Custom Software Development

Refurbish your business with custom software that ensures versatility, continuity and contemporaneity. Meet your customers’ needs with the most skilled custom software developers in Kenya.


For over 5 years now, we Fleek developers has earned the badge as the best custom software developer in Kenya.

  • We have been providing end-to-end, full-cycle web and software development services in Nairobi and around the other 46 counties.
  • Invite us to turn your vision into reality with services that will help your business thrive in the digital world and elevate your operation.

Why Choose Our Custom Software Development Services

Before Black Friday 2022, we boat to have completed over 521 projects for our over 232 clients. This is why our customers choose our custom software development services:

Technological competitive advantage

We approach software development with its dynamic nature. We use the latest trends to help your customer relate to your business.

Security and privacy

We bind ourselves with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that ensures we handle your data in the most discreet way. We also ensure your software is not prone to any loss or damage.

Reduced time-to-market

We are time conscious and help to actualize your concept in the less time possible and reduce time-to-market.


Fleek Developers serves small, medium, and large enterprises and organization. We incorporate all your functionalities on a budget that we can both work with.

Get Custom Software Development Services with Fleek Developers

A digital migration or software Modernization is a huge step to growing your customer base and increase productivity. As a custom software development company in Nairobi, Kenya, we expand our seamless software development to other regions. We will help you create and actualize the plan that will give your business the online presence and modern experience it deserves. Contact us today and let’s create a lasting impact.