Why this Major Essay: Tips to Unlock Your College Dreams

Why this Major Essay: Tips to Unlock Your College Dreams

As a college applicant, you must be prepared to answer many essay prompts. One of these is “Why this major essay.” What do you do when faced with such a question? The essay primarily asks you to showcase that you are a perfect match for the program. As a result, you must give specific examples, ideas, and connections that will make you stand out among other applicants. In this article, our Professional Writers share valuable tips that can help you compose a compelling essay justifying your suitability for the major. They can also write a masterpiece that will earn you straight admission.

What is Why this Major Essay?

In most college applications, it is a requirement for students to submit at least two different types. One is the personal statement, while the other is the supplemental essay. The personal statement typically states your achievements, talents, interests, and goals in the college application process. In most cases, personal statements are universal, and one can send the same statement to different learning institutions.

Comparatively, the supplemental essay only applies to the specific college. You must tailor each essay to suit the intended college. The primary intent of such an essay is to showcase how you will fit into the school. Such essays usually ask you to write “Why this college?” or “Why this major” essay. Therefore, “Why this major essay” refers to the prompt asking you to explain your intent to pursue a specific major.

But why should a learning institution ask you to write such an essay? One reason is to evaluate your academic background. For example, the college wants to know your intellectual passions and professional plans. The essay also measures your educational fitness with the school’s curriculum. The college will likely give you the final admission letter once you fulfill these requirements in your essay. Below are some of the valuable techniques to write a perfect essay expressing your interest in a major:

1. Share How You Developed Your Academic Interest

Every person has a unique story behind developing an interest in a specific major or subject. You must convey this passion in your essay. The best way to do it is by looking deeper into the origins of your curiosity. For example, talk about the experiences or encounters that sparked your interest. Be more elaborate when sharing the defining moments that led to your intellectual exploration.

2. Provide Details of Your Reasoning and Goals

Your essay should detail your reasoning and the goals you intend to achieve. This is the main area to showcase your passion and commitment to your selected academic field. Be specific about what sparked your interest when giving details on your reasoning. Besides, outline what you aim to achieve upon completing the major. Please share all the anecdotes and demonstrate how they shaped your desire to pursue the major.

3. Why this Major Essay? Explain Your School Choice Too

Again, explaining how best your selected institution teaches the major is vital. For example, you can explain how the college’s professors apply the best teaching practices. Also, explain how you intend to utilize that knowledge to achieve your goals. Besides, mention the unique programs or resources available in the institution that directly relate to your chosen major. Remember, the goal is not always about showing how the major is perfect for you. Instead, it shows how the target university stands out among the available options.

4. Avoid Superficial or Cliché Reasons

Many students fail to write an impressive “Why this major essay” because of superficial writing. As a result, students will likely write essays that sound similar due to overused phrases. As admission officers read countless similar essays, your chance of scoring a better grade is reduced. The best way to avoid this temptation is to go beyond the surface level. For example, give more details about the major that captivates your curiosity and how those factors resonate with you personally.

5. Ask Questions at the Heart of the Academic Major

When writing an essay on a specific major, it is essential to ask yourself core questions. For example, when you are writing about math, some questions to ask in the process are:

  • Was math discovered or created?
  • Are there any unresolved mysteries of math?
  • What is the relationship between different math branches?
  • In what area can my contribution improve math?

Answering these questions will open your mind about what the major represents. Accordingly, this will help you remain focused on the most exciting ideas.

Craft Your “Why This Major Essay” With Us

Applying the tips outlined in this article will make you the perfect fit for your chosen program. Avoid clichés and dig deep into your passion and goals. Showcase how the institution aligns with your aspirations. When stuck, get help from our Professional Essay Writers and let your essay open the doors to your dream college and realize your career dreams.

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