, and offer evidence to support a claim. Consider the following concepts for conflict essays:

  1. The conflict between Israel and Palestine has a religious component.
  2. The function of mediation in intercultural disputes.
  3. The conflict between parents and teenagers: psychology vs. physiology.
  4. How do NGOs affect women’s human rights in India?
  5. Conflict at work between Covid-19 and Alitalia.
  6. The conflict and violence theory of Konrad Lorenz.
  7. Gandhi vs. Tolstoy: peaceful dispute settlement.
  8. Johan Galtung and Norway’s strategy in international conflicts.
  9. Conflicts on social media: Where do we draw the line?
  10. The moral dimensions of political and religious disputes.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Health

Health topics can be very broad in scope, ranging from a discussion of various medical conditions to arguing in favor of new treatment approaches; revealing new evidence regarding the causes of diseases (for example, allergies); various medical practices; the influence of modern lifestyle on our health; myths about a healthy lifestyle (and debunking them); and issues with unreliable doctors.

  1. Do you think everyone should have access to free healthcare?
  2. Should American convicts have the same access to healthcare as people living in the general public?
  3. Is using animals in medical research ethical?
  4. Should medical research on prisoners in Nazi concentration camps be used in modern medicine?
  5. Is a public or private healthcare system preferable?
  6. How ought the United States to deal with an aging populace?
  7. Should those who have STDs like HIV/AIDS be put in mandatory quarantine?
  8. Is alcohol and drug addiction a disease?
  9. Should military personnel be able to claim medical malpractice against military physicians?
  10. How are societal situations in the 21st century impact people’s health?
  11. Justifications for why some nations need children to have vaccinations.
  12. Concrete evidence of the dangers of cosmetic surgery.
  13. Everyone should be able to afford and obtain medical supplies.
  14. How can I tell when a website provides false medical advice?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

As a psychology student, you must discover fascinating subjects connected to psychology. Students must apply their knowledge, investigation, and analytical abilities to compose essays with trustworthy data to support their claims.

  1. Why does love appear in song lyrics so frequently?
  2. How marketing influences our thoughts subliminally.
  3. The main factors that speed up children’s musical development.
  4. The impact of emotions on our behavior and deeds.
  5. How can cyberbullying hinder personal growth?
  6. How music affects our growth and rewires our brains.
  7. The need for modern people to get ready for parenthood.
  8. Why do different cultures have distinct senses of humor?
  9. The connection between negative experiences and dreams.
  10. How social media instills negative values in young people.

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

The formation of our future depends heavily on education. Today’s students will lead our society in the future when they are in positions of power. As a result, we should respond to the demands of the current generation and make sure that their intellectual, moral, and physical growth is qualitative and in harmony. Along with helping them adjust to the demands of the present, we should also equip them with the knowledge, insight, and tenacity they need to move forward appropriately (addressing current global problems).

The subjects are listed below:

  1. Should special needs students be taught separately from typically developing students?
  2. Should the results of standardized tests be used to determine a student’s graduation status?
  3. Do you think Common Core will improve the quality of education in America?
  4. Should the state or local communities set the curriculum for public schools?
  5. A teacher-centered or student-centered education system is superior?
  6. Should athletics be a component of school life, or should education be the exclusive goal of education?
  7. What advantages and disadvantages come with classical education?
  8. Evaluate and contrast 19th- and 20th-century educational approaches.
  9. How can parents support classroom instruction?
  10. Can teachers and students be friends?
  11. Should middle school pupils be allowed to pick their courses?
  12. How to balance rules and free speech on campus?
  13. How the COVID-19 epidemic helped distance education become more popular.
  14. Why are millennials prepared to transition to online education?

Foreign Policy Argumentative Essay Topics

The following themes deal with international diplomacy and cover topics like armed conflicts, frozen conflicts, commercial treaties and wars, military alliances or cooperation, weapons trade, peacekeeping missions, and conventional and recent international relations.

Politics, national interests, economic conditions, social issues (such as limited tolerance for immigration), values, traditions, and previous diplomatic relations frequently influence a nation’s foreign policy. Please feel free to look over the selections below for ideas:

  1. Should the United States try to normalize relations with Russia?
  2. Do you think that Europe benefits from the European Union?
  3. Is the EU and NATO’s expansion into Eastern Europe a wise course of action?
  4. Should the United States protect Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea from China, Russia, and North Korea?
  5. Is the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union justified?
  6. What should the country’s foreign policy be regarding American and Russian meddling in Ukraine’s internal issues?
  7. Should North and South Korea merge or continue to exist as independent states?
  8. What goals should the Biden administration pursue regarding foreign policy?
  9. How can Syria, Russia and the United States create a permanent peace that benefits both countries and Syria?
  10. How has terrorism impacted Russia’s and the United States’ foreign policies?

Argumentative Essay Topics in Economics

A healthy economy is crucial for a country’s well-being because it drives individual prosperity, infrastructure improvements that benefit millions, well-funded healthcare, education, and the military, ensuring public safety.

How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay needs a deep understanding on economic topics among them socioeconomic doctrine (socialism/communism/capitalism), the investigation of causes of economic crises, indicators of a strong economy, and how to solve economic problems in developing nations. These topics include tax cuts and taxation for large corporations/small and medium enterprises; protectionism versus joining free-trade treaties.

  1. Should industrialized nations embrace socialism?
  2. Is capitalism or socialism a better economic system for society?
  3. What are a few reasons why the Soviet Union’s attempt at communism failed?
  4. Is purchasing shares an investment or speculative activity?
  5. What are the benefits and drawbacks of a country with a strong export-oriented economy?
  6. What factors led to the 2008 recession, and how can we prevent one like it from happening again?
  7. Did President Roosevelt’s New Deal initiatives contribute to the Great Depression’s end, or did they prolong the country’s economic problems?
  8. What economic measures should Third World nations take to elevate their standing on the world stage?
  9. Should nations pursue free-trade or protectionist policies?
  10. What benefits and drawbacks come with membership in a customs union?

Military Science Argumentative Essay Topics

A proverb sums up the military’s function in each given country: “If you don’t want to feed your army, be prepared to feed the enemy’s army.” Even if recent data suggest that conflicts are on the decline, they still happen and, given the state of our arsenal, can be quite catastrophic.

Nowadays, military science is focused on mastering a variety of cutting-edge technology as well as using strategies and tactical actions (nuclear weapons, drones, AI-powered devices, lasers, satellites).

  1. Are ground forces required for victory, or can battles be won exclusively by strategic bombing?
  2. Could mechanized forces be utilized to conquer cities, or would light infantry supported by artillery and aircraft be more effective?
  3. Should civilians be targeted for retaliation during a counterinsurgency in another nation to prevent them from supporting the opposition force?
  4. When weapons are denied access to a region of chemical and biological substances, morally acceptable?
  5. How did maritime power contribute to Great Britain being the leading superpower of the 19th century?
  6. Why did Germany lose the Second World War while having perhaps the best army in the world?
  7. Do the methods justify the aims of a total war to overthrow the enemy’s government and completely occupy his country?
  8. Have recent air and submarine warfare advances rendered aircraft carriers obsolete, or are they still relevant on the battlefield?
  9. Should the American military want to militarize space?
  10. Could machines and artificial intelligence take the role of soldiers in combat?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Sports

Do you enjoy sports? Even if you are not, you can still choose pertinent and engaging topics for your forthcoming assignment. You must first decide on a stance and ensure that your thesis statement is crystal clear. After that, you must find pertinent proof to back up both arguments. Check out this selection of contentious sports essay topics:

  1. College athlete stereotype: Will participating in sports harm your grade point average?
  2. Cheerleading is a legitimate sport. Do cheerleaders face criticism for what they enjoy doing most?
  3. College sports programs are too funded.
  4. Animal sports ought to be outlawed and made illegal.
  5. There should be restrictions on the advertisements shown during sporting events that kids and teenagers watch.
  6. Betting on all sports goes against the major reason people play them.
  7. Male and female athletes get the same pay and opportunities.
  8. Chess is a legitimate sport that develops the brain, the body’s most crucial organ.
  9. Do athletes in American football face too much risk?
  10. Are professional players truly deserving of their big salaries?

6th-Grade Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

Selecting the ideal topic for your future essay might be extremely difficult for middle school students. It might be enjoyable to select your topic, even though you may feel it is preferable if your teacher assigns it. The following topics are suited for diligent students who strive to get the greatest grades.

  1. Should everyone have access to free education?
  2. Why are young people getting fatter?
  3. Is the current grading system in use fair?
  4. What are the drawbacks of maintaining a healthy diet?
  5. Receiving enough attention: Is it getting enough sleep?
  6. Should young people engage in risky sports?
  7. Should the government outlaw violent video games?
  8. How do kids and teenagers react to mobile phones?
  9. After a child turns 16, parents should have no further influence over their lives.
  10. Are young people taking the necessary steps to combat globalization?

8th-Grade Argumentative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. Smokers should refrain from smoking around non-smokers.
  2. The significance of maintaining a healthy diet.
  3. Why does pop culture appeal to the younger generation so much?
  4. How does reality television vary from the real world?
  5. The reasons why those in important jobs are paid more.
  6. Why educators shouldn’t add pupils to their social media accounts.
  7. The benefits of universal internet access.
  8. How the environment influences our personal development
  9. The social pressures that boys and girls experience differently.

Argumentative Essay Topics for Technology

Technology significantly impacts our lives, and this impact is only increasing. Millions of individuals are experiencing an improvement in their quality of life because of our technological advancement, which also alters how we live. The following are some contentious subjects to write about:

  1. Are we evolving into modern zombies as a result of technology?
  2. Does technology increase loneliness in people?
  3. Can online dating replace real-world dating?
  4. Does technology prevent young people from becoming creative?
  5. Do you believe humanity will eventually reach a stage when technological advancement is completely out of the question?
  6. The price and advantages of spending money on space exploration.
  7. How technology is affecting education.
  8. Does technology improve or impair human intelligence?
  9. Can technology be utilized to treat emotional disorders in people?
  10. Is it better to allow or forbid cloning?

Argumentative Social Media Topics

The popularity of various social media platforms has led to several developments in different parts of the world. Memes and trends spread too quickly, allowing millions to view and share a single meme in just one hour. The importance of privacy, safety, and social responsibility is growing as more people rely on social media for communication, education, employment, and other activities.

  1. At what age should children be given access to social media accounts?
  2. Does spending considerable time on social media damage relationships with family and friends?
  3. Are social media challenges and pranks dangerous?
  4. Social networking sites can alter a person’s bias and point of view.
  5. Should social media sites be watched over and regulated?
  6. Are amusing memes moral?
  7. Is it worthwhile to report objectionable social media content?
  8. Global patterns and how they influence human behavior.
  9. Are YouTubers liable for the remarks that their viewers leave on their videos?
  10. Generating income from social networking.

Fun Topics for Argumentative Essays

Who said learning couldn’t be enjoyable? Making the right humorous choices will enrich the classroom environment and generate smiles. Before choosing the subject for your upcoming paper, consider the following ideas.

  1. What draws people to funny cat videos?
  2. The cause of the increase in interest in amusing, practical jokes.
  3. If dogs ruled the world, it would be different.
  4. What makes clowns so terrifying?
  5. Is it okay to pretend to be working when you’re not?
  6. The lowest pay for the worst jobs goes to teenagers.
  7. Motives for liking and disliking your last name.
  8. Advice on being turned down on a date.
  9. Is it worthwhile to irritate your parents?
  10. Committing lies while getting away with it.
  11. Rogerian Argument Essay Topics

Practical Essay Problem…

When a college professor shows you how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay, they expect you to understand the topic. First, provide an argumentative essay in which both sides are victorious. It may appear complicated since it involves a lot of analysis, persuasion, discussion, and study of opposing ideas, many of which are inconsistent or defy accepted logic. The answer is to use a Rogerian argument in which your audience is required to see at least two instances of the same problem or concept, as is done below:

  1. Should Bitcoin become a legal tender to save the global economy?
  2. Should higher work positions be offered to those with greater skills?
  3. Are the present methods for evaluating a student’s performance in a school fair?
  4. Should college athletes receive a higher salary because they represent a school?
  5. Given that it allows for control, is Internet censorship advantageous?
  6. Is marketing on children’s television a good idea or a wholly ineffective strategy?
  7. Should it be possible to wear school uniforms to promote equality?
  8. Is automation beneficial to us as we become reliant on technology?
  9. Does punishing kids help them develop good character traits?
  10. Should there still be boarding schools to allow students to interact and live in a constrained learning environment?

What are some good essay topics for college?

Good college essays can examine issues or difficulties students or young people face, career options, educational opportunities, and inspirational figures. They can also discuss the problems that the current generation of students is facing locally or globally, the dangers and opportunities that await them, and the change they must affect in the world.

These subjects would make excellent topics for argumentative speeches as well!

The Principles of Formatting an Academic Paper

Typically, academic papers must adhere to a particular formatting style typical of the discipline (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.). The type of in-text citations, bibliography, and formatting of the page header and footer that work best with the content determines the choice for a certain formatting style.

MLA follows the author-page number style for in-text citations and lists the authors’ first names in the bibliography section. It works better for correctly referencing data on humanitarian subjects, typified by lengthy works by one or a few authors.

However, the author-year format of APA makes it more appropriate for usage in the sciences. It is simple to understand the chronology of the research cited in the paper when the year is included in the in-text citations. As is often the case in scientific publications, when there are several authors, APA collapses first names in the bibliography section to initials, which is quite helpful. Last but not least, it is less logical to provide page numbers in this instance, given that scientific publications are frequently brief and released online without explicit page numbers.

You could use templates for the right formatting styles to take a shortcut and save effort. Margin, font size, page headers, indentation, first- and second-level headings, the structure of bibliography sources, page numbering, footnotes and endnotes, title pages, etc., are only a few of the most fundamental components that these templates would take into account. Checking an essay format sample before you begin your work is frequently a good idea.

How to Write an Essay

You should follow several measures to compose an outstanding essay:

Research the topics for your argumentative essays

Whatever subject you decide on, you’ll need to research it because you likely don’t know as much about it as you think.

Finding five trustworthy sources that bolster how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay ideas and reading each while making notes on pertinent passages is the finest research technique. Write down the book’s title, the author’s name, the publication information, and the page numbers where the information was taken for each source you used. It will be useful while creating your bibliography.


Pre-writing is a brainstorming practice that might help you organize your ideas. Take a piece of paper and a pen, and begin writing down your project-related ideas. Go through your list of ideas and cross off those you think won’t be useful while keeping the ones that can. You will eventually have a list of phrases and clauses that you can utilize to create the essay’s text.


Before you start writing, you should organize your text by outlining. Write your thesis statement and a few short lines succinctly convey what you want to communicate for each main body paragraph on a blank paper. Write a concise, straightforward line that restates your thesis, calls for action, or issues a warning as your conclusion. You’ll have a step-by-step manual on how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay outline.


Follow the format you outlined as closely as possible when writing your argumentative research paper or social issues essay topic, but don’t over-rely on it. You are the master of your work; therefore, by all means, experiment with ideas different from what you have stated in your outline for your paper.

Don’t complete your writing in its entirety in one day. Work on your project gradually so you don’t have to rush to finish it all at the last minute. If you must finish your essay in a single sitting, try your best to take breaks to prevent burnout.


When you are through writing your essay, review it for grammatical and logical errors. Useful information: Besides allowing someone to help you with college essays, you may also speak with an editing service. Alternatively, consider distributing the essay’s final draft to a relative or acquaintance.

To sum up, you should adhere to the following principles on how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay

  • Research your question, and look for evidence supporting your arguments and refuting the counterarguments.
  • Take notes in the process.
  • Brainstorm ideas to include in the paper.
  • Outline the structure of the essay.
  • Write the paper.
  • Proofread the finished product.


Every professor carefully examines the format of the essays students submit, especially the argumentative ones. Because of this, you should be proficient in it and assured when writing. Here is a fundamental outline for an argumentative essay that you can use:


You should introduce your topic to the reader in the introduction. Your thesis statement, which should be between one and two sentences long and sum up your essay’s stance, should be written here. Be rational. Focus on a few key points and be direct. Your thesis statement is crucial to any essay because it expresses your feelings about the subject. In the body paragraphs, express your viewpoint and provide arguments to back it up.

Main Body

Here, you must provide solid proof for any assertion you make in your thesis statement. Incorporate this material in the body of your essay in a way that makes sense to you. Make sure your audience can grasp your supporting evidence when you provide it. Each paragraph should start with a sentence that advances the argument. Continue with the proof you gathered from external sources. You can give a straight quote or a paraphrase in your response. Keep in mind to properly cite it to prevent being accused of plagiarism. Interpret this evidence afterwards; demonstrate your understanding of it and how it pertains to the subject. With a final sentence, bring the paragraph to a close while smoothly transitioning to the following section of the essay.


Before addressing counterarguments, you must support your statements with evidence relevant to your argumentative essay topic. Use evidence, such as statistics and expert opinion, to refute and invalidate your opponent’s claims. Do not worry that it will worsen your viewpoint on the chosen topic. Instead, it will support your capacity to refute your opponents’ claims and maintain your position.


Knowing how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay, presenting your evidence and challenging your opponents’ claims is crucial. Your conclusion can be used for a variety of purposes. You can restate your case, which is something that essayists frequently do. You might also consider using a call to action to urge your audience to do a particular action or behave in a certain way. Additionally, you may end by cautioning your audience that there might be major repercussions if they don’t take your points seriously.

What Constitutes an Argumentative Essay?

Five paragraphs make up a typical argumentative essay:

  • A thesis (the claim) paragraph
  • Two paragraphs with supporting arguments and evidence
  • A paragraph outlining plausible counterarguments and their refutation
  • A paragraph with a strong conclusion

Tips for Choosing Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Which concept should you choose? The sky is the limit, in theory, but there are some rules you should go by while coming up with your next outstanding essay or paper topic.

It ought to be fascinating:

Your next piece of writing should have a contentious premise. In other words, you ought to be able to conduct the required research to locate opposing viewpoints on your chosen topic. It must intrigue you, your lecturer, and the people who will read or listen to your essay, which will likely be a large audience. Writing on a subject that personally annoys or bores you is challenging. Consider your topic carefully since you have the option to do so. You can write about your concept more effectively the more engaging it is. Additionally, you want to confirm that you possess the expertise required to improve your writing. You have a great possibility to succeed when you can select your idea.

Avoid relying solely on factual information

 An engaging argumentative essay should raise questions. Considering that the goal of your project is to present a viewpoint, you shouldn’t rely solely on the facts. Students may be tempted to focus solely on the facts, but expressing their opinions and creating a strong case is important. It will take some time to do the necessary research to develop good argumentative essay topics, but it will be well worth it. You should also brainstorm to develop pertinent evidence to use in your paper.

Your topic shouldn’t be too broad

 When searching for hot-button issues, you could be tempted to pick themes that are far too general to be discussed. When you are writing, this can be a major problem since you might get confused or overwhelmed. Your essay or paper will be of higher quality if it is more narrowly focused. A broad subject will be difficult for you and your audience to understand.

Your topic shouldn’t be too wide

 You might be interested in a variety of issues. However, be cautious not to choose one for which you have strong sentiments. Pick a topic for your writing proposal that is not too delicate and has some personal meaning. Creating a compelling essay for your audience is the goal of any writing. Your essay will have pertinent data that makes reading worthwhile if you select the appropriate topic and focus on your thesis statement.

Focus on your proof

It’s not always necessary for anything to be good enough to be written about just because you believe in it. Research to present sufficient proof for your position and the opposing opinion is the hallmark of knowing how to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay. Support your viewpoint with enough supporting pieces of evidence. It demonstrates how diligently you have worked to bolster your case with solid evidence.

You could take the risk

Argumentative essay topics need to be distinctive and special. You can stand out by selecting some option others may have sought to avoid. Don’t be afraid to take the risk if it has been carefully considered. Common topics are far too monotonous and won’t get your viewers the point you’re trying to make. However, if you pick a novel and contentious subject, be sure you have enough data to support your claims. Include enough supporting evidence to support all sides of the debate.

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