How to Write a Creative Essay

How to Write a Creative Essay

Knowing how to write a creative essay ranks among the top lessons one should take in every aspect of learning. These are some of the most free-spirited essays students will be tasked with, especially in college or high school. These essays fall under the narrative essays category because they give students freedom as they express themselves in writing. It trains scholars on how to stretch their imaginations. In simpler words, the anatomy of a narrative essay is that of a persuasive essay. Our structure and approach created by our resident professional writers make creative essays fun and easier to compose.

What is a Creative Essay?

As named in the previous section, it is an essay that imposes the students to observe and stretch past the guidelines; thus, you are to set a structure. In simpler words, your main aim is to create a story. The story you create is not supposed to be just a regular story but a fascinating account with a clear path. The advantage of a narrative essay is that it does not have topic restrictions. You are allowed to be creative, spontaneous, and vast. 

The guideline for knowing how to write a creative essay compels the instructor to zero down to a specific topic. However, as a writer, you must follow your path when writing down your paper. This article sheds some light on creative essays and lets you start on how to write a creative essay.

Best Topics and Ideas for Creative Essays

Before you start thinking about how to write a creative essay, you should choose a topic. Below are some of the best issues you can choose from: 

  • Give a narrative of that one moment in your life that got out of control and flipped its course.
  • Thinking about the end of the world, create an essay 
  • In an entirely different story, impose the love concept.
  • Create an account that is related to one person and gives a changing point to the future of the current society.
  • Create a story of the future where technology is in control of everything
  • Describe something that you cannot live without: your hobby or something else that you love
  • Express your emotions on something that hurt you
  • Take, for instance, for a whole day; you become invisible. What is the thing that you are going to do?
  • Take, for instance, one day; you wake up in someone else’s body. What would you do? 
  • Naturally, you can create a unique essay using basic and simple ideas. The above topic is to help you in coming up with your thoughts and open up your imagination for you to think vastly.

Tips and Tricks on How to Write a Creative Essay

You may be eager to start your essay, but first, start by writing down the ideas in the order of how you will present them. It would be intelligent for you to start by sketching your thoughts.

  • Choose your main topic: Before starting, consider the theme you will compose your essay. It can be something other than a topic you know well about, but choose a topic that, through writing about it, you will learn a few things about it or make your reader understand a few things. 
  • Research: even if you have picked a subject you know well about, it is always essential to investigate your topic more profoundly. Each time you properly study something, maybe an issue or so, more facts and points that are key to you will be relevant. You should use several sources and then encompass your results. 
  • Plan for your essay: when you are writing your story, there are five questions In your setting, ensure the audience is in touch and is staying energized with your story, as it should always be interesting. Your story being bored is the worst thing that can happen to you in your essay writing. 

Start Writing your Essay

  • Note down your Ideas: keeping a journal is a good idea as it helps consolidate your thoughts. Sometimes, and at any time, good ideas will pop up in your mind. This idea may be best as it will earn you a good grade. Though they may seem unfitting, noting them for future reference may encompass two ideas that make up an outstanding essay.
  • Create a rough copy: keep in mind the flow of information and focus on them. Put your ideas in chronological order per your not be in a hurry. Stay calm, cool down your head, and read what your essay contains a few times.
  • Place everything in the correct order: your rough draft, reread, and remove all information in your paper that may seem unnecessary. Then, put your thoughts in an organized manner, and watch your ideas flow smoothly and transition from one idea to the next. Your essay is supposed to be organized.
  • Begin to write the essay: now that you have a satisfying format, it is time to place your words into the final paper. The structure will guide you along the way. Things may have a smoother flow than expected. This will not be a significant issue; correcting it will be fast now that you have a plan. This plan will make sure that you are still on point. 

How to Write a Creative Essay Title

Now that you have picked a topic, you must develop an essay title.

Below are some tips and tricks to help you come up with a good essay title:

  • You should first know that your title is supposed to be catchy. The primary function of your title is that it is supposed to be an attention grabber. The reader only needs to read the title once and get the intention of reading the whole essay. One of the ways you may be able to archive this is by using “flashback” as the title of your essay. This is the best approach to a creative essay. It will help your readers to have an understanding of your essay and what the essay is all about. 
  • The other trick you can use is summing up your whole story and everything the story is about with just three words. Take, for instance, your love essay. Then your title may be “Love, despair, Hate: a broken heart story.” 
  • In other cases, you can use a quote that links to your essay in a general manner. The quote should be powerful enough to grab the reader’s attention.
  • The title may also be the main topic of your idea. For example, maybe your essay is all about your biggest passion or hobby, and then the title may take the wording of your biggest desire or the pursuit itself.

How to Write a Creative Essay Outline

An outline for a creative essay is imposed to the standard essay format structure. The standard essay format comprises the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. Each element plays a significant role in plot development, and a large amount of formatting variety exists and is quite many. But the format used in many instances is the Oxford format, which consists of a 3-point structure joining THE SETUP, followed by CONFRONTATION and RESOLUTION.

Oxford – The Three-Point Structure

The setup – This is in the introduction. The setup comprises established characters suggesting how they relate to each other. They may be friends or acquaintances if they have a formal engagement. The connection is in the group, especially the members. The readers can refer to the development according to the information you have put across. 

Confrontation: Per the body, the story should have a turning point. It is where the flow of the issues usually turns from smooth to heavy storms. This point may come out of nowhere or be evident through clue development. Thus, it can be expected. It all depends on what you, as a writer, choose to do. For example, you can be talking about a wedding. The turning point here, in this instance, is something that is not expected. For example, somebody can say that the groom is their husband and they did not have a good divorce. Or even you can take the example that robbers are storming in. Afterward, you rectify the scene.

Another example of a turning point is when people are performing a fundraiser. It may be in the community church. The pastor needs one million shillings for the fundraiser to be successful. People have only contributed two hundred thousand. The pastor is disappointed, and armed robbers steal from the people, forcing them to do money transactions. The robbers collected the money people raised in fear for their lives and handed it to the pastor. The robbers then go away, leaving the pastor all the money that they stole. The money supersets the target amount, and people are ashamed.

The Introduction

In the narrative essay, the writer should start with a scene. Give a description of the time and the day, give the location, and provide a summary of the background according to the situation. The setup is crucial because it often sets the story’s mood and the flow of the whole story. As said, make sure that your introduction is beautiful and exciting to read so that you may grab the reader’s attention and create a compelling illusion in the reader’s mind. Use should use the graphic elements.

Examples of graphic elements include personification and metaphors, and using symbols is a good way to make the start of your essay a shake. A good trick most successful authors take is throwing the reader into action right at the beginning of the paper. It is your story. Thus, create an interesting and exciting introduction unique to your style. 

The Paragraphs or the Body

The body moves the story forward, creating the essay’s plot. In other ways, these paragraphs can change tempo and mood. The introduction that you have composed has set up the base for these two main elements. You can also change it up. Take, for instance, that your story is moving slowly. As the report’s writer, you can impose a confrontation at that particular point. This usually unexpectedly gets the reader and turns up the story’s mood and tempo. You can make a false confrontation to keep your readers on their toes.

The Conclusion

Here, the author is given a chance to tidy up the plot. Make up a SETUP, bring a confrontation, and then summon everything according to a resolution. In most cases, the conclusion will not build up to the peak of the narration. In this instance, a cliffhanger is what many successful writers impose. It is a technique in which the writer is given a chance to leave the essay unfinished, leaving the audience in suspense. The main aim of the conclusion in this instance is to leave the reader with a strong impression in their mind.

The Tips in the Post-Writing Processes in Creative Essay Writing

After you finish your essay work, take a break and mentally relax. In crafting a unique, engaging, and exciting story, you have drained much of your mental energy as an author. Take time off and put your eye on the script. These are three essential elements to include in a fully finished custom essay.

  • Reread your work and check tempo: The essay initially took off quickly. As you continued, the same did the story’s flow. They may have slowed or sped up. Make sure that the flow of your work is satisfactory. Having boring work is not fun. 
  • Check for grammatical errors: check errors you may have made while writing the essay, including spelling mistakes and lack of correct punctuation.
  • Have friends proofread for you: every mistake you make as a writer is only possible for you to correct some of the errors you have created. Thus, tell your peer to help you correct them by proofreading your work. Your peers should help you notice if your story makes sense; grammatical mistakes are some of the things they should point out.

As a writer, you might know what you’re talking about and understand your story, but somebody else may have issues understanding what you have written. 

Do you need help with your creative essay?

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