Is JavaScript Hard to Learn? Listen to the Experts


JavaScript is among the most common and widely used languages in programming. Most prospective and continuing students pose the question: is JavaScript hard to learn? Although the answer is subjective, this object-oriented language involves other programming languages, making it more challenging. In this blog, our programming experts seek to break down the challenge, providing invaluable insights on coding like a genius in JavaScript.

The Meaning of JavaScript and How It Works

JavaScript is a first-class and lightweight programming language used as the scripting language for most web pages, even for environments that are not web pages. It is based on prototype, multi-paradigm, and object-oriented styles. If you have ever seen drop-down menus, more information about a web page, or the effect of changing the colors of a page, that is due to the functionality of JavaScript. These define how crucial JavaScript is in the operation of web pages. 

Why Learn JavaScript?

Considering the fact that JavaScript is hard to learn, students must wonder why going through this whole trouble is necessary. Well, there are many benefits students can reap from learning this coding language. The following are some of them:

  • Rewarding career opportunities – statistics show that JavaScript developers are in high demand. At least 98% of websites today use JavaScript. Individuals with such websites need developers for various tasks, including maintenance. It is almost a guarantee that students studying this coding language will land jobs easily.
  • The versatility of the language – with the knowledge of JavaScript, students can explore other fields, including the development of mobile apps and games, without necessarily learning a new language.
  • JavaScript is a common programming language – in the past decade, JavaScript has been the most popular programming language. Students of this language will stand to explore many career opportunities.
  • JavaScript lays the foundation for programming – many programming languages are written in Java. It also involves simpler syntax as compared to other programming languages.

Why is JavaScript Hard?

Whether or not JavaScript is hard to learn, students can only answer this question with reference to their experience with other programming languages. These include R, Python, C+, and C++. Depending on how they perceive them, JavaScript may be easy or challenging to learn and master. Students who are committed to learning JavaScript might consider mastering the HTML language. This is because of the simple fact that the most common way of running JavaScript is by a web page.

However, the only way to learn the concept of a web page is by HTML. Learners should also note that there are other programming concepts, such as CCS, that they may need to master because they are interlaced with HTML, hence JavaScript. 

Is JavaScript Hard for You? How to Master JavaScript Programming

It is indisputable that JavaScript is hard to learn, and mastering it is tricky. However, there are useful tips to guide learners on how fast to become JavaScript maestros. Read through the following tips to be enlightened:

  • Join a Java coding boot camp – boot camps are emerging as the best avenues to master the art of coding languages, and JavaScript is one of them. They offer unique learning opportunities and close interaction with tutors.
  • Taking online courses – the internet is a depository for knowledge, especially programming languages. Students can utilize online learning materials that include notes and tutorial videos. They can also enroll in short online JavaScript courses to build a strong foundation in coding skills. 
  • Mastering other programming languages –JavaScript does not exist in isolation. It is intertwined with other languages, and for you to fully understand it, the knowledge of other languages will play a big hand. For instance, you will need to understand the basics of HTML.
  • Applying JavaScript skills to authentic projects– just like any other coding language, practicing the learned codes on real projects is the best way to perfect JavaScript. This way, it is easy to identify mistakes and correct them. The practice also ensures that the learned content sticks. 

The Rudiments of JavaScript that Students Need to Know

Students can only be aces in JavaScript if they understand its basic building blocks. What are they? The following are some of them:

  • Java structuring code – JavaScript is a unique programming language. Learners must understand that structuring codes in this language requires practice and resilience.
  • JavaScript variables – they hold memory for information used in JavaScript.
  • Data types in Java – there are two types of language in JavaScript: objects and primitive. Understanding this language will mean that you also master these data types.
  • Loops – they repeat an action if the condition in JavaScript fulfills certain criteria.
  • JavaScrit errors – JavaScript pops up errors when they occur during coding. Students should learn how to identify and correct these errors. This process is referred to as debugging.
  • JavaScript functions – these are the codes students execute repeatedly to achieve a desired result. Students can create functions by their names and specific instructions when they invoke their use.
  • JavaScript environment – to master the art of coding in Javascript, students must familiarize themselves with its coding environment. This environment allows for coding, testing, deploying and building.
  • Java operators – these are the symbols that enable students to perform operations such as subtraction, addition, multiplication and many more.

Is JavaScript Hard to Learn?

While it is true that JavaScript is hard to learn, it is still possible for students to learn coding in this programming language. They need to develop a positive mindset, cultivate a culture of practice, and consult when in need. With these invaluable tips, students will find this programming language easy and interesting. You will get this experience by seeking help from our Computer Science experts.

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