How to Write the UNC Supplemental Essays 2023-24

How to Write the UNC Supplemental Essays 2023-24

Consistently ranked as one of the top public universities in the nation, it is the flagship institution of the University of North Carolina. Thousands of highly qualified applicants apply yearly because of its exceptional academic standards, extensive extracurricular program, internship, and research opportunities in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. You must write outstanding essays that impress the admissions committee to stand out from the rest of the applicants. UNC-Chapel Hill requires all applicants to submit two brief responses, at most 250 words, this year. Under the Global Fellowship program, students who wish to travel abroad must submit an additional essay. Our professional writers will review each of these essays in detail and offer their best advice on making your UNC supplemental essays stand out.

UNC Supplemental Essay Prompts

Prompt 1: Discuss one of your character traits.

This essay prompt, which inquires about your involvement in and influence on a community you are a part of, takes a unique approach to the standard community service essay. You must still discuss how you affect a community, but you must do so from the perspective of a personal trait. 

It would help if you chose a character attribute and a community you are a part of and then looked for a story that combines the two to respond to this question correctly. There are two primary approaches to brainstorming. 

The first approach looks for an example that exemplifies a personal trait first and then works outward from there. If you have a quality that fits with the theme of your application, this is a good strategy. 

The alternative strategy is to identify a community that holds significance for you. Then, work backward to determine a characteristic. This approach will necessitate deeper reflection as you must think about your role in the community, typical behavior, interactions with other community members, etc. This may be the right strategy if your sense of community is deeply ingrained in your personality.  

Prompt 2: Discuss an academic subject that interests you.

You might be tempted to approach this UNC Supplemental Essay prompt the same way you would in a conventional “Why This Major?” essay. You are being asked about “an academic topic that you’re excited to explore and learn more about in college.” This is as opposed to why you have chosen a specific major or field of study. Although your major is likely what you will be most excited to study, this prompt allows you to explore other areas of your interests and showcase their depths. 

Find an Anecdote

Anecdotes offer your essay a smooth and engaging start, provide illustrative evidence for a point you are attempting to make, and help the writing flow with a central idea. When utilizing an anecdote to show interest in a topic, it’s crucial to have a compelling personal story, whether you choose to use it as a hook at the start of your essay or to center it around it.

Demonstrate Your Interest

The next crucial component of this essay is showcasing your interest to the admissions committee and explaining your motivation to learn more about this subject. This will be accomplished with the aid of your anecdote.

Global Fellowship Prompt

What makes you want to participate in your chosen international opportunities?

UNC applicants may be considered for four international fellowships: the Russian Language Flagship Program, the Global Gap Year Fellowship, the National University of Singapore Joint Degree Program, and the Summer Study Abroad Fellowship. You must explain your program choice(s) in response to this prompt. What do you want to get from your time overseas regarding knowledge or experience? Spend some time learning about the program or programs you have chosen and their contents. 

Identify why you want to go abroad.

Do you want to improve your language skills? Are you hoping to become more independent? Do you want to acquire an appreciation for the people or history of a particular country? 

Identify areas for growth.

What benefits could you expect from traveling abroad? What lessons do you think you should or would like to learn? How can one adjust to evolving conditions? How can one learn through experiences that aren’t traditional? What steps should one take to handle failure? How can I speak a new language or communicate more effectively?  

Impacting the UNC community?

This could involve anything from major selection to ongoing research and community involvement. Will you be launching a club? Study under an instructor whose experience and expertise match yours. Be deliberate and precise. 

Get Assistance on Your UNC Supplemental Essay

The application process at the University of North Carolina is incredibly competitive. If you need help writing your UNC supplemental essays, contact our experienced writers. Their insightful advice enables you to craft an application that tells your story well and increases your chances of acceptance into this prestigious university. They can also assist you with writing the supplemental essays.

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