How To Write a Definition Essay Outline 

How To Write a Definition Essay Outline 

A definition essay seeks to describe complex terms with significant background and historical origin. A definition essay outline lays the structure for a concise masterpiece with a good content flow. In this blog, our essay writers have provided a detailed guide on writing a definition essay outline like a pro. They also help students with their definition essay assignments.

What is a Definition Essay?

The first step to a winning essay is to find out the definition and what should be written in the definition essay. The purpose of the definition essay is in the name of this essay.

An essay definition aims to give the readers a clear, scientifically based, and concise definition of a particular word, concept, phrase, or name. Because of how brief a definition essay format is, the definition essay is typically half a page in length.

In some instances, you may have to write an extended definition essay due to the complexity of the subject. When this happens, you will take multiple approaches to define a concept or dis-entangle a complex subject that requires you to dig into the depth of your essay’s message.

The Difference Between a Definition Essay and an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative and definition essays are two of the most common essays students write in modern schools. The two share many similarities. Still, they are different and thus should be as distinctive.

Like definition, argumentative essay deals with a single topic or subject. In argumentative essay writing, the author’s work brings forward different points and presents an argument by supporting their opinion through factual information. 

In a definition essay, the format does not require the author’s opinion and instead requires them to give facts to define the subject. 

Types of Definition Essays

You have learned what is a definition essay. You should consider that this kind of essay is straight to the point and thus has one definition. However, there are three types of definition essays that you need to know about. 

A functional definition essay

Here, you will define how processes work. This kind of essay is generally interesting to the audience as it usually gives them a chance to learn more about how instruments work and is presented in detail.

The structural definition

This type of definition essay’s purpose is to give views to the viewers of how particular objects are structured and the part that each contains. This can be an object that is material or non-material. This object has to be relevant to the audience’s interests.

An analytical definition

This type of essay is one of the most complicated by its nature. This is because it not only requires you to look at the subject that your essay contains in a great detailed form but also explain it to the audience and compare similar subjects and how they relate to them.

How to Write a Definition Essay

Now that you have a clear understanding of what is a definition essay, you must have many ideas about the essay that you want to write down. It is time to write your definition essay.

Definition Essay Outline

Like written assignments in school, a definition essay starts with an outline. For your definition essay, you need to approach it more classically, with an outline consisting of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.


In your definition essay, the introduction is the first section the reader will encounter in your essay. You should expose your readers to your essay’s main topic and subject. You should already know that the essay should be informative and interesting to the reader. This is to make the reader want to read more of your essay.

A good hook to start an introduction in your descriptive essay is by describing your topic through an explanation from the standard dictionary. Then, you must show why the definition does not give a complete idea about the subject, why it needs to be in more detail, and how the essay’s main topic needs more investigation. 

It would help to remember that the essay structure does not include the thesis statement. This is because there is nothing to prove as a writer. However, at the end of your introduction, you can complete it using a strong statement that can represent and act as a thesis statement but with a more natural look.

The Body

In a definition essay, the standard three-body paragraph structure may only sometimes work in this case. This is because some of the definition essays you will write as a student are so brief that you need to gather more information to fill in a large essay length. In this case, your description essay may consist of up to three paragraphs to offer a more conventional approach.

In the body of your definition essay, you must give a more detailed background of the object you are analyzing. This is even the inclusion of history, the way it is aired in the relevant sources and places commonly used. It would help if you repeated this in every definition of a word that you come across.

The Conclusion

In the conclusion, your main aim is to summarize your essay while avoiding repeating your introduction. Here you can add a personal view and finish by encouraging them to do more additional reading on the main topic o that they can better understand the subject of discussion.

Sample of Definition Essay Topics

Knowing how to write the introduction of a definition essay and other parts of the essay are very important for your paper to succeed. Knowing how to pick a good topic for your essay is even more important. The topic should be interesting to the target audience, but also it should be relevant to your interests and discourse currently. 

Below are samples of definition essay topics you can consider acting upon:

  1. Happiness 
  2. Optimism 
  3. Peer pressure 
  4. Respect
  5. Social media 
  6. Weakness 
  7. Family 
  8. Ambition 
  9. Independence 
  10. Individuality

Questions that you are supposed to ask yourself when finishing concluding your definition essay 

Now that you know how to write a definition essay, all that is left is you to impose checks to see if your essay is all good.

  1. Are the content and topic of my essay and topic relevant to each other, or are they misleading?
  2. My language tone is it appropriate for the target audience?
  3. For my essay, did I choose a suitable subject?
  4. Have I used as many sources as possible to give a quality definition essay? 
  5. Does my essay encompass every vital piece of information, or does it still need more work?

Get Help with Your Definition Essay

Many students now know how to write a definition essay outline thanks to these essay examples and definitions. Still need help writing a definition essay? Our essay writers are available to craft an essay that meets your expectations.

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