Best Tips to Stellar UPenn Supplemental Essays 2023-24

Best Tips to Stellar UPenn Supplemental Essays 2023-24

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the distinguished Ivy League institutions known for its groundbreaking research initiatives and massive contribution to the city of Philadelphia. Besides a good GPA and involvement in sports, the UPenn supplemental essays play a pivotal role in your application to the university. Given UPenn’s low acceptance rate of 6%, every element of your application holds significant weight. Therefore, it is imperative that each UPenn supplemental essay effectively showcases the strongest sides of your application. In this guide, our team of essay experts will outline each UPenn supplemental essay and offer valuable tips for crafting exceptional supplemental essays for UPenn. They also help students write essays that will maximize their chances of acceptance.

UPenn Supplemental Essays

Prompt 1 – All Applicants

Write a short thank you note to someone

The thank you note prompt is thoughtfully designed by UPenn Admissions to provide insight into your character and the significant relationships that have shaped your identity. In this essay, they seek to discover the individuals who have played a major role in your personal development. This UPenn supplemental essay presents a valuable opportunity to share a profoundly personal story while expressing gratitude to someone who holds great importance in your life. When crafting your response, consider how this narrative aligns with the context of your application. You can choose a teacher, coach, mentor, community leader, friend, or family member who has made a lasting impact on your journey.

Prompt 2 – All Applicants

How will you explore the community at Penn?

This “Why UPenn” essay prompt is centered on community. It encourages you to reflect on the community you’ve built during your high school years and how you plan to establish a new network while in college. Consider the clubs, sports, or organizations that interest you and align with your aspirations. Furthermore, envision how you anticipate your community taking shape at UPenn.

UPenn School Specific Short Answer Prompts

This essay asks, “Why This Major?” Explain your academic goals and why you’ve chosen this field.

UPenn Supplemental Essays: College of Arts and Sciences

What are you curious about?

Demonstrate your enthusiasm for your chosen field and explain how UPenn’s resources and opportunities will fuel your curiosity and nurture your passion. While expressing your major interest is crucial, the latter part of this essay compels you to explore UPenn’s distinct offerings. Explore their website to identify specific opportunities and resources that not only align with your interests but will also support your growth and goals.

UPenn Supplemental Essays: School of Engineering and Applied Science

Share how you hope to explore your engineering interests at Penn.

The UPenn admissions committee seeks to understand: What sparked your interest in engineering? What are your objectives in this field? How will UPenn contribute to your pursuit and attainment of these goals? Just like any “Why Major?” essay, it’s essential to showcase your genuine enthusiasm for your chosen discipline to assure admissions officers that you’ll bring a valuable perspective to their campus.

UPenn Supplemental Essays: School of Nursing

Explain how you see yourself contributing to UPenn’s mission of promoting equity in healthcare.

This prompt highlights the growing significance of health equity, particularly in nursing and medical education. It urges you to reflect on your understanding of health equity and articulate your vision for contributing to a more equitable healthcare system.

UPenn Supplemental Essays: The Wharton School

Please reflect on an issue and share how you hope a Wharton education would help you to explore it.

This prompt aligns with the “Global Issues” essay pattern. In such essays, it’s crucial to select a subject that genuinely resonates with your passions rather than choosing one to impress admissions officers. Your authentic enthusiasm for the topic will not only make the writing process smoother but also render the essay more compelling.

Dual Degree and Specialized Programs UPenn Supplemental Essays

Huntsman Program Applicants

What draws you to a dual degree in business and international studies

UPenn’s Huntsman Program, a dual degree program in International Studies and Business, uniquely integrates the College of Arts and Sciences and the Wharton School of Business. A logical and effective way to structure this essay is through a narrative format, tracing your journey from the past to the present. You can begin by discussing your initial interest in a particular issue, present the current state of that problem, and then demonstrate how your collegiate experience in business and international studies will equip you to contribute as a more effective global citizen in addressing and solving that issue.

Digital Media Design Program Applicants

Why are you interested in the Digital Media Design (DMD) program?

Digital Media Design Program was created to address a growing computer graphics and animation gap. UPenn is among the select few institutions offering a specialized curriculum that blends fine arts with computer engineering. Yet, because the DMD program is so unique, it is highly competitive. In this essay, your goal is to illustrate that your passion for digital media design is not a temporary interest but a sustained one. Answer two key questions: what drives your interest in this field? And why is UPenn’s DMD program the ideal place for you to pursue this passion?

Life Sciences and Management Program Applicants

Explain What issues you will address with the understanding the program?

Life Sciences and Management Program is a dual-degree program that bridges the College of Arts and Sciences biology majors with the Wharton School of Business. While it admits a limited number of students (25), it offers a wide range of focus areas, from agriculture and pharmaceuticals to bioengineering and finance. Answer two key questions: what drives your interest in this field? And why is the LSM program the ideal place for you to pursue this passion?

Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program Applicants

Jerome Fisher Management and Technology Program is a unique dual-degree program enabling students to choose an interdisciplinary concentration bridging the fields of Business and Engineering.

The two essays have distinct purposes, so approach each one with its specific goal in mind.

Prompt 1 – M&T Program Applicants

Explain how you will explore your interest in business and engineering Using the M&T program.

This essay requires you to address two main points: Your specific interest in the program and why you believe UPenn and the M&T Program are the right choices for pursuing your interest. Given the extensive content on M&T’s website, dedicate some time to explore it thoroughly. Take notes on details that resonate with you, as this will give you a more precise understanding of how the program aligns with your interests and what career resources are accessible to M&T students.

Prompt 2 – M&T Program Applicants

Describe an issue that you fixed that proved leadership and creativity. (250 words)

To begin this essay, reflect on your past experiences in leadership. These instances may involve formal roles, such as serving as a club president, or they could manifest as leadership in practice, even if an official title didn’t accompany it. While these experiences don’t need to be limited to business and engineering, if you can creatively relate them to your interests in these areas, they can be particularly impactful.

NETS Engineering Program Applicants

Describe your interests in modern networked information systems and technologies

The NETS program at Penn’s School of Engineering is a distinctive initiative that places a strong emphasis on networks, extensive systems, social media, modern computing, and economics. The NETS program’s website underscores qualities like creativity, brilliance, and even genius. Therefore, it’s essential to showcase your unique personality and experiences. You should draw from your encounters as a user, developer, and technology student to make your essay stand out.

Nursing and Healthcare Management Program Applicants

Discuss your interest in nursing and healthcare management.

The NHCM dual degree, between the Wharton School of Business and the Nursing School, prompts you to accomplish two main objectives: Identify your specific interest and align that interest with the particular resources available at UPenn, especially within NHCM. To create a standout application, it’s vital to convey why you wouldn’t be content with solely pursuing a degree in either the School of Business or the School of Nursing.

VIPER Program Applicants

Explain how you aspire to participate in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), and how it will further your interests in energy, science and, technology.

Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research, known as VIPER, is an intensive program that places a strong emphasis on student research, publication, and mentorship opportunities with faculty members. In response to this prompt, you must achieve two key objectives:

  • Clearly identify your particular interests and ideal majors.
  • Articulate how these interests align with the unique resources provided by UPenn, with a specific focus on VIPER.

To stand out in your application, it is crucial to convey why you wouldn’t be satisfied with solely pursuing a degree in either the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Engineering.

Bio-Dental Program Applicants

UPenn’s seven-year Bio-Dental Program is a demanding and highly -structured curriculum designed to accelerate students toward obtaining a professional dental degree. When responding to this prompt, it’s important to concentrate more on the skills and comprehension you’ve acquired or aspire to develop throughout this rigorous program.

Prompt 1 – Bio-Dental Applicants

Please list pre-dental or pre-medical experience.

This question is centered on expertise and closely resembles a resume. However, since you’ll also be providing a resume, you should utilize this brief essay to go deeper into your accomplishments. Here, the emphasis should be on your skills, capabilities, and experiences, focusing on specific techniques, tools, or procedures you’ve learned and applied.

Prompt 2 – Bio-Dental Applicants

Indicate the name of relatives who have prior or existing service in the dental industry with the names of the schools they attended and the timelines.

This is a straightforward prompt where you don’t need to provide detailed personal experiences. Use a clear and informal format, possibly in bullet points, to respond effectively.

Prompt 3 – Bio-Dental Applicants

Describe any activities that prove your ability to work with your hands. (250 words)

In your response, emphasize motor skills and actions. You have the flexibility to be more descriptive and evocative. Still, the primary focus should remain on what you can do rather than go into your emotional attachment to the activity or your fascination with it.

Prompt 4 – Bio-Dental Applicants

Describe your activities that demonstrate your ability to work cooperatively with people. (250 words)

Employ a format similar to the previous prompt, using lists of tasks and accomplishments. Don’t hesitate to mention the challenges you’ve encountered and how you’ve overcome them. 

Prompt 5 – Bio-Dental Applicants

Please explain your reasons for selecting a career in dentistry. (250 words)

UPenn emphasizes the importance of not solely relying on emotional reasons for your interest in dentistry. You should also include your thoughts on the specific technical area or sub-field in dentistry you aspire to pursue. Your response should showcase a well-rounded and informed perspective.

Get Help with UPenn Supplemental Essays

The University of Pennsylvania boasts an exceptionally competitive application process due to its low acceptance rate and top-ranking programs. For guidance on composing your UPenn supplemental essays, consider engaging with our experts. Their valuable insights help shape a compelling application that effectively communicates your story, potentially enhancing your chances of admission to this esteemed institution. We also help students create their supplemental essays to optimize their acceptance chances.

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