How to Write an Informative Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide (2023)

How to write an informative essay

Knowing how to write an informative essay is an added advantage in any academic discourse. Getting a piece of well-written, trustworthy, and engaging content is a challenge. It starts with knowing how to write a thesis statement for an informative essay. In this article, our professional essay writers will guide you on how to draft and develop an informative essay, its format, outline, and a list of topics for informative essays. They also help students craft custom informative essays.

What is an Informative Essay?

Informative essays are examples of academic papers by college students and those in high school. They inform a specific audience on matters of a specific person, situation, object, or phenomenon. The primary function is to understand a certain topic in a detailed form clearly. More importantly, the writer should put into the imagination that the person reading needs a clue or idea of the topic you are informing them about. 

Use professional language as much as possible, but remember to give the speaker meaningful explanations. To write an informative essay, the writer should ensure that arguments are based on facts and always be informative, and it should entice the reader to change their beliefs or even give them opinions.

Informative writing:

· Documented via fact, scientific evidence, and statistical evidence

· Not assumed to give the writer fresh ideas 

For example: 

When composing an informative essay about marketing for people, for example, students who do not know how to start a business, explain your ideas with specific words that are special in a way that they will understand. Some words may become overwhelming to some students example, customer research, A/B testing, target audience, and copywriting. You should always provide professional definitions. At times always use simple examples to explain the words to give their meaning.

An Informative Essay Outline

Informative essay writing is like academic writing. It is made up of three parts, the introduction, followed by the body paragraphs, and the lastly by the conclusion. When they are also noted down properly and carefully, you should list references below all the abovementioned sections. 

The number of paragraphs in the body may differ depending on the number of topics to discuss. You are supposed to select each carefully. Apart from giving a thesis-like statement from the perspective of arguments, you can emphasize the important issues and put them into consideration. The function of an informative essay is to explain what one is going to communicate and put one’s thoughts in an organized manner.


Given a topic in an informative essay as “the impact of exercising on dealing with stress.”

The informative essay for the above should be as follows:

·        The start of the problem. It is the essay’s main idea, giving focus on the ways exercising aid in coping with stress. One should not be afraid to dig deep into problems in history. In this case, one should give a thorough introduction, which is very important. Doing this will give the reader an idea of what you will discuss. Thus, the reader will have a good understanding of what the informative essay is all about.

·        The process. Discuss how the research detected the type of exercise that will aid and why it will help. Properly and carefully explain how it usually works.

·        The benefits. Properly explain the benefits of regular exercise using simple examples with real-life occurrences.’ 

Informative Essay Introduction

In this essay section, take your time introducing the difficulty being discussed. The introduction should be short and brief, except when there are exceptions. If the discussed problems are complicated and unknown, you can shed some light on the topic. The main aim of this part is to provide a link to what the topic is all about. One should properly compose their thesis and let the essay smoothly flow to the next step ahead.

Body of an Informative Essay

You should always take advantage of the essay body to give information to the target audience on what the topic is all about. Three paragraphs are available to share the most interesting facts with your audience. Dig a little deep into the known facts or use the common knowledge and intrigue the audience. Each paragraph should have three integral elements and must always support the claims, giving evidence in each and backing it up with a clear explanation. The main aim here is straightforward: 

  1. Explains it in detail,
  2. Back it up by giving evidence, and 
  3. Always remember to be detailed when explaining and always stay on point.

Thesis Statement in an Informative Essay

Knowing how to write a thesis statement for an informative essay gives you a head start in simplifying the problem. You must decide on the message you want your essay to air out, which should be clear. Communicate why the problem is important and how to communicate the matter’s significance to your audience. Specialized professionals from a wide range of writing services providers have concluded that a winning essay thesis must have a straightforward message of which evidence can later be proven. Ensure you can confidently prove it when asked to defend your approach. 

An example of a good thesis; is “While smoking, three health problems can arise by the age of 40”. To support this thesis, you must outline the three health problems and explain how each one distorts one health.

Informative Essay Conclusion

An informative essay’s conclusion is the same as a descriptive essay’s. Summarize everything mentioned in the whole essay in a few direct-to-point words. Gather every piece of information in the essay and provide summarized information about the text. Doing that will enable the reader to internalize information they have just read and pull all the puzzles together in their mind, thus having a clear picture of the text.

Ensure your conclusion is on point and only comes from what you have written in the text (do not create your imagination to put them down in the conclusion). Strictly avoid adding new information and questions in the conclusion as this may need to be clarified for the reader and make your essay out of topic. Lastly, finish your essay not to distort readers’ interest but encourage further investigation.

Informative Essay Samples

The secret of getting a good sample is knowing how to write an informative essay. You can access a winning informative essay sample online via various online platforms. In return, we offer you some informative essay ideas and topics you can pick from. You can decide to write it or use our professional essay writing service.

Informative Essay Topics on Social Issues

Below are some social issues you can write about:

  1. Problems associated with gambling to one’s social life 
  2. Causes and defects of the Black Lives Matter movement
  3. The leading causes of eating disorders among people 
  4. The environmental pollution effects 
  5. Effects of censorship in society, art, and also media.
  6. Is there a way to manage and reduce the cases of child abuse 
  7. What is the thing that causes water pollution?
  8. Bullying in modern-day school life 
  9. Effects caused by the world’s pandemic on the economy
  10. The main importance of education in the current century 

Informative essay education topics

Below you will find ten winning ideas that will encourage you to compose your informative essay in education;

11. Education in top universities in the world 

12. Are classes that are conducted during not as important as those done during autumn ones 

13. How does excessive video gaming affect students’ performance 

14. Should the standard grading format be done over with 

15. What role does the book play in academic research during the 21st century?

16. Is homework during summer vacation really important?

17. The main thing that affects students’ academic life

18. Negative standardized testing how does it affect the students’ performance

19. Effects of sports on education

20. Role of classroom leadership 

Informative Essay Historical Topics

Below are some topics on history for an informative in A – Level.

21. By referring to the Vietnam War, discuss the ethics and concepts

22. Using the United States of America as a reference point, discuss the history of slavery and its roots 

23. What effect did the Civil Rights Union cause 

24. What effect do Native Americans have on our culture? 

25. The main causes of civil war 

26. How did independence change US history 

27. The Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 analysis

28. Impacts of Industrialization in America

29. Unexplainable point in212st – century Americas foreign policy 

30. Interwar Times analysis 

Informative Essay Topics on Business

For you to compose a good business informative essay, you should consider the following ideas:

31. Consumption in business and its role in modern business

32. Branding a good and also marketing as key to a successful business 

33. Role industries in the economy and business 

34. How the business was influenced to develop in the 21st century by e-commerce

35. How the global pandemic influenced the economic crisis in 2020

36. In decision-making making take data as the main influence 

37. Demonetization and its effects 

38. The most important methods used in economics

39. Role of humans in business development 

40. Socio-economic inequality; does it exist?

Informative Essay Topics on Religion

Below are a few topics on religion to write a good essay 

41. Role of religion in society and the meaning of religion 

42. How did religion affect the evolution of man’s kind

43. In the workplace, the role of religion 

44. The history and origin of religion 

45. How does technology affect religion 

46. The rising movements in religion that are visible 

47. How technology and religion interrelate in the 21st century 

48. The obvious religious dogmas in the current world 

49. How do church and personalities get influenced by religion

50. How do religion and science confront in modern day 

Tips on How to Write an Informative Essay

Most students’ most common writing mistake is to go directly into composing an informative essay. They need to research the essay and take advantage of the need for a proper structure and plan for the informative essay. With such behavior, one tends to become unproductive due to producing poor-quality work. A structured plan is important as it helps the student to follow and avoid unnecessary mistakes. 

Also, having a plan for your essay speeds up your work rate. You should have a structured plan to take you through the important steps. When composing, follow the plan and adequately deliver your ideas. Ensure your audience learns something new at the end of the essay.

 Below is a basic plan for an informative essay:

  •  Brainstorming 
  • Exploring 
  • Outline 
  • Introduction
  • Paragraphs of the body 
  • Conclusion
  • Brainstorming 


You need to have a good understanding of the topic that you select when c imposing an informative essay. One’s information is not surpassed to be too wide, covering a lot of unnecessary things, but also it should not be too narrow, covering very little. Then a sharp student will always compose about what they have not touched on. When taking this exercise, please take it as an opportunity to extend your knowledge pool, and always try to take a task you are interested in. By this, look at the provided problems and observe the one that sparks your curiosity. 


This is one of the most important parts of informative essay writing. It enables you to make the task at hand familiar. Use several available and most advantageous sources to gather the necessary information, and you may save the information for later use. Retaining the necessary knowledge is necessary as it will help when writing an informative essay. Use both secondary and primary sources and compare the two to give the correct information possible.

How to Compose an Informative Essay

Before settling on the discussion topic, learn how to write an informative essay. The five-paragraph format is the most common way of writing an informative essay. The first step is the introduction, the 3 body paragraphs, and a well-composed conclusion. The body paragraph will explain further what you have communicated in the introduction, and finally, your conclusion will sum up what you have discussed in your text.

The informative essay introduction should always be interesting, thus grabbing the reader’s attention for the reader to want to continue reading the text.

First step: How to Compose the Introduction of an Informative Essay?

For example, take a topic to be “kid a” by maybe Radiohead. To explain it, you will have to dig into the band’s history and experience and thus have to explain why kid A turned out to be.

Second step: How to Write the Body of an Informative Essay?

The main aim of the body is to clearly explain the topic brought upon in the introduction via facts and evidence 


1st paragraph of the body – Kid A’s deviant style 

· Deviance in style for Kid A 

· Finishing of touring schedule

2nd paragraph of the body – after “OK Computer” finishes the tour album

· The artwork is done with a heavy theme

· Musically derived themes 

3rd paragraph of the body – meaning of the lyrics 

· There is the use of sarcasm together with irony 

· Most harsh messages are delivered calmly and softly 

Third step: Composing a Winning Conclusion in an Informative Essay

The main aim of knowing how to write an informative essay is to summon up every piece of information in the text with the least words possible. Everything mentioned should be at least touched on in the conclusion. Therefore, In the conclusion, you should also explain why you chose the topic and why it is important to touch on. This part should be your explanation and thoughts.

Example of an Informative Essay 

Is the traditional mode of education much better than remote education?


Just a few years back, would you ever think you would ever have to cope with the remote learning system? The COVID–19 pandemic has brought about drastic changes in education. Though some countries in the world got different ways to maintain the spread of the infection by governments, the world is moving to a remote learning system of education. Statistics show that over 1.2 billion students worldwide were forced out of school when the pandemic peaked. This effect introduced the rise of the e-learning system.

Due to this, teachers and their students have come into contact with the remote learning system. Specialists have told us there is quite an improvement, and learning outcomes have been experienced. They also suggest that the changes brought by the COVID – 19 are with us to stay. Still, is the traditional education system better than remote learning?

The Body

In the e-learning system, students do not have to go to school, unlike the traditional system where teachers and students meet face to face. Such learning relies on technology. Even though

 COVID–19 forced students out of their classrooms; there is doubt that this form of education will replace the traditional one.

On the one hand, e-learning saves both teachers and students time and energy. This learning mode reduces the up-and-down movement in school and the journey to and from the school; thus, students can learn in the comfort of their homes, automatically reducing anxiety.

To add to the remote learning system, students’ flexibility in learning is observed as students do not have to follow a rigorous schedule. They can learn from their past, and there is no time bound. Through this, students have time to do other things rather than study. This system also benefits many students, such as part-time students with health disorders but also affects the rest differently as students can be found to be behind in the program due to relaxation.

In the traditional education system, there is an advantage of lack of technical difficulties. E-Learning systems provide a lot of difficulties. But this may be fine for the students who often become technological experts. This may impose difficulties on teachers, parents, and families. To confirm these statistics, at least one–third of teachers struggle with technology, and at least 90% of families in America have access to the Internet. Thus 10% don’t, thus making it hard and almost impossible to access the e-learning system.


In conclusion, nothing shows that the workability of traditional and remote learning has come ground. By so doing, both learning systems can benefit students, teachers, and families. Nevertheless, the e-learning system does not impose challenges but does not enable students to gain social and virtual skills as it bends off the face to face interaction. Thus because learning is not only about knowledge but also about gaining social skills, we can conclude and say the traditional method of learning is more beneficial; thus, each model is wrong and, however, still right based on the type of student and situation at hand.

Bottom Line

Experienced essay writers have advised you that when knowing how to write an informative essay, you should assess some key criteria to correctly show the writers’ potential to re-enforce them in their essays. Below is the base on which you are supposed to base your winning piece.

Read these questions to make sure your essay is the best fit. Does the flow of the essay from one point to another unify the subtopic in your essay? Does the introduction attract the reader? And also, does it give a hint to the reader on what is forthcoming in the essay? Have you explained the subject matter to the fullest thus the reader understands proper about the essay? Is the conclusion of the essay unifying the whole essay? Does the essay make sense? 

Hire an Expert for Your Informative Essay

Composing an informative essay is tedious. More time is spent on research. If you encounter difficulties when writing your informative essay, we have experienced writers at your disposal to help you accomplish the essay task. We still have writers who, after you have written your essay, can proofread it and help make it a winning, informative essay; you need to buy an online essay available on our website. Visit our blog for more insights on various types of essays. You should also view our writers’ samples before composing your own.

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