How to Write an Opinion Essay: A Complete Guide

How to write an opinion essay

Students, particularly in high school and in tertiary education, must know how to write an opinion essay. It involves jotting down their thoughts and opinions on specific subject matters. Relevant explanations and credible examples back up the personal thoughts they write about. Knowing about the study definitions, the opinion essay requirements, the topics to be discussed in the opinion essay, and the structure of the opinion essay is important even before one starts writing. The use of examples as references is highly useful. Following this, our professions have provided insights below on how to write opinion essays and open up the discussion for further research and development. They also help students with their opinion essay assignments.

What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a task assigned to students to share their views and thoughts on a specific issue, discussion, or analogy. They are supposed to share their thoughts on a particular procedure and provide views on the subject matter logically and reasonably. It usually requires reference to back up the author’s claims.

Writing from the student’s point of view forms the basis of an opinion essay, which differentiates it from other nominal essays. The use of factual examples and credible discussions supports the perspective viewpoint. In this kind of essay, the audience is addressed directly or in any other way equivalent to this. In the introduction, the reference to a play, a specific speech, or a book is involved. 

If you need more information on composing an opinion essay and getting experience, follow this step-by-step guide, noting the chronology and action points. Also, consider looking for experienced opinion essay writers to guide you.

Students Who Can Benefit from Opinion Essay Writing?

Non-intuitive English-communicating students joining an international English Language testing system can benefit from this guide. In the British Council and Cambridge Assessment English, students will be assigned to internalize and study the pros and cons of opinion essay writing. These are usually mainly college and high school students. It is made to improve the student’s English level and enables them to express their opinions and thoughts in the correct English. Essentially, it improves their writing and communication with one another.

This is How to Write an Opinion Essay

Keep Within the Topic:

As per the relevance of the assigned question, you should always be on point. Beating around the bush is not admissible as it may expose gaps in your argument, a trait that can lower your grasp on the subject matter.

Indent the first paragraph:

Just like all academic assignments, indentation rules apply in the first paragraph.

Well Thought Out

A thesis statement is an important element in all academic writing. Essay writing is important as it briefly describes the whole content plot. The thesis statement in the opinion essay must be included in the introduction and should explain, albeit briefly, what you want to discuss. 

The Use of Formal Language

Informal writing is allowed when writing an opinion essay; however, you are also rewired to use many professional and formal phrases. The formal phrases include: “as stated by,” furthermore,” however,” and also “thus.”

You should keep off the internet slang when you are writing down your opinion essay and avoid the use of language common on the internet. Examples are: “LMAO,” “OMG,” “LOL,” and others. 

Then Use the First Person Language (this is optional)

Though the essay requirements allow custom essays in first-person language, they do not allow informal punctuation. Elements like dashes, emoji, and exclamation marks are not advisable, although they are not wrong.

You should avoid the inclusion of contradictions: always ensure your work is free from grammar and spelling errors.

How to Write an Opinion Essay Effortlessly

Opinion Essay Topic Samples

Before we even learn how to write an opinion essay, having opinion essay topic samples to pick from is a good conversation starter. Choosing a theme for your essay is the primary task to accomplish. Settle on a topic you are interested in and are passionate about. It gives you content and the desire to explore more, forming the bulk of your topic research and the desire to find an amicable solution interest to the subject matter. It will also influence your opinion essay paper to be effective and objective writing.

Below are a few samples of opinion essay topics

  • Is it immoral to use animals in the circus for our entertainment?
  • Do sports and ordinary board games differ from one another
  • Honesty amongst peers, the reasons why it’s important
  • How is a four-day working system effective for our economy?
  • Humans can all make a choice and become vegetarians.
  • How much does a CEO earn?
  • Everyone to vote for their leader
  • Energy-efficient and safe cars in the 21st century

The Structure of an Opinion Essay

The Structure of an Opinion Essay

Students often need help with the opinion essay paper format because its structure and paragraph set-up is a bit different. Although the common 5-paragraph essay format always works when writing an opinion essay, there are other ways of writing an opinion essay that drives the point home. For beginners, trying to know what one is supposed to fill in these sections can be quite challenging. It explains why all beginners should follow the following opinion essay structure for revision.

How to Write an Opinion Essay Introduction

  • Naming the essay and directly addressing the audience.
  • Reference a speech, play, book, or poem
  • Put in the author’s name, publication, and date the publication should be in brackets

The Thesis Statement

  • Make a description through 1 or 2 sentences
  • Summarize the whole paper with just 1 or 2 sentences
  • Use of only 1 sentence, like the introduction with the 1st paragraph of the body

1st Body Paragraph

  • Give a strong supporting argument for the main topic
  • Provide a credible Example
  • Explain the example above
  • Jot down a sentence that will link the 1st and the 2nd paragraph

2nd Body Paragraph

  • Give a strong supporting argument for the main topic
  • Provide a credible Example
  • Explain the example above
  • Jot down a sentence that will link the 2nd and the 3rd paragraph 

3rd Body Paragraph

  • Give a strong supporting argument for the main topic
  • Provide a credible Example
  • Explain the example above
  • Jot down a sentence that will link the 3rd and the last paragraph of the essay  

How to Write an Opinion Essay Conclusion

  • With a brief description, summarize the entire content of the whole opinion essay
  • Provide a brief concluding statement. 

If you do not clearly understand how to write a winning opinion essay, our professional writers will compose an opinion essay for you.

Reading opinion essay examples will expand your knowledge of opinion essay writing so that you can see how to write an opinion essay. Below are some of our samples that will guide you in understanding this step to step guide.

Opinion Essay Example: What are the Pop Culture Stereotypes?

In the past, creating racial stereotypes in American popular culture has been strong. Displaying images on the television, internet, and music has an impact. People use popular culture to base their beliefs and identities. It is evident that pop culture has created racial stereotypes that have affected other ethnic minorities is what I believe. 

Through the canalization of American history, it is evident that African Americans have struggled to define themselves as Americans since the slavery era. Society has subjected African Americans to shame and ridicule. They have had a hard time fitting into the American culture. American pop culture has contributed to the compounding of the problem by helping the negative stereotypes of African Americans. In music and theatre films, African Americans often display unruly characters doing bad things such as murder, violence, and theft.

The Conclusion

An opinion essay is an academic endeavor that requires students to write about their thoughts and claims. Logical and credible explanations should back up personal thoughts in the opinion essay. You increase your knowledge when you write a successful opinion essay. The key elements like the definition of the topic, the opinion essay requirements, and the opinion essay credible example are some things that you should focus on before you embark on content development. They are the minor things that turn a young writer into an expert in essay writing. 

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