Is Geometry Harder Than Algebra? Get it From Experts

Is Geometry Harder Than Algebra? Get it From Experts

The question “Is Geometry Harder Than Algebra?” spikes diverse opinions from math major students. Although the two concepts congregate in coordinate geometry, they have distinctive features and roles.  While geometry is a field of mathematics concerned with shapes, dimensions, angles, and sizes, algebra largely entails representing unknown mathematical values using symbols. In this blog, our math experts seek to expound on each concept and project the similarities and differences between geometry and algebra.

What is Geometry?

Geometry is the field of Mathematics that studies shapes’ dimensions, angles, and sizes. It, therefore, involves common mathematical operations (multiplication and division), graphs, and fractions. All of these should not be new to any student of mathematics.  From elementary school to high school to college, geometry advances its concepts. Is geometry hard, and if it is, what makes it hard? Some people indeed consider geometry hard. Others are comfortable dealing with the mathematics of geometry. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether geometry is hard or not depends on one person to the next. Even so, some elements of geometry scare away some people. Continue reading this blog to find out which ones.

Is Geometry Harder than Algebra? The Most Challenging Concepts of Geometry

One of the reasons why geometry is hard is what concepts it entails. Discussed below are some of the most common concepts of geometry that scare people away:

The Involvement of Proof

Proofs are a common element in the mathematics of geometry. However, proofs are known to cause challenges to most math students. This is because they require logical reasoning using theorems and conjectures, and no number of assumptions can make a proof. This is one of the most dreadful elements of geometry.

The Abstract Nature of Geometry

Another niggling fact about geometry is that it is very abstract. The concepts of shapes and their formulae have almost nothing to do with real life. This makes it very easy to forget the concepts.

Geometry has Algebra

An even more disturbing challenge about geometry is that it involves algebra. With the apparent knowledge of how interlaced mathematical concepts are, it should not be a surprise that some knowledge of algebra is needed in geometry.

Is Geometry Harder Than Algebra? Understand What Is Algebra

Algebra is the discipline of mathematics that represents unknown values using symbols. Just like most disciplines of mathematics, algebra relies on mathematical operators (division and multiplication) and other functions to represent and solve problems. Unlike geometry, algebra involves some real mathematics. Depending on a student’s attitude to math, algebra can be hard or easy. Nevertheless, there are a few elements of algebra that make it hard. Some of them have been briefly discussed below:

4 Elements of Algebra That Make It Hard

Students who dread algebra have many reasons. Among them are the concepts that it is predicated on. Discussed below are some of the most common  reasons why algebra is hard have been discussed below:

The Need to Think in A Particular Way

While students struggle to memorize concepts, algebra requires them to think logically. This is how algebra differs from geometry, which is abstract and requires memorizing. Students may have exposure to arithmetical ways, particularly difficult to solve algebraic equations.

Algebra Demands for Basic Knowledge

A student must have mastered the preceding math concepts to succeed in algebra. Algebra keeps building on this knowledge as it advances. Unfortunately, few students can remember math basics and maintain the knowledge to use it in subsequent algebra classes.

Algebra Is Abstract

One of the reasons why students generally fear math is because it is abstract. There is no connection between the numbers and real-life situations. By virtue of being a discipline of math, algebra is abstract too. Not many students love working with abstract ideas because it is easy to forget them.

Algebra Demands for A Lot of Practice

Lack of regular practice can make even the most intelligent students forget basic concepts. However, most students get bored by monotonous learning. Without this continued practice, it is not possible to master the art of algebra.

Which Is Harder? Algebra or Geometry?

In light of the insights above, is geometry harder than algebra? The answer to this depends on the individual student’s strengths, attitude, and career choice. While geometry’s biggest challenge is its abstract nature, algebra has a lot of mathematics, and many students fear mathematics.

Is Geometry Harder than Algebra? Get Expert Help

Is geometry harder than algebra for you? The ultimate solution to understanding finite math concepts is through extensive research and practice. Our math experts will help you with the most intricate math assignments and exams.

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