How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement: A Complete Guide

How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement: A Complete Guide

A progressive student should know how to write a good persuasive thesis statement to work with a coherent structure.  Every student needs to know how to compose a winning thesis statement, matching the theme and the explanations. Our professional essay writers demonstrate a clear breakdown of the primary purpose of a thesis statement and the fundamental elements that are important when creating a thesis statement. The explanations dig deeper into essay writing to give a concise approach to persuasive thesis statements. They also help students with their essay assignments.

What Is a Thesis Statement?

Lack of technical understanding makes some students have difficulties knowing how to write a good persuasive thesis statement. The thesis alone is the most important sentence in one’s essay and must be factual.

Using logical and emotional reasoning tools to prove the point or argument is also a thesis statement. It tends to be the base on which the essay paper’s content is built. The main aim of an essay based on a thesis statement is to create a specific claim concerning a topic. Students defend these claims through logical analysis and the validation of the 3rd party.

The introduction of your paper, at all times, should be distinct from the thesis statement in your essay. Many students ask – how can I start writing an essay that will make my essay win and score a good grade? The essay thesis statement is usually closer to the introduction than a substitute. By mentioning this, the introduction should only follow the following order- 1st, state your hook to the readers; next, introduce the main topic of your essay; then, after doing both of those things, introduce and give your thesis. 

Another statement writers should ponder is how to write a good persuasive thesis statement that is winning and unique. As an author, you should be clear and adequately informed about the essay’s main topic to create a good thesis. The author should have factual confirmation from other people; they can be either experts or source secondary and primary sources before the author develops the main statement. Thus, researching and coming up with comprehensive information, even before you start brainstorming ideas, is essential. 

Why a Thesis Statement Is Important

Narrowing down the focus on the paper through the thesis statement is the best path when writing an essay. If you clearly understand what to prove, time to make a valid point will be easy, and defending your points logically will also be easy. The first step when writing a winning essay is composing a perfect thesis statement.

Your essay paper will appear more logical and focused if you have a good thesis statement; this will also increase the simplicity of the writing process. If the main topic is unknown to the readers or you feel that you have not explained it thoroughly, then you can explain it further in the essay’s body paragraphs.  

You cannot logically score an A in an essay that does not include a thesis statement. It is also why knowing how to write a good persuasive thesis statement is crucial. The first thing most professors evaluate, even before reading your academic paper, is the thesis statement. The thesis statement is also among the significant factors influencing your grade score.

A Thesis Statement as a Question

It is a common question among students; the clear answer is NO. A thesis statement cannot be in the form of a question. The thesis statement’s primary purpose is to explain what is in the essay paper. Thus it will not be possible to fulfil this explanation with a question. When one reflects on the definition, the thesis statement gives an argument to which the writer should provide support by use of credible sources when you are writing the essay. In this case, any claim made is not to be put to question. 

Another thing is that the thesis statement is in the conclusion, and no new question is supposed to be introduced in the essay’s conclusion. If a question is in the thesis statement, then the thesis statement will be overarching. 

What Are the Length Requirements for a Thesis Statement?

The most important feature when planning how to write a good persuasive thesis statement is its length. It is a summary of the main claims; thus, it should comprise one complete statement. In some cases, two or three statements are necessary, which also depends on the length of the paper. A good example is that a five-body paragraph essay should contain only one thesis statement (one sentence only). The writer should summarise the paper’s main idea. If you are writing a twenty-page essay paper, your thesis may require more sentences.

The thesis statement should have the following points:

  • The main idea of the whole essay – is summarized into a single sentence. 
  • The main ideas – why it is supposed to be backed up 
  • Your main claim is the essay’s counterargument – the main valid info; in turn, it will give support to the essay info 

When you have put the essay’s main points in order, you can number them according to their importance.

Examples of How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement

Example 1

Uniforms can improve unity in schools; schools should refrain from forcing students to wear uniforms.

The above thesis statement shows that uniforms in schools often limit all students’ freedom, and thus, in one way or another, the rule of uniforms in schools violates the human rights of freedom in some way.

Points That Strengthen Your Thesis Statement

  • Does your thesis statement give important information, and is it short and brief?
  • Do your thesis statement give your arguments, thus showing your opinion
  • Does your thesis statement have logical points, facts 

A good thesis statement should highlight the major points, not forgetting to emphasize the main claims you will put into use as you compose your essay. 

Example 2:

The stress imposed on workers working in fast food companies can cause psychological and physical problems, not forgetting emotional defects.

Topics: Stress 

Claim: causes specific problems 

The major points are psychological, emotional, and physical defects.

In your thesis statement, you must clearly define your main claim, not the problem itself.

Example 3:

A: People who commit major crimes should be punished. Thus, the death penalty should not be banned. 

B: Though many claim that life is sacred, people who have no value to society and have committed brutal crimes should face the death penalty.

Which option is better for the above two examples, A and B?

B is better due to how the writer gave a narrow-down statement that was brief and direct to the point.

Example 4:

A: In a workplace, having a degree from college shouldn’t be among the requirements for one to get a professional position; owning a college degree should not be a requirement in professional positions in a workplace.

B: if a candidate has work experience, is reasonable enough in the field, and portrays a work ethic, not having a college degree is not supposed to be a reason for their disqualification. 

The B option gives three sub-points that back up the statement, while the first statement gives general claims.

Example 4:

A: Due to the increase in nationwide shootings, gun handlers’ rules should be stricter, demanding more gun ownership requirements.

B: Making stricter rules will not help to maintain the whole country’s gun violence; this is because most of the guns are acquired illegally; thus, the leading cause of violence is we, the humans, and not the weapons. 

Choose a primary question in which you will develop a clear and concise response in your thesis statement. Apart from creative writing, all essays in academic writing should have a thesis statement, as it is a major and essential element.

How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement: Tips for Formulating

  • Brainstorming – work with your colleagues, tutors, and family members to develop a good idea relating to your main topic to develop a good thesis. Give a claim, and by this, try to narrow down the idea so that you can write a catchy thesis statement that is clear and concise.
  • Create a research question – you will create a research question you will answer afterward. For example, you can take the main factors that lead to depression and how to avoid it. 
  • Find an answer and take a position – after asking the question, you should answer the question and also show your opinion. For example, physical and emotional distress are the main factors leading to depression.
  • Narrow down your points and focus – the stressing of this cannot be exceeded: a well-written paper is not to be filled with general information. These writers’ point is to give proof to unique points concerning their topics. You should make sure that it is in the thesis.

More Tips on How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement

  • Support your answer with logical evidence – this will help you discover more evidence to help you write your essay.
  • Use clear and bold language – to sound more confident, you should use a passive voice. Some online apps might help you keep the use of many unnecessary words. 
  • Impose a check if it is fit – some writers may consider writing the body paragraphs and then follow the construction of the thesis statement. A writer may tend to prove one thing and prove a different thing apart from the main one. So as not to find yourself in such a dilemma, find the strongest point opposing your thesis. The next step is to challenge the counterargument face to face in the body paragraph and prove why your point is important.
  • The significant matters – to understand the value of the overall significance of your thesis and the idea you are presenting will be captivating to the reader. 

How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement: Templates and Samples

The best way to initiate learning is by giving realistic examples. Depending on the paper’s aim, we should see how the thesis statement depends on them:

Argumentative Thesis Statement

By using credible, logical evidence, you should justify your claims and try to explain the main argument. The main argument may be a proposal, analysis, or opinion. The writer is to offer that one thing that the people can disagree with. This should introduce an analysis of critical points.

For example, an assessment of barn owls’ flight technique depicts a couple of flight patterns related to prey hunting and courtship. 

Expository Essay Thesis Statement

An explanatory essay thesis statement aims to give an explanation and give a discussion of the topic. 

Example: Gerbils are believed to be a kid’s perfect pet as they are low on maintenance.

Compare the above and below thesis statements.

In comparing a thesis statement, your main aim is to compare, juxtapose, and review the two points. 

Example: Christianity and Judaism are Abrahamic religions that sprung from the same culture; in implementing their traditions, they are different. 

How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement: Effect and Cause Statements Ideas

You have to explain the reason and event happening in the cause and also the thesis statement.

For example, teens watching violent videos and playing video games portraying violence are among the main reasons for high school bullying.

In-text example 

Download essay examples that have the thesis statement highlighted. 

Thesis statement Examples: cricket in South Africa.

Cricket in the south of Asia from 1880 – 2005, playing cricket did not only lead to a political role but also in easing tension and the restrictions of caste members. It also allowed Pakistan and India to put off some political tensions.

Need Help on How to Write a Good Persuasive Thesis Statement?

Knowing how to write a good persuasive thesis statement can be daunting for most students. It is one of the most important aspects of essay writing. Do you still need help creating a persuasive thesis statement? Our professional essay writers will help you create a captivating thesis statement and an essay that matches your expectations.

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